Jews In America Are An Oppressed Minority -- OR ELSE!

CNN has fired Rick Sanchez, apparently because he didn't understand the unwritten rules of American "journalism".

You can read more about it here and I invite your comments below.


It's all 'in your face' isn't

It's all 'in your face' isn't it? First they sack Sanchez proving his point, as you noted, WP (when a 'quiet word' would have accomplished all they needed), and then they write it up in the NYT, like they're so proud of themselves. That's a double scoop, there! (pardon the pun)

Reminds me of the hubris involved with the stuxnet worm (and much else) and their complete lack of awareness of their environment - narcosis, rapture of the deep. Soon, there has to be blood in the water, methinks. Then all the energy they are putting into this 'oppressed minority' will bear fruit.

No one disputes it

Not one of the professional propagandists who work for the IDF, nor any of the amateur Zionist trolls who cruise the tubes, has even tried to leave a "contrary" comment on this thread.

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Getting Sanchezed and Grumblebumming

Well, you may want to check out Kenny's post on this. There was a nasty comment left there attacking you and Kenny from someone posting as Anonymous. I think one might characterize the comment as Grimbleing or maybe Grumblebumming.

Getting Sanchezed

It's time for a new pop culture phrase that summarizes what happens to someone who dares to speak out against the jews who control the media, financial institutions, government and foreign policy, etc. and gets fired or loses standing.

It could also be widely used to include getting slapped down by saying the things that can't be spoken of in politically correct company like 9/11 was an inside job and questioning the magic 6 million number or the idea that god has a chosen people and Israel is their land to steal.

"He got sanchezed." "You'll get sanchezed if you say that."

I'm filing for a copyright tomorrow and everyone who uses the term "sanchezed" will owe me a nickel.

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a nickel

I wonder if I'll owe Kenny a nickel for posting this. smiling

watch out, Kenny

a guy could get sanchezed for a post like that

now we owe him a dime

sanchezed from his own blog?

sanchezed from his own blog? now wouldn't that be a kick in the grumblebum!

so typical

that comment is SO typical.

it has nothing to do with what actually happened or what either of us wrote -- it's just straw-man and ad-hominem and fantasy and putting words in our mouths that we never said and it is completely typical of the responses that you get when you argue with people who haven't got a leg to stand on.

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Yes...and what you get from

Yes...and what you get from someone who is pissed that you don't see things his way.

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Oh James!

Oh James!
We are going to owe Kenny fifteen cents when you get sanchezed.

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20 cents

Well maybe that is twenty cents now?

Great value! Treasure in heaven.

hahaha. Worth every cent, McJ. And Grumblebutt is such good value, too; a real tonic. It truly is a gift to be able to give so much insight into your brethren for the enlightenment of total strangers and at such a cost to himself. What a martyr for the whole of humanity. Shining a light down that dark tunnel to show why we shouldn't go there. Holding himself up as a tragic example. Now that is self sacrifice at it's highest expression.

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I have to go to sleep now and you are making me laugh! laughing out loud
And I've just been over reading Nobody - bloody brilliant -
That guy is going to owe Kenny like 2 bucks.


Well, after staying up all hours and what with laughing at me and Nobody, i sure hope you got some sleep in McJ smiling

This guy

Is gonna owe Kenny big-time.

The cost of telling the truth in the United States


Sanchez is right. The most prominent media conglomerates of the United States are being run by influential Jews. Turner Broadcasting System's chairman and CEO Philip I. Kent is a Jew, TimeWarner's CEO Jeffrey Bewkes is a Jew, FOX NewsCorp's CEO Peter Chernin is a Jew, Chairman of the Board of the National Amusements theater chain Sumner Redstone is a Jew, Paramount CEO's Brad Grey is a Jew, Walt Disney/ABC's CEO Robert Iger is a Jew, CBS's CEO Leslie Moonves is Jew and NBC Universal's CEO Jeff Zucker is a Jew.

[end quote]

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I wonder

I wonder if you can get sanchized in Iran.

"Whoever tries to cross the red line by touching on this issue will be silenced, even at the cost of switching off the beacon of freedom!"

I don't think they ever managed to get that thing lit, did they?

We owe Kenny two bits now.

All royalities owed should go to your local food bank

Not that I couldn't use the two bits but maybe it's best to keep the money in your own community .....

I'm just now catching up with you guys. Thanks James, I think that was you that came to our defense over at my post. The Grim one tried again but it was a poor effort. I see that his blog does not exist anymore.

Great work on the Williams story Winter. It would make such a good movie.

Thanks Kenny

Aye, 'twas me. I can't deny it!

And I agree about the Williams serial . . . and the movie!

thanks Kenny

I appreciate your kind words and the link from your site.

Hadn't considered the movie angle -- perhaps I should write in some spurious special effects ... and a cameo by Tom Cruise ... or Charlie Sheen?

Please keep up the good work at your blog ... and we'll see what we can do for the food bank.

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