A Little Magic Trick

I've learned how to add a new post while leaving the current new post, "There Is No Spoon", at the top of the list.

Under this post I will add comments with links to the most recent posts on my blog, so if anyone is interested ...

I've been reading a lot, and writing some too, and I want to be able share things without taking up any space at the top of the community blog, where (thanks again to James) we currently have something current.

I'm going to post individual items on my main blog and put links here (in the comments), so you can easily read them if (for example you've been drinking too much and) you can't think of any worthwhile way to spend your time.

I think this "strategy" is going to serve us all well because it will allow me to drone on and on at my main blog without "taking over" the community blog.

I'll add comments with links to new posts when they're ready, but for now I'm pleased to be sneaking in under the radar, so to speak.


A Curious Insight

I'm thinking you probably won't want to read my most recent post. If I'm right about that, you shouldn't click here:

A Curious Insight

The Academy Of Doublethink Opens In Colorado

If you're not interested in current trends in American education, you probably shouldn't read

The Academy Of Doublethink Opens In Colorado

... And What Are You Going To Do About It?

I strongly recommend that all readers avoid my main blog while this post is current:

Roger Waters, Two 9/11 Anniversaries, The War On Terror, And What Are You Going To Do About It?

They Can't All Be Serious

How about a short fun dance?

They Can't All Be Serious

The "Inconceivable" Idea ...

Apparently some of us have better imaginations than others:

Regarding The "Inconceivable" Idea That Many People Have No Trouble Imagining

"The War Is Over!..."

This post reflects on the "ends" of the wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan:

"The War Is Over! It's Safe To Go Home Now!"

Six Feet Of Snow

A musical interlude featuring a cold song from the best American rock band there ever was, in my humble opinion.

Six Feet Of Snow

... Some People Have Other Ideas

The newest post at my main blog is explains that "The CIA Never Tried To Overthrow Any Foreign Governments", and I urge you not to click this link

I'm Pretty Sure The CIA Never Tried To Overthrow Any Foreign Governments, But Some People Have Other Ideas

unless you want to read about how they did it.

Noam Chomsky ... Propaganda ... Syria ... Grasping At Straws

As I've been saying, having just a few readers gives me the opportunity to accidentally tell the truth once in a while without any consequences. Most other writers aren't so lucky.

Here's another dismal piece which I hope nobody will read:

Noam Chomsky, U.S. Foreign Policy, Propaganda, Syria, International Terrorism, And Grasping At Straws

Late For The Sky: In Memory Of William Blum

This is far too late ... and not enough ... but still ... it's the worst I could do given the circumstances, so please don't click on the link:

Late For The Sky: In Memory Of William Blum

The Trouble With Stupendia

If you like long, boring articles full of tiny disconnected details, with no hint of how they are connected, you're gonna hate this one:

The Trouble With Stupendia

A Revolution In Stupendia

You know how it goes; a little while ago it was just a hint of trouble, but now we've got a revolution on our hands!

If you prefer to remain ignorant of the details, please don't click here:

A Revolution In Stupendia

One Out Of Three Ain't Good

The third installment of "The Twenty Year Shadow of 9/11", a three-part series by Peter Dale Scott and two other authors, which I've been reviewing one installment at a time, took a while to arrive but has finally been posted.

It contains a few surprises, the upshot of which is: We're going to need several more posts to cover the whole series.

If you're not even slightly interested in how it's shaping up, please don't click this link:

One Out Of Three Ain't Good

ANOTHER new site!

I've just set up ANOTHER new site!

I'm far beyond happy to tell you that I have created a new site
and it's dedicated to the work of Peter Dale Scott!

Please share this link: Peter Dale Scott

I will be back ASAP!

A Hole Too Deep

After a long and horrible delay, I've finally published another installment in my "ongoing" series reviewing the three-part series "The Twenty-Year Shadow of 9/11".

My post looks at the second part of the series' "conclusion", which, rather than pulling all the threads together, has revealed a trio of authors in disarray.

I've been interested in the series because one of the authors is Peter Dale Scott, but I can't tell you anything yet about what he wrote, because I'm still trying to get to it.

But we can draw one step closer if you don't click here:

A Hole Too Deep

a new secret project

I apologize for not being able to tell you whether or not I am involved in a new secret project which may or may not be happening.

I can only say that I was planning to write several new posts for my blog during the past 3 or 4 weeks, but for some reason I haven't had any opportunities to do that.

You'll have to put two and two together on your own this time. But I will be back when I can tell you less.

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