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Frigged In The Rigging: What's Wrong With American Democracy

There's a new post at my main blog about recent developments on the election integrity front, looking at both the rigging of the 2004 presidential "election" and the rigging-in-progress that's happening for the 2008 version.

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Wrong Again! Twice!

I've made a few mistakes lately and it's time to 'fess up. I was wrong about the Azizabad massacre, and I was wrong about the Wall Street bailout, too. Oops.

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Split Indecision: Canada Surges In Multiple Directions Simultaneously

There's a federal election coming in Canada, and the anti-war "third parties" (New Democrats and Greens) are gaining ground fast on the pro-war "major parties" (Liberals and Conservatives) ...

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Derrick Shareef, Garbage Can Grenadist, To Be Sentenced Tuesday

Derrick Shareef is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday. He faces life in prison.

Shareef was arrested in December of 2006, after trading a pair of car stereo speakers for a package he thought contained four grenades, a handgun and some ammunition.

According to documents released by the FBI at the time, Shareef was planning to attack holiday shoppers at CherryVale Mall in Rockford, Illinois, by detonating grenades in garbage cans there on the Friday before Christmas.

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Is Our "Financial Crisis" A New 9/11? Chumps Think So, And I Do Too

I've seen a remarkable number of mentions of 9/11 in connection with the current so-called "financial crisis". Most of them have come from people who seem to have no knowledge of or interest in what actually happened on 9/11. And yet they all seem to "get" the parallel. How odd. Or maybe not.

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UPDATE: The deal's about to go down, and here's another post on the same theme: "Congratulations! We Just Spent $700B On Toxic Waste"

Alex Jones Interviews Jim Marrs

on "The Rise of the Fourth Reich".

I've posted something about it here.

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