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Jews In America Are An Oppressed Minority -- OR ELSE!

CNN has fired Rick Sanchez, apparently because he didn't understand the unwritten rules of American "journalism".

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Old News: The USA Has Been A Police State Since 1787

Amazingly, less than a month after my most recent, there's another new post on my blog!

It starts this way:


Last week the FBI raided the homes of anti-war activists in multiple states simultaneously, prompting Paul Craig Roberts to write a searing column called "It Is Official: The US Is A Police State".

I caught excerpts from Roberts and comments on his work from Chris Floyd, in "Domestic Disturbance: FBI Raids Bring the Terror War Home".

I don't disagree with anything Roberts or Floyd wrote about this story, and I would recommend both columns. But neither of these very fine writers approached the idea that struck me hardest when I saw Roberts' headline.

What's new about the USA being a police state? Why is it suddenly official now?


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Good News, Bad News: My Blog Sucks And Will Continue To Do So

I've put up a new post at my personal blog, and I'd love to give you a snippet, but I must restrain myself.

However, I do invite you to read it here and/or comment below.

Alternatively, you could check out my recent additions to the mysterious series of tubes that connects us all: the main site: "Sherlock Holmes and the Alderney Street Mystery", and the data archive: "The Spy Who Knew Too Much".

'Genetic Damage' In Fallujah: The BBC Reports

There's a new post at my main blog.

Thus the truth about horrible crimes burns itself into the consciousness of the multitudes.

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I hope to be back with more before too long.

The World At War: AFRICOM vs. Ghana in the Round of 16

Surely a battered old man with a broken heart can have a dream now and then, can't he?


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