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The 95% Solution Pt2 - Thomas Sheridan

Source - Rick's Artistry

Recently Penny put up a link in her article “Psychopaths Are Everywhere” to a Thomas Sheridan radio interview. It is well worth listening to. You'll find the interview embedded at Penny's at the above link and scroll down a little.

There's a second part to the interview where Thomas talks about the psychopathic nature of the God of parts of the Old Testament and touches on the money system. Broadly, I agree with him though I have some differences. But that is to be expected , I suppose. I wouldn't want anyone out there thinking exactly like me. Even I am not that cruel! Click here for the second hour.
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The 95% Solution - William Kamkwamba

Most of the problems faced by humanity can be traced back to a small group amongst us. This group, though they look like the rest of us, have an essential difference; they have no conscience. So there is nothing to inhibit them from pursuing their own interests regardless of the harm they may cause others. And they do. On a global scale. The people of this group are widely known as 'psychopaths' as well as a variety of other names. They represent approximately 5% of the general population. 9 out of ten of these psychopaths are men.

So you could expect in a room of 20 to 25 men to have 2 psychopaths present on average. Though, depending on the circumstances of the meeting, you could have many more than 2. If it is a meeting of senior personnel from a military, political, business, criminal or religious organisations, it is possible you would be able to find 20 or more psychopaths present because they are attracted to organisations that offer power and once in them they have a decided advantage over others for the reason that bureaucratic hierarchies suit their lack of conscience. And so they rise to the top with the help of their fellow psychopaths within the structure.

They dominate every power organisation in our society. From this elevated position they can, and do, rain hell down on us. Looking to those who have caused the problems we face to fix them is worse than a futile exercise. I say "worse than futile" because the wasted effort takes up the time, resources and energy that could have been channelled into an effective solution. So there is a huge opportunity cost involved.

So the rest of us non-psychopaths need to avoid these problem-makers and their government and bureaucratic apparatuses at all costs if we want to avoid obstructions and to succeed. Instead, we are far better off to look to the other 95% of the population, ourselves, for solutions.

I have decided, rather arbitrarily smiling , to call this strategy The 95% Solution. That's us, folks. The rest of the population that have a conscience and who care about others, at least some of the time. I hope to present a series of ideas and examples of this 95% Solution in action. I'd like to kick off with a young gentleman by the name of William Kamkwamba from Malawi.

William, at the age of 14, decided that he would build a wind generator to power electric lights in his family's home. He had very little indeed in the way of resources. Yet through his own ingenuity, he succeeded. Here is a short 6 minute video of his exploits. I should note however that he has been picked up and sponsored by a western foundation (TED) that is, in turn, sponsored by some of the usual suspects making it a questionable boon. I hope William doesn't end up being co-opted and using his ingenuity and education to further the interests of corporations.

So, if any readers become wildly successful at making commuter aircraft out of used beer cans, be wary of the smiling men in suits that your endeavours will attract.

William has written a book, btw, with Bryan Mealer, an Associated Press journalist, and can be purchased here-

and reviews can be read at the link as well.

He also has a blog here -

But William's story is just beginning and so is our own story; our march to freedom and prosperity through boycotting and divestment from governments, corporations and the military whenever possible and just getting on with organising and providing our own solutions with whatever we have to hand.

It is self defeating to complain to Caesar about Caesar. All you are doing through this is telling Caesar and yourself that Caesar has the power and that you don't. Despite appearances, the opposite is most often the truth.

A further note to readers: if you know of any similar stories or ingenious grassroots solutions, I would love to hear about them. So, on with William Kamkwamba's short story -

I'll leave the final word to William, "Often when people are in trouble they just sit and complain when they really need to wake up and start doing.
It is like my windmill, “I just tried, and I made it happen.”

CRASHING THE MARKET: Short Selling Shares That Don't Exist For Fun and Profit. (Reposted)

This article was originally published here at Winter Patriot Community blog more than 18mths ago. It is relevant again because of the latest stock market crash under way. Nothing has changed. The 'who's', the 'whats' and the 'why's' are all the same. The Crashes and the Depressions are artificially induced by the people who control the hedge funds, the stock markets, the banks and the governments

This is massive fraud and theft happening in 'real time'.

The only thing that will stop this massive rorting of the economy and the thieving of people's wealth is widespread public exposure

(Foreword - In the following, the words “stocks” and “shares” mean the same thing and are interchangeable. Similarly, “share scrip” and “share certificates” are interchangeable. I have assumed, too, that you, the reader, are familiar with Credit Creation or the way money comes into existence through banking practice. If you are not familiar with this foundational piece of corruption in Western society, you can read about it here – Warring Worlds pt4b )

If I were to tell you that you had been 'shorted' in a deal you made, most people would ordinarily take that to mean you had been cheated. Being shorted is being dudded. So 'shorting the market' or 'short selling' is a very aptly named practice because basically it is cheating the market, i.e. it's fraud. Too many years ago, I worked for the Melbourne Stock Exchange in Australia and 'short selling' was banned there then for this reason because it involves selling something you don't have and that's illegal most places I know. It's really, really simple. (What the situation is now at the MSE I don't know). (Short selling is now permissible under ASX rules throughout Australia - Ed)

Back then when delivery of scrip was a lengthy process it was my understanding, and also of everyone I knew, that the short sellers simply took advantage of this lengthy delay. I heard no one talking about 'borrowing' share scrip (certificates) to deliver and replacing them at a later date. The 'borrowing scrip' idea is a relatively new explanation to my ears, at least, and this explanation is, no doubt, necessary now because of the much faster electronic settlement times. But, it still leaves many questions.
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Punishment: The Road To Hell

Margaret Thatcher was a stupid woman. Yet, she was impressive. Just as a steel trap is impressive when it springs into action catching a hapless victim in its jaws. And yet, the trap is stupid at the same time. It is entirely reflexive and cannot think past what it is primed to do. Margaret Thatcher had a mind like a steel trap. She was primed by the bankers of the City of London to deliver unto them a large proportion of the wealth and with it the economic freedom and autonomy of the ordinary people of Britain including and especially the people of Northern Ireland.

The discrimination against the Catholics of Northern Ireland (the indigenous Irish) by the local ruling elite and their supporters (chiefly of English and Scottish by heritage) was becoming all too evident and the pressures for a representative democracy and even a reuniting with the South were mounting. To ward off this potential economic loss, the rulers of England decided to embark on covert violence once more through their Secret Services and covert military units.

The scene was set two or three generations before when the British Government prevailed upon the Irish Government, in the person of Michael Collins, to accept a partition of Ireland as part of a peace treaty. This automatically created a division within Ireland to be exploited by the British rulers to bring about anything but peace. They make a habit of doing this. Ask anyone on the Indian subcontinent. Or anyone in the Middle East.


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A Blogger on Norway


Today I'd like to feature another blogger; something I don't do enough of. The blogger in question is Suraci. He has a enduring ability to continually cut through the fog of the media and to succinctly state the bleeding obvious which many of us miss. Here are two recent examples regarding the killings in Norway -

Appeal to the controlled media

BERLIN (JTA) -- "The confessed perpetrator in the attack in Norway that killed at least 76 people espoused a right-wing philosophy against Islam that also purports to be pro-Zionist."

This is the very first paragraph in an Israeli publication about the Norway atrocity. As you can see, they do not shy away from linking this man to Zionism, because that is what he was.

The British press (so called), will not use this term. They hide behind such phraseology as extreme right wing and anti Muslim.

No, let's get it right: he was a Zionist. He supported Israel to the hilt, and even the Israeli press do not try to hide this.

That clarifies things a bit, doesn't it? The rest of that short post can be read here. Just click on "I Understand and I Wish to Continue" smiling

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Gold in Garbage? (updated)

Garbage- sm

Here is an article from 'The Economic Collapse' blog concerning the decline and fall of the United States economy. It is from last year but nothing will have changed.


Historians tell us that by the very end of the Roman Empire, goods were pouring into Rome from all over the known world, but about the only thing being sent out of Rome was human waste and garbage. America has not yet reached that point, but we are certainly well on our way. In 2010, the number one U.S. export to China is "scrap and trash". Yes, you read the correctly. The number one thing that China buys from us is our garbage. According to author Clyde Prestowitz, China's number one export to the U.S. is computer equipment (nearly $50 billion) while our number one export to them is waste paper and scrap metal (approximately $8 billion). When it comes to world trade, China is literally wiping the floor with the United States. In August, the U.S. trade deficit with China set a new one month record of $28 billion dollars. Our insane trade policies are making China (along with several of our other "trade partners") incredibly wealthy, and the U.S. government ends up begging China to lend that money back to us to fund the exploding U.S. national debt. That just isn't stupidity - that is insanity.

Read the rest here

No, it's actually something else; a gold shaft

What strikes me from this article, and every other one like this that I've read, is that it doesn't seem to occur to the author that this relentless slide into poverty and destitution which goes against ALL business and capitalist principles could be deliberate; that it could be a calculated campaign. It's simple, really.

It never seems to occur to so many people, too, that whatever is going 'wrong' is actually going 'right' for the people who control the situation. If it wasn't going right for them, they'd change it. It's simple, really.

So who controls the economy (and government) in the US? the people behind the banks that control the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. And who's behind these people? The Rothschilds. So they have been overseeing this rapid decline.

And who's been cosying up to China ever since Deng Xiaoping opened up China to international trade? Rothschilds. Simple, no?

The Chinese needed gold to trade in those days. Guess where they got it from? And guess where the Rothschilds got it from? Ever wondered why there hasn't been an audit of the gold at Fort Knox for decades?

So its not stupidity or insanity. It's simply a right royal, 24 carat, shafting.

The rest of the article (with links) can be read here at The Economic Collapse blog


Chuckyman left a great link in the comments and I'll repeat it here-

I don't share the author's estimate of the intelligence of the Rothschilds, though. Cunning as shithouse rats, maybe. But not ' brilliant men', by any means. They have a very limited repertoire which they repeat ad nauseum. But apart from that minor quibble, it has a very good overview of things and some very good links as well for further reading.

I was remiss in my writing above in not emphasising the answer to all this economic mayhem. It lies in first recognising the enemy; in understanding that the 'incompetence' and 'bad luck' and 'nobody could have predicted' excuses are always lies. A simple statistical proof of the deliberate nature of the destruction is that even a monkey will be right half the time. The mathematics of random chance and probability determine that. To get it 'wrong' ALL the time requires an elaborate and detailed plan and a co-ordinated campaign.

So if authors like the one who wrote the featured article above, understood this deliberate nature, they would do their readers an enormous service in pointing that out together with exactly who is doing it and why. Once all this is grasped, then the problem is more than half solved.

We are getting there, though. There's a heck of a lot more knowledge of what is going on out there now than there was even from a couple of years ago.

So the 'call to action', folks, is to continue to tell everyone that will listen that the economic breakdown is deliberate, who is doing it and why.

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