The War Dividend – the who, why and how we have wars.

The War Dividend – the who, why and how we have wars.

Winter Patriot alerted me to an article written by Robert Koehler.

Bob Koehler is a veteran journalist of high standing and high skills. His article powerfully describes the insanity of an attack on innocent women and children in Syria in 2019 by the US Air Force.

He goes on to describe how the US military sets up these atrocities in such a way as to avoid, by and large, responsibility and how these atrocities become inevitable.

I will excerpt the initial paragraphs and following Koehler's opening, I will put this travesty into the larger picture of why we have wars at all. The culprits and the remedies, however difficult these remedies might be, will become obvious, at least if I've done my job well.

You will also learn what happens to you, the reader, as a member of the public that has been manipulated into acquiescing in this forever nightmare of constant war; how your own humanity is compromised by that manipulation. A remedy for that is also proposed.


By Robert C. Koehler

A new defense budget looms. Maybe we’re running out of wars to fight, but no matter. The proposed figure before Congress is bigger than ever: $778 billion.

How fascinating — and how irrelevant — that the vote is scheduled just a few days after the New YorkTimes published its investigation of a U.S. airstrike in Baghuz, Syria two and a half years ago, which the Defense Department had been desperately trying to cover up.
America, America . . . shall we celebrate our country, boys and girls? Here’s a passage from the story: “Civilian observers who came to the area of the strike the next day found piles of dead women and children.”

One of the observers said: “There was a lot of freshly bulldozed earth and the stink of bodies underneath, a lot of bodies.”

The massacre took place on March 18, 2019. The U.S. military was searching for ISIS members, who apparently were “cornered in a dirt field” just outside Baghuz. A military drone circled overhead, but its camera revealed only “a large crowd of women and children huddled against a river bank.”

Nonetheless, to the amazement of the military personnel who were monitoring the drone, they saw a U.S. fighter jet zoom in and pummel the field with a 500-pound bomb. Another jet followed, dropping two 2,000-pound bombs on the women and children. The instant death toll was about 80 people.

Huh? What happened?”

To find out what happened and to access Bob Koehler's links, go to his article here

Koehler goes on to describe how terrorist groups are given the authority to 'call-in' air strikes by the US Air Force. This madness gives US Command diminished responsibility and even plausible deniability when the inevitable atrocities happen.

The US forces can't win in Syria; not directly, at least. That is not why they are there. They are there to support the terrorists in spreading their terror so that the Syrian people will give up fighting and surrender thinking that anything is better than the rain of terror coming down on them. The US forces in Syria are not operating as a military force but rather as a terrorist force.

The ongoing terror is facilitated by the ignorance and indifference of the Western public brought about by the process of dehumanising the 'enemy'; the hapless indigenous population. People become statistics. We accept this in large part and we lose our humanity and become inhuman ourselves.

The wars and terror operations around the globe are made possible by the collapse of the USSR in 1991. There was much celebration; Russia and the other 'Soviet Republics' would be free of Communism and the West would be free of the Cold War, its attendant psychological stress and its massive cost.

Most people were very much looking forward to the “Peace Dividend”; the money that would be freed from the forever building of war capacity that could now be used for infrastructure and tax cuts.

But not everybody was pleased by this prospect. The international bankers reaped a huge dividend by pillaging the Russian economy after its collapse and stripping it of its assets for pennies on the dollar through the 1990's. But, at the same time, they were also looking at the prospect of losing huge profits from the war industries they controlled and the loss of interest on loans to the government to pay for it all.

The bankers, while carrying off the booty of victory, realised it meant the loss of the ongoing booty provided by the Cold War. This loss of the Cold War boondoggle threatened to turn into the “Peace Dividend” for the general public.

The war dividend. Who profits and how?

The two great beneficiaries of war are, and have always been, the armaments industries and the banks that finance the purchase of their deadly production. There is private profit in wars, cold or otherwise. One would think that it would be advisable to remove the private profit incentive for war but the subject is never raised for some reason.

Back to the plight of the bankers and their fellow profiteers, the question became, “What to do about this looming 'Peace Dividend'?” Clearly there was a need for a new enemy to maintain the need for the war industry.

North Korea – Who?

Enter Darth Vader. As soon as the USSR disintegrated, here in Australia, we were graced with the presence of none other than Dick Cheney. He was telling anybody who would listen that the world was in danger of annihilation from North Korea … and soon!

North Korea!
Are you kidding me?
It seemed that most people decided that Dick was indeed kidding them and North Korea faded quickly as the reincarnation of the USSR or of Nazi Germany.

Hopes of the Peace Dividend continued. But not for long.

It seems while we were chuckling about North Korea, the US was luring Saddam Hussein into attacking Kuwait over oil. He duly fell for the green light given him by the US ambassador, April Glaspie, to invade Kuwait. He promptly found himself facing the combined forces of the US military and then being massively attacked by his former ally and supporter.

Sorry, we can't relax, folks. We can't afford to scale back our military, after all. We have this madman threatening our oil supplies.

But why Iraq and why Hussein? Hussein might have been a “son of a bitch but he was our son of a bitch”. But sons of bitches have this annoying habit of getting uppity and wanting to run their own game after a while. And so it was with Saddam Hussein.

He was hurting financially after a long eight year war against Iran on behalf of the US and needed money badly. He wanted tight quotas imposed on his fellow OPEC members to hike up oil prices to pay off his war debt; some of which was owed to Kuwait. He also needed to keep and maintain his leadership role amongst the Arab and Gulf State oil producers. A role the israelis were keen for him to lose. Iraq had developed into a modern state and remained so in spite of its long war with Iran.

So he had to be brought to heel. And he was. At great expense to the American taxpayer, it can be said, and at a handy profit for the usual suspects. The Peace Dividend that those same American taxpayers were looking forward to evaporated overnight.

Deadly sanctions were imposed on the Iraqis and the US Forces retreated from Iraq but left enough personnel and equipment to do daily bombing runs on some poor hapless Iraqis. Vigilance and the death of half a million Iraqi children is the cost of peace and freedom, it seems.

Tired of the sanctions during the 1990's, Saddam started selling Iraq's oil for Euros instead of US dollars. As will be explained shortly, that is a huge no-no. Accordingly, Iraq was attacked again in 2003 because ... , well, because ... , you know, ... wmd!

But this time it was occupied ... after it was determined that Iraq had no WMD's. It was now safe for America to invade.

First order of the day was to resume selling Iraq's oil for US dollars.
Second order of the day was to capture Saddam Hussein and hang that son of a bitch for his sins.
Third order of the day was to start a civil war and organise terrorist groups which could wreak havoc across the Middle East and beyond. Read about Col. Jim Steele
Fourth order of the day was to kick The Global War On Terror (GWOT) into high gear.

Peace Dividend problem solved! Brandy and cigars, anyone?

Central Banks and Oil

To further understand all these wars today and what made Saddam such a son of a bitch, we need to understand the relationship between oil on one hand and the bankers' quest for world control on the other. Control of oil sales denominated in the currency of the banker's choosing and the imposition of the bankers' central banks on every country is crucial to the roll-out of a universal currency to replace every other currency in the world.

Following the wars and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, wars were waged on Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Lebanon. There has been a 'regime change' coup in Ukraine and there has been constant 'sabre rattling' against Iran, North Korea, and now Cuba, China and Russia.

It is a curious thing but ALL of these countries have one thing in common. They do not have a central bank that is owned by the international banking set and/or is controlled by the Bank for International Settlements.

What's more, as far as I can establish, these are the only countries in the world who don't have a central bank that is either owned or controlled by the international bankers.

What are the odds?

Well, the odds of this being random chance are cosmological in order but I'm sure it is all an extraordinary coincidence. Mostly.

If you control a country's central bank, you control all the banks in the country and therefore its economy and therefore its people and its government ... totally. You control whether the people prosper or not; usually not. You control if they eat. You do this by increasing or decreasing the amount of money (the Money Supply) a country has to buy what the people need to live and thrive. This controls the level of production in a country - its industry and employment.

You control this Money Supply by how much money you are willing to lend into the economy. Simple.

But how does it work? How does the bankers' lending policy affect the amount of money people have to spend?

Creating Money

Banks create money by creating credit. When you borrow from a bank, they do not lend you someone else's money. You have never looked at your monthly bank statement and seen an entry line where money has been deducted from your account to lend to Fred Skinflint, for instance. No one has. The bank loan is credit just as your corner store might give you a monthly account and extend you credit.

You owe the store and your account records how much you owe them. You borrow from a bank and the bank extends you credit and your mortgage account, your overdraft or your line of credit records how much you owe them. The difference between the bank and the store is that the bank allows account holders to exchange amounts between their accounts. But it is all just credit. It is not actually money but records of debts and credits. Certainly, no one's money is taken from one customer and lent to another.

It's just new credit. Or, if you like, new money, in effect. And the banks charge you interest for keeping a double entry (debts balanced by credits) bookkeeping service which records this credit. This credit comes out of the same thin air that the corner store's credit comes from. So this credit creation costs next to nothing but the banks get all this interest from it! It's a nice little earner for the bankers. And it's their dirty little secret!

As new 'money' is 'created' by issuing loans, 'money' is 'destroyed' when the loans are repaid. If the bankers are issuing new loans in excess of the amount that existing loans are being repaid, then the Money Supply is expanding leading to good economic times and fuller employment. More money means more things can be bought. More things bought means more things can be made.

If the bankers restrict their lending so that new loans are not keeping up with the repayments of older loans, then the Money Supply shrinks which will lead to recessions and sometimes major depressions and increasing unemployment. Less money means less things bought and made.

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, US banks reduced the Money Supply to one third of its 1928 level. This led to massive unemployment and very cheap assets for the rich to buy. In fact, the rich tripled their wealth over those years.

This raising and lowering of the Money Supply is also how the mysterious “Business Cycle” is created and managed.

If you have followed me on this, you now know more than 90% of economics graduates when it comes to how our economies really work. They don't teach this stuff so that the graduates don't understand how bankers very simply control our economies and us.

Controlling the World

The most powerful of the bankers, the international banking families, the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Rockefellers, amongst others, want to control the world ... all of it. What else is there for them to pursue?

The simplest avenue for complete control is to have a single universal currency for the whole world; one universal currency which no country's government can hope to control. Plus, there is no chance that one country can have an alternative financing system which can be seen to be superior to the international bankers' nasty system (such as Canada and Australia had briefly for a time in the 20th Century).

But how do you, as one of these bankers, convince every country in the world to adopt your universal One World Currency (OWC)? You tie it to something they all need to buy; like oil, for instance. Every country needs to buy or sell oil to survive. If they can only buy it with your OWC, then the world has no option but to adopt your OWC.

Well, not so fast. For this to work, the bankers need to make sure oil is only sold for the OWC. How to do that? Well, you threaten the oil producers with war or an invasion of terrorists if you have to. Just ask Saddam or Gaddafi. Oh, sorry, you can't.

So, to control the world, the bankers need to impose their One World Currency on every country.
And to be able to impose their OWC, the bankers have to control all the world's oil sales.
And to control all the oil sales, the bankers need to control all the oil producing countries.
And to control all the oil producing countries, the bankers need to bomb and terrorise some of them into submission and to threaten the others and establish the bankers' own central bank in their country.

General Wesley Clarke's story about invading seven countries in five years makes more sense now because we have a “Why?” for it.

It is all quite simple. Yes? Well, not quite. There are still three problems. The bankers have two of the problems and we, the people, have the third.

Problem 1: Russia

The first problem is the fact that countries such as Russia and Iran do not like the idea of allowing the international bankers to control their oil and gas sales and, in turn, their economies, their politics, their religions and their cultures.

Starting in 2000, Vladimir Putin took back ownership of the oil resources that the bankers stole during the years of chaos for Russia in the 1990's. Up till then, the Russian government was actually paying the Western oil companies, such as Shell, to extract and take their oil! Russia had negative revenue for its oil!

When the Russian/Jewish oligarch and apparent owner of Yukos oil, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was arrested by Russian authorities for fraud, he forfeited his shares in Yukos Oil, the largest oil producer in Russia at the time.

But an odd thing happened. Over in London, Lord Jacob Rothschild put his hand up and said, “Actually, chaps, Khodorkovsky's shares in Yukos are my shares. I paid for them. Mikhail was keeping them safe for me. We didn't tell anyone about this arrangement because … well, because … you know”. I don't think any one could have predicted that.

It seems that Lord Rothschild got caught by his own subterfuge. Got any evidence or documentation of that little arrangement, Jacob? I thought not! I'm trying to feel sorry for him. Really.

“The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” (Rabbie Burns)

Putin and Russia went on to secure their oil reserves as a national asset and ordinary Russians can now afford to heat their homes. Russia has invested heavily in oil exploitation and marketing and is now the world's leading exporter of oil.
Russia is happy to sell its oil for a number of currencies including Euros and Chinese RMB's.

So now you know why the Western politicians and Western media (particularly the London media), on behalf of their owners, the bankers, hate Russia and Vladimir Putin with such venom.

Problem 2: China

The second problem is China. China is now showing all the signs of welching on its deal with the bankers to allow them to control the financing of the Chinese economy and to join in with the OWC. China has been able to expand its economy for decades now at the rate of 10% or so per annum. It has done this by providing its own finance (as every country should) and thus avoiding the bankers skimming 5% or more off the top of their GDP every year for something the Chinese, through their government owned central bank, can provide for themselves for nothing. Accordingly, they also haven't been kept chronically short of funds for infrastructure projects as most countries have been.

The bankers have enabled the transfer of manufacturing technology and facilities to China (at the expense of the American workers). They also paved the way for China's access to world markets in the expectation of the Chinese government 'joining' with them in their OWC. But the Chinese wisely don't want to do that now.

The international bankers, who show every sign of being psychopaths, have no excuse for ignoring the first two rules of dealing with psychopaths -

Rule 1 – Don't deal with psychopaths,
Rule 2 – If you absolutely have to deal with psychopaths, make sure you receive your side of the bargain first before reciprocating.

It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of bastards.

Perhaps the Chinese government remembered their history with the Rothschild and the Sassoon banking families which stretches back to the days of the Opium Wars and beyond.

Anyway, now you know why the Western politicians, on behalf of their owners, the bankers, also hate China with such venom.

Problem 3: Our Own Inhumanity

The third problem is to do with the populations of the Western countries, not the least of which is the United States. How do you get the people to put up with supplying soldiers and taxes to wage these wars against these relatively small countries who are no threat to anybody, never mind the United States with its massive war machine which can annihilate the world's population ten times over?

Here we return to Bob Koehler's moving article:

“When people are dehumanized as “the enemy,” killing them, especially if powerful weapons are under your control, becomes nothing more than an abstraction. This is the nature of war! Even those who aren’t actually involved in the conflict — you know, civilians — quickly and easily become collateral damage: They were in the way. We’re waging a war against evil. Killing gets easier and easier and easier, and hell remains ensconced on Planet Earth . . . thanks in large part to us, the most powerful nation on Earth, the most financially committed to a future of endless war.”

You dehumanise the victims in these little countries who were unfortunate enough to have oil under their feet and no central banks controlled by international bankers. And you dehumanise your own populations in the process through doing that, starting with the US.

You can only dehumanise somebody else by dehumanising yourself.

It is a simple process. The Psychopaths In Charge (PIC's) use fear and repetition to drive the populace into survival thinking which concentrates on the immediate in time and space; the 'here and now'.

The overview is lost. Compassion is lost. Conscience is lost. Common sense is lost. And, certainly, critical thinking about long term consequences is lost.

Who can forget Tony Blair and his constant fearmongering about Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction that were threatening European capitals? Death was coming any day now!

Tony Blair was wrong, of course. Having been convicted of war crimes against humanity, he is currently being securely held in a glass case in Belmarsh Prison and is on display for the public on weekdays. Admission is free.

Just kidding!

The Law, the media, the churches, all the institutions and professions have all been captured by the PIC's. Criminals in high places have nothing to fear. Yet.

Fear and Anger

Fear and anger shut down the right hemisphere thinking which governs all the above attributes from simple kindness to clear thinking about consequences. These attributes enable our humanity. Without them, we lose our humanity. Fear and anger can turn us into someone we do not want to look at in the mirror in the morning.

A large proportion of activity in both sides of the brain is concerned with inhibiting the opposite hemisphere. This gives us control of our thinking just as a thumb and forefinger oppose each other and allows us to 'grasp' things and give us manual control and dexterity.

When the right hemisphere shuts down, we not only lose the perspective of our right hemispheric thinking, we lose the ability to inhibit the excesses of left brain thinking. We lose the ability to 'grasp' certain concepts like 'humanity' and 'justice'. People become numbers and, worse, we lose the ability to reflect on our dysfunction.

Psychopaths have dysfunctional right hemispheric thinking. We become like them when we fall victim to fear and anger and shut down our right brain functioning in response.

We need courage to combat the fear and anger that is generated within us by the PIC's. We need courage to speak the truth. We need courage to stop and think about what is right and what is wrong. We need courage to 'stand the gap' against the weight of political and peer pressure.

Right From Wrong – a question of morals

But how do we tell right from wrong amidst all the media noise generated by the PIC's? Our church leaders aren't much help here when it comes to decisions about war. The answer is surprisingly simple. A little biblical background first, though, if you will allow me.

In Genesis, God created the cosmos, the world, animals and humans in six days. After each day's creating, God looked at his handiwork and pronounced it, “Good”! God called creation and life “Good”.

Regardless of your thoughts on Genesis, you can do likewise. Yes, we can say with confidence that anything that advances life and creativity is Good. It is obvious, no?

Jesus in the Gospels describes Satan as a murderer and a thief from the beginning. Satan is evil personified. Killing and theft are evil. That should also be obvious.

All crimes against people are a theft of one sort or another. Destruction of one's home, livelihood or health and even life itself is theft and anti-life. So anything that advances death, as in destruction and theft, can be said to be evil.

Wars – who's who?

All wars are destructive and therefore evil. All wars involve two parties, an aggressor and a defender. Defenders are defending and preserving their lives and livelihood. So we can say the defenders are therefore Good. Aggressors are intent on killing others and stealing their resources (that's why they're there) and so can be called Evil.

But how do you tell which side is which? There is a clue in the last sentence. Ask the question, “On whose soil is the war being fought?” The defender is necessarily on his own soil defending it. That is the nature of defence.

The aggressor is by definition on someone else's soil. To attack someone, you have to advance on them. To steal resources, you have to go to where they are.

The aggressor is the foreigner and always has the option to stop fighting and leave and thus preserve life. The defender does not have that option to stop and leave and must therefore fight to preserve his life and the lives of his family and neighbours. It is very personal, as you can imagine.

Truth – what is truth?

I mentioned we need courage to tell the truth. But where to find it, both the courage and the truth?

We start with ourselves. Become scrupulous with telling the truth to yourself. Don't fudge things in your thinking. Be blunt with yourself. Don't let the embellishments and the minimisations slide past you when contemplating your situations. No more bullshit excuses to yourself. Ok?

The payoff is when you are listening to others talk to you, you hear all their embellishments and minimisations straight away because you are practised at pulling yourself up over them and you know exactly what they sound like. And you know lying doesn't feel good.

So you hear them the moment others utter them: the telling hesitancies; the drop in tone; the shifting feet. Sometimes it is the excess in animation: the waving arms; the speaking too loud, too quickly; the fast-talking bastard!

Telling the truth to yourself gives you a certain inner strength. Now it is easier to tell others the unvarnished truth and you can demand it from them in return. Avoid those people who will not respond in kind. You don't need them.

Another word for truth is reality. Another word for lies is unreality. If you deal in lies, you are dealing in unreality which is dealing in delusion. Delusion leads to insanity. Truth telling leads to increasing sanity and increasingly robust mental health.

People who tell lies are dangerous to have around you especially if they are public figures. Repeatedly telling lies and breaking commitments are reliable signs of psychopathy or similar Cluster B personality disorders.

Another sign of psychopathy (and we might say insanity) is advocating for destruction and death i.e. pushing for war.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line to all this?

To cease engaging in evil and war crimes, all US forces must return to US soil immediately. That is not going to happen any day soon, though.

Nor is the government about to nationalise the Federal Reserve and the armaments manufacturers to remove the profit driver for wars. But now you know these things have to happen to stop the wars.

So, if I have done a reasonable job with this essay ....

You now know, unequivocally (if you didn't know before), that all these foreign wars are evil.

You know your government is engaging in evil. Don't support it, wherever you can. Get creative!

You know why these wars are happening and who is benefiting from them.

You know who is starting these wars.

You know why they are starting them.

You know how they start them and continue them.

You also have a litmus test for telling Good from Evil and you know how to stop sliding towards being psychopathic yourself.

You know how to live a better life and how to promote humanity.

A Concluding Thought

The Psychopaths In Charge (PIC's) are a very unlovely lot, really. They are capable of the most heinous of acts imaginable with no discernible end to their evil in sight. They are incapable of doing good except to set up a greater harm. They are driven to destroy, each in their own particular way.

But consider this – how capable are they of carrying out their 'grand plan' for humanity with only half a brain working and that half is out of control?

History is replete with cock-ups regarding their own plans. Plus, they insist on going directly against Natural Law which is to run up against a force far greater than they: God. God 'wrote' Natural Law, the 'design rules'.
And God is definitely not on their side.

So, with those thoughts in mind, fair reader, go forth and promote life, creativity and the truth. Call out lies and evil wherever and whenever you hear them or see them. You will feel better in the end.

It will improve your life and the lives of those who remain around you. It may even stop wars one day!

And may God bless you and Bob Koehler!

Further reading

Col. James Steele – Civil Wars R US
One World Currency
Some Points on Psychopathy
Psychopaths and Power
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this is the WORST!

Yo james!

I think this is the WORST thing you have ever written! Seriously.

Or at very least, it's the WORST thing you have ever written that I have ever read. By far, no question.

By which I mean it's brilliant! I hate it!!

And I can't wait to share it with both of my friends because I think they're gonna hate it too!

Congrats, man! You've really undercut yourself this time! Fokken awful! You rock!

Lost for words

What can I say? Well, nothing really because I'm lost for words. That's logical, init?

But ... if I could say something, I'd say something like this something, "Something makes me feel deep inside ... well, something, you know."

But it's something I've never felt before because I've never had something like this said to me before. I've never had a comment something quite like this before. Ain't that something? I think it is.

I really think this is something ... something else.

I'm gunna cut this out and stick in on my wall, or something, because ... well ... you know.

Siriusly, this is one fokken comment ... and not two.

Cheers, Winter, and thank you from the bottom, the very bottom, of my heart smiling

seriously ...

you're mostly welcome!

don't cut it out!!

Don't cut it at all! That would be a big mistake!
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The thing to do is ...

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My brother had his first child's first poop bronzed. Is that the sort of thing you had in mind?

He used to keep it on the mantelpiece. Have I ever talked to you about my family?

in my family it was baby shoes

no disrespect intended! Wink

the more I think about it ...

... the more I think you might be right for once. Wink I mean

I reckon I HAVE BEEN manipulated into acquiescing in this forever nightmare of constant war.

And I think my humanity HAS BEEN compromised by that manipulation.

But what can I do about it?

It reminds me of Mitch Hedberg's dilemma: "I'm against picketing but I don't know how to show it."

I was thinking about starting a blog or something and maybe trying to spread some vile nonsense about our great leaders but then I found how how much work it would take and I decided not to do that. Sorry. I guess you're on your own with all this anti-war stuff. Wink Oh well. It's anti-American anyway so I could never get involved in it.


I agree. You have been manipulated and compromised into becoming apathetic about it all. But not me.

I would write about it except where is the profit in that?

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but to lose his cheque book, eh?" (The Oxford Concise Book of Business Ethics)

Bill Nelson nailed that one ...

... in a Be Bop Deluxe song called "Blazing Apostles".

The key line runs

"posters make a profit if you've got a soul to sell"

I will do a Cold Tunes post about it and link to it here ... sometime in the next 10 or 15 years! Wink

or if you're impatient you can listen to it right now

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