The Terror Morphology Continues

If you dig into modern terrorism for a while, you will eventually begin to notice two different trends that are almost always happening simultaneously.

Often they are happening so subtly that if you keep digging for a while longer you can almost stop noticing them, as they become part of the background noise.

But you never quite get used to that noise, and sometimes it makes itself evident in jarring ways, as it has done recently for me.

Read the rest here: Double False Flags, Shifting Sands: Warrior Nominated For Peace Prize

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simple questions

We are always treated to immediate and expert commentaries on these outrages together with finger pointing at the evil perps; the "Rush to Judgement".
These commentaries, the narrative as Arthur Silber would say, are designed to twist what we see into something different. This narrative is to put information into our minds, to interpret our perceptions for us and also to take up the mental space and so exclude us from forming our own conclusions from the obvious before us; to stop us asking (and answering) the simple questions. Like, "Why would these terrorists/rebels/guerrillas/freedom fighters/whatever attack the very people (general populace) they depend on for support (even if it's just sympathy for the "cause")? Or, "Can anyone be that stupid?"

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great article WP

Thanks for helping us keep the differences between "news" and reality in perspective.

The so-called terror war and Bush agents in Pakistan

Rehman Malik might not have received the award for a role in promoting human rights but playing the role of US puppet. Perhaps, Zardari will also get one becuase he made a startling remark in his meeting with Bush. He praised the latter for having maintained peace in the world. This is more than bizzare, joke and blunder. Who is responsible for the troubles and turmoil in different parts of the world and especially the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and terrorism in Pakistan. The so-called war on terror has created more terror, feelings of insecurity and death and destruction. But the agents of Bush in Pakistan have ignored this fact. Jehad is obligatory on every Muslim in the prevailing circumstances when the US and its puppets in Pakistan and other Muslim countries have decided to wreak havoc with their own citizens just to please their master - Bush. Mujahidden have no option left but to launch a series of suicide attacks. This is not something small - it is the biggest sacrifice. May God help the Mujahideens. Amen.

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