There Is No Spoon

With apologies to Hughes Mearns and his poem Antigonish

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a virus that wasn't there.
It wasn't there again today,
I wish, I wish it'd go away...

When I came home last night at three,
The virus was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall,
I couldn't see it there at all!
Go away, go away, don't you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don't slam the door...

Last night I saw upon the stair,
A little virus that wasn't there,
It wasn't there again today
Oh, how I wish it'd go away...

Who wooda thunk it?
It seems our virus is a very elusive virus. So elusive, in fact, that no one has ever seen the little bugger.

From GlobalResearch -

Christine Massey, M.Sc conducted an extensive report over a period of more than a year. The central question raised in her study is the following:

“Is there reliable evidence that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated from an “unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient”?

Christine Massey submitted Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to some 90 Health /Science institutions (around the world).

Does the Virus Exist? The responses to these requests confirm that there is no record of isolation / purification of SARS-CoV-2 “having been performed by anyone, anywhere, ever.”

See the 25 minute video where Christine Massey talks about her research -
Does the Virus Exist. Has SARS-CoV-2 Been Isolated?

It is very clear that there is no justification for ANY of the draconian measures instituted (mostly illegally) by almost all governments around the world.


most people don't know this

and it's very important that they continue not to know it ... as you know!

It's essential, I'd say.

Ashalee, the same situation (the non-isolation or non disease causation of the offending virus) has applied to all the scare pandemics, including HIV, over the last few decades.

I dinno dat!

Ashalee, I nebbur hurd nobunny saydat!

But if it's true ... it opens up all sorts of other questings:

What happened to all the people who died of HIV?
Was that a hoax?
Or were they killed by something else?

Any ideas?

Death by doctor

The original "AIDS" sufferers were homosexual men who led extremely unhealthy lifestyles. Multiple drugs including "poppers" which massively weakened their immune system, multiple infections and multiple antibiotics which killed their gut flora and therefore much of their immune system, or what was left of it. Poor diet and partying for days at a time. Most had parasites and fungal infections, too.

Intravenous drug users (addicts) were the other target population. The blame was put on blood transfer in both cases. In fact, it was the dangerously unhealthy lifestyle which was obvious to anyone treating them and asking basic questions. But we never heard about that.

They came down with diseases typical of compromised immune systems. Because there was a cluster of these men with collapsed immune systems, some enterprising doctor decided it was a new disease and the pharmaceutical companies got on board at the mention of a mystery virus for this mystery disease.

Low and behold, HIV is discovered! But it has never been proved to cause "AIDS" or any other disease. This has been publicly acknowledged by the discoverer of HIV, Prof Luc Montagnier.

But there was now a market to fill with old chemotherapy drugs, specifically AZT. AZT was and is deadly. It killed off the sick homosexuals pretty quickly and their deaths were blamed on AIDS and not the medication, as it should have been.

Perfectly healthy men who tested positive for HIV were convinced by the doctors to take AZT now rather than wait and die from AIDS. They subsequently died - from the medication. These previously healthy men who died from AZT medication included Rock Hudson, Arthur Ashe and Freddie Mercury. Famous names that were used to scare the public about AIDS. The public had more to fear from the medication.

These so-called anti-viral drugs are still killing people today because they crush the immune system! This is well known but the doctors still do it! It's a huge scandal.

In the subsequent pandemics, the deaths that have occurred are mostly from the anti-viral drugs that people are convinced to take or the vaccines.

Pharmaceuticals, correctly prescribed and administered, kill hundreds of thousands of patients every year. Depending on whose figures you go by, doctors and their drugs are either the third largest cause of death in America after cardio/vascular diseases and cancer at a toll of 500,000. Or they are leading cause of death, at 800,000. I kid you not!

The existence of viruses is necessary for the multi-billion vaccine industry - which, by now, you may not be surprised to hear is yet another scandal.

But, hey, don't get me started!

but suppose I HAD got you started ...

... what would you have said next?

[take your time on this ; it's all new to me and probably to a lot of others ; and it seems kind of important!]


Well, how about engineers, tradesmen and industrialists resolved the western world's epidemic diseases and not doctors, scientists or pharmaceutical companies with their vaccines.

I can provide a little more info tomorrow night.

I'm awaiting more info ...

Ashalee: I'm eagerly awaiting more info ... but there's no hurry.

This all new to me -- I was under a rock for a long time, especially when the AIDS epidemic was going full blast.
I guess it's never too late to learn something new (unless your mind gets closed).

So thanks again, again! And write more when it suits you ...
In the meantime I will be patiently eagerly awaiting ...

The Fading Epidemics

While chopping wood and carrying water today, I contemplated what to write. Or more accurately, where to start. Perhaps I should start by backing up my statement that these epidemics were overcome by engineers and not the medical profession.

The death rates from disease in cities began falling in the mid 1800's and steadily declined until the 1960's with a long tail for the last thirty years or so. Rising public and personal hygiene was the reason.

Piped water from catchment areas outside the city limits began to become available. People became less dependent on public wells which were very susceptible to contamination from sewage and industrial run-off.

Increasingly, people had abundant fresh water to drink, bathe and wash their hands and themselves and their clothes often.

Mass sewerage works were undertaken which alleviated the problem of having human sewage in the streets and all the problems that came with that.

Automobiles were invented and manufactured. This included trucks which could now transport fresh food from well outside the city limits quickly and reliably.

Motor cars began to replace the horse drawn carriages. This was a huge benefit because the streets were no longer covered in horse manure and their attendant clouds of flies in the summer.

The personal motor vehicle allowed the cities to spread out alleviating the crowded nature of cities and people no longer needed to live in the industrial areas. Living became a lot more pleasant.

Electrification meant electric lights. No more burning of kerosene and other fuels indoors for lighting. Electric heat meant people weren't dependent on burning coal, often in open fires for heat and cooking.

With the invention of refrigeration, food could be kept fresh and edible longer. I can remember when my family got our first refrigerator in the 1950's.

Over a hundred years, this engineering revolution in city living improved the lives of many many millions of people and was an unqualified boon to humanity. Spend a moment thinking about living in a crowded city without all the benefits listed above. It could not have been pleasant never mind healthy.

In the last years of this massive improvement, pharmaceutical companies with their vaccines stepped out of the shadows in front of this passing parade of engineering wonders and claimed to have been the organising and leading force for the vast improvement in public health from the beginning. It was a simple yet profound lie.

Small Pox was caused by very poor diet and bites from a certain variety of bed bug. (Remember the blankets they gave to the Indians? The Indians were herded onto reservations, prohibited from hunting and fed sugar and flour. The 'authorities' knew exactly what they were doing and they knew all about small pox)

Polio had a very broad definition and swept up a number of ailments – a major one being poisoning with DDT. The incidence of polio amongst children and the use of DDT track together very closely.

After the introduction of the polio vaccine, the definition of polio was redefined tightly to artificially reduce the report numbers. Oh, did I mention that the polio vaccine was contaminated with a cancer agent (a monkey virus) and the medical authorities knew this at the time and still distributed the vaccine - 100 million of them!

So, the Vaccine Story is a story that isn't there. And won't be there tomorrow either despite what the media might say! There is no spoon.

For further reading,

I strongly recommend, “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and The Forgotten History” by Dr Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk

All the history with all the statistics are in this book.

Also “Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America” by E Richard Brown (brief summary at the link)
This book documents the takeover of public health by a psychopath for profit.

More on Rockefeller and Medicine - How Psychopath John Rockefeller Wiped-Out Natural Cures to Create Big Pharma

Penny of Penny For Your Thoughts (PFYT) has written On Rockefeller Medicine Men a couple of times way back when

The original edition of the book Rockefeller Medicine Men can be downloaded for free (without signing up for anything) or read online HERE

And check out this video before it disappears -

HOW much WOOD did you CHOP?

That's a lot of chopping! Thanks very much. I'm gonna read this about six more times and then I might be able to formulate a reasonable question. In the meantime, I guess I don't have to tell you to stay warm! Wink


to get a sore back smiling
Got a nice fire going though.

More coming tomorrow about the behaviour of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA

Here's A Question

Thanks for all this, James. It opens up cans of worms I've never looked at.

As I "understand" it, the idea -- "vaccine theory", so to speak -- is that by deliberately introducing a small quantity of some pathogen into your body, a vaccine stimulates your immune system to create antibodies which can neutralize that pathogen -- and not only to create these antibodies, but to learn how to create them -- so if/when you accidentally run into a large quantity of the same pathogen, your immune system will have learned how make the antibodies you need, and therefore you will be immune from the pathogen in question.

Here's my question: Do you know of any reliable study that either confirms or refutes this idea?

On Antibodies and anti-logic

“As I "understand" it, the idea -- "vaccine theory", so to speak -- is that by deliberately introducing a small quantity of some pathogen into your body, a vaccine stimulates your immune system to create antibodies which can neutralize that pathogen -- and not only to create these antibodies, but to learn how to create them -- so if/when you accidentally run into a large quantity of the same pathogen, your immune system will have learned how make the antibodies you need, and therefore you will be immune from the pathogen in question.
Here's my question: Do you know of any reliable study that either confirms or refutes this idea? “

This question goes to the heart of the matter, Winter. Has any study confirmed it? The answer is “No”
The Antibody Theory has never been established as provable fact. It would be more accurate to call it the Antibody Hypothesis.

Has any study refuted the idea? The answer is “Yes” in the sense that there has been any number of trials that show results that go against the Antibody Hypothesis. In any case, it is up to the proponents to make their case - which they haven't.

The Medical Establishment do not understand how our immune systems work. They can seemingly demonstrate a causation here or a correlation over there (to be later contradicted). They cannot account for all the contradictory results that appear upon deeper investigation. Whenever you have a contradiction, you don't have the truth. Either you have false information or missing information or both.

The inescapable conclusion is that the medical community does not understand the immune system though it deludes itself otherwise.

To back up this conclusion, take a look at this video by Dr Samantha Bailey, a New Zealand medical doctor and long time virus researcher and author -

There are many links to supporting documents below the video. One of them is this pdf-

This paper points out the inconsistent results from those predicted by the Antibody Hypothesis (thus refuting the hypothesis as presented, at least) and also the inconsistencies shown by the antibody tests themselves. I quote from p14 after the listing of 9 major flaws -

“These flaws in antibody tests are fatal. At present no antibody tests are properly validated, and the results cannot be relied upon, particularly not to make sweeping changes in society, such as mandatory vaccination and quarantine of people who do not have the ‘right’ antibody test results."

As for the hypothesis/theory itself, it is based on assumptions all the way down. From p1-

“The major antibody types that are looked for are IgM, believed to be a generic infection fighting antibody that arises about a week or so after infection, and IgG, believed to be more specific, and believed by some to take longer for the body to create. After the infection is resolved, IgM antibodies are believed to gradually disappear, while IgG remain, providing ongoing immunity. Unfortunately, this idealized picture is not supported by the available evidence, either because the evidence does not exist, is insufficient, or because it directly contradicts the model.”

Apart from the statement that the evidence does not line up with the assertions, note the number of times the word “believed” occurs. Every “believed” is an assumption.

This is not even basic inductive logic. Nor is it the “Scientific Method”. What it is is horseshit!

But no one is going to turn around and admit any of this. There is too much status, money and jobs depending on this guesswork. Plus, we have all these vaccines to shift - 100 million of them!

I've come across medical people of one stripe or another asserting that “T cells” are what's important regarding immunity and not antibodies. Has that been proven? I don't think so.

But what is important to note is that there are major differences of opinion as to what is going on with our immune system design which reinforces the fact that they don't have a complete grasp (or perhaps ANY grasp) on what is going on.

So, these profiteers are pushing life altering injections (that they admit don't work and carry risks up to and including death) based on faulty understanding of the immune system and on the results of a faulty test that is design to detect a virus that has never been objectively identified. This is either spectacular stupidity or outrageous evil or both.

Whatever the case, this ship of “Follow the Science” and “Get Yer Jab” sails off into the sunset of self-referential certainty (and mind-boggling profits, of course)!

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Dropping this in...

I am just going to drop this into the conversation. It is some info I gathered for a friend on Face Book when she expressed that she was grateful for the vaccines that are believed to have eradicated smallpox and polio.

There were lots of problems with the initial polio vaccines if you know the history. Countless children were infected with polio in the first rollout of the live vaccine. The second rollout with a weakened virus that was considered a success at eradicating polio was found to have been tainted with SV40, a monkey virus they now acknowledge causes cancer in humans. They knew it was contaminated but continued to administer it anyways.

"In 1960, it was discovered that Simian Virus 40 (SV40) contaminated up to 30% of the poliovirus vaccines in the US. This contamination arose because the vaccines were produced in monkey kidney cell cultures harboring SV40 between 1955 and 1963. During this period, approximately 90% of children and 60% of adults in the USA were inoculated for polio and possibly exposed to SV40." .

"The presence of SV40 in monkey cell cultures used in the preparation of the polio vaccine from 1955 through 1961 is well documented. Investigations have consistently demonstrated the oncogenic behavior of SV40 in animal models. Early epidemiologic studies were inadequate in demonstrating an increase in cancer incidence associated with contaminated vaccine. Recently, investigators have provided persuasive evidence that SV40 is present in human ependymomas, choroid plexus tumors, bone tumors, and mesotheliomas, however, the etiologic role of the virus in tumorigenesis has not been established."

I read this fascinating book a few years back and it goes into some detail about the history of polio vaccinations. [I just re read it a couple of weeks ago and it is still fascinating.] It is a book about the murder of Dr. Mary Sherman. 'Doctor Mary’s Monkey: How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics'. Below is a link to the author's home page where you can order the book (it's also available on Amazon) and listen to interviews with the author and tons of other pertinent links. I can never look at vaccines the same after having read this book. All is not what it seems.

Quotes from the book:

**"Understanding the death of this one woman unravels much of our nation’s secret history. It illuminates the darkness. It connects great medical disasters of our time to important political events of the day. It unveils the contamination of hundreds of millions of doses of the polio vaccine with dozens of monkey viruses. It spotlights the epidemic of soft tissue cancers that swept our country. And it exposes dangerous secret experiments which used radiation to mutate cancer-causing monkey viruses. It connects leaders of American medicine to the accused assassin of the President of the United States. This one murder helps us understand why we have been lied to with such conviction for so many years — and why those lies are likely to continue."

**"Today, however, there is abundant evidence of a variety of simian viruses found in the human blood supply. Of particular concern is the DNA from SV-40 repeatedly extracted from several types of tumors, including brain, bone, and previously-rare chest cancers. In the words of former FDA virologist John Martin, M.D., Ph.D., “ SV-40 infection is now widespread within the human population almost certainly as a result of the polio vaccine.”

**"Consider this 1997 quote from the U.S. Government’s own Journal of the National Cancer Institute: “In the 1950s, SV-40 was one of several dozen viruses that contaminated the original Salk and Sabin polio vaccines administered to millions of school children in the United States and Europe.” The vaccine contaminated with SV-40 was injected into trusting children until 1963. Forty-one years later, an in-depth investigation by journalists Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher finally documented this same public health disaster in the detail which it deserves, including interviews with many of the scientists involved. The 2004 title speaks for itself, The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed.

**"SIV is the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, one of several monkey viruses known to have contaminated the polio vaccine. The more carcinogenic SV-40 has received most of the press. SIV, a single-strand RNA retrovirus, is considerably smaller than SV-40 (a double-strand DNA virus). The technology of the 1950s was not able to filter SIV from the viral extracts. Further, researchers of the day did not consider retroviruses to be dangerous, so they basically ignored them. AIDS has taught us how dangerous retroviruses can be. If “the project” in New Orleans was intentionally exposing SV-40 to radiation, they may have exposed SIV to radiation at the same time. Simply stated, HIV-1 is a mutated form of SIV."

**"...I will not draw any conclusions concerning a direct relationship between this underground medical laboratory and the origin of the AIDS epidemic. We may never know. And if we did know, what could we change? In the meantime, we are still free to ask the obvious question: Was this bizarre new epidemic [of AIDS] caused by a mutated monkey virus engendered during the more than forty years of intensive scientific research, medical experimentation, and genetic manipulation of simian viruses?"

**"When the debate quietly raged over the contamination of the polio vaccine with monkey viruses, it focused on one virus, SV-40, a DNA virus that produced pathogenic results fairly quickly. NCI eventually claimed that SV-40 was not a significant threat to humans, and declared the debate over. But the reason that SV-40 was named “ SV-40” was to remind us that there were 39 other monkey viruses already identified. What about all the other monkey viruses in the polio vaccine, especially the slow acting retroviruses which can take decades to produce disease. These retroviruses baffled the scientists of the 1960s, but today we understand how they breed by inserting themselves into the genetic material of other cells. In 1994 Dr. Michael McGrath, McGrath, a medical researcher from San Francisco, demonstrated that retroviruses can cause cancer directly, by invading a cell’s genetic material and triggering the cancer process, rather than only causing cancer indirectly through the suppression of the immune system, as previously believed; Associated Press, “ AIDS virus can cause cancer,” St. Petersburg Times, April 8, 1994, p. 8A.

Haslam, Edward T.; Jim Marrs. Dr. Mary's Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, ... Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics . Trine Day. Kindle Edition.

I've been thinking of this too

Thanks, McJ!

I've heard interviews with Ed Haslam but I haven't read the book.

From what I remember: The secret lab in New Orleans was at Tulane Medical School.

Dr. Mary Sherman was killed there in a beyond-horrible "accident". She had come to the attention of the people running the project after she did a high school science project in which she showed how to cause cancer in mice. Ed Haslam thinks maybe she knew too much. And he makes a strong case.

David Ferrie was involved in the project too, and wherever he went also went maximum weirdness.

The lower-level workers on this project were told they were trying to find ways to cure or prevent certain diseases, but to an outsider it looks very much as if the main goal was to weaponize them (possibly for use against Castro, whom they'd been trying to kill for a long time). If that's true, it would explain why they were interested in Mary Sherman ever since she was a high school student.

The fact that Castro lived through all this proves that they didn't kill him, but Haslam shows evidence that they did a lot of damage anyway, which raises the question: Did they distribute a vaccine that can cause cancer accidentally? or was it deliberate? (i.e. Was this done through incompetence? or malice?)

And another question: What was Lee Oswald doing in the middle of THIS? Haslam gets a lot of his info from Judith Vary Baker (a.k.a. Judy Baker) who was there too, and who was "romantically involved" with Lee. I've heard a lot of her, too. She comes across as a flake, but a totally credible one!


I'm not sure whether this detail helps, or just sets us off on meaningless tangents. But I figure that's up to us, and clearly some of us are better at staying focused than the others. As for me: Oh Look! There's a red bird! They're called cardinals, aren't they? Oh look! There's a squirrel too! Wow! What were we talking about?

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Mary Sherman

You have the gist of it right, Winter.

"She had come to the attention of the people running the project after she did a high school science project in which she showed how to cause cancer in mice. Ed Haslam thinks maybe she knew too much."

That was actually Judith Vary. During the summer that she worked on the project she had an affair with Lee Oswald. She worked in the apartment lab with David Ferrie removing the cancerous tumours in the mice and grinding them up to take back to Mary Sherman. She and Oswald would transport them back to Mary Sherman's secret government lab (or to Sherman's apartment) to be radiated with the particle beam accelerator. The resulting product was then injected back into mice or monkeys. Both Vary and Oswald worked for the Riley Coffee company as a cover.

Mary Sherman was a world renowned cancer researcher and bone surgeon. She was brought to New Orleans to run the lab by Dr. Oschner. She worked with Ed Haslam's father who was also a doctor at the hospital run by Oschner. After it became known that the polio vaccine was contaminated with the cancer causing SV40 monkey virus the project was initiated 'to find a cure for cancer'. Whether this was the true reason or not, it quickly became research in to how to weaponize cancer, with the goal being to kill Castro.

Eventually, they tested their product on a prisoner and killed him. Vary complained in writing to Oschner and was promptly sent home. Sherman was murdered shortly after that and Oswald was sent to Dallas. Jack Ruby famously asserted he had been injected with cancer.

Thanks, McJ.

Of course I had some of the story scrambled. Thanks for straightening it out.

Do you think Lee Oswald knew too much about what Dr. Oschner was doing, and was "eliminated" by being sent to Dallas and framed for the murder of somebody else who, shall we say, also knew too much?

McJ's picture


Absolutely! And according to Vary, Oswald knew he was being set up before the assassination. Oswald knew everything, as far as I can tell. He had been talking over the mafia's private telephone bookie lines to Vary every day until a couple of days before the assassination. Ferrie had arranged this for them after Vary was sent home. Oswald told Vary he would be one less shooter or something along those lines and that he was in too deep but would do what he could to save Kennedy. After the assassination, Ferrie called Vary and told her never to speak to anyone about what she knew. Scared the hell out of her. They never talked again. Vary also knew Jack Ruby whom she had met through Ferrie at the apartment where they dissected the mice. So, Ruby knew about the weaponized cancer project.

The book is really worth a read if you are inclined. It is fascinating how it is intertwined with the Kennedy assassination and all the characters from Jim Garrison's investigation. Garrison knew about Oschner and wanted to subpoena him but was talked out of it because Oschner was such a highly regarded and well connected physician. He settled on going after Clay Shaw who was also involved in transporting the cancerous injection to the prisoner they killed. A lot of people had a lot to loose if the information about the secret program and the murder of the prisoner, ever got out.

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Some quotes

**"Upon discovering that the “volunteer” had no idea what he had signed up for, the outraged Judyth wrote a letter protesting the use of their product on an unwitting human patient, and delivered it to Dr. Ochsner’s secretary. In doing so, she violated the security rules that Ochsner had mandated (Don’t write anything down!), jeopardized his reputation, and forever crossed-swords with one of the most powerful men in American medicine. It was a serious tactical error on her part, but Judyth has always been very strong-willed and uncompromising on certain issues. Dr. Ochsner was equally strong-willed and uncompromising in his response, before slamming the telephone down: “You and Lee are expendable!” From there, the situation fell apart rapidly. Lee and Judyth were released from their cover-jobs at Reily The game-plan had been that Judyth would enter Tulane Medical School, and Lee would go to Mexico to work as a CIA informant. But Lee was ordered to return to Dallas, and Ochsner reneged on his offer to place Judyth in Tulane Medical School. Judyth watched Lee read a newspaper as she drove off with her husband back to Florida."
**"David Ferrie had also grown found of Judyth, and arranged a job for her back in Gainesville, Florida doing laboratory work. Ferrie also arranged for Judyth to stay in contact with Lee by phone calls which used the Mafia’s sports-betting phone lines, which were supposedly untraceable. Judyths phone conversations with Lee Oswald continued until Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1963.  During the final emotional phone call, Lee made it clear to Judyth that there would be a real attempt to kill President Kennedy on Friday at one of three locations in Dallas. Lee told Judyth that he believed a man named David Atlee Phillips was organizing it. He told Judyth to remember the name. However he got there, Lee was now inside the assassination plot trying to kill President Kennedy, and considered it his duty to stay in position and undercover until it was over, telling Judyth, “If I stay, there will be one less bullet fired at Kennedy.” Lee did not know if he would make it out alive, but if he did, he was prepared to elope with Judyth. They would go to Merida (a city in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula), where they could both get quickie Mexican divorces from their respective spouses, and then Lee would marry Judyth. If he didn’t make it out alive, he encouraged her to go on with her life and have babies. It is a fact of history that both Jack Kennedy and Lee Oswald were murdered within the week. Judyth remained with her husband Robert, and had her babies — five of them. After the assassination, David Ferrie spoke to Judyth for the last time. In that phone call, he told her in blunt language that if she opened her mouth, she too would be killed — as Lee had been. Judyth took Ferrie’s warning seriously, and maintained her silence for decades."
**"...Judyth started talking about a letter from Guy Banister that she had seen lying on a desk in Congressman Willis’ office in New Orleans, one that she thought might be important. With her typical love of detail and analysis, she began explaining about a note that was handwritten in the margins of the letter, and took off on a tangent that I did not follow. “Judyth! Time Out!” I interrupted. “What were you doing in Willis’ office?” “Oh, Monaghan used to send me over there to deliver messages ... a couple of times a week. They were always in sealed envelopes so I didn’t know what the content was. I think it was INCA-related information. Willis was hardly ever there, but the staff all knew who I was. Monaghan took me over to introduce me to the staff so they would know who I was when I showed up with an envelope. It was on Lafayette Square, right by Reily’s.” In the summer of 1963, Congressman Willis was Chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC)."
**"In the morning, the young cancer-researcher rides the bus to work with the “defector” who is about to be accused of assassinating the President. In the afternoon, she goes to the underground medical laboratory run by a known Mafia-asset to develop a biological weapon. In between the two, she works at a cover-job under the supervision of an ex-FBI agent, who sends her on errands to deliver “envelopes” to the office of the Congressman who chairs the House Committee on Un-American Activities. What was in all those envelopes from the coffee company? Coffee? Would violating the Neutrality Act by conspiring to murder Fidel Castro be considered an Un-American Activity? Would developing a biological weapon be considered an Un-American Activity? Would someone be willing to bribe the local Congressman (or his staff) to make sure that it was not? You have to wonder if Congressman Willis even knew his office was being used in this manner? Or whether he was a key player who organized the others? Or whether he was just Marcello’s tool? Whatever the answers may be, they lie in the buildings around Lafayette Square — within a stone’s throw of where the Warren Commission held its hearings in New Orleans. Next to the Federal court house. Under the noses of the most powerful Congressmen in the land. With the cooperation of former members of the FBI. With the knowledge of the CIA. With the participation of the press. With the cooperation of leaders of American medicine."

The network

Hi McJ. This is fascinating information. I was aware of some of it but you have condensed it very well into something understandable.

There's a network behind all these people particularly people high up in differing professions. The network is like a spider's web with a centre from which it all proceeds or spreads out from. The Centre remains hidden.

When I first seriously started researching all this criminality in high places, I was amazed at how many of the same characters kept popping up in different scenarios. There was obviously a co-ordinating centre that used and re-used 'safe' i.e. compromised people.

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Thanks James

Thanks James. Do you still have the pdf I sent you of the book? I have lost my copy and my Kindle edition limits me to how much I can copy.

I do. I do!

I do. I do!

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(No subject)

party time!

right on! brilliant!!

I can't help noticing the parallel between your stunning final quotation, McJ, and the research I was doing about Pakistan years ago. Osama bin Laden was supposedly killed in a spectacular midnight raid, and Rashid Rauf supposedly escaped from the "police", in Peshawar. Peshawar is one of the "twin cities"; the other twin is Islamabad. Islamabad is the home of the Pakistani government, the army, and the intelligence service (ISI). And Osama bin Laden supposedly lived there, right under their noses, for years. And Rashid Rauf supposedly disappeared there, right under their noses.

In both cases, the relevant authorities could have seen what was happening if they'd just looked out of their windows. So how can we believe they didn't know anything about it?

On the other hand: If you had something shady going on, would you want to be able to keep an eye on it?

Sometimes it's hard to know if something is way-off-topic, or the piece that allows us to put the whole puzzle together.

So when Lee said

So when Lee said, "I'm just a patsy," he knew exactly what he was talking about.

And most Americans didn't. And they still don't.

Pain + Fear = Stupidity

If you'll forgive me for throwing in a personal note: The night before last, I woke up in the middle of the night with intense pain in my legs. My knees were half-bent, and I couldn't bend them any more and I couldn't straighten them either. Eventually I figured out what to do next, and after about 15 minutes of stretching, I could get out of bed and limp around a bit. But it felt like hours.

And in those "hours", I seriously entertained a large number of stupid ideas. "I might be this way forever! What if I can never walk again? How am I ever gonna get to the bathroom? Who's gonna look after me if I can't move freely? Who's gonna look after my family if I can't work? We are SO SCREWED!" and so on.

After I had stretched enough, I was able to walk again, and the crisis has certainly passed, and the pain is gradually receding ... but there was a lesson in all this, and I have not managed to forget it yet (even though it's been almost 36 hours).

If you're an unscrupulous character, and you're trying to find people who are likely to do something very stupid, and you start with people who have serious medical problems, you'll never have to look anywhere else, because these people are hurting and they're scared, and Pain + Fear = Stupidity.

I'm not worried about spilling these beans here, because unscrupulous characters already know this, and we don't have any unscrupulous readers anyway. On the other hand, it is something that scrupulous characters may not have considered, and maybe they should.

Pain + Fear = Torture

I'm really sorry to hear of your ordeal, Winter. Pain is one thing but fear can be worse.

Unscrupulous people, as you suspect, know all about this because this is how torture works. I'll try and say something sensible about torture later.

I'm OK (at least physically)

Please don't worry about me. I'm OK (at least physically; mentally, I guess our readers can decide for themselves). I only mentioned this uncomfortable episode because it allowed me to make a larger point.

Also: Torture can be very uncomfortable to write about, and the more you know about it the more difficult it can be. So please don't worry too much about saying anything about it ... sensible or otherwise ... until you can do it without risk to yourself!

On Torture

Winter is right. Fear and pain can cause people to do something stupid i.e. something opposed to the own best interests. This applies directly to the invisible “epidemic” and its invisible “cause”. The following is about how it all works.

Inducing pain and fear in people, as in torture, causes people to do things against their own interests and for the interests of those carrying out the torture - the perpetrators. It's all about the control of others; the elimination of the free will of the victims to enable their greater destruction.

The common perception of torture is that it is used (reluctantly) to extract (essential) information from a bad person. It's a simple one variable story (as most stories that are presented in our media and culture)

The truth is the opposite and multi-variable .

The purpose of torture is to drive in false information to then be repeated back by the victim as if it is true. The method used is pain (physical and/or emotional) and fear through direct threats and implied threats leading to thoughts of “what won't they do to me (and others) next?”

The immediate aim of torture is to induce a profound sense of helplessness and the loss of choice or sovereignty; to experience the loss of free will. The only choice you are left with is between continuing pain, fear and possibly death or to do and say what the perpetrator wants.

Often what the perpetrator wants is nonsensical and not really what he is after. The longer term objective is to destroy the victims sense of self or any sense of regard for oneself.

If the victim can be induced to feel he or she has betrayed themselves (or others), then resistance to external control is gone. Think of Winston Smith in “1984”.

Our franchised governments around the world are currently in the process of torturing their captive populations.

Every restriction they are imposing on their populations increases stress and therefore harms the immune systems of people increasing poor health and death.

Every restriction increases fear and emotional pain and leads to increased sense of helplessness.

Every contradiction increases confusion and leads to further helplessness.

All the while, the populations are being fed false information and people are being induced to repeat it back as true through peer pressure, shame and guilt.

All the while, people are being induced to “do stupid shit” like wear paper masks when many know it's ineffective. The perpetrators will even say at times 'the stupid shit' is ineffective including masks and even the jabs. Then they turn around and contradict themselves! And you're left doing 'stupid shit' - and a vague sense of self-betrayal!

Gaslighting on a world wide scale.

The aim of all this is to confuse people and induce them to do something profoundly stupid; something against their own long term (and often short term) best interests.

Like get the jab – once, then twice, then three times, then four, until they're dead or totally incapacitated or will happily march off a cliff.

How does a tiny minority of people destroy the vast majority? By controlling their minds through fear and pain induced through false stories repeated ad nauseam. Words! Just words.

WHO's on First

This comment from SOTT is worth reposting in full. it's brilliant!
It is a rewrite of Abbott and Costello's famous sketch "Who's on first"

Bud: You can’t come in here!

Lou: Why not?

Bud: Well, because you’re unvaccinated.

Lou: But I’m not sick.

Bud: It doesn’t matter.

Lou: Well, why does that guy get to go in?

Bud: Because he’s vaccinated.

Lou: But he’s sick!

Bud: It’s alright. Everyone in here is vaccinated.

Lou: Wait a minute. Are you saying everyone in there is vaccinated?

Bud: Yes.

Lou: So then why can’t I go in there if everyone is vaccinated?

Bud: Because you’ll make them sick.

Lou: How will I make them sick if I’m not sick and they are vaccinated.

Bud: Because you’re unvaccinated.

Lou: But they’re vaccinated.

Bud: But they can still get sick.

Lou: So what the heck does the vaccine do?

Bud: It vaccinates.

Lou: So vaccinated people can’t spread covid?

Bud: Oh no. They can spread covid just as easily as an unvaccinated person.

Lou: I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Look. I’m not sick.

Bud: OK

Lou: And the guy you let in is sick.

Bud: That’s right.

Lou: And everybody in there can still get sick even though they’re vaccinated.

Bud: Certainly.

Lou: So why can’t I go in again?

Bud: Because you’re unvaccinated.

Lou: I’m not asking who’s vaccinated or not!

Bud: I’m just telling you how it is.

Lou: Never mind. I’ll just put on my mask.

Bud: That’s fine.

Lou: Now I can go in?

Bud: Absolutely not?

Lou: But I have a mask!

Bud: Doesn’t matter.

Lou: I was able to come in here yesterday with a mask.

Bud: I know.

Lou: So why can’t I come in here today with a mask? If you say

"Because you're unvaccinated" again, I’ll break your arm.

Bud: Take it easy buddy.

Lou: So the mask is no good anymore.

Bud: No, it’s still good.

Lou: But I can’t come in?

Bud: Correct.

Lou: Why not?

Bud: Because you’re unvaccinated.

Lou: But the mask prevents the germs from getting out.

Bud: Yes, but people can still catch your germs.

Lou: But they’re all vaccinated.

Bud: Yes, but they can still get sick.

Lou: But I’m not sick!!

Bud: You can still get them sick.

Lou: So then masks don’t work!

Bud: Masks work quite well.

Lou: So how in the heck can I get vaccinated people sick if I’m

not sick and masks work?

Bud: Third base.

Lou: Wait, what?

Here in 'Strailya, we were at one time actually ruled by Abbott and Costello - two clowns (not the good sort) if ever there were. They have gone now but their spirit lives on with a vengeance.

It's perfect!

It's perfect! It's completely perfect and it makes perfect sense if you ask me. Of course I "came of age" by reading Catch-22 over and over and over so my idea of "perfect sense" is a bit different than it once was.

And I'm almost a detective, and I've been honing my deductive skills, and I've been reading between the lines of all these detailed comments, and I'm starting to think I've been communicating with unvaccinated bloggers! And if that's true then we're all in danger because I'm not vaccinated, either.

Also: if I'm not mistaken, the "community" in "community transmission" is spelled the same as the "community" in "Winter Patriot Community" and that's just a bit too freaky for me. Do you think they saw us coming a long time ago? Do you think they named it after our site to discredit us and our research?

I know it's a stretch ... and I don't believe it myself ... which goes to DISPROVE the SLANDER that often gets thrown at people such as myself (and both my friends)!

The point is, just because somebody is a conspiracy theorist doesn't mean he necessarily believes every conspiracy theory that comes along. Some conspiracy theories are just too incredible to take seriously.

Like this one! Wink And the one about the 19 hijackers. And the one about a lone nut who shot the president. And some other ones too.

I'm just sayin'

True Detective

What can I say, you can see the patterns everywhere. Nothing is hidden from your eagle sharp eye.

The Community pattern - what a cunning code that is!

And you've unmasked the unvaccination plot. These unvaccinated devils have been plotting to launch a campaign to scare the shit out of the vaccinated and convince them that the dreaded Delta variant is "in the vaccines". How absolutely diabolic is that?!

Speak of the devil, George Soros, it's rumoured, will be supplying copies of Catch 22 to all high school students next year and there will be a public competition and prizes. Planned is the Colonel Cathcart Prize for Logic and the Minderbinder Prize for Ethical Business Principles.

The Prize for Logic will be presented by the lovely Jen Psaki and the Ethical Business Principles Prize will be presented by President Joe Biden himself.

It just doesn't get any better than that!

I'm gettin' in line!

I'm gettin' in line for those prizes, James, even if I have to go back to high school to do it.

I've heard there's also going to be a Major Major Major Major Award for Excellence in Attending to the People Who Come to See You.

So I'm staying away from my office and hoping my Sergeant will let them all in ... as long as I'm not there! Wink

And then it won't even matter if they're vaccinated or not because I won't be in my office anyway.


Seriously (kinda), Joseph Heller started writing "Catch-22" after "only" having seen World War II.

It's hard to imagine what that book would have been like if he'd also seen the 75 years that followed that war.

General Mayhem

One wonders what Heller would make of a United States led by General Mayhem with Major Blunder in the field.

One wonders at what he would make of a Joe Biden press conference. (Thank God there's no children present).

One wonders at what Heller would make of the US military led by General Silly who -
can't handle an Afghan militia,
can't evacuate in an orderly manner
yet antagonises China with war in their own waters and
then telephones China to say, "Don't worry. If we are going to attack you, I'll call and let you know beforehand" (has Milo been reincarnated!)
and the government sees nothing wrong with ANY of this!

I mean, I think even Heller would be struggling to scale this M&M Enterprises shit up to this level.

John Cleese said a year or two ago that satirical comedy is dead. Reality has degenerated to the point that satire cannot out do it any more (or something like that).

And for proof of that, watch the film "Idiocracy". It doesn't remotely cover the daily goings on now.

Or watch Catch 22 for that matter!

I don't recommend watching the movie ...

... as highly as I recommend reading the book.

There are scenes where you can't hear the dialog because of the roar of the war -- they have great conversations under spinning propellers, for instance -- which is great cinema, but when you can't hear the dialog, it's tough to not understand the vignette fully, and you have to be able to fully not understand all the vignettes separately before you can start to understand the whole movie.

My two cents, anyway: Read the book half a dozen times and THEN watch the movie!!

They don't make 'em like Joe Heller anymore. Pity!

Book Vs Movie

Ashalee, I entirely agree with you, Winter, re the book Vs the movie.

It's odd the things you remember from a lifetime. I can clearly remember exiting the movie theatre after watching Catch 22 when it first came out and thinking 'thank God I have read the book otherwise I don't think I would have understood the movie'.

satire is too weak to mock reality

It reminds me of a comment from Tom Lehrer, when asked if he would like to satirize George W. Bush.

"Satirize him?", replied Lehrer. "I'd like to vaporize him!"

They don't make 'em like Tom Lehrer anymore. Pity!

On Drugs

There is much profit in sickness. More sickness, more drugs. There is little to no profit in health. The Health Industry is an oxymoron.

The hospital in my local town was quite small 30 years ago. Street parking proved to be adequate. A new hospital was built on the edge of town and added to, and added to, and now is relatively huge. The car park takes up acres and is always close to capacity. The population of the town and surrounding district has hardly grown in that time. Whether it is 'healthy' or not, this industry is booming.

Perhaps a few facts that most people are not aware of and that you will never hear in the corporate media will go a long way in accounting for the above mentioned boom. The boom, of course, is undeniable testimony to the 'health industry's' abject failure.

Pharmaceutical companies have to supply 3 double blind studies that show statistical benefit when they apply for approval for a new drug. Drug companies can, for instance, carry out 100 trials of which 97 fail and 3 show a benefit. They can supply those 3 and keep quiet about the overwhelming failure rate and get approval. This often happens.

The double blind studies are supposed to measure the proposed new drug against a placebo which is supposed to be an inert substance with no active ingredients. But this doesn't happen. Very often the placebo with have active ingredients which are also in the new drug. So if this active ingredient causes adverse effects, this is shielded from view and discounted because the drug fared no worse than the placebo therefore all is good. But it's not!

Big Pharma companies often 'out source' their testing to private companies. These companies know what Big Pharma wants, of course, and repeat business is dependent on keeping the customer happy. So guess what happens? Lots of fraud takes place. But Big Pharma can keep itself at arms length from it.

On top of this, the FDA is dependent on the pharmaceutical companies it is supposed to be regulating for half of its funding. Whoever pays the piper, calls the tune.

It is common for high placed officials in the FDA to leave and secure a very well paid job with one of the pharma co's they were previously supervising. This is called 'delayed gratification'.

Vaccines are not considered “medicines” by the FDA. Therefore they do not have to comply with the 3 double blind studies criteria showing statistical benefit. So they don't.

The trials that they do run (or their contractors run) usually have as a placebo the same vaccine or last year's vaccine without the dead or live virus but with all the nasty preservatives (mercury and aluminium) and the adjutants which cause brain inflammation and multiple adverse side effects.

Again, because the trial candidates in both camps suffer the adverse effects, the finding states that it can't be the vaccine because the placebo group had the same rate of toxic reactions. The FDA does not protest because of the above monetary considerations.

A common trick to skew the results is that trial candidates are chosen for their vibrant health to start with. If any participants develop adverse reaction within the first weeks, as often happens, they are eliminated from the trial and the trial starts from that moment onwards.

Many drugs have been withdrawn from use after causing deaths and injuries. It is worth noting that all these dangerous drugs were previously approved as being “safe and effective” by the FDA.

The drug companies are protected by law from any responsibility for their vaccines. They cannot be sued for death or injury. And there's no shortage of deaths and injuries.

Official Office for National Statistics data has inadvertently revealed that 30,305 people have died within twenty-one days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021

There is a process in the United States whereby the injured person can go to a special court of law that deals solely with vaccine injuries to get compensation. The process is deliberately convoluted and difficult and any compensation paid comes out of public funds and not from the offending drug company.

No vaccine has ever been proved to be effective in preventing an epidemic or in overcoming an epidemic. The stories of vaccines eradicating polio and small pox are just that; stories. The facts do not support them. These stories are 'urban legends'. And demonstrably so. (See previous comment)

To continue on from my comments on AIDS-HIV, the HIV virus was detected using a PCR test. Yes the same mis-applied PCR technology that is used to find the elusive Verona Cyrus (code!).

Finding antibodies used to mean that the asymptomatic person has overcome an infection (he may not have developed symptoms) and is now immune probably for life.

AIDS turned this medical maxim upside down. Now the presence of antibodies means you are sick or soon will be (of course, you will be if you take the medication!). I remember hearing this in the 80's and thinking this is back-to-front (they are using the same illogic with today's plague).

Another amazing thing was that no one remarked on this reversal. Not doctors or 'health officials' or government politicians. At least, not in the media. This collusion of silence was a taste of what was to come.

The PCR test was invented by Kari Mullis and he won a Nobel Prize for it. Unfortunately for the medical establishment, he very publicly stated that the PCR test was not a diagnostic tool; that it should never be used as one and it could not tell the difference between a live infection and a dead or past one. It was not designed to detect infections and could not.

It was designed to detect minute particles of genetic material. “Researchers” are detecting genetic material and presuming this material is part of a virus. They use computer programs to 'stitch together' the genomes of various genetic particles and, presto, we have a virus. And a deadly one that will wipe out humanity any day now! If you believe the hype – every time it has been repeated over the last few decades.

But even if this virus existed as the computers propose it to, no causal link has been established between this proposed virus and the 'disease de jour' the medicos claim to have on their hands.

Back to the PCR test, it was extremely sensitive (hence why it was praised and the Nobel Prize for it) because it could amplify samples many times but once it got to 26 magnification cycles its accuracy tapered off and by 35 cycles it was useless as anything that ever existed in the cosmos could be found in the sample via this test – if you were to believe the results.

In testing for the current cough-de-jour, some tests are run at up to 45 cycles. The test is simply an excuse to say we have a case here. A case is a (false) positive test result; not an infection never mind a sick person.

Kari Mullis is also on record calling out Tony Fauci as a moron who knows nothing of science!

Kari Mullis died suddenly while in apparently good health in 2019.

My next questing

Hi again James (and McJ too)!

If you're still willing to answer my dumb questings, please have a go at this one.

If what you've been saying on this thread is correct, and the dreaded C-word V-word doesn't exist, then:

What's killing all the people who are reportedly dying from it?

I can think of the following choices:

[1] They're not really people, and they're not really dying. They're just fake statistics on the fake news. If this is true then somebody must be staging overflowing emergency rooms and intensive care wards, all over the world, and (by this and other means) scaring the daylights out of all the health care workers (or most of them anyway) in order to "catapult the propaganda" (as GWB famously admitted doing) ...

... OR ...

[2] They're really people, and they're really dying, but the cause is something other than the dreaded C-word V-word. If this is the case, then I have to assume that their deaths are deliberately being classified incorrectly, in order to create the impression that the C-word V-word is killing them, "but we can protect you from it, if you just give up all the rest of the civil liberties you used to have" ... when these people are actually dying from various diseases that could have been properly identified if it had been politically expedient to do so ...

... OR ...

[3] Something else that I haven't quite managed to put into words, or maybe I haven't even imagined yet,

... OR ...

[4] Some combination of the above.


I can't see any way that my dumb "framework", with its sleazy and cheesy "none of the above / all of the above" cop-out clauses, could fail to encompass all the possibilities. So I am not trying to "frame" or "limit the bounds of" the "discussion", only trying to make sense of what I've been learning.

And I don't mean to pass premature judgment on any of these options, at least not yet. (If I pass premature judgment, it will have to wait at least a little while!)

On the contrary: I would be very interested in your answer to this admittedly dumb question, and unless I am badly mistaken, one or more of our other readers might be somewhat interested as well.

I have one or two more questings but they will have to wait for an answer to this one.

Otherwise the discussion could get a bit "twisted"!

All of the above

That's the short answer.

This video from a funeral director in England explains a lot of what has and is going on.

This man, has since been suspended from his professional association, the SAIF (the Society of Allied and independent Funeral directors - from memory)

I'll reply more fully in the fullness of time. Please feel free to ask more questions in the meantime

There's this article to read if you have time

And this interview

It's a bit dry to start with but the interviewee warms to the task in the second half

Stabbed or unstabbed

When reading of listening, try to keep your mind clear as to whether or not a death is the result of an unstabbed person or someone who has been stabbed in the arm. They are two different causes.

Is this all noise?

Thanks, James. I've started chewing on the links you provided but I haven't swallowed them yet so I can't say too much about them (maybe later, though).

But in response to your vicious taunt:

Please feel free to ask more questions in the meantime

I would like to know what you make of the various and contradictory reports about bats in China, the Wuhan wet-market, Tony Fauci and his connection with alleged (or proven) surreptitious funding of gain-of-function research, and so on.

I'm wondering: Is this all noise? Or is there something to it? And if there's something to it, does it have anything to do with the C-word V-word, or not?

Of course it has never crossed my mind that all the China-related "news" might be propaganda, set up by somebody who's trying to create a pretext for a new war.

And I would be shocked if somebody somewhere was trying to develop bio-weapons on the sly.

So all this is entirely unimaginable, but then again: if a Chinese bat-virus was been weaponized and escaped, then surely it must exist, which you say it doesn't, so ... that's my next question:

Is this all noise? Or is there information in it that we need to take seriously?

Yes and No

Is this all noise? Or is there information in it that we need to take seriously?

Yes and No.

(Note: this answer. in one way, is not addressed to you, Winter, but to the wider audience of whom I have to assume has a dearth of background knowledge. In another way, it is addressed to you in that I elaborate how I personally see the overall situation)

If someone is lying to you and you do not know that, you will learn something that is not true and may be harmful.
If someone is lying to you and you do know they are lying, you will learn something that is true and may be helpful.

A winning strategy to employ when engaging with the media is to assume they are lying to you all the time. That will work 9 times out of 10. Though it's not perfect, it is certainly a winning strategy. In some ways, not being perfect is ashalee perfect, speshally if you are on the lookout for that rare occasion the truth is exposed.

So, is it all noise? Yes, as it is all batshit.

How do we know that? Well, for one, because that is what they are telling us. For two, because they provided that answer for us at the beginning of this nonsense before any investigation could ever hope to have established that 'fact'.

So, the answer is also 'No' because I can deduce true information from what I know are lies.

Also, accompanying the Big Lie in the story will be lots of other supporting lies which are often propaganda that we have previously taken in and are being repeated ad nauseum.

Take for instance (and speaking of bats and "wet markets" [when did that term enter the lexicon?]) this recent media report on bats and wuhan -

This comes from Sky News Australia. This media outlet is owned by Murdoch and is therefore the official faux opposition media mouthpiece here in 'Stailya.

The one true thing that comes across is that everybody is lying. Shocking news, I know! Some of the details may well be true. But who knows? And who cares? Does it matter?

Instead, look at all the background information that is assumed to be true and the viewer will be taking in uncritically because their focus is on bats and lying scientists.

But what does it all mean, Virginia? For that answer, you (the anonymous reader) need to understand banking, bankers, psychopathy and psychopaths. This will eventually take you down into the netherworld of satanism and genocide - and few have the stomach for it. I don't know that I have the stomach for it any more.

Answers to more questions

You asked a number of questions which I didn't answer in my previous reply except for your last one, 'Do we need to take all this seriously'.

Previous to that question, you asked, “So all this is entirely unimaginable, but then again: if a Chinese bat-virus was been weaponized and escaped, then surely it must exist, which you say it doesn't, so ... that's my next question: “

Does this thing exist?

If I have said, 'There is no virus', then I was wrong to say that. That would be like trying to prove a negative.

What I can definitely say is that the proponents of the Verona Cyrus have not proved that it does exist and that it causes the cases of sickness and the positive test results for the PCR test that they are using. They haven't made their case and the onus on proof is on them.

What the proponents have is a computer model of a Cyrus that they are calling the C-word v-word. But the model relies on a good deal of speculation as it is composed fragments of genetic material which are assembled according to a software program. It is little more than an hypothesis.

It is certainly not enough to claim there is a pandemic caused by this (or anything else given that the numbers aren't there in actuality). It is worth noting that as the numbers for the Verona Cyrus rise, the numbers for Influenza A and Influenza B have fallen accommodatingly to near zero.

So the governments of the world have got themselves in a tizzy and managed to get the majority of the population in a bigger tizzy over a seasonal flu. In other words, something exists and the most likely suspect (according to my reading of Occam's Razor) is Influenza A and/or B.

I cannot verify this, so take it as you will
No Covid Found, Only Influenza A & B

I can't prove that it is a seasonal flu that we are looking at but it's not my job to prove anything. The onus of proof is not on me or any of the sceptics. The onus of proof is on the proponents of the theory, the shots and the governments reactions.

And given they have caused an enormous amount of misery including bankruptcies and deaths, these 'authorities' have some 'splainin' to do. But they won't, of course.

Developing Bio-weapons?

Wuhan in China, like Fort Detrick in the US, are BSL-4 bio labs. They deal in the most deadly of microbes. They engage in so-called “gain of function” with these highly toxic microbes. This is a euphemism for “Weaponisation”. The purpose of BSL-4 labs is to create bio-weapons under the guise of medical research. But has anyone ever heard a convincing medical argument for their existence. I certainly haven't.

Do Bats have anything to do with it?

Who knows? Does it matter? NO.

A deadly microbe by any other name is still a deadly microbe. That's what they work on in these labs. But from the results, if anything was released, it wasn't very deadly, after all.

But it is part of the story to get everyone injected and THAT is proving to be deadly.

BSL-4 laboratories should all be shut down yesterday. That the likes of Fauci and Gates are involved with them should be all you need to know just by itself.

Pretext for war?

I believe it is. The link I provided in the previous answer featured material from an hour long 'documentary'. It included a series of interviews with heads and ex-heads of various spook agencies and ex-State Dept guys. No proofs or conclusive evidence was provided.

Clearly, the spooks (Deep State) were shaping the message and not the reporter or her questions (she was lovely to look at though).

It was propaganda aimed at blackening the image of China and painting it as an enemy. It is clear to me that the so-called 'Deep State' (which answers to the bankers) is intent on causing a war between “The West” and China.

The bankers caused WW1 & 11 when Britain was falling behind Germany economically and technologically. They also wanted war on Russia then and now for the same reason.

Bats and “Wet-Markets” (sounds very unsanitary, doesn't it?)

There are equally reports of the first cases of the wu wu cyrus coming out of Fort Detrick (just as happened with the Spanish Flu a hundred years ago.

The best place to hide a diamond is in a bowl of crushed glass. The more stories the better. The more contradictions the better. The purpose is to bog people down in the weeds, arguing over the details, so they don't get a chance to look up at the big picture, the context.

It is just as likely (probably more likely) that the US took the cyrus to wuhan for the military games and released it there to spread it and blame the Chinese.

This fits better the old Judaic practice of the sacrificial goats. There were two goats, not one.

One goat is sacrificed to gain favour, power over neighbours (and their land) and the other goat is sent off into the wilderness carrying the blame. There are plenty examples of this in modern history.

Genocide is the usual outcome.

Thank you

I don't know that I have the stomach for it any more.


No further questions from me, then.

And thanks again.

Re Gotcha

That's thoughtful of you Winter. But that's not how I meant the comment.
It was in response to a passing wave of deep dismay.
I'll be back . . . .

An Overview and a Wind Up

These, lets call them injectable inoculations, are based on the acceptance of Germ Theory being true and the scientific logic that flows from that. “Koch's Postulates” are often cited as the scientific logic, though not held universally.

Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur are the 'fathers' of Germ Theory. As I understand it, Germ Theory holds that diseases are caused by external agents known as germs or microbes. Diseases are transmissible by microbes one to another via aerosols in the air (breathing) or by contact (touching).

If you have the germ/microbe/bacteria (and now Cyrus) in you body, then you ARE sick or you WILL BE sick and you WILL TRANSMIT this disease to others.

In accordance with this understanding, Kock's Postulates state (from the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia)

Koch's postulates are the following:
1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
4. The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

This is basic logic. So far, so good. But Wikipedia goes on to say -

However, Koch later abandoned the universalist requirement of the first postulate altogether when he discovered asymptomatic carriers of cholera[4] and, later, of typhoid fever.[5] Asymptomatic or subclinical infection carriers are now known to be a common feature of many infectious diseases, especially viral diseases such as polio, herpes simplex, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C. As a specific example, all doctors and virologists agree that poliovirus causes paralysis in just a few infected subjects.

Aagh, so the germ cannot be said to always cause the disease in question. There's a break in the logic. Wikipedia goes on to say -

The second postulate may also be suspended for certain microorganisms or entities that cannot (at the present time) be grown in pure culture.[7] Viruses also require host cells to grow and reproduce and therefore cannot be grown in pure cultures.

Which is to say the good ole Cyrus cannot be isolated from all other genetic material. This could be a problem because how do you know what is the Jolly Cyrus and what is something else?

The third postulate specifies "should" not "must" because, as Koch himself proved in regard to both tuberculosis and cholera,[8] not all organisms exposed to an infectious agent will acquire the infection

“Should” not “must” breaks the logic chain, too. It either does or it doesn't. No?
Wikipedia goes on to enlarge on this -

Noninfection may be due to such factors as general health and proper immune functioning; acquired immunity from previous exposure or vaccination; or genetic immunity

There's not much left of The Germ Theory. There's no logic now supporting the 'theory' from Koch's postulates (or anybody else's, for that matter).

Something else is clearly going on. But the Pharmaceutical Industry ignores this and sails on regardless producing inoculations for perfectly healthy people.

Big Pharma clings to the Germ Theory of Pasteur and Koch regardless because it justifies such things as mass inoculations - and lots of money, of course. And not a few injuries and deaths, it has to be said.
To add further problems for Big Pharma, both Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur have been found to have committed fraud in the reporting of their experiment results. Ouch!

At the time of Pasteur, there was a competing theory, the Milieu Theory. This is more popularly known today as the Terrain Theory. The Milieu or Terrain in question is your body and its health and particularly your body's immune system's health.

Microbes are involved, it seems, but your general health, or lack of it, is the determining factor in whether or not you get sick.

Another aspect of the Terrain Theory is that we carry untold number of pathogens constantly and we don't have to 'catch' the disease from someone else (though that is quite possible).

Take for instance the process of decay that sets in when a person dies. The bacteria that carries out the decay is not distributed around the world by some 'death faerie' seeking out dead bodies and flying in to sprinkle them with bacteria. The bacteria is already in the body – in everyone's body, right now!

Our immune system keeps it in check. As it does with many other pathogens within us.

Koch's Postulates: Germ School Dropout
(You might have to enter this link into your browser - it is well worth taking the trouble to do so)'s-postulates-germ-school-dropout:a

Is the genetic material found in cells and claimed to be parts of Verona Cyrus, actually genetic material generated by the cells themselves?
We don't know one way or the other. Pharmaceutical companies claim, implicitly or explicitly, otherwise, though. And without basis.

So it makes much more sense to bolster everyone's immune system and ensure sanitary conditions to prevent epidemics rather than inject that same disease into everyone (along with all sorts of toxic preservatives and reaction catalysts) when they don't need it.

But there's little money in that strategy for certain companies who go on to spook everybody about the germs/microbes that are 'gunna getchya'!

If you look at each of the restrictions and requirements that our franchised governments have implemented, you will notice that every one of them leads to a compromise of our natural immune system. That's not an accident. Accidents are random. There is nothing random about the above pattern. Its consistency demonstrates intentionality to cause harm to us by 'our governments and health authorities'.

To the jabs themselves -

When the pharmaceutical industry hit upon the innoculation idea, they opened up a whole new market. This market was way bigger than the one they had already, the 'sick' market. Now they had the 'healthy market' to sell to. The number of shots has steadily increased to the point that the average child in the US now has 54 jabs. And 54% of children in the US now has a chronic disease condition.
This figure comes from 2011

These children require medication now, too. As do adults.

Genius! Diabolical genius!!

The Pharma industry claims now, in effect and despite all the evidence to the contrary, that they can design a better immune system for healthy people than God can. There's a word for these sorts of claims – blasphemy

So if you want a religious exemption, there it is. At least, according to my reading of the facts.

wow! wow! wow!

Thanks very much for this, James. Tons o' stuff here. It'll take a while to absorb it all. But ...

I'm definitely starting to get the vague idea that perhaps something dodgy might be going on and maybe we might not know all about it yet. It kinda seems almost as if somebody might be trying to hide something, while pointing at something else. And not just one somebody, but multiple somebodies.

I know that if multiple somebodies were involved, that would make it a conspiracy, and that would make my "vague idea" a crazy conspiracy theory!

But that's no problem, because I'm already crazy ... so I'm not having any trouble imagining that my idea might be a glimpse of something that's actually there.

And even though I can't be sure of that, because I can't see it clearly enough, I can see quite clearly that the arguments being advanced to "refute" my idea are BS. And a lot of them are obvious BS.

In the major media, and even in the minor controlled-opposition media, people who don't believe obvious BS are called "gullible". Isn't that rich? We don't believe transparent lies because we're "gullible"!! It's too rich for words!

And I'd rather be rich than gullible, but there's a lot of obvious BS around and I don't believe as much of it as I once did, so that makes me a "gullible crazy conspiracy theorist!"

I know there are some blogs which exclude "gullible crazy conspiracy theorists", and in fact I used to volunteer at one of them. That didn't turn out brilliant, I would say.

But I'm pretty sure this isn't one of those blogs. So I might just hang around for a while, if you'll have me Wink

The Madhouse

"In the major media, and even in the minor controlled-opposition media, people who don't believe obvious BS are called "gullible". Isn't that rich? We don't believe transparent lies because we're "gullible"!! It's too rich for words!

Welcome to the madhouse. sad

"But I'm pretty sure this isn't one of those blogs. So I might just hang around for a while, if you'll have me. Wink"

Welcome to the madhouse smiling

re: The Madhouse

Thanks very much for the welcome. May I present further credentials?

Many years ago, in a comment thread lost to the mists of time, I wrote:

My wife just yelled, "YOUR'E CRAZY"

Some of my regular readers (yes, I once had multiple regular readers) made insightful comments such as

Sorry, Winter. Tell her we knew that a long time ago.

I absorbed all the punishment my friends could dish out without saying another word about it. But now, after all this time, I can reveal the real reason why she said that.

It had nothing to do with my political opinions, or my blogging, or the way I growl at my computer and pound on the keys when things are not going well (as if that could possibly help!) ... No! It was because she heard my trying to play Scott Joplin's The Entertainer on a guitar.

Mad as a bag o' snakes if you want the unvaccinated truth. Could get comfy here! Wink

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