VOAT FOR ME ... er ... VOAT FOR US!!

Back in the days ... when I was a kid, some of the older kids -- teenagers hoping to avoid the draft, probably -- wore red, white and blue patches that simply said "VOAT".

I thought it was perfect in a multilayered way.

It appeals to the semi-illiterate segment of the electorate.
It gently mocks the electoral system.
And so on...

Those patches inspired the title of this post.


Some of our favorite blogs have been nominated in the Bloggers Choice Awards which are now open.

You can click here to register, after which you can ...

click here to vote for Chris Floyd's blog, Empire Burlesque

and/or click here to vote for Gandhi's blog, Bush Out

and/or click here to vote for Larisa Alexandrovna's blog, At Largely

and/or click here to vote for WP

and/or nominate your own favorites ...

and/or use the comment thread to tell us about your other favorite blogs...


Apparently it doesn't work

Apparently it doesn't work for me. Didn't get any confirmation email.

Other favorite blogs:
Arthur Silber's Power of Narrative
Louis Proyect's Unrepentant Marxist



Another suggestion, a refreshing read:


McJ's picture

Voats are in


I can hardly believe it has been a year and we never did get any crockpot recipes.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

OpEdnews won ...

The balloting is over (has been for a while, I think) and OpEdNews won with 170 voats... so Congrats to OpEd News!!

Here are some other results of interest:

Chris Floyd got THREE
Bush Out got TWO
At-Largely got TWELVE -- and finished among the top 30!

More congrats, especially to At-Largely, and thanks very much for the show of support.

The other sites mentioned on this thread are well worth reading, and if you haven't checked them out already, please do so:

Arthur Silber's Power of Narrative
Louis Proyect's Unrepentant Marxist
The Grimblebee

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