alien fail

This post, "alien fail", is 'cross-posted' in part from Twelfth Bough. It is very important, in my view, as it opens up the can of worms that is the logic behind the case for the existence of aliens, together with who might be promoting this and why.

A family went to Disney World in the early 1970s. A little girl we know asked her dad if they really took a trip to the moon on one of the rides. He said, “What do you think?” The little girl told him that she had been watching that building ALL DAY and had yet to see a spaceship take off or land.

The Jetsons

What is the logic behind this alien agenda? Let’s unpack it. This will be a little exercise in following the logic through to conclusions and seeing if it makes sense. This is not about EVIDENCE, specifically, it’s just about the narrative, and what we’ve been told, and whether that story makes sense, given what we know.

The logic of the narrative provides the evidence.

Let us commence with a simple question.

Do aliens exist? If yes, then are they good or bad?

As we are into the narratives of the existence of aliens rather than the evidence of their existence (which could keep us here for weeks), let's assume for the moment they exist and go straight to thinking through “Are They Good?”

Let’s start with the basics. What do we know?

Lately we have heard a lot about the DISCLOSURE narrative, which says that someone needs to force the government to come clean with what they know about the aliens. Why would the government want to withhold the truth about aliens? Why does the government want to keep the truth about aliens a secret? One argument says it is to avoid a massive panic. Alien disclosure will “change everything.” Therefore, this disclosure must be timed just right in order to manage the changes properly. This pre-planning stage seems to take a very long time. So long that it seems that the aliens, if they are in touch with the government as we’re told by the disclosure people, are COOPERATING in the timing of the disclosure. Otherwise, they would have used their superior technology to make themselves known to everyone before now. But they haven’t done that. Therefore they are cooperating with our leaders in the timing of their disclosure.

Now, why would the aliens do that? Because they also want to avoid the massive panic? Because they want to help our leaders to manage the disclosure most effectively? Because everyone wants the best for us? So they’re working together, and everyone has only the highest motives of cooperation, and therefore the aliens are good, just like our leaders?

Furthermore, if the aliens are bad, what could possibly stop them, with their vastly superior technology, from simply taking over? Why would they need to cooperate with our leaders? Because they believe that we will follow our leaders in a crisis, and therefore they need our leaders to provide this service?

So we infer there is cooperation, but it’s not clear what motivations drive that.


Many people would like to believe that the aliens will help us, and they will work together with our leaders, who also want to help us (cough), and together they will improve planet earth and solve many problems with the aliens' superior, god-like technologies and ways.
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well i never seen no alien

i've never seen any of that stuff first hand. but there's some anecdotal evidence out there, some acorn thing or a guy with wings or something. i dunno what to believe when so many people are supposedly seeing these things, but i never seen nothing like that. but even if space people had come around, they must be smart enough to know they'll be attacked and smart enough not to invite that confrontation.
that Egyptian picture could be interpreted, I think, as the tombs of the pharoahs are flying up to heaven?

class act

Well, I can't argue with that, NJT. So I reckon you are onto something there. All these winged acorns must surely amount up to more than a hill of beans (and souvenir shops).

Unfortunate shape and colour though. You'd think these aliens would have more taste or get some class about them.

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maybe it was military testing

the acorn, maybe it was a prototype re-entry vehicle.
or an alien port-o-san?

It's got to be one or the

It's got to be one or the other, NJT. Tough call, though smiling

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Where are you James?

haven't heard from you in a while, curious what you think about this IMF situation - i hope the aliens didn't get you!!

International Monetory Fu . .

hi NJT,
i'm around sorta . . .

i don't know that i can shed much light on it except to add a couple of speculative observations-
DSK would not have been proposing his 'reforms' off his own bat. These guys are organisational men, not Lone Arrangers (sorry about the pun. Well, i'm not really smiling )

so presumably there is a faction within the elite that is against the JP Morgan faction and presumably the Rothschilds and definitely the Rockefellers. The europeans seem to want to save their euro and the Americans seem to want to wreck it. There has been a lot of signs of in fighting amongst the global elite for some time now and i think this is another example.

I agree with Winter and Silber that the system (elite) eat their own (eventually). As we draw close to the end, the blood trail rises higher and higher up the food chain. The Rockefellers and Goldman Sachs (Rothschilds) want to take out their allies now.

This is our biggest hope for change I think (if you don't include divine intervention, that is!). Their in-fighting will fuck up their own plans and hopefully enough will get exposed to allow real order to come out of the chaos.


The european non-financier-elite seem to want to protect their economies primarily and the US financiers (and perhaps european ones) want to wreck the european economy just as they have the American economy.

it looks to me that the industrialists and aristocracy on both sides of the atlantic (Pilgrim Society in the US) are pushing back against the bankers.
The Vatican is in the middle of its own war with the primarily jewish bankers. The vatican is trying to bring down the Euro currency and the EU organisation itself.

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thanks james

always appreciate your insight.
so it sounds like China may be a big winner in all this in-fighting?
man stuff is getting crazy right now, i have to wonder if it isn't all a big setup for wwiii that the bankers and globalists might like to plan for 2012... a ratcheting up of the global war of terror

no reply

I wrote to James recently but received no reply, and am also hoping he's still with us Earthly types.

Earth bound

Still here, Winter. sad

I didn't get your email. You might have sent it to my defunct gmail a/c (thank you google!)
I've sent you an email from another address. Cheers

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alien motivation

just another angle on the whole alien thing; i came across this and it makes a lot of sense to me,

"advertising strategists have concluded that viewers of UFO and ancient astronaut programs are exactly the kinds of marks they are looking for to invest their money in reaching."

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