'Genetic Damage' In Fallujah: The BBC Reports

There's a new post at my main blog.

Thus the truth about horrible crimes burns itself into the consciousness of the multitudes.

You can read it there and/or comment here.

I hope to be back with more before too long.


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Yaa done it again

Thanks, WP, for this bit of news that for some reason the U$ media won't see as fit to print. Nice understatements! What a shame that the U$ is nothing but talk and murder.

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Thanks Winter

To appropriate some promotional plug from somewhere "We are all witnesses."

It's been so quiet around here. I was starting to figure winter patriots hibernate in summer. Glad to see you back at it.

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"amateur stuff is better than paid stuff"

"amateur" meaning "unpaid".
A good quote and backstory about wikileaks.

but I feel it applies to Winter's writing pretty well.

Nukkkular karma?

If there's any such thing as karma, you'll see the "democracy" of that crater-picture coming to the U.S. when its plutocracy finally blows the country up.

I wonder what al-Jazeera is broadcasting about it? Or RT? It's a shame that people in the grips of the American meeja-sphere probably have to rely on Muslims and Russians to see honest reporting about what their own country has done. Today, I'm getting sick of all the "How does Wikileaks' latest harm The Toops?" The truth is what hurts the troops...

What can one say ? No longer

What can one say ? No longer a religious person, I so want to believe in hell so that the leaders of world can suffer just what they have rendered. this world sucks!

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well Debbieanne one way

one way I like to think about it is that the universe is a repeating cycle, that we will all be reborn, so many times over, that when it's all said and done we will have a chance to have come back as everyone and everything. and that applies for those guys too. in which case they will have their turns to suffer, just as they have rendered. exactly that much, no more, no less and the law of karma remains in tact...?
Probably just a stupid idea, but it makes me feel better about the injustices that go unpunished in our lifetimes.

Thanks NJT. One can only

Thanks NJT. One can only hope (he).

bbc vids

bbc video on the collapse of wtc bldg 7 while it is still standing in the background
bbc video of genetic damage in fallujah from depleted uranium deployed upon residents

Thanks for the video links,

Thanks for the video links, NomNomNom. Much appreciated. smiling

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