GAZA - What Can Be Done

GAZA – What Can Be Done

The following essay is an argument for Russia entering the conflict in Palestine and ending the genocide against the Palestinian people that is taking place there now. Some will inevitably say that it is nothing to do with Russia and it would be wise to stay out of it. At a superficial level, that is true. But at a deeper level, it has everything to do with Russia because Russia's enemy, the Globalist bankers through its proxies, USA and Israel, wants to destroy Russia, enslave its people and steal its wealth. This is existential for Russia. The genocide in Palestine is an extension of what is going on in Ukraine by the same enemy.

The war on the Palestinians is the opening act of a multi-act campaign that its intended end is the demise of Russia and then China. Act Two will be a combined US and Israel bombardment of Syria. Russia has at least two military bases in Syria and is engaged with the Syrian government in its fight against ISIS et al who are all proxies for the bankers/US/Israel/Turkey. Then perhaps Iraq again before Lebanon/Hezbollah. Hezbollah's supply chain goes through Syria and Iraq from Iran so our friendly psychopaths will want to cut that supply line first before attacking Hezbollah in earnest, unlike what they did in 2006. In fact, the current campaign can be seen as a re-run of the neutered 2006 campaign - Lebanon then Syria then Iran then Russia.

At this point, Russia will wish it intervened earlier saving the lives of Gazans and themselves from a bad situation.

Russia (and China) are bringing peace between long time adversaries in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iran are also big oil producers and new members of BRICS. This will bring prosperity to all parties including Russia. The bankers are directly trying to undo all this work by fomenting war and creating chaos for everyone. They are desperate. The question that needs to be asked is, “Where are they going to stop?”

Russia has a golden opportunity to step into this growing catastrophy and diffuse it. It will undo the power of the US and the bankers as a result. This will benefit the Russian people in a big way by eliminating a dangerous enemy of theirs (and the world's).

Following are a couple of scenarios involving Russian intervention that no one has talked about in regard to ending the genocide unfolding in Gaza currently. There is also some background on the players involved and why these two scenarios, I believe, have a high chance of succeeding in ending the genocide. Certainly better than anything else proffered – which isn't anything concrete; just talk. The suggestions for action are much better than doing nothing. The killing needs to stop now.

Also included is some basic information on banking and psychopathy. These two subjects are foundational to understanding all the evil unfolding in the world.

So, to our plans for action. The first scenario involves Russia acting unilaterally and the second involves Russia negotiating prior to acting with other countries; Lebanon/Hezbollah and Qatar together with Hamas in Gaza. The second one is preferable as it will better lead to a long term solution though, I believe, the first will work regardless.

No negotiations with Israel or the US are necessary. Russia will, in both scenarios, simply act and give the US and Israel a choice as to how they will react. At the end, Palestine will have a state without Hamas. And in time, without the Palestinian Authority. (One wonders what the Palestinian people ever did to deserve Israel, Abbas/Palestinian Authority AND Hamas!)

Scenario One - (more after the jump)

Russia informs Israel and Hamas that it is sending a hospital ship with medivac and escort helicopters and the necessary military personnel to Gaza. It then launches this operation without negotiation. There will be a naval escort complete with hypersonic missiles and S400 aerial defence systems. More fighter jets will be sent to Syria.

Russia informs Israel that it expects the fighting to cease to protect its military personnel. If the fighting continues, Russia will react militarily to persuade the fighting party or parties to cease and desist. Russia can escalate till Israel backs off. Russia then sends equipment and personnel to help with the excavations to find people.

The US will not attack Russia. Though it would dearly like to, it dare not. If the US was game to attack Russia, it would have already done so in Ukraine because it is losing badly there. It would have been very easy to arrange. The US could have sent troops openly into Ukraine to join the fighting . But it didn't. It didn't because it has seen the effects of the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, the effectiveness of the Russian S400 air defence system and the failure of its own Patriot air defence system.

When evaluating psychopaths and what they will do or not do, it is essential to study what they have done and not done and pay no attention whatever to what they say (unless to assume they will do the opposite).

The US naval force in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea is there to intimidate Hezbollah and Lebanon on behalf of Israel and to a little later to bombard Syria. There is the direct threat to Hezbollah facilities and troops and the indirect threat to Hezbollah of destroying Lebanese civilian infrastructure as Israel has done in the past. The Eisenhower aircraft carrier in the Sea of Oman is there to likewise threaten Iran.

But it cannot intimidate Russia for the same reasons it doesn't openly enter Ukraine. Indeed, its armada of naval ships is extraordinarily vulnerable to Russian missiles for which the US has no defence. Should the US be so stupid as to launch any aircraft from their aircraft carrier and attack Russian equipment or personnel, a Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile through the deck of the carrier promptly after the briefest of warnings (or preferably, no warning). This will end that problem. The US Navy has no ability to intercept a Kinzhal missile. By limiting their immediate response to one ship, Russia says it is serious about protecting its personnel but does not want to escalate.

Israel may try to attack Russian personnel in Gaza and claim it was an 'oopsie' as they have in the past with Russian aviation. Putin needs to stay out of talking to Netanyahu and leave the response to the military. The military response will ensure compliance. I would suggest immediately bombing all airport runways in Israel so no further flights can be undertaken.

Russia arranges for Hezbollah to refrain from attacking northern Israel so long as the IDF stand down and conveys this agreement to the Israeli government. Israel is now no longer under threat from Hezbollah or Hamas and it is guaranteed by Russia.

Russia establishes itself in Gaza and starts rebuilding essential infrastructure. It offers the Hamas leadership safe passage to Russia where they can live in peace provided they stay out of domestic, Palestinian and international politics. Otherwise, Russia will be looking to arrest them. Putin offered the same deal to the Jewish oligarchs in Russia immediately after coming to power in 2000 and it worked. One oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, decided to test Putin and ended up in jail. So the Hamas leadership will know this is a serious offer (and threat) and that the deal will be honoured by Russia.

The Hamas leadership will be forced to accept because they will no longer get much in the way of support from the Palestinian population at large because the Russians have removed the threat of violence from Israel, they are directly helping the Palestinians at risk to themselves and the Russians have massive credibility. So the Hamas leadership will have little local support nor have a job to do now and will have to go. The Russians have provided what Hamas cannot.

Russia will lean on Qatar, who provide the money to fund Hamas, to cease doing so and to encourage the Hamas military leadership to accept Russia's offer. Russia will encourage Qatar to make the same offer to the Hamas political leadership resident in Qatar to move to Russia as well. They can keep their wealth and take it to Russia if they agree. Otherwise the wealth that Hamas has in Qatar will be confiscated by the Qatari government and the Hamas leadership will be evicted anyway.

Russia can offer a lot of trade benefits to Qatar including entre into BRICS and also help with the sale of its massive gas reserves to the East and Global South. Russia can offer Qatar what is effectively a cartel with Iran on world gas sales. Qatar, like all Gulf countries, knows that the US and its military system are in rapid decline. BRICS is the future. There is no future with the US.

But, the Russians have to 'step up to the plate' otherwise the US will intimidate The Saudis and UAE back into the US camp.

With the removal of Hamas, Israel has zero justification to continue attacking the Palestinians. It has to 'play ball' with the Russians now. And what the Russians want is a ceasefire and a Palestinian State. With the threat of US military intervention removed, Israel is rather powerless. What can they do? Detonate a nuclear bomb at their own back door? Hardly. And if they do, they will then need to deal with Russia who is no longer messing about.

Scenario Two -

This is much the same as Scenario One but with negotiations with Qatar and Hamas taking place prior to the Russian hospital ship and escort arriving in Gaza rather than presenting the solution as a fait accompli upon arrival.

In this case, Russia first approaches Qatar with the deal of evicting the Hamas political leadership from their opulent housing in Qatar and encouraging them to prevail on the Hamas military leadership in Gaza to join them in Russia. If Hamas political leadership agrees to all this, the Qatari government will reciprocate by not confiscating the political leadership's wealth in Qatar (which Matthew Ehret says amounts to billions!). Qatar will have Russia's support into BRICS together with (gas) trade and technical industrial and military transfers.

Russia then tells Israel that it has removed Hamas from Gaza and has thus removed Israel's justification for their genocide of the Palestinians. They also tell Israel they can expect the hospital ship and escort soon.

If Russia starts with Scenario Two but negotiations fail, it can then proceed to Scenario One without agreement from anyone. It will still be successful per my reasoning above.

Russia has by this operation, stopped the planned destruction of many Middle East countries dead in its tracks and saved the remaining Palestinian population.

The Players and their background -


No one is as they are perceived to be. They are all liars. But you knew that.

Globalist Bankers (gold and oil)

At the top of the power tree is the group that goes largely unmentioned, the bankers. The bankers in question are the banking families that have controlled the central banks of the world for generations. They used to be called Merchant Bankers, then International Bankers and more recently, Globalist Bankers. They own most of the central banks of the world and control most of the national economies; most but not all.

General Wesley Clark said that after 911, the US was going to invade and control seven countries in five years starting with Iraq. This would be followed by Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally Iran. A point rarely mentioned is that all these countries did not have central banks controlled by the bankers. Given that the only other countries that I know of that do not have Globalist banker controlled central banks are Russia, China and Cuba. So this is not a coincidence. So these wars and the pressure for wars are generated by the bankers to impose their central banks on these countries which will grant them total control of all countries and all currencies.

These bankers have been perpetrating a massive fraud on the populations of the countries where they do business. These banks issue the currency that is used for all trade and business. In the past, they used to justify this by saying that they held gold to the value of the currency they issued (when they admitted it) and that this currency could be exchanged for gold at any time.

This was true in part in that only part of the currency could be ever be exchanged for gold. The bankers never held gold to the total of the value of the credit and currency notes they printed and issued. Maybe 10% at best. The bankers relied on the public believing the notion that the banks held gold to the value of 100% of the credit and currency issued and therefore the public felt it did not need to exchange their currency for gold. The currency was 'as good as gold'.

The trouble is that bankers get greedy and start issuing more and more credit compared to their gold stocks and eventually people start to get suspicious and start redeeming their money for gold and the banks collapse. A lot of people lost a lot of money in this process. Then there were calls for central banks to be established to prevent this in the future. But this does not prevent fraud and the looting of the economy. A bunch of small greedy bankers gets exchanged for a few large greedy bankers who now set about controlling and directing the economy and the political process through their central bank. Central banks act as cartels for the bankers. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

So if only 10% or less is backed by gold. What backs the rest of the currency in circulation? It's the production of all the wealth of the population; all the things that people make that are exchanged for the money. Whatever you buy with this money is what gives it its value. The population as a whole give the money its value so they should be issuing this money through the agency of their government. This is what Russia and China do. This is how China in a few decades has gone from famine and poverty to the world's leading economy. It doesn't pay the bankers interest to have money. It has instead at its disposal capital to advance its economy and to invest in infrastructure; something our Western bankers restrict heavily.

This is how Russia has raised itself from the poverty and destitution that the bankers imposed on them. They did this in a little over twenty years under Putin.

Western bankers are a curse to all countries that have them. They steal the countries' wealth and restrict their productivity.

The bankers are fearful Russia and China will put an end to this massive fraud. Russia and China are actively encouraging the Middle East oil producers to sell their oil for anything other than US dollars. This is rapidly eroding the value of US dollars and therefore eroding the bankers' power. No more banker power equals no more wars. This is why the US Neocons (employed by the bankers) hate Russia with a demonic intensity.


During the Vietnam war, the US bankers were issuing money hand over fist without extra gold backing it. People became suspicious and wanted gold for their deposits. The French Government sent a warship to New York harbour to collect its gold which the bankers had been prevaricating about handing over. Then President Nixon had to declare that the US dollar was no longer exchangeable for gold. There was not enough gold. This was a crisis. The US economy and the US banks were about to collapse.

Then Henry Kissinger (who worked for the Rockefeller bankers) made the Saudis and other Arab leaders an offer they couldn't refuse. They could increase the price of oil 400% without being invaded so long as they only sold their oil for US dollars. The US dollar was now backed by (someone else's) oil instead of gold because you could always buy oil (which everybody needs) for dollars. And you could only buy oil with US dollars. Value and demand for US dollars were created with one move. No gold needed. Problem solved.

It was solved until Iraq and Iran started selling their oil for Euros (and now anything else). Over the years this problem has only gotten worse. The US banks have been issuing credit (money) like there's no tomorrow while the backing for it (oil sales) that has been giving it value has been dwindling. There are other related problems but this is enough to get the distressing picture that the bankers are looking at.

The US banks desperately need to control the world's oils sales but recently Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have joined BRICS and are selling oil for Chinese Yuan. This is now a power ending problem!

What is the answer? War, as it always has been. The bankers need to set the Middle East on fire. They will do it via Israel and the US. Israel will provoke the Arab nations to attack them (or provide their own false flag op) and the US will militarily bludgeon the Arab countries into accepting what the US and the bankers want – no BRICS for them and sales in oil returned to US dollars

Lots of pundits argue over who controls whom. Does the US control Israel or does Israel control the US? The answer is neither. Both countries are controlled by our favourite Globalist Bankers. Israel and the US both do what they are told by the bankers.


The Israeli government encouraged Israeli settlers to invade and desecrate the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem prior to Oct 7th to enrage the Moslem population throughout the region and especially the Palestinians.

This gave Hamas a lot of support for what they subsequently did.

Israel then gave the green light to Hamas to invade Israel from Gaza (more on this and Hamas further down).

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) did not raise the alarm on the Gaza fence when it was breached by Hamas.

The IDF were stood down for several hours and did not respond to the Hamas attacks and the seizing of hostages.

When Israel did respond, they killed not only the Hamas fighters but the Israeli hostages as well.

The IDF bombed their own troops and they killed the fleeing Nova rave participants from helicopters.

The Israeli government blamed all these deaths on Hamas.

The above details have all been admitted to in the Israeli media. The Israeli government killed its own citizens and deliberately created this catastrophe.

To repeat, Israel deliberately killed its own citizens.

To establish if there has been state involvement in terrorism, ask the question, “What should have happened by the government and government agencies and didn't. If there are a sting of responses the should have happened but didn't, then you have evidence of state involvement (and probably sponsorship) in terrorism.

So this was clearly an Israeli government false flag and LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) operation to enrage the Israeli and world populations to justify the unfolding genocide on the Palestinian population under the guise of attacking Hamas.

What do the Israelis get out of this? They don't issue US dollars, after all. They get the gas deposits offshore of Gaza, a canal going through Gaza ( and more territory for which they have an insatiable desire. Do an internet search for “Eretz Yisrael”. This is why Israeli government will not officially establish and publish its borders.

Israel has a wonderful plan of digging a canal to join the sea at Eilat across Israel to enter the Mediterranean Sea at Gaza. Netanyahu showed the world's press a map of Israel recently. The map showed the canal but no Gaza. A portent of things to come, it seems.

Oh, and Netanyahu avoids jail for himself and his wife for corruption for a while longer.

The British

Always the British, eh? Perfidious Albion.

Well, the British government and establishment do the bidding of the bankers and has done for a very long time. They are all still mad at the Iranians for nationalizing their oil. “Their” in this case meaning the British establishment which includes bankers, of course! More particularly, “their” oil was owned by British Petroleum (BP). They want it back.

The British government connived with the banker Lord Lionel Rothschild via the Balfour Declaration to create Israel in the first place. The purpose was to create divisions and wars to control the Arab countries so they could not combine and become a power themselves leveraging their oil wealth. The Arabs all speak the same language.

The resulting smallish individual Arab countries became much more pliable, controllable and relatively poor. Britain controls the territory and the oil wealth. When you are on top, job number one becomes stopping anyone else rising to power. The British dismembered the Ottoman Empire and they were not about to see it rise from the ashes again.

The British government through MI6 created the Moslem brotherhood to sow discord and division throughout the Arab world a hundred years ago. There is a publication called “Gang, Counter Gang” by (British) General Frank Kitson available on the internet which details this process as it unfolded in Kenya in the 1950's. It is the model for all other conflicts around the world since. It is basically state sponsored terrorism together with the old imperium, “Divide and Rule”.

To help Israel control the Palestinian population (on their way to genocide), the British controlled Moslem Brotherhood set up Hamas in Gaza in the eighties. This would be a counter (gang) to Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO). Divide and Rule. Funding would come through Qatar.


Qatar is a fellow Sunni Moslem country. Qatar is controlled by the British. The Qatar government and state owes its existence to the border drawn up largely by the British government a hundred years ago.
When the Qatar government set up Al Jazeera news agency, the BBC in Britain retrenched a lot of its staff who were then offered jobs at Al Jazeera. This was very fortunate and not a coincidence. This was how Al Jazeera was able to hit the ground running and become a dominant force in the information space in the Middle East so quickly.

Many Arab governments complained to the Qatari government about the critical coverage that Al Jazeera was giving them. This, of course, was the purpose of Al Jazeera; to pressure these governments to stay in line with what MI6 and the British government and their bankers wanted. It was also to control the thinking of the Arab populations. Something the British government had long ago achieved in Britain through the auspices of the BBC.

So the Qatari government became the conduit of choice for MI6 to fund Hamas. Qatar also plays host to the political leadership of Hamas.


Hamas does what it is paid to do. Which means disputing with other Palestinian organisations and lobbing sky rockets over the border fence of Gaza into Israel. This futile behaviour allows the Israeli Air Force to retaliate and destroy Palestinian infrastructure with its missiles in an effort to kill Palestinians and drive survivors out of Gaza and Israel. This is called ethnic cleansing and genocide. Meanwhile, the Hamas leaders are safely below ground. Some 60 meters deep, I believe.

The Hamas organisation betrays the Palestinian population constantly in assisting this process of deceit and death.

Hamas has also fought against the Syrian people and government alongside ISIS and other head-choppers who are also funded by the British government and Qatar. What has Syria to do with Hamas? Hamas has no interest in the battle in Syria unless it is for money. It is not like there is nothing for them to do in Gaza. Perhaps digging bomb shelters for the resident population? Or underground medical clinics? It seems not.


All the above players are organisations that are dominated by psychopaths. Power corrupts and the corrupt seek power. The psychopaths represent roughly 5% of the general population and are attracted to power. Power is what they live for. They recognise and promote each other and then take over an institution or organisation or government or religion. Anywhere there is power over unsuspecting people. Given enough time, every structure and institution will be taken over and run by psychopaths.

Psychopaths think and act in a certain way. This way is nothing like the rest of humanity thinks and behaves. Psychologically, they may as well be another species. Their right hemispherical thinking (long term overview and empathy and much else) is deficient. They do not understand the value of truth; only what is convenient in the moment. Negotiating with them is fruitless. I have not found one agreement or treaty that the British or American governments have made and kept over centuries. They broke them all. You cannot deal with psychopaths effectively unless you understand this fundamental difference. While dealing with they, they are only thinking, "What do I need to promise to get what I want?" After they get what they want, they break their promise. Easy!

Vladimir Putin has done many admirable things for Russia. However, from his decisions, it has become obvious that he does not understand how to deal with psychopaths and has therefore made some costly mistakes for Russia. Mistakes that have also contributed to the present situation in Ukraine (which he has admitted to) and with the genocide ongoing in Gaza by failing to deal with Israel adequately in the past.

Apart from the well known attributes of having no conscience and no ability to empathise with others, plus the problems noted above, psychopaths have trouble reasoning. They don't do logic well. This leads to an inability to calculate the future consequences of their actions. They also suffer massively from entitlement and hubris which feeds into this problem as well. As a result, many of their plans unravel but not before causing a lot of harm and loss for everyone else.

They also end up exposing themselves through greed and a compulsion to lie constantly. But, again, not before causing a lot of harm. It is far better to identify these psychopaths early on and know how to deal with them effectively before things get too bad. Their biggest tell-tale is lying.

In international relations, they often steal and destroy but do it incrementally. They push until they are warned off. They back off but only for a while before they start pushing again. This process of warning them by the victim is the root of a lot of problems.

Why wouldn't the psychopaths incrementally impose on others? They will push until they are warned not to. They stop and the victim feels they have gained a victory. But they haven't. They've lost. The psychopaths have gained through their incremental imposition without cost. A physical cost to the psychopaths has to be built in. The target may warn the psychopath once (though I wouldn't recommend it) and then is far better off by just acting the next time and thereafter.
This way, the psychopath does not know if he/she will suffer a cost next time they push their luck. They are far more hesitant to act now.

They don't learn well from reasoning and lie constantly so negotiation is useless as stated before. But they do learn well from association (as we all do). You learn not to touch a hot stove pretty quickly. Note that the consequential pain follows almost instantaneously. This lack of time delay links action and pain together in the mind.

The same has to apply when dealing with psychopaths. When they act to harm you, you have to react causing pain or loss very quickly. When Turkey shot down a Russian jet a few years ago that was no threat to Turkey, Russia should have put a missile into the runway of the airport from which the Turkish aircraft took off and landed on. Perhaps the missile could have been aimed at an aircraft hanger. But a fast reaction is what was needed.

Same goes for Israel and its shenanigans regarding hiding its attack aircraft from Syrian air defence behind civilian planes and even a Russian military surveillance and communications plane. The last mentioned resulted in Russia losing a plane and all nine personnel aboard. Israel regularly deceives Russia without cost because Russia (Putin) does not build in a cost for Israel's actions. So you get more of the same. Israel becomes more and more arrogant and we end up with genocide.

So if Russia sends a hospital ship, helicopters and troops to Gaza and informs Israel that it expects to not be fired upon and Israel does, then a military cost must be forthcoming and quickly to save any more lives being lost.

If you have to deal with psychopaths, you do not negotiate with them. If they harm you, you act. If you have to talk to them, you give them a choice and then act according to their choice. Especially, as with Russia, when you have the upper hand regarding capacity for violence and escalation.


In summary, to understand what is happening in the world, a knowledge of banking and psychopathy is absolutely essential. The above information is a very brief introduction to these topics.

The bankers are the motivating force behind all that is happening in Gaza, Syria, Ukraine, Taiwan and Thailand and the threats to Iran. They need to dominate Russia and China. They need to control the world's oil sales to give their currency value and to have any chance of realising their ultimate dream of controlling the world entirely through imposing their central banks on ALL nations.

It is all slipping away from them, though, and their only hope now is to attack and set fire to the Middle East and cause as much chaos as possible in the hope that something will work out in their favour in the resulting rubble and chaos. It has worked for them before so, “Why not again now?”

Russia just needs to bite the bullet and cash in its winning hand of military manpower, superior technology and military industrial capacity. They are in the position to do so and are the only ones that can.

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Awesome article James! I am

Awesome article James!

I am truly horrified at what is happening to the Palestinians in Gaza. It would have been helpful if Hezbollah would have stepped up immediately to nip this in the bud and targeted some of those airfields. Now, they will have to deal with the consequences of which amounts to their essentially non-action of a few border skirmishes with the IDF.

We can hope and pray that Putin will read this and for once take your advice!

Thank you

Thank you very much, McJ. Yes, Hezbollah should have acted more forcefully and much sooner. Certainly before the US Navy arrived at their doorstep.

As for Putin? Alas, we are not on speaking terms at the moment.

wow! Brilliant!

I agree with McJ. Can't think of enough good things to say about this piece. It's an amazing bit of work!

Does anybody have contact info for the Russian military strategists? They need to see this!


You are very kind, Winter. Thank you.

As I said to McJ, Putin and I are not speaking to each other currently. Though this may change. Who knows?

As for alternative contacts, my sister-in-law's brother has a close friend who has an uncle on his mothers side who knows a guy who is a janitor at the Kremlin who is very friendly with his supervisor and knows his boss above him. So we may be able to influence the situation through that unofficial channel.

We can cross our legs and hope.

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Hi Winter!

Hi Winter! hello or goodbye



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laughing out loud

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Pepe's Interview

This is the link you sent me James to the Pepe Escobar interview. I haven't listened to all of it yet. In it he talks about the recent Joint Arab OIC Summit in Saudi Arabia where they discussed the ongoing genocide in Gaza and basically decided to do nothing. They rejected an Algerian proposal to block oil sales to Israel supported by both Iran and Iraq. Saudi Arabia and the UAE were the main stumbling blocks according to him. This was because of the recently announced IMEC (India Middle East Corridor) in which Israel will become a connectivity corridor between Europe, West Asia and South Asia. This will greatly benefit Europe, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, India and Israel and rival China's belt and road initiative. He also points out that in Jan. Saudi Arabia and the UAE will join BRICS 11 of which Russia is the president. I don't know how the BRICS works but it occurred to me that Russia (and China) could use their leverage in the BRICS to pressure Saudi Arabia and the UAE to get on board with an Israeli oil blockade if they want to become members.

Thanks for posting this, McJ

Starting with your last point first, McJ. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have already gained membership of BRICS but it won't activate until Jan 1st 2024. So that horse has bolted. I'm not sure that Russia or China would want to pressure them to cut Israel's oil at this stage anyway.

As Pepe explains, Turkey transits 40% of the oil that Israel uses and could cut it off easily. But Erdogan, for all his inflammatory bluster, doesn't do it. Erdogan is full of shit. Always has been and always will be. You can see from this that there is no way Turkey would wage war on Israel.

Pepe was scathing on the Arab OIC Summit members in general and the Saudis, UAE, Morocco and Bahrain in particular and rightly so. He called them cowards which they are. Psychopaths are not known for their bravery. Like all cowards, they will come to regret it.

BRICS is a trading block and is or will provide financing and other preferential treatment. Belt and Road and IMEC are transit networks. They are quite different things.

By calling the IMEC transit network a rival to China's Belt and Road, Pepe misunderstands, I think, what the B&R is all about. China is providing, free of charge, a transit infrastructure for under developed countries so they can trade with China and China with them. Naturally, China put itself at the central hub of the Belt and Road system. China will make its money (as will the countries on the other end) from the resulting increase in trade. China will eventually recoup its costs from the profits from the increased trade. China is an ancient culture and thinks looooooog term. Unlike the Quarterly Profit Figure that so mesmerizes Western corporate culture.

If somebody else wants to provide transit infrastructure at their expense, all the better. If they want to bypass China with their system that's ok, too, aside from the insult. If China wants to trade with one or more IMEC participants, it can simply tap into it. What are they going to do? Stop the Chinese from using roads and ports? I don't think so. So its no biggy as far as I can see.

What I suspect IMEC is really about is making the participating countries dependent on $US for settlements for trade using this network and making them dependent on Israel for transit (which leverage they will abuse, of course, unlike the Chinese). The participating countries (assuming IMEC gets off the ground) will leave it sooner or later and use the Belt and Road system.

So I don't think it is as big of a deal that Pepe thinks it is. But i could be wrong. It has happened.

Regardless, Pepe makes some great observations and joins some important dots in that interview. Well worth listening to if anyone else is reading this! I had to laugh when he said he wouldn't even buy a kebab let alone a used car from the Saudis.

Going back to the oil embargo, I doubt it would have worked anyway. Israel would just make other arrangements for oil. Turkey would have caved, for instance, and provided more oil for Israel. But the OIC members showed their colours and will come to regret that, as i said.

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Thanks for lengthy

Thanks for lengthy explanation!

"...that horse has bolted. I'm not sure that Russia or China would want to pressure them to cut Israel's oil at this stage anyway.
As Pepe explains, Turkey transits 40% of the oil that Israel uses and could cut it off easily. But Erdogan, for all his inflammatory bluster, doesn't do it."

I figured that was likely the case re BRICS. And I didn't understand why Pepe put so much emphasis on an embargo if as he had already said Erdogan would never go along.

On a separate topic, recently CNN and the BBC have had commentary very critical of Israel's actions in Gaza. Even MSNBC aired an interview with an Israeli official where the reporter pushed back on Israeli propaganda. Foreign affairs and the Economist have run articles with headlines criticizing Netanyahu and calling for a two state solution (I didn't read the actual articles).

This is very strange and perhaps a drop in the bucket compared to the pro Israeli coverage. However, they don't do this with Israel. puzzled There must be a wider agenda at hand which would explain the reason for this developing change of approach.

The Parade

The Big Media organisations lead the parade of public thinking or should I say belief. But the public parade has wandered off by itself following all theose photos and videos coming out of Gaza. Now the media has to 'do a 180' and scramble back in front of the parade in the hope of re-establishing its leadership so it may lead the public astray again. Regaining control, in other words. That's their sole purpose - control.

The majority of Israelis do not like or approve of Netanyahoo including Haaretz, the major newspaper in Israel. There's a lot of talk of removing him. He is unnecessarily rubbing the world's nose in it, so to speak. "He's gone full retard" which everyone knows you should never do. Anyway, this is another parade to get back in front of for the BBC et al.


I should add that many Israelis are furious with Netanyahoo for not negotiating the return of the hostages.

McJ's picture

Love the analogy

I love the analogy of the parade! I can picture all the MSM reporters and cameramen standing around confused trying to figure out what went wrong and where the parade is headed. Confused

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