Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery

I've finally clued in that the best way to keep you informed of developments at "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is to start a forum topic and post comments on it, rather than always posting off-topic comments elsewhere.

It only took me 47 chapters to figure this out. Huzzah!

Chapter 47

Chapter 47 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "Rashid Rauf" and it is online now for your reading pleasure...

Or something like that!

I will be back with another one as soon as I can manage it ... lots of other stuff going on but will do what I can.

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thanks Winter

good idea with the forum smiling
and great writing, i do hope Sherlock will solve the case soon!!

thank YOU

I hope Sherlock will solve the case, too, but I have a feeling it might take him a while.

The last few chapters have opened about five cans of worms, and once they get crawling around, who knows what might happen?

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "Setting Up The Experiments" and it is online now.

I will be back with 49 as soon as I can.

Chapter 49

Chapter 49 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "Another Letter From Anglesey" and it is online now.

I hope you're enjoying the series and I will be back with number 50 as soon as I can.

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "A Jolt Of Fear" and it is online now.

I will be back with another one as soon as possible.

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "A Long Shot" and it is now available for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Holmes and Watson are rolling along a little faster now and I will be back with another chapter as soon as I can.

Thanks again to those who are following along.

Chapter 52

Chapter 52 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "The 'Liquid Bombs' Plot" and it is online now.

I will be back with another chapter as soon as I can.

Chapter 53

Chapter 53 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "'Liquid Bombers' On Trial" and it is perhaps a bit dry and detailed compared to some of the previous chapters ... but hey! They can't all be flimsy and insubstantial!

I will be back with another chapter, presmably number 54, as soon as I can.

Chapter 54

Chapter 54 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "Breakable" and it is online now, for your reading pleasure (if any).

I will be back with another as soon as I can manage it.

Thanks to those who are following along.

Chapter 55

Chapter 55 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is about the prof who was Gareth Williams' faculty advisor when he was doing his PhD at Manchester University. It's called "Terry Hewitt" and it is online now.

I will be back with another one as soon as I can manage it.

Chapter 56

Chapter 56 of "Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery" is called "Another Assignment" and it is online now.

I will be back with another one as soon as I can manage it.

apologies for the delay

My life has suddenly become much more complicated on several fronts at the same time, and along the way I have managed to re-injure, or re-aggravate, or something ... or maybe I'm just in one of those dips that come along in the healing curve ... in any case, it has been a couple of weeks since the last time I was able to type freely, and I apologize to those who have been waiting patiently for the story to continue.

I will post Chapter 57 and its immediate successors as soon as I can get them written up, and I am anxious to get them done so I can get on with the next bits.

So, apologies once again for the delay, thanks once again for all your support, and please be patient.

Best wishes as always

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thanks for the update

Hi Winter,

Glad to hear from you and sorry to hear you're not doing better. Looking forward to the next installments, as always!

If you've got time for a read, here's a story that someone forwarded to me, reminded me of some of the stories you've covered.

The Long Con

Anatomy of a Two-Year Undercover Sting and What It Has to Do with Law Enforcement’s Habit of Wasting Large Amounts of Money on Investigating People for Their Social Habits and Political Beliefs


That's an amazing story, and some of the comments below it contain fascinating links. Thanks for sharing.

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Sorry to hear about your challenges Winter. My life's been 'dipping' along as well. It must be in the air. smiling Look forward to more of your story.

thanks McJ

I am happy to be typing fairly pain-free again and expect to post another chapter or two soon. Hope you get out of your "dip" soon too!

Chapter 57

Finally, after a long delay, Chapter 57 is online. It's called Ian Tomlinson and I hope to be back with chapter 58 very shortly.

Truman Show

Suddenly, the police had a serious problem.

Yes, indeed. But nothing The Truman Show couldn't patch up.

Chapter 58

Chapter 58 is called "The 'Easter Bombers'" and it is online now.

I will be back with 59 as soon as I can manage it.

the odd one out

"But unfortunately for eleven of them, "released" in this case did not mean "set free." Instead they were called threats to national security and transferred from one prison to another, to await deportation hearings. "

why is it that there is always one released and the rest are held incommunicado? Ok, rhetorical question!

(i tried to post this at Sherlock's but it wouldn't do it!)

good observation

I don't know why it wouldn't take it ... but I will see what I can see!

Thanks again, James, for all your support of the Holmes and Watson project, and for your contributions here.

You're very welcome,

You're very welcome, Winter
It's all very rewarding for me smiling

Chapter 59

Chapter 59 is called "The 'Easter Bomber' Emails" and it is online now .

Thanks again for reading. There is much more to come soon.

Chapter 60

Chapter 60 is called "A Single Drop Of Water" and it is online now for your reading pleasure.

And that's the end of Part IV, "The Puzzle."

Part V is called "The Trap" and it will begin as soon as I can manage it.

Best wishes as always.

it makes no sense ...

... to have links to the same posts on both sidebars, does it?

So maybe we don't need these comments after all?

what say ye?

playing both sides of the street

well, Winter, as you are a founding and life member of Winter Patriot Community, smiling I think you are more than entitled to have your headline on both sides of the street, as it were. I think it is appropriate somehow.

We here have a special interest in following your Holmes and Watson through the labyrinth of lies that is the media/spy agency nexus. But if it saves some time and effort for you, by all means feel free to drop this forum notice.

it's not a big deal

by posting comments on this thread, I kinda think I might be creating places where readers might want to comment maybe sometimes kinda ... so maybe it's not all bad ... I just don't want to overdo it.

And thanks as always for your very kind support!

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It's all good

I think it is all good Winter. smiling This is also a good place to keep all the comments together.

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i like them on both

less chance of me missing the new ones when they show up on both sides!
but if it's any trouble, i find them sooner or later smiling

thanks for the feedback

and the support. We will keep it the way it is unless the new head of the IMF complains.

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laughing out loud

Chapter 61

Chapter 61 of the ongoing story is called "Further Questions" and it is online now.

I will be back with 62 as soon as possible.

Chapter 62

Chapter 62 is called "Michael Reynolds" and it is is online now.

More soonest

Chapter 63

Chapter 63 is called "The Albany Pizza Shop Sting" and it is online now, for your reading ... um ... pleasure.

I hope to have another one ready in another few days.

Chapter 64

Chapter 64 is called "The 'Newburgh Four'" and it is online now.

More soonest.

Chapter 65

Chapter 65 is called "The Pinsetters" and it is online now, for your vicarious bowling pleasure.

I will be back with another chapter as soon as I can.

best wishes

Chapter 66

Chapter 66, "Breaking The Terror Codes," online now for your reading pleasure, and more to come as soon as possible.


Chapter 67

online now: "Chapter 67: When A Dam Breaks"

I will be back with more as soon as I can.

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Awesome job on the book

Awesome job on the book Winter. I am remiss for not commenting more often. It is a real treat to be reading this as you write it especially having read pretty much everything you have written on these subjects over the years.

Did you catch Pro Liberate's latest post? I thought it was timed nicely with your book. smiling

Thanks very much

Kind words much appreciated.

Yes, I caught that post, and yes, the timing was remarkably apt.

more soonest / best wishes as always

Chapter 68

Chapter 68 is called "68: The 'Liquid Bombers' In Context" and you are invited to read it starting ... now!

Chapter 69

Chapter 70

Chapter 70 is called "Positive Results" and it is online now.

I will return with Chapter 71 as soon as I can.

best wishes

Chapter 71

The newest chapter is called "Cheryl Eastap" and it is online now.

Thanks again for reading. More soonest.

Chapter 72

Chapter 72 introduces Sian Lloyd-Jones.

... to be continued ...

Chapter 73

In chapter 73, Sian Lloyd-Jones Continues telling Holmes and Watson about Gareth Williams.

thanks for following along / more soonest

Chapter 74: Pipe And Violin

Holmes settles in for a nicotine-fest.

Pipe And Violin

More soonest.

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And would he make me wait five days to find out?

lol - will you make us wait that long? nice to see things are progressing for Sherlock, I hope that means you're feeling better?
thank you winter!

lol 2, NJT

I am indeed feeling somewhat better, and I hope I will be able to get the next chapter written in less than five days.

Thanks again for your support. Back with #75 soon as possible.

Chapter 75: One Trap After Another

Chapter 75 is up now. It's called "One Trap After Another" and it ends Part V.

I need to take a few days off before beginning Part VI, but the series will resume as soon as I am able.

Great chapter, Winter

Pivotal, in fact!

Just musing here, but it seems to me that the 'craft' of intelligence work involves weaving evermore complex story lines to hide the truth. One trap or diversion within another and so on ad infinitum, it often seems. And the more obvious the truth, the more complex the lies need to be to intrigue, draw in and confuse the hapless victims, us.

So by reversing this and looking at it from the other end, it might be that the more complex and numerous the covering deceits are that we are looking at, the more obvious the truth might really be?

Perhaps it is like hiding a diamond in a bowl of crushed and broken glass. It's right there, obvious and in front of us, but yet we cannot see it. Invisible, that is, until someone says, as you have, "you're looking at it"!!

thank you, James

Thanks very much for this and for your continuing support of this long and complicated project.

Pivotal? Maybe. But I will still be back with more in a couple of days.

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i agree with james

> "Surely the time has come for us to set a trap of our own."
I can't imagine and can hardly wait. Until then I hope you will enjoy the days off.

thanks, NJT

I shall return!

and now ...


Chapter 76

Chapter 76 is about Sherlock's brother and -- BIG SURPRISE!! -- it's called "Mycroft Holmes."

Chapter 77

An Unexpected Bonus

more soon

Chapter 78

Chapter 78 is called "A Tidy Little Knot" and it is online now.

More soonest

Chapter 79

Online now

Chapter 79: "A Surprising Toast"

More soonest

Chapter 80

Here we go! We're getting close to the exciting part now!


You wouldn't want to miss it, would you?

Chapter 81

Dinner For Four

more soonest

Chapter 82

after dinner, it's "Coffee And Cigars"

more soonest

Chapter 83

now comes A Distinguished Visitor

more soonest

Chapter 84

A Tense Interview

more sooner or later!

Chapter 85


more to come

Chapter 86


more soonest

Chapter 87

A Second Toast

busy this Sunday, but more soonest

Chapter 88

Second Thoughts

more soonest

Chapter 89

Here's the latest:

Bad News Unfolding

More soonest

Chapter 90

A Flexible Plan


My "professional life" has suddenly got a lot more complicated.
I expect the next chapters to come along much more slowly than the recent ones.
I will do my best to make your patience worthwhile.

More soonest

Chapter 91

To Yorkshire By Train

More soonest Wink

Chapter 92

Stepping Lightly

more soonest

Chapter 93

The 'Lone Wolf'

more soon

Chapter 94

Nary A Word

more soonest

Chapter 95

Pat Tillman

more to come

Chapter 96

A Three-Pronged Attack

more soonest

Chapter 97

in which Holmes and Watson keep walking, and Holmes keeps talking

A House Of Cards

more soon / best wishes

Chapter 98

Three Links In A Chain

more soonest

Chapter 99

Retracing Our Steps

more soonest

very quiet around here

I hope everybody's ok (relatively speaking) ... and I also wonder whether we finally have no readers at all ;-0

cheep cheep

nobody but us crickets,
oh yeah and the search engine robots!

I'm doing OK but quite busy with all my irons and fires these days. I really can't complain much.
I'd imagine a lot of the north hemisphere is on holiday. Wish I was them but there's work to be done and bills to be paid.
I also hope everyone is OK, and glad to be reading more from you these days WP!


Chapter 100

I never thought it would take 100 chapters, but it's still going, so let's step outside the box for a moment, and try some wildness:

A Wild Theory

It's very slow going at the moment, but I will have more for you as soon as possible.


Chapter 101

Outside The Box

more to come!

Chapter 102

A Very Careful Setup

Sorry for the slowness. Work very complicated at the moment. More soonest. Best wishes too.

Chapter 103

I apologize once again for the delay between chapters. Here is the newest:

Home Again

I will post the next one as soon as I can, but given my current contstraints, we may do well to expect another long pause. Oh well ... more whenever!

Chapter 104

Apologies for the delays between chapters. Here is the newest:

Under The 'T'

best wishes

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something for Sherlock?

something about this sounds familiar;

Recently, the İstanbul Police Department’s Anti-Organized Crime Unit requested the closed case files of Hüseyin Başbilen, Halim Ünsem Ünal and Evrim Yançeken -- who were reported to have killed themselves between 2006 and 2007 -- in order to re-launch an investigation. All three were assigned to encryption and decryption projects at ASELSAN and had worked on highly strategic projects in the past.

then again it could be entirely coincidental. caught my attention nonetheless.

Chapter 105: Mycroft Returns

Finally! a new chapter is now online. It seems like years since the last one appeared.

Chapter 105: Mycroft Returns

I hope to have another one (or several more) within the next few days.

Best wishes

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Thanks Winter

Thanks Winter, good stuff smiling. Looking forward to more.

Chapter 106

Hi again. I am pleased to have posted another chapter so soon after the most recent ... perhaps this is a good sign:

Free At Last!

best wishes

Good to see you writing

Good to see you writing again Winter! I hope you are able to keep writing, I've really missed reading you.

Chapter 107

Hi. Once again apologies and a new chapter. I am completely overloaded at the moment, but I am still determined to finish telling this story, even though it is taking forever.

Here's the next bit:

A Good Question

and I will be back with more as soon as I can swing it.

Chapter 108

the slowest work of serial fiction known to man continues ...

Chapter 108: How Many Lies?

... and I hope to have more again someday soon.

Chapter 109

The story continues to crawl along.

Chapter 109 is called "How Plausible Is That?"

Chapter 110

Chapter 111


to see Sherlock picking up the pace, hope you've been feeling better!
And not to nitpick but I noticed a typo in chapter 109
They not going -> They're not going

cheers smiling

thank you

thank you for the kind words and the catch.

I have made the correction ... and I am starting to feel a bit better, too!

I hope to have more for you soon.

cheers yourself!

Chapter 112

Hi again.

Here is another chapter, for those who wish to read it.

A New Perspective

More soonest

Chapter 113

Here is another chapter for your reading pleasure {!?}

A Needle In A Haystack

Thanks for reading, and best wishes

Hope the silence doesn't mean

Hope the silence doesn't mean the 'Afghan shoulder' has been bothering you again?

Please, don't stop! There's much more to tell and explore....

Apologies for the silence

Thanks very much for the comment and apologies for the extended quiet. I have been overloaded with work and health issues and not able to do much of anything except get my work done, in between trips to the doctor's office. Fortunately, my treatments are helping, and most of the work crisis has passed, so the prospects are good on both fronts.

In the meantime, the inquest into the death of Gareth Williams has taken place (April 23 - May 2) and I have been trying to catch up with as much of the coverage as I can find. I have been updating my "other" GW blog ("Holmes' archive", aka The Spy Who Knew Too Much, which has grown by about 300 "clippings" in the past few weeks) and trying to absorb as much new information as I can, for the benefit of future chapters.

As I envision the story unfolding, there are many more chapters to come, and I am anxious to get working on them. I don't know when I will be able to do so, but at least I have been posting again, and that's a very good sign.

I will be back with more as soon as I can.

best wishes

Can you believe it? Chapter 114

Hi again.

Here is the latest chapter from Sherlock's place:

Pure Fiction

Chapter 115

Here is the next in the long, slow series:

115: Worm Dirt

still grinding

I am sorry things are taking me so long. It amazes me to look at my archives and see how much I used to write. Nowadays I am lucky to manage a whole paragraph now and then. But I am still grinding away and I hope to have another chapter ready in the next few days, or week, or something like that. Uggh. Maybe someday I will even be able to start blogging again. But in the meantime I trust you'll keep your eyes open and your brain in gear. Wink

All the best, as usual

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good to hear

Hi Winter,
sorry it's grinding instead of sailing but nice to hear you are still motivated if not as productive as years past. Always looking forward to reading whatever you've got.


Things are getting so crazy out there in the big world that I can feel myself being pulled toward resuming blogging, and I have tried a few times to write a post for my regular blog, but it got so difficult so fast that I had to stop. Now even momentum is against me, it seems. But that can be overcome. And I am still trying to fight it. So we'll see. Maybe I'll manage a post sometime. Who knows? I'll keep trying.

cheers to you too

Chapter 116

Here's another chapter:

116: Mysterious Bouts Of Amnesia

More apologies for the long delays. I hope to have another chapter ready soon.

Best wishes as always

Chapter 117

Here's another chapter.

On The Shelf For A While

more apologies ... more delays ... more soonest


good catch! The piece it links at NYT

is a bit misleading in spots, possibly because the author hasn't done enough homework, possibly because the NYT is still not interested in printing the whole truth about this matter, or maybe even both.

But it's still a good catch.

Chapter 118

It's strange how various reporters know that Gareth's residence was temporary for him and that it was worth 400,000 pounds yet they don't know it was an MI6 safehouse. Strange that.

Looking forward to more, WP smiling

Thanks, James

I am hoping to have another couple of chapters ready in the next few days ... and then we'll see if we can keep some momentum going.

Chapter 119

The newest chapter is called "A Drastic Change Of Direction"

Here's the link:

Once again it's not much more than a deposit in the data bank.
But more new chapters -- and other sorts of chapters -- are in the works.

Chapter 120

Chapter 120 is now online
Here's the link:

more soonest

Chapter 121

In chapter 121, Mycroft analyzes the news clippings presented in the previous 3 chapters.

Here's the link:

more soonest

Chapter 122

The long slow story churns along ...
122: More Detail

more soonest

Chapter 123

Finally! The world's slowest serial fiction crawls forward:

123: Very Curious Circumstances

Chapter 124

The next chapter is called "Mycroft's List" and it is online now. :Cool

Here's the link

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to have more soon.
Best wishes

Chapter 125

In December of 2010, the police released A Very Odd Statement