GAZA – Divide Et Impera

GAZA – Divide Et Impera

While the Israeli air force is raining bombs down on Palestinian civilian hospitals and schools, our thoughts turn to, “Where are the Hamas fighters?” Deep underground safe from the bombs. What's wrong with this picture?

Right! There's a whole lot wrong with this picture. The hospitals should be underground and the Hamas fighters should be topside. Their leaders started this latest round of shit, after all.

Hamas is a product of Israeli and British secret police and the Muslim Brotherhood which is also a product of British secret police. It is paid via Qatar and does what it is told. Its political leadership lives well in Qatar while Palestinians are being killed by Israeli bombs, all too predictably.

Qatar owes its existence as a state with borders to the British as does Israel itself. They are all products of the skillful use of Divide et Impera by the British establishment and its secret police.

Divide et Impera is Latin for Divide and Rule. It was a political and military tactic widely used by the Romans to control their empire. The Romans were a relatively small force compared to the size of their empire so they sowed discord then petty wars between the tribes and peoples under their control to rule them all.

Same with the British who adopted and perfected this technique to rule Ireland, India, Kenya and many others. In fact, they employed it wherever they went and still do to this day. There are many variations of this tactic. Some you may not recognise for what they are. For instance, a two or three party political system is not a democracy. It is a Divide and Rule system.

In 2005, the Israeli government removed its settlers from Gaza and built a fence around it turning Gaza into a massive open air prison or concentration camp and into which the Israeli Defence Forces could shoot at the defenceless Palestinians at any time. The Israelis are particularly fond of firing missiles into Gaza whenever their proteges, Hamas, provides the trigger in the form of some sky rockets fired into the Israeli desert.

Looked at in another way, though, this fencing of Gaza could be seen as a win for the Palestinians and an 'own goal' for the Israelis. The perimeter fence around Gaza is seen by everyone as there to keep the Gazans in. But equally, it could be re-purposed to keep the Israelis out. But this opportunity has not been taken up thus far.

With the right leadership, the Palestinians could have turned this prison into a fortress instead. Hamas has clearly not been the right leadership, unfortunately. They chose an offensive posture with their sky rockets instead of a defensive one which would have protected Gazans far better. A defensive orientation breaks down into two basic strategies – passive defense and active defense.

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Passive Defense

A defensive strategy is how you make this protective fortress a reality. Hamas were never going to do this, of course, nor will they in the future. But if Hamas is removed somehow either by the Russians (see previous essay - or the Palestinians themselves, who knows? The Israelis are never going to remove Hamas – they are too useful.
One can hope that sanity and real intelligence will bring the fortress about should they survive the current genocide and with it an end a lot of suffering.

Hamas made the basic 'mistake' of orienting the Palestinian resistance to be offensive; attacking Israel. This is unbelievably stupid when you are massively out-gunned, especially when opposed by an enemy such as Israel which likes to kill.

When Hamas is mentioned in this essay, it is their leadership that is being referred to, not the young foot soldiers who naturally want to take action and are exploited by their own leadership.

The Resistance should have been defensive instead - protective. Defense should be job #1. No boxer faces up to an opponent with his arms hanging limply by his side. He must be ever ready to ward off an attack. He is not going to last otherwise. Neither will the Palestinians.

Hamas has left the Palestinian population defenceless. Where are their bomb shelters? I have not heard any reference to any civilian bomb shelters. Hamas has them for themselves though. They even have their own underground hospital if Alistair Crooke, former British ambassador and MI6 officer, is to be believed.

The Russians in Ukraine dug themselves in and fortified those positions against attack. What happened? The Ukrainians attacked the Russians in those defensive dug in positions and were summarily killed in huge numbers. Effective defence is War 101. It is no coincidence that communities for millennia have built themselves fortresses to live in.

Hospitals should have been made bombproof deep underground, or enough of them so a medical service could still function under bombardment. The same is true with schools and emergency services.

All infrastructure should be deep underground – electricity, water, telecommunications and sewerage.

All new homes could have had basement bomb shelters. Existing homes should be retrofitted with them. Community bomb shelters should have been constructed.

What kind of structures and materials are the most bomb-proof? Find out!

Essential goods, medicines etc. should have been stockpiled.

There needs to be a basic attitude of, “There MUST be a way to protect everybody and we will DEFINITELY FIND IT”.

Time, energy and materials should not have been wasted building sky rockets to fire into the Israeli desert. Unbelievable!

Next comes self sufficiency in power and water. Gaza has a population of two million people. Many of them are very well educated. They have at least one university. They have already shown themselves to be very creative. They have the resources to figure this out and there are governments abroad who will help them do it if they are told exactly what equipment or supplies are needed of them. There is any amount of water right next to the Palestinians in the Mediterranean Sea. Now many may cry, “But that is salt water”. Indeed it is but that is not the attitude that leads to freedom and safety and water! There MUST be a way. Right?

With two million creative mainly young active people, they could have a thriving economy with its own money system. Or perhaps this could be rephrased to read, 'with a creative money system they could have a very active and thriving economy'.

Right now many Palestinians have to leave Gaza daily to seek work in Israel. They get paid a pittance and prop up the Israeli economy in the process. While outside Gaza some get captured by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and imprisoned. We shall return to this problem later in this essay.

The alternative to this abuse and exploitation is to provide the jobs and the money inside Gaza. This can be done with their own government-provided money system. A thriving economy requires Demand, Labour, Resources (materials) and Capital (equipment, facilities and money).

There is Demand. Palestinians have needs which are unmet or expensively met.
Labour. There is no shortage of skilled and semi skilled people out of employment and willing to work or currently working in Israel.
There are some Materials and more can be obtained. Palestinians smugglers have proved to have been very enterprising.
Equipment is there and with support much equipment can be jury rigged and made functional or designed and built.
Facilities exist and can be built (see above).
Money. But, yes, we have no money! Until we print our own, that is. Where does Israeli money come from? From a printing press in a basement somewhere or from a computer in a back room somewhere else. I'm sure Palestine has a printing press and a computer somewhere.

I would suggest that a Palestinian leader should makes a call to Vladimir Putin and ask if they can borrow Sergey Glazyev for a while so he can show them how to set it all up.

That would solve the needs of a domestic internal economy. But this economy needs to trade with the external world for some materials. These suppliers will not be able to exchange Palestinian Pesos with other countries. They will need Rubles, Yuan and Dollars. A country like China could, if it is feeling generous, exchange merchants' Palestinian Pesos (PP) for Yuan and keep the PP for exchange back with Palestine at a later date.

Failing that, or in addition to it, an ImpEx system could be set up.

The ImpEx system is the brainchild of an Australian businessman and financial genius, Jack (John) Iggulden. Basically, it is a simple market where exporters who earn foreign currency by selling goods overseas can sell that foreign currency in an open market to people who want to import goods from overseas and need that foreign currency to pay for their goods. (I am giving away my Australian domicile here. Other countries are always and necessarily “overseas” to Australia and Australians).

The price of the overseas currencies goes up and down with supply and demand. If the government does not interfere, it automatically regulates foreign trade and foreign exchange. The Impex system stops foreign debt accumulating and encourages import replacement or export manufacturing as appropriate for the market that actually exists and at the right time. Importantly, it is a system that the Palestinians can set up themselves.

The resultant thriving Gazan economy will take away the need for Gazans to enter Israel to work. This removes the great danger of detainment for them and should in time empty the Israeli prisons of Palestinians - at least of the Palestinians from Gaza.

Did I mention the gas? There is a huge gas deposit just off the coast of Gaza. It was discovered years ago and unquestionably belong to the Gazans. Yet it has not been developed. Why not? There have not been any negotiations involving the Gazans about developing this treasure. Why not?

Gazans negotiating to develop this gas field does not suit the Israelis, of course. Is that why the Hamas leadership has sat on their hands regarding these gas deposits worth billions of dollars? Is this yet another reason the political leadership living in luxury in Qatar (that has a thriving gas industry and no shortage of expertise) is massively wealthy?

A media that focuses on the urgent impending needs that face all or many Palestinians needs to be established and supported (assuming this is not happening now). What are the challenges we need everybody to provide innovative solutions for? When solutions are found, the solutions and the people involved should be given fulsome and widespread publicity and praise. They are national heroes and public recognition needs to be given. Children will grow up with a sense of pride in their community and a desire to do likewise.

All the above will undoubtedly lead the Palestinians in the West Bank to remove Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority thieves from office and replicate what they see happening in Gaza. The West Bank Palestinians have Israeli settlers in their midst and the associated problems that Gazans don't have (a benefit of the fence). But there MUST be a way to deal with these thieving and murderous settlers.

So, all that is Passive Defence. How about Active Defence?

Active Defence

Active Defence in this case is being able to counter an attack from Israel. This is self defence with the ability to use effective force that is within their resources when necessary. This must start with the right attitude. Palestine needs to become a warrior nation with everybody involved. No victim mentality here. It becomes a way of life as it did for the ancient Spartans.

Children from the age of 10 must learn a martial art of their choosing – hand to hand combat.
This works off energy,
- instills self discipline,
- combats learned helplessness,
- encourages self reliance,
- builds self confidence built on real ability to defend themselves and those who need it,
- a willingness to use force,
- and helps deal with PTSD.

From the age of 16, all boys learn how to fire and maintain an AK47 or similar. Upon achieving proficiency they are given their own gun. All girls have the option of learning to fire an AK47 if they so choose and of receiving a gun. The best shooters with the best attitude are given the option of becoming sharpshooters and receiving sniper rifles at the end of training.
They are all trained in anti-tank warfare and how to operate at platoon and company level in combat.

Their job is to co-ordinate to kill or capture invading Israeli soldiers. If the Israeli government wants to designate every Palestinian as a 'terrorist', then so be it!
Who wants to invade a community where everyone has a gun and knows how to use it?

Major thoroughfares are mined with explosives to be triggered under Israeli tanks when they invade. There are many other tactics that would be effective.

Adults are formed into fighting groups and they drill regularly.

This was the thinking of the Founding Fathers of the new American nation. An armed citizenry did not need a standing army to defend itself. A standing army is inevitably used by the government against its own citizens eventually. An armed citizenry also limits corruption within both the government and the military.

Captured Israeli soldiers are returned to their families provided their families come to Gaza to collect them. While there, the soldier's family meet the relatives of any Palestinians their brother/son/father killed or injured. They talk with Palestinian social workers, doctors and nurses who look after people afflicted one way or another by the Israeli military and their government. A tour of a hospital would not be out of place.

The Israeli family can then leave with their IDF family member but with the assurance that if he returns and is caught again, he will not be given back a second time.

AK47s won't help much against attacks from missiles from land or air craft nor will they protect from armed drones. However, if they Israelis are not subjected to sky rockets or stupid invasions, they will have little excuse to fire missiles into Gaza. When they do, of course, they will have no excuse.

Perhaps Russia could provide Electronic Warfare weapons or instruct the Palestinians in how to manufacture them themselves. Another option (though we are getting a little far-fetched now) is obtaining one or more S400 anti missile defence systems from Russia.

Or perhaps Russia could give Hezbollah S400s to protect themselves and Gaza from Israeli jets. That is long overdue.

Whatever, a lot more can be done than is happening now, that's for sure!

Active Offence

Forget it! No more designing, building and firing Qassam (or whatever they're called) rockets. No more firing these sky rockets into the Israeli desert only to provoke serious missiles being fired back at Palestinian civilians and their essential infrastructure. It is best to assume those who propose such things are traitors.

Without the sky rockets and limiting their active defence to their own territory, Gazans will be seen internationally as merely defending themselves (which no one should have an argument with) rather than being painted as terrorists attacking the world's most entitled and vociferous victims, the Israelis.

Until Palestine is in a position to destroy the IDF and the Israeli government (likely never), it is not even worth thinking about waging war on Israel. It is counter productive as well as a waste of valuable resources including, and especially, Palestinian lives.


Hamas has been solely preoccupied with an offensive posture towards Israel when it clearly should have been focussing on a defensive posture for their own population. This 'error' is so glaring and so consistent that I can only conclude it is deliberate. This is also consistent with everything else we know about Hamas and its past allegiances and behaviour. If it is deliberate as it appears to be, it is treason against the Palestinian population at large. The Hamas leadership needs to be dealt with and soon, one way or another.

To be clear, this does not include the fighters that are attracted to Hamas. The foot soldiers are not the leadership after all and don’t make the decisions. Undoubtedly, the majority of the young men see it as their best or only desperate option. What else can you expect from a population of young men that has been generationally traumatized and sees no other way to defend themselves and their families? They are following a false leadership which is offering false hope.

What is being suggested is an alternative path for them to follow that would offer them real hope of improving their lives and the lives of their families; real hope for a future.

To repeat, what is needed is 100% focus within Gaza on collective defence, passive and active, to protect everyone in Gaza. This can be achieved through using all the creative potential for industry and finance within Gaza itself. It can turn Gaza from a prison into a fortress.

This attitude and strategy can change the future for Palestinians. And if others observing this Defence prevailing over Offence, then they too can live in peace.

Some final observations.

'What they mean to do is what they do'. Another way of wording this is, 'The purpose of the system/operation is what they do'. The IDF claims they blew up the al-Shifa hospital to kill Hamas fighters underneath it in an Hamas command centre. There were no fighters and no command centre under the hospital, of course. What the IDF did was blow up the hospital and that is what they intended to do. This is straight forward.

The Israelis claim they are bombing Hamas when they are bombing and killing Palestinian civilians. What they intend is what they are doing – killing Palestinian civilians. If they didn't intend to kill civilians, they would stop; but they don't. The Israeli government are outrageous liars. Never listen to what they say and only watch what they do. The same applies to all liars, psychopaths and politicians.


The Palestinian population were left defenceless against the Israelis. Hamas did not prepare defences for them despite the long history of being attacked and bombed by Israel. This is one of those things whereby it can be identified if the state authority is or was complicit in terrorism. What should have happened but didn't. From this it is plain that Hamas is complicit in the destruction rained down on the Palestinians by Israel. The Palestinians need Hamas like a hole in the head. Hamas has to go.

We are all brainwashed by our culture. We recognise the brainwashing of other cultures but not our own. Our own culture is the water we swim in every day and we have known nothing else, so it seems normal and natural. It is anything but, of course. Cultures are invariably led by psychopaths who promote their own mindset which is to attack and conquer. This then becomes the mindset of the population and it leads inevitably to disaster because it is not how we are designed to think and behave.

An attacking mindset will soon become corrupted – lose touch with reality – because it is dealing with power; power over other people. Power corrupts the mind. Sooner or later this inevitably brings disaster.

Defence, on the other hand, is not corrupting of the mind. Every living thing on earth - plants, animals and ourselves - is made with a means of defending itself. We are made and meant to defend ourselves. Our authorities tell us that they will defend us. They rarely do, of course, because they mean to control and exploit us.

If everybody, as individuals, are all taught instead to defend themselves in their dealings with their fellow countrymen and collectively when dealing with overseas nations, then and only then, everybody can live in peace.

This is never going to happen while everybody keeps voting for psychopaths, though. To stop voting for psychopaths, everyone needs to stop voting for people who tell lies. Then there will be no more Gazas.

May peace come soon for the Palestinians.


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Another awesome article,

Another awesome article, James! I notice a bit of an edit from the original draft. wink


Thank you McJ. Blessings upon you and all your sainted ancestors.

Any Taoist will tell you that the only thing that is constant in this world is change. Which is a bit like talking to a psycho because what is being proposed as a thing is not a thing.

This leads me into a second possible explanation of what transpired here. Charles Darwin (bless his soul) proposed an explanation for my changing essay. He called it Evolution. So on one page, he writes, there is this thing. Then, a few pages later it turns into this other thing that is nothing like the first thing. Amazing! It's like magic. Well, it is magic of a certain kind - magical thinking.

So this is my very unscientific explanation (it is evolution after all) of how my essay on the nesting habits of penguins turned into an essay on the nasty habits of psychos.

Remarkable, I know, but that is unreality for you. shocked

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Blessings upon you too

laughing out loud

Blessings upon you too and on nesting penguins! Presently, I am unsure if I should be blessing or cursing that thing that isn't a thing that is the thing you are on about.

It's a Pickle

It's a pickle, isn't it?
How can something (change) be a constant if nothing is constant? If "nothing" is not a thing, perhaps it is not a something, as well, or instead of. It could also be a 'no thing', of course; instead of or together with. It gets hard thinking about things that are not as if they are. It's like thinking about Democracy, I guess.

Perhaps Hillary is right. It's all a 'nothing-burger', after all.

Anyway, blessings are free so, here, have some more smiling

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nothing burger

If it's a Hillary 'nothing-burger' then "what difference at this point does it make..."?

it could be ...

... a nothing-burger with a pickle!

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laughing out loud



We've been waiting, waiting. Welcome. Everything is ready for you! Evil

I agree!

Once again I agree with McJ: Awesome article!

An excellent synthesis of knowledge and experience plus imagination and creativity.

Nobody else seems to be thinking: What could they have done? What should they do next?

Instead they're all arguing whether claims of "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" are justified ... or whether genocide and ethnic cleansing themselves are justified ... or whether sentiments such as "stop killing people" are "anti-Semitic".

I believe one could make a strong argument that the anti-Semitism happening in the world today is mostly Israel's fault, fueled by Israel's brutality to the Palestinians and the Israeli government's endless efforts to conflate "the state of Israel" with "the Jewish people of the world". But of course such an argument would inevitably dismissed as "anti-Semitic".

Winds of Change

Thank you very much, Winter. Very much appreciated!

It is amazing where you can end up by asking yourself the question, "What should have happened but didn't?" and keeping in mind something that you say, "The purpose of the system is what it does!"

There is indeed a lot of hand-wringing and pearl-clutching going on in reaction to the blatant genocide being perpetrated by Israel in Gaza currently. Ironically, I think some of it is designed to avoid doing something about it. Let's talk instead!

Charges of anti-Semitism are raised by Jews when their behaviour is criticized or by Jews when defending Israeli behaviour. So it can be seen that anti-Semitism is, in essence, criticism of Jewish or Israeli behaviour. How can this anti-Semitism be a bad thing when the behaviour is entitled, supremacist, racist and even genocidal?

I feel the 'Winds of Change' blowing.

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I find myself in tears many times watching this horror unfold. It is like your soul weeps. I am frustrated beyond belief listening to arguments over whether killing thousands of children is in any way justifiable. Not to mention all the adults that have been murdered or the countless more that will die with the inevitable disease and famine that will follow. And then there is all the moaning and whining about how 'they' are the victims of a perceived (or manufactured) anti-semitism for suggesting Israel should stop killing Palestinians. As if there is some kind of irrational equivalence to the murder of tens of thousands of innocents and the enormous human suffering of hundreds of thousands more. I know, I need to step away from the computer but for me it is like a car crash when you just can't look away. I guess I feel the very least I can do is bear witness to some of it and pass on the knowledge to my small circle of influence.

I think you are right James, that "the winds of change are blowing". The public is witnessing the carnage in 'real-time' so to speak and the evil fu**kers are struggling mightily to put the genie back in the bottle. May God smote them!


It gets beyond words, doesn’t it?

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Fitting piece of music -

Fitting piece of music - somber and soothing. And I was struggling for words to describe my feelings.


Music can connect us to something larger than ourselves through our feelings. This is not the province of words.

I thought that piece of music had a dirge-like quality to it. It says your grief is shared. Somebody outside of you understands. Music has order and beauty within it. You are not mad. The madness is foreign to us.

In this case, this madness is a horrible mixture of evil, insanity and stupidity parading itself as righteousness. It is so offensive and on a scale we cannot comprehend. If only God would right it. Now.

Want Proof?

Here it is; staring everybody in their face.

Hamas works for British and Israeli intelligence agencies; MI6 and Mossad. MI6 and Mossad formed Hamas in the beginning. Hamas fought for these same intel agencies in Syria alongside those agencies' head-choppers (ISIS et. al.) against the Syrian government and the Syrian people in Syria. This is well known and is not in dispute. But few draw the very obvious conclusion.

So, we get this - Hamas shoots up innocent Israeli civilians just when you don't want them to. Or more to the point, just when the Israeli government needs them to - to commit a very blatant war crime and Palestinians can least afford them to. Well done, Hamas! It is just TOO convenient, too blatant and too counter-productive. Can it get any more obvious?

It reminds me of British intel (again) and traitors in the IRA in Northern Ireland. Just when they were about to have peace break out . . . . BOOM! Divide Et Impera.

The title of the above essay should read instead, "Hamas Shoots Palestinians In The Head"!

What I find surprising is that very experienced geopolitical commentators like Larry Johnson (ex-CIA and ex-State Dept) don't see the screamingly obvious. He knows the history and provenance of Hamas. He's watched them 'doo stoopid shit' for years yet the penny doesn't drop for some reason.

the old saying:

"once ____, always ____"

would explain why that penny never drops.

I know, I know!

I know, I know!


that's just ...

... perfect!

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Good news!

party time!

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