We Need A Nice Little War (with postscript)

We Need A Nice Little War

This article is a follow-on from my previous article entitled “The War Dividend” and can be read in conjunction with it.

The title for this essay comes from a video by Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christophorou of "The Duran". They were discussing Biden's and his handlers' need for “a nice little war” to distract everyone from the train wreck of the Biden Presidency. (youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMKlaOFoiYw see 10:00 to 11:00)

This article looks at the Who, What and Why of “a nice little war” and the likelihood of it occurring and what may follow.

The Hidden Hand of the Bankers

Biden's handlers are the Neo-cons (New Conservatives) who are all, in turn, controlled by the bankers. But the bankers are interested in far more than Biden's surviving the public's disfavour. The bankers are primarily interested in the survival of their own power which is now under threat.

That threat comes from the Russia and China and specifically, their currencies. International trade with Russia and China is increasing as is the use of their currencies to effect payment. Conversely, the use of the $US is shrinking along with its relative worth. Holding $US is a good way to lose value and, therefore, money.

To stop this trend, the Biden White House and the bankers both need to start "a nice little war". A war that is just loud enough to establish in the minds of the public in the West that a state of war exists between the “West” and Russia (and China if they can swing it). Of course, there's no way this nice little war could ever get out of hand. Never mind that. Think of the benefits.

A nice little war will provide the excuse to cut all economic ties with Russia and, therefore, the sale of oil and gas from Russia to the rest of the world and the use of the Rouble for settlement. Russia also sells its oil for Euros and this is a no-no. The bankers want all oil sold for $US to preserve the "reserve status" of the dollar and then they will be able to introduce their One World Currency (OWC) because, they hope, the rest of the world will have to use the bankers' OWC to buy oil.

This will cement the bankers power in place. If the bankers can not manage to pull this off, they face the very real prospect of most of the countries of the world abandoning the use of the $US as settlement for trade as its value spirals down the drain. These countries will turn to the Chinese Yuan and the Russian Rouble for international trade and investment.

Inflation Vs Stable Currencies

It has been said that 40% of all $US in existence have been created in the last year – the first year of the Biden Presidency.

Another way of putting this statistic is that the US Money Supply has increased by 66% in the last few years. Given the unreliability of financial accounting and reporting, this figure is likely double.
That is, 100%

The US GDP (the provision of services and new goods) has not doubled in those years. Far from it. Oil sales denominated in $US has declined during the year. All this means that theoretically the value of the $US has likely halved in that time and getting worse. Indeed, inflation is gaining momentum in the US retail market and flowing on to other countries. It has already caused price movements (inflation) in international financial markets.

In contrast, Russia's and China's currencies are now the most stable currencies in the world and are seen as being well managed. This means that it is safe for companies and countries to hold reserves of both currencies without losing money. The same cannot be said for the $US.

Russia and China are the only two countries that are immune to economic pressure from the US.

- Russia and Iran combined have 60% of the world's gas reserves.
- Russia is the world's largest supplier of oil and Iran has the potential to become second or third.
- Russia and China have massive reserves of gold and can settle debts for gold if that is needed.

This means that countries holding Roubles and/or Yuan can readily convert their holdings to oil or gold. Both are intrinsically valuable, easily stored and traded.
It doesn't get better than that.

- Russia is the undisputed leader in military technology.
- Russia is the undisputed dominant military power in Europe.
- China is the undisputed leading industrial economy in the world.
- China's military is fast becoming the largest in the world.

Reflecting these dominant positions, Russia's and China's currencies will remain the most stable currencies in the world.

The international bankers of London and New York are looking at the imminent demise of their power to shape the world economically, politically and militarily. They don't issue Russian Roubles or Chinese Yuan/Renminbi so they definitely can't control them. The West is falling behind militarily, so the bankers cannot threaten Russia or China to achieve compliance like before.

If you have been puzzled by the stupid and hysterical behaviour of European, US and NATO 'leaders' lately, then understand that you are hearing the channelled hysteria of their owners, the bankers.

The bankers need to isolate Russia and China from the world, their world. And soon. But how?


Ukraine has been looted by the bankers and their dependent oligarchs since independence in 1991 but especially since the 2014 coup. Ukraine is good for nothing now except as a sacrificial offering to the gods of war.

The bankers need to get the Ukrainian Government to provoke Russia to such an extent that Russia will respond militarily against Ukraine. At that point, the bankers will have their minions, the Western franchised governments, declare they are in a state of war with Russia and sever all contact – physical (travel and trade), diplomatic and financial.

No one is going to be stupid enough to militarily attack Russia. That is not the point. The point is to institute a new Cold War to isolate Russia and, hopefully for the bankers, China as well.

The US government has been doing all it can to entice Russia to attack or even invade Ukraine. They have been promising Russia that if there is an armed dispute involving Ukraine, they will not get involved save for some ineffectual financial sanctions. In other words, “you have a 'green light'”.

It is a bit like Br'er Rabbit saying to Br'er Fox, “Don't you throw me into the bramble bush whatever you do” (the 'bramble bush' being Br'er Rabbit's means of escape).

The US is saying, “Don't you attack Ukraine whatever you do. But we won't intervene if you do”!
Why else would the US telegraph (when they don't have to) that they will not intervene? Unless that is what they want Russia to do.

It wouldn't be the first time they have done this. Who can forget US Ambassador April Glaspies's words to Saddam Hussein regarding attacking Kuwait? “But we have no opinion on Arab – Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait”. Of course, it was a trap for Hussein.

Meanwhile the US is insisting on talking and hinting at holding out the 'olive branch' to Russia and then promptly insulting them. They are trying to frustrate and anger the Russian leadership to goad them into doing something rash. Bait and switch. The US verbally attacks Russia hoping to increase the likelihood of Russia militarily attacking Ukraine. Big Bad Russia.

Nord Stream 2

The non-commission of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline (NS2), even though it has been completed, needs to be seen in light of the above scenario. Once the gas is flowing, it will be a harder 'sell' to the European public to shut it down than to never start it up.

There have been credible predictions that the people of Europe will either freeze or pay through the nose for US or Qatari LPG as a result of this apparently stupid behaviour. But there isn't a politician alive that doesn't understand that poor, cold and desperate people are a lot easier to herd and control than a warm and comfortable populace.

To this end, the new German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, is threatening Russia with the indefinite delay in the commissioning of NS2 as if this will hurt Russia and not Germany. Well, not the Germans of the ruling class of which she is now one, albeit a salaried one. (youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8CSSq1aNrw )

Corruption, Madness and Incompetence

Andrei Martyanov (an ex Soviet naval officer) likes to point out at every opportunity how inept and just plain stupid this class of people are. Baerbock is no exception.
She has been trained in Political Science, Journalism and Law. She has spent her working life employed by the political system.

In other words, she has no training or experience or knowledge of anything in manufacturing, technology or business. Nothing practical and nothing involving accountability.

The political system attracts psychopaths because -
Psychopaths want power.
Power comes from money.
Money comes from bankers (they create it out of thin air)

Bankers employ psychopaths because -
For a chance at more power, psychopaths will lie and do and say whatever the bankers want.

The bankers' interests are fundamentally opposed to the rest of the citizenry.
Their function is parasitical. Their wealth comes at our expense.

It is always a mistake to listen to people who lie.

The Pathology of Power

If these politicians and functionaries appear as mad to you as they do to Alexander, Alex and Andrei, then that is because they are mad. But it is a particular kind of madness. Power corrupts. It corrupts the mind.

Power in this context is power over other people. Using this power inevitably leads to you exploiting these people one way or another. It is easy to do and the system provides cover. Then you don't want to acknowledge the exploitation. So you shut your conscience down. Who wants to listen to that?! But your conscience is part of your right brain thinking as is long term thinking and as is inclusive thinking of others. These mental functions get shut down, too.

A major function of the right brain is to inhibit the excesses of the left brain. But the right brain can't do that if you have shut it down. So now you don't have a conscience for yourself: you don't have compassion for others; you don't have long term cause and effect insight and you don't have the awareness to realise your left brain isn't working so well, either. The left brain is the side we use to manipulate things (and people) rather than understand them. Now it is operating without restraint while you think you know it all and see all the important variables. What could go wrong? Pretty much everything! And it does.

There is a saying, “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”.

The above process is how it is done. There are many versions of this saying with the earliest dating back to Sophocles.

Alexander Mercouris has some things to say about this as well. (youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8CSSq1aNrw )

Too Late

Extraordinary incompetence accompanies the corruption and the madness that comes to those who seek power. People are advanced and promoted on their willingness to be corrupt and to support and protect others who are corrupt. Competence soon comes to be seen as a threat by the corrupt. So the competent are dismissed or frozen out of the internal power structure.

"Pride (the original corruption) goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall"

Is it any surprise that events just aren't working out for them? The bankers have left their run too late. And they have realised it too late.

China has been forging political links and economic ties to many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa with its massive infrastructure program, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). These countries will lose out massively if they cut ties with China as the US will want them to. Understandably, these countries will resist doing so.

Russia has been forming economic and military ties with many countries including India (the second most populous country in the world after China) (youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC0boJqjOwE ) through long term co-operative military hardware manufacturing programs. Also, they have supplied the very advanced missile defence system, the S400 (to be followed by the S500 system). This system will defend India very effectively against the US Air Force.

The Fallout

The US Neo-con mouthpieces will continue to huff and puff. They either will or they won't be able to goad Ukraine into sufficiently provoking Russia by attacking their citizens in the Donbass region.

If the Neo-cons can't get Ukraine to act, Russia will continue to wait for Ukraine to implode under the weight of the internal corruption and incompetence of its local politicians and oligarchs and the lunacy of their international masters.

If these Neo-con tools can get Ukraine to provoke a military response from Russia, the challenge for the bankers will be to get European countries and the rest of the world to sever all ties with Russia and China. There will be a lot of threats issued but the US no longer has the economic or military credibility to pull it off. Many countries will see severing ties with Russia and China as a disaster and will not comply.

Plus large sections of many countries' populations are already very angry and are not in a co-operative mood with their politicians over the illegal medical mandates and the destruction of their economies.

If it all goes pear shaped for the bankers, the fall-back position will be a reconstituted but truncated British Commonwealth comprising of the “Five Eyes”; Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It won't be pretty for the citizens of those countries because energy may well be in short supply and the politicians will be paranoid. But the psychopaths will do what they always do; they will overplay their hand provoking widespread passive-aggressive, non co-operation from their citizens.

Eventually, their shrinking empire will fall because - Empires are about Power. Power corrupts. Corruption brings incompetence and incompetence brings failure.

But let us hope instead -
- that the Russians are able to manage the Ukraine problem without giving the bankers the excuse - for a new Cold War that they want
- that "a nice little war" does not turn into an awful big war.
- that the bankers are unable to crash the Western economies and institute their One World Currency
- that the citizenry of the Western World are able to resist the digital totalitarianism of their governments
- that banking and armaments manufacturing and sales become the exclusive province of governments and
- that the criminals are prosecuted and the institutions are reformed with bottom up control.

Postscript -

I do not mean to imply that when the bankers of London and New York lose their dominance of the world, that it will all be good. It will not. You can be sure that those who lose power leave chaos in their wake.

I also do not mean to imply that life will be all sunshine and light when Russia and China assert their dominance upon the world in place of the Western bankers. It will not. Both these nations and their institutions are structured (like those in the West) as if the axiom, "Power Corrupts", were not true. It is true and it is as inevitable as the tomorrow's sunrise.

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a nice little post!

Let's hope it doesn't turn into an awful long series.

It could get awful

It's a jungle out there. There's no guarantee that we wouldn't stumble upon some awful truths.

Perhaps like -
Tyranny is spread by democracy or
Evil is spread by religions or
Death is spread by medications or
All of the above and more!
Who knows?

What a nightmare that would be?. Perhaps the Dreamworld is not so bad after all.
It might be dark but it's comfy. I'm convinced; no more writing for me!

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