Good News, Bad News: My Blog Sucks And Will Continue To Do So

I've put up a new post at my personal blog, and I'd love to give you a snippet, but I must restrain myself.

However, I do invite you to read it here and/or comment below.

Alternatively, you could check out my recent additions to the mysterious series of tubes that connects us all: the main site: "Sherlock Holmes and the Alderney Street Mystery", and the data archive: "The Spy Who Knew Too Much".


Top work, WP

Top work, WP. I am very much looking forward to the coming chapters.
And it's your circumstances and not your blog that sucks! smiling

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James beat me to it.

I was just going to comment that your blog doesn't suck, it sucks that you can't blog, but James beat me to it.

Your body of work certainly stands out in the blogosphere - IMHO. Look forward to more of the story and glad to hear you have some help. smiling

aw shucks

Thank you both very much. I'll try to get more of the Alderney Street story written and posted soon.

In the meantime I am still collecting articles for the archive, and I am constantly amazed at the details that keep coming out. So the story I am writing may turn out to be even longer and stranger than I expect it to be ... we shall see.

Thanks again, take good care, and I will be back with more as soon as I can.

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finally had a chance

to relax and read last night. My only complaint is that i have to wait for more.
I have to admit to my old habit of flipping to the last page of mystery novels, to see how they end, before I continue reading the whole thing. Damn you for depriving me of this vice smiling


If I knew how it ended, I would just write the last chapter and get on with my life! But that's not on, so I guess we'll all have to wait and see how it turns out.

Chapters 3 and 4 are up now

Chapters 3 and 4 are up now, and for those who are interested, here are the links:

Chapter 3: Hughes Continues
Chapter 4: The Bag That Held The Body

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement. More soonest.

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So good! I'm hooked.

So good! I'm hooked. smiling

Welcome back!

Dear Winter,

Sincerely saddened to hear about your personal difficulties.
I hope everything will improve very substantially for you and yours very soon.

At the same time, very pleased to be able to read your erudite and pondered musings and comments, which I've always found very enlightening, from the first time I read your blog (your eye-opening article "9/11 was a hoax, how and when I knew it" woke me up to the truth about the false flag 9/11).

Your current work of "factual ficton (sic) in progress" resonated sympathetically with my own reaction upon reading that the UK "police" authorities considered that the (obviously murdered) victim had "committed suicide" by padlocking himself into a nearly airtight carryall bag.

Who would be stupid and gullible enough to believe such a ridiculous story?!?!?!

Sadly, the answer is: probably the very large majority of sheeple who still believe that 19 "Super-Arabs" with $1 box-cutters, guided by an "evil mastermind" from a pre-historic cave in one of the most isolated regions of the world, resoundingly outwit, outmanoeuvred and made a mockery of the world's most powerful and best-equipped military and "intelligence" agencies, and caused more physical destruction and mass murders on US soil than any previous "terrorist" attack in all of US history. including Pearl Harbor.

Gareth Williams was murdered. I look forward to "Sherlock" discovering by whom and why.

Please keep up your "most excellent work, dude"!

To paraphrase Dean Martin, "keep those blogs coming, we (all your readers) sure do appreciate them!"

Best regards,
Political Scientist

Thanks very much

I appreciate all your kind words, and will be back with more as soon as possible.

Here's Chapter 5

Here's Chapter 5: Holmes Returns From Cheltenham

can't stand the suspense

Chapter 8 contains a little bit of adventure, a twist or two, and some unresolved tension. I hope you enjoy it.

I may not be able to post any more chapters for another couple days or so, but I will continue the story as soon as I can.

In the meantime, think of what readers of the original serials went through -- imagine getting one chapter a week!

Chapter 8: Another Disguise

Have been off the tubes

Have been off the tubes myself lately. Self imposed exile, deep depression and this fucked up world don't mix too well. (much better now) Looking forward to reading your faction(?) Winter. Hope the rest of your life continues to improve.
I too am glad to have you back even in little bits.
Best wishes to all.

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Hi Debbie

Good to hear from you again and glad you are back and feeling much better. smiling

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