Short But Not Too Sweet

I've got a series of short disconnected posts coming soon and I suspect that if we discuss them all here in the same thread, it will make more sense than posting separate threads about each of them.

We can start with this "shocking" bit of "news":

Late Breaking: Joe Biden Is A Maverick, Too!

and then there's this:

Execution In Iraq: Murder Charges Against Three Army Sergeants, None Against Those Who Sent Them There

and this:

Iranian President Says What TV Pundits Can't: American Empire Is Almost Over

There's more coming, as soon as I can swing it.


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Excellent point

"If John Hatley, Joseph Mayo and Michael Leahy, Jr.
-- three platoon-level leaders -- go to the dock for murdering four defenseless victims, then who goes to the dock for what Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and all their lying associates did to Iraq?

John Hatley, Joseph Mayo and Michael Leahy, Jr.

That's who."

Excellent point and right on the money!

Having not 'been there and done that' I don't know what motivated these soldiers to act this way.
However, the video testimony given by the Winter Soldiers was a big help in understanding this kind of behaviour.

It doesn't absolve them from what they did (assuming they are found guilty) but, they never should have been sent there in the first place.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

The CNN sentence

Quick reaction to something

He stopped short of calling for Israel to be politically wiped off the map as he has in the past.
How can a country be "politically" wiped off the map... ???

Press TV is breaking the stranglehold of the Anglo-Zionist Media

Dear WP,

Thanks for your wonderful commentary! Do you have a staff working for you? Where do you find the time to put up so much content?

And, speaking of controlled media, I just wanted to know if you have heard about Press TV, an Iranian news channel that started last year? They are airing some pretty provocative stuff. Recently they had on Max Keiser who was comparing the Wall Street Bailout to the "controlled demolition" of Building 7. You can see the video on my blog. Very provocative.

Thanks again!

quick answers

Hi rp8. Thanks for the kind words. No I don't have any staff. Not sure where the time comes from but I haven't slept much lately if that's an indication.

re Press TV: YES! I saw that post on your blog but I couldn't watch the video because my sound card situation is still screwed. Maybe later.

I think you should have linked to that post in your comment ... but you don't have to 'cause I will.

Watch this:

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