Bush Tells UN To Unite Against Terrorism And Tyrrany

The twice-unelected president and smirking multi-front war criminal George W. Bush told the United Nations on Tuesday that the world must unite against terrorism and tyranny, according to the AP via MSNBC.

USA Today says Bush told the UN it must prevent terrorist attacks from happening.

Unfortunately, the world's top diplomats have already decided that Bush is a buffoon, and as usual they weren't paying any attention.

If they had been, Bush would have been led away from the podium in handcuffs, and taken straight to the guillotines.


. . . or if they'd been

. . . or if they'd been listening they might have been very afraid.

no kidding, Ruth

... or maybe they were.

I read somewhere that Bush's speech was greeted with "polite applause".

They should have been throwing tomatoes.

Bob in Prague's picture

Man, too bad hypocrisy isn't

Man, too bad hypocrisy isn't an Olympic event. That moron would have already brought home enough gold to pay for the bloody war!

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