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Gadaffi's Son on the War by NATO

This is a Russia Today interview (12 mins) with Colonel Gadaffi's son, Saif Al-Islam, on the War by Nato on Libya and the reasons for it. Saif Al-Islam also talks about his mistakes in dealing with the West and that these are a lesson for other countries.

Shorter version - Deal with snakes and you will get bitten!

The link comes via Richard Edmonson at Leftwing-Christian.net

Syria Next? (Updated)


Please see update at the foot of this article

This follows on from NJT's post below and from Penny of “Penny For Your Thoughts” who has put up a piece on the killing of 120 Syrian police and servicemen in Syria.

Penny makes some astute observations regarding the reports of this mass killing in the British newspapers and asks some pertinent questions. Many of the links in my post below come from Penny's article.

We know that the BBC and the Guardian act as mouthpieces for the government and their security services. The Voice of America was overtly established as a propaganda arm of the US government, for goodness sake. So these reports (linked above) will be deliberately misleading, at least, in one way or another.

We also know that the security services of the US, Israel and Britain are up to their armpits in these 'Arab Spring uprisings'

Yet, of all the possible scenarios mentioned in these reports, the possibility that the gunmen are foreign military or security services trained personnel is never mentioned. The staging and success of these operations sound much more like special forces troops than "armed gangs".

Religions, Banks and Power

The following is offered as background to the forces at play in the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his resultant resignation from the IMF which was the subject of my previous post. I don't have any definitive answer as to who is doing what and why but I can offer some thoughts on some of the players involved and their interests together with a bit of history.

It is a mistake to see the forces in the West as being tied to or representing a particular country. It is also a mistake to see a country (particularly in the West) as a political force in itself. It is a creature of the interests or groups that happen to be in control at any one time. These interests can change over time. There are four main groups; the Vatican, the aristocracy, the bankers and the industrialists.


The Big Split? - with Addendum


see Addendum at the foot of this article

Recently, the head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), was arrested in New York accused of sexually attacking a hotel maid at the hotel he was staying at. There has been much press fanfare and all of it one sided as DSK has been refused bail and so cannot comment. To refuse bail to someone of DSK's 'stature' is highly unusual, to say the least, and this fact is not being commented on in the jewish press as far as I can see.

The only reason I can think of for this decision is that they need to keep him held incommunicado, at least for a time, maybe permanently. Actually, there is another reason and that is that it is very difficult to organise a defence from jail plus his captors get to hear his conversations with his lawyers (despite what anyone else might say to the contrary). But this is secondary. It is worthwhile to note that DSK had been reported in the European press as saying he thought he was being followed and that he might be set up in exactly the manner of his alleged offence just days before it happened. See Aangirfan for the details
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alien fail

This post, "alien fail", is 'cross-posted' in part from Twelfth Bough. It is very important, in my view, as it opens up the can of worms that is the logic behind the case for the existence of aliens, together with who might be promoting this and why.

A family went to Disney World in the early 1970s. A little girl we know asked her dad if they really took a trip to the moon on one of the rides. He said, “What do you think?” The little girl told him that she had been watching that building ALL DAY and had yet to see a spaceship take off or land.

The Jetsons

What is the logic behind this alien agenda? Let’s unpack it. This will be a little exercise in following the logic through to conclusions and seeing if it makes sense. This is not about EVIDENCE, specifically, it’s just about the narrative, and what we’ve been told, and whether that story makes sense, given what we know.

The logic of the narrative provides the evidence.

Let us commence with a simple question.

Do aliens exist? If yes, then are they good or bad?

As we are into the narratives of the existence of aliens rather than the evidence of their existence (which could keep us here for weeks), let's assume for the moment they exist and go straight to thinking through “Are They Good?”

Let’s start with the basics. What do we know?

Lately we have heard a lot about the DISCLOSURE narrative, which says that someone needs to force the government to come clean with what they know about the aliens. Why would the government want to withhold the truth about aliens? Why does the government want to keep the truth about aliens a secret? One argument says it is to avoid a massive panic. Alien disclosure will “change everything.” Therefore, this disclosure must be timed just right in order to manage the changes properly. This pre-planning stage seems to take a very long time. So long that it seems that the aliens, if they are in touch with the government as we’re told by the disclosure people, are COOPERATING in the timing of the disclosure. Otherwise, they would have used their superior technology to make themselves known to everyone before now. But they haven’t done that. Therefore they are cooperating with our leaders in the timing of their disclosure.

Now, why would the aliens do that? Because they also want to avoid the massive panic? Because they want to help our leaders to manage the disclosure most effectively? Because everyone wants the best for us? So they’re working together, and everyone has only the highest motives of cooperation, and therefore the aliens are good, just like our leaders?

Furthermore, if the aliens are bad, what could possibly stop them, with their vastly superior technology, from simply taking over? Why would they need to cooperate with our leaders? Because they believe that we will follow our leaders in a crisis, and therefore they need our leaders to provide this service?

So we infer there is cooperation, but it’s not clear what motivations drive that.


Many people would like to believe that the aliens will help us, and they will work together with our leaders, who also want to help us (cough), and together they will improve planet earth and solve many problems with the aliens' superior, god-like technologies and ways.
Read the rest at Twelfth Bough

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Water Crystals (with addendum)

Addendum at the foot of this article

The following post may sound a little flakey to some people but it is offered as food for thought and as an adjunct to any efforts you might be making to improve the world in any way. Dr Masaru Emoto has spent many years photographing water crystals from all over the world and under varying conditions. His photographs and work are compelling and open up a world that is otherwise closed to our cynical, hard bitten way of life in the West.

I believe it offers, to some extent at least, the promise of a way around that great rock in the road that 'force and violence' makes of itself on the way towards peace and prosperity for the whole world.

First of all some pictures from Mr Emoto's site of Water Crystals to see what this is all about-
see here

And here are two pictures of water taken from a polluted dam before and after prayer. From United Earth (these good people make and sell tipis. If you are interested, click here)

“Below is an image of very polluted and toxic water from the Fujiwara Dam. Further below is the same water after a Buddhist monk (Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple) offered a prayer over it for one hour. Prayer, that’s sound coupled with intention, seems to have an extraordinary ability to restore the water back to its natural, harmonious, geometric symmetry.”



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