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The Terror Morphology Continues

If you dig into modern terrorism for a while, you will eventually begin to notice two different trends that are almost always happening simultaneously.

Often they are happening so subtly that if you keep digging for a while longer you can almost stop noticing them, as they become part of the background noise.

But you never quite get used to that noise, and sometimes it makes itself evident in jarring ways, as it has done recently for me.

Read the rest here: Double False Flags, Shifting Sands: Warrior Nominated For Peace Prize

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Short But Not Too Sweet

I've got a series of short disconnected posts coming soon and I suspect that if we discuss them all here in the same thread, it will make more sense than posting separate threads about each of them.

We can start with this "shocking" bit of "news":

Late Breaking: Joe Biden Is A Maverick, Too!

and then there's this:

Execution In Iraq: Murder Charges Against Three Army Sergeants, None Against Those Who Sent Them There

and this:

Iranian President Says What TV Pundits Can't: American Empire Is Almost Over

There's more coming, as soon as I can swing it.

Bush Tells UN To Unite Against Terrorism And Tyrrany

The twice-unelected president and smirking multi-front war criminal George W. Bush told the United Nations on Tuesday that the world must unite against terrorism and tyranny, according to the AP via MSNBC.

USA Today says Bush told the UN it must prevent terrorist attacks from happening.

Unfortunately, the world's top diplomats have already decided that Bush is a buffoon, and as usual they weren't paying any attention.

If they had been, Bush would have been led away from the podium in handcuffs, and taken straight to the guillotines.

Pakistan's 9/11

This is horrible ... and unless I miss my guess, it's gonna get a lot worse in a hurry.

I've put up a second post on the same subject but I won't start a second comment thread.

I intend to devote more coverage to this attack as soon as I am able, so please stay tuned.

back soon

I am still having major trouble with hardware and software issues, none of which are even worth talking about, about let alone blogging. But they are making everthing difficult, especially blogging. So I have to deal with them first.

I will rejoin you as soon as possible. In the meantime please feel free to post anything that might be interesting, on this thread or elsewhere.

VOAT FOR ME ... er ... VOAT FOR US!!

Back in the days ... when I was a kid, some of the older kids -- teenagers hoping to avoid the draft, probably -- wore red, white and blue patches that simply said "VOAT".

I thought it was perfect in a multilayered way.

It appeals to the semi-illiterate segment of the electorate.
It gently mocks the electoral system.
And so on...

Those patches inspired the title of this post.


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