The World At War: AFRICOM vs. Ghana in the Round of 16

Surely a battered old man with a broken heart can have a dream now and then, can't he?


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Ghana goal in extra-time

Ghana goal in extra-time breaks fans' hearts

Now let's work on the rest of that dream. Violin


Thanks, Kenny.

A wonderful, heartfelt

A wonderful, heartfelt dream, Winter. Some days(most) it feels like it is far too late and that far too few of us care, at all.

I agree ...

Thanks, and I agree ... that it is far too late and that far too few of us care ...

But I am one of those who do care, and at the very least I hope we can help one another by sharing knowledge, opinions and even the occasional joke.

And if all it amounts to is palliative care for a too-small subset of a nation -- er, species -- in terminal decline, well, that's better than nothing, isn't it?

Absolutley, it is better

Absolutley, it is better than nothing. Sharing, the fact that we care, is about all that stops the despair from becoming total.

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You speak for many

Great hearing from you, Winter! I hope you realize just how many people you're speaking for here...

two, maybe three?

Thanks, Bob. I hope to be able to post more -- on less sporting subjects -- sometime soon.

Germany 4, England 1

Now the beautiful game has claimed the English as well.

Israel didn't qualifty.

Australia are already eliminated.

It's a wonderful thing to see the beautiful game grinding away at the true Axis Of Evil.

Too bad it doesn't matter.

Meanwhile, Far Far Away ...

Can anybody tell me what THIS is about? Or even what language it is?

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I think it is Indonesian. When you click on the "read more" link you get a pdf file of your articles. Someone seems to have archived them on that page along with other relevant articles on the same subject of the 'dancing Israelis'.

Babblefish translation of the Indonesian (to English) that is on that page.
"Sorry, the page Winter Patriot: Bury gatekeepers Dancing Israeli Movers And bogus ... you mean not found. Please use the search feature above."

I think it may be a news aggregator and/or a forum.

So good to see you back blogging. I have had similar thoughts about some of the David vs Goliath matches. Ghana may be my team going forward. smiling

Looking forward to more from you when you are able.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Thanks, McJ

If Indonesian football fans are reading about what the Dancing Israeli "Movers" and the Bogus Israeli "Art Students" were up to on (and prior to) 9/11, and how Jerome Hauer revealed himself to be among the perpetrators, then the world can't be totally completely all bad.

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Ah well, there is still hope then! smiling Smile
And you're welcome.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Hi WP. I empathise with you

Hi WP. I empathise with you strongly, not just on this post but numerous others. A few years back I e-mailed some relatives about the results of Prof Steve Jones's foresnic investigations into the debris of 9/11, which to my mind - at the very least - shows the need for a proper investigation (and at worst, shows it was an inside job). To the best of my knowledge, my family simply ignored it. I'm sure they saw something that challened the mainstream version of 9/11 resulting in them automatically dismissing their relative as putting forth 'Conspiracy Theories' - Never mind the evidence. To date (and again as far as I can tell) none of my family {immediate and extended} seem the slightest bit willing to think all is not that it seems to be. Personally, it's a dreadful situation to be in, but if I was given the chance again to reject my realisation that the way the planet is run is a sham knowing my family would keep me at a certain distance, I would still choose the former.

Anyway the language is likely to be Indonesian rather than Malaysian as I spied an Indon advert.

I'm (ahsamedly) British and I cheer whenever the Brits sink for a number of reasons. One major reason is; If they ever won anything, the enduring "national pride", echos of the empire, would make me vomit endlessly. Well done Germany. Well done Ghana.

I hope to read more of your stuff in the near future WP.


Great article -- a perfect

Great article -- a perfect summary of what the awakening was all about during nam. The thing about the current crisis in the ocean is that some people just might also awaken and question. So good to hear there are still some of us left!

Well I learned something new

Well I learned something new recently.

My family was invited over to my younger brother's house the day before this past Father's Day for dinner, along with my father and one of my older brothers. Unfortunately, the older brother seems to have an unsatiable need to make himself look better than me at any cost. He doesn't do this by actually trying to raise himself up to be a better person, but instead chooses to attempt to beat me down at any opportunity he thinks he sees.

Anyways, not being one to play dead (or stupid) for anyone, I took the bait and things quickly went down hill from there. My younger brother doesn't appear to even have a fuse at all. He's like one of those unexploded, dud firecrackers you might have stupidly tried to ignite as a kid, the one that just blew up right in your face as soon as you got the flame near it. And that's exactly what happened after I started talking, at the provoking of my older brother, about an injustice I was the victim of at the hands of our local police department. No warning, nothing...just "GET THE FUCK!! OUT"..."NOW!!!".

So, what did I learn? Well I always knew my younger brother didn't agree with my views on the world and our government, but I thought he still respected my opinions. Not so. While physically shoving me out of his house (apparently I wasn't getting out fast enough) he let his true feelings be known by including a "you and your crazy conspiracy theories" type of insult in his assault. I truly love my younger brother and this was one of the saddest days of my life because I know in all likelihood I will never speak to him again, and now it's just my dad left. Because of this, I know now that I won't be attending any service or similar when my dad eventually loses his battle with cancer and/or old age.

After I thought about what happened, I can only conclude that it's not simply my opinions that bother my younger brother, but the fact that I can support them so thoroughly thanks to you, Winter, and others like you. IMO, that's what scares him and the truth is so frightening to him that he would go to the lengths he did to keep it from being voiced in his presence. So, even though the knowledge you have shared with us all (and I have in turn tried to share with them) has essentially cost me my relationship with almost my entire family, it's the price that must be paid. I too have my dreams and may my brain never turn to mush, nor my heart to stone. Thank you Winter.

re: well I learned something new

Are you sure you weren't set up? Think of the situation -- father ill, etc. People know how to provoke, blow up over NOTHING, and it's all a ploy to get someone out of the picture. . . at least it could be. Doesn't sound like you did anything to cause this. It also sounds like you may have been through something similar before -- being baited. It happens all the time with siblings. At least it has to me and the scenario is identical in dynamic.

so sorry

Sorry for your prediciment Ron. As winter sayd 'it sucks'.

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Ron, So sorry to hear about


So sorry to hear about your troubles with your brothers but it is good to know you are still around and kickin!
I am fortunate that my family is very tolerant of my points of view. They mostly think that I go "go too far with this stuff" and that's where we have points of contention which have at times led to some fairly heated arguments.

"...the truth is so frightening to him that he would go to the lengths he did to keep it from being voiced in his presence."

I think you are likely right on the money with this. I have heard similar sentiments expressed from several of my friends and family - ie they don't want to know; it is too scary and there is nothing they can do about it anyways so why think about it. I, of course, am the negative Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer for pointing out these uncomfortable truths.

The signature line says it for me. It's why I stick around. smiling

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Thanks, Ron. That sucks!

That truly sucks! But you are one of many, many people with very similar stories, and I thank you for sharing it with us. Perhaps it will comfort some others to know they are less alone than they think.

Coincidentally, my wife and I are currently seeing what looks to be a trend toward excluding us from events involving so-called "family", and I can't help but think it's because none of the rest of them want to hear what either of us has to say about a wide array of questions. We talked about this on Father's Day -- they day after the anecdote you describe -- and at one point I said:

"If it comes down to a division between a majority who would rather live in Fantasy Land and a minority -- even a very small minority -- who are ostracized because they still care about the difference between Truth and Fiction, I'll be in the minority every time, and proud of it."

I guess for some of us Truth is thicker than Blood, and we had better stick together because otherwise we're all alone out here in the cold.

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Thanks Ron and Winter

and McJ and everyone else, I'm glad to be part of the truth-lovers family!

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I like that! The

I like that! The truth-lovers family. smiling

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Futbol, alienation

A soccer post! Did your old Aussie mate Gandhi help write this? He had a soccer blog for a while.

Humans are tribal creatures, and sports is a form of tribalism/nationalism. It can be a positive way of channeling those "My tribe is better than your tribe" instincts in a way that doesn't involve bleeding, too. Too bad that the economic hitmen have suckered South Africa into taking on billions in debt to build the stadiums and run the Cup; debt that will be used as a means of control in the future.

As for alienating people with "crazy conspiracy theories," Mrs. Bukko and I don't have a lot of friends because we talk too much about the down side of current events. We're not the kind of raving nutters who won't shut up about certain topics. We can, and do, talk about food, music, holiday trips we've taken, etc. But we do tend to bring up unpleasant truths like the BP ecocide. Most folks don't want to hear a bar of that. That's part of the reason very few people flew in from out-of-state to visit us when we lived in a beautiful spot in San Francisco, or an interesting and civilized town in Australia, or this lovely town in Canada. People just cannot handle the truth.

It doesn't bother me (although it does my wife.) I'm happy to face the coming troubles head-on, because it's better than being blind-sided. I can tolerate people who aren't interested in hearing the news, even if they can't tolerate me. I can also deal with people whose beliefs are more extreme than mine (you are in that camp in some ways, WP.) My belief system is not rigid and closed. Too bad that puts me in a minority.

families, eh!

My sympathies to all and especially to Ron whose experience is still raw. If it's any comfort, Ron, I have found when people have rejected me whether it has been in employment, friends and even marriages, they have all been doing me a favour. There are happier experiences and people out there and you are less likely to find them if you are still tangled up with angry destructive people.

My personal note is that I declined to attend my estranged father's funeral and have never regretted it. Funerals are for the living not the dead and I didn't fancy walking into an ambush of some family members with knives drawn and ready.
Being seen over the years as the crazy one in the family for voicing uncomfortable truths, I can now see I'm by far the sanest and have the most peace. And it is all down to pursuing the truth no matter what. And 'truth' to me is another name for God and both are the only things that will endure.

Called the man a fool

Supertramp know all about this and I'll bet many in the crowd who love their music would deride all of us.

History recalls, how great the fall can be
While everybody's sleeping
The boat's put out to sea
Born on the wings of time
It seems the answers were so easy to find

Too late the prophets cry
The island's sinking, let's take to the sky
Called the man a fool
Stripped him off his pride
Everyone was laughing
Up untill the day he died

James I agree 100 % with you. Ingenuine people have always left me cold. Its often hard to know where others are coming from until times like these.
I still speak freely to an extent and it bugs a lot of people. Atleast I know who people are and wether I should bother with them. I do give people a bit of leeway though.
Swinging between the spiritual and mundane lately mostly in the mundane is my life really. Its like 2 different places. In the spiritaul I see people as spirit and don't feel the usual, that person is good looking or charming rich talented good, evil etc. In that state they are all spirit and there is real beauty. Real or maybe imagined on my part. Maybe its the only way to get relief from anger.
But I believe we were all made by the same one and are of the same one.
When Im not in that place all the regular attractions, repulsions and fears re emerge.
Bless you all here for caring about humanity despite the horror we are all watching unfold.
I'm still here becuase its one of the only places I see where people are genuinly trying to help.

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