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see Addendum at the foot of this article

Recently, the head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), was arrested in New York accused of sexually attacking a hotel maid at the hotel he was staying at. There has been much press fanfare and all of it one sided as DSK has been refused bail and so cannot comment. To refuse bail to someone of DSK's 'stature' is highly unusual, to say the least, and this fact is not being commented on in the jewish press as far as I can see.

The only reason I can think of for this decision is that they need to keep him held incommunicado, at least for a time, maybe permanently. Actually, there is another reason and that is that it is very difficult to organise a defence from jail plus his captors get to hear his conversations with his lawyers (despite what anyone else might say to the contrary). But this is secondary. It is worthwhile to note that DSK had been reported in the European press as saying he thought he was being followed and that he might be set up in exactly the manner of his alleged offence just days before it happened. See Aangirfan for the details
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The following is speculative with lots of “perhaps” thrown in. But 'perhaps' it might make some sense.

So who don't they want him to talk to? The public? Maybe, but they have the press to bury/distort his words as they please. Another and more pressing reason may be that DSK was about to meet with Angela Merkel. Germany is in the hot seat economically over the IMF loans to Greece. But perhaps Germany wasn't the big beneficiary of the takedown of the Greek economy. Perhaps the New York banks were. Perhaps Germany has been left holding the bag. Perhaps the whole thing was a double scam to take down Greece (and Portugal and Ireland) as well as Germany and possibly France, too. Perhaps, too, DSK has the goods on this and would inform Merkel of it all before the all important vote on the strategy to adopt with Greece (et al) and which will seal not only Greece's future but Germany's (and France's?) too, and remove it an economic power. Perhaps DSK's mere presence at the vote would carry the day and taking him out of the game is the NY bankers way of blatantly threatening everyone else present.

DSK would not have been promoting his alternative financial arrangements for Greece and promoting criticism of the NY Fed if he didn't have powerful backing and that would, of course, come from Europe. So it is pretty obvious that we are looking at a serious split within the top ranks of the elite; between Europe and the US

The SDR's (not new, btw) look like another contentious issue and, indeed, the status of the $US as world reserve currency is at stake. But that's not all. The US military machine is financed by this $US reserve currency. It is truly ironic and so typical of evil thinking that the world is actually paying for the very force that is destroying a good part of the world.

So it is no wonder that Russia and China would be pushing for SDRs even though they would be better off without any world currency. They are far better off with the currency exchanges that they are presently indulging in. These currency swaps lower the demand for $US, BUT, these exchanges don't remove the $US as the world reserve currency and therefore does not stop the Anglo-American bankers from making the world pay for the huge US military.

In the previous sentence, I didn't call the Anglo-American bankers jewish because not all of them are and, critically, there are jewish bankers amongst the elite in Europe and these two banking centres seem to be at war with each other. The European Central Bank is situated in Frankfurt, the Rothschild's home town.

Jacob Rothschild has been smooching up to the Chinese now for some years and there is every chance that the Rothschilds sponsored Deng Xiaoping from the beginning of his rise to power. Deng was behind China's subsequent opening up to trade with the West (and it's banking system, of course). China is pressing for the introduction of SDRs and so are the Rothschilds, presumably.

Is it possible that the big split in the elite is between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers?

See Penny For Your Thoughts here and here for more on this.

Important update - see Penny's latest - "Dominique Strauss Kahn: Resigns from IMF & released on bail. View from Europe- Economic Warfare"


It has been widely assumed that the Rothschilds control the European Central Bank, the IMF and the US Federal Reserve. But if this is so, then how is it that there is this war over IMF policy evidenced by (from Mouser's comment below) - Tim Geithner three weeks ago axed a plan by the IMF to bail out the Irish banks through the European Central Bank and culminating in DSK's arrest?

Were Geithner and his bosses betting through Credit Default Swaps on Ireland and Portugal and Greece to fail?

It has been evident to me for quite a while that there has been splits within the world's elite. The plane crash taking out the political, military and religious leadership of Poland last year is but one example. The very public cosying up of the Vatican with the head of both the European aristocracy and the Church of England, Queen Elizabeth, last year is another. This is in the face of a media and legal campaign against the Vatican over the sexual predatory practices of the Catholic Church. The jews control the press and the law in the US, particularly.

Historically, the jewish bankers were the new boys on the block power wise. They formed alliances with the Vatican (who controlled the minds of the people) and the aristocracy (who controlled the land and resources) by offering them even greater riches. In the process the bankers have cemented their position which was very tentative to begin with. The aristocracy could have taken over their banking houses at any time had they realised it at the time.

In the meantime, the jewish bankers have greatly increased their wealth and control and now it seems that these jewish bankers are doing what they have always done; turning on their allies when they think they have the upper hand. No surprises there.

But the great surprise is that there now seems to be a rift amongst the premier banking organisations that have been assumed hitherto to have been one homogeneous block. Perhaps the treachery displayed in the Lehman Bros takedown was a precursor. These developments are definitely worth watching. From all the indications, there is an economic war going on between Europe and the US.

The US military machine is financed by this $US reserve currency. It is truly ironic and so typical of evil thinking that the world is actually paying for the very force that is destroying a good part of the world.

This statement of mine needs some amplification, I think. During the OPEC oil crisis of the 70's, the US Federal Reserve had the OPEC countries agree to sell all their oil denominated in $US in return for the US Government accepting the much higher price. This meant that the (privately owned) Fed could print money equal to the value of the world's oil sales without causing massive inflation because there now was a huge extra demand for $US.

This extra money was lent into the world's financial markets to facilitate the purchase oil and the interest owed by the rest of the world on this huge increase in $US has financed the massive growth of the US military. Much of the Pentagon's appetite for equipment and resources is supplied by the rest of the world and paid for by their own interest payments. These countries' money and resources comes back to them often in the form of political corruption, bombs and assassination squads. Neat, huh!

All this stops, of course, when the oil exporting countries of the world stop selling their oil in $US (like Iraq did before it was invaded and Iran is doing now). Or the $US loses its "World Reserve Currency" status and is replaced with another currency that the US banks do not control i.e. that they do not issue

Big stakes for everyone.


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wow so

what's going to happen as a result? I guess we can imagine the fallout won't be good. And hopefully that won't be taken too literally...

Oh, and that irony about funding the force that's destroying the world, i feel it every time i pay my taxes.


hi NJT,
i saw your bitcoin comment. I remember looking at it some time ago and can't remember if i was unimpressed or i simply didn't understand it! But will have a look later and ofer some comment.

Re Roths Vs Rocks, it's a distinct possibility now in my mind but is by no means definite.
What is definite,though, in my mind at least smiling , is that there is a serious split in the ranks and it is getting nastier which means is about survival for some of the factions

DIY banking

Bitcoin is essentially another banking scam; creating money out of thin air but instead of lending it at interest, the bitcoin principals are selling it (if I'm understanding this at all).

They are talking up a demand for them-

"We are 100% certain that governments will start banning bitcoins in the next 12 to 18 months. Additionally, we’re certain bitcoins will soar in value and a crush of folks will flood the system and start using them.

Currently there are 6M coins at $6.70 each for a total economy of about $40M. Bitcoin speculation and hoarding will also cause a massive spike in bitcoin value. For example, if 10M people find out about bitcoins in the next year and want to buy $100 worth, $1B will be infused into the bitcoin economy.

Finally, there will be massive breakage in bitcoins. If your laptop crashes and you didn’t back up your bitcoins, well, you’re SOL. If someone steals you laptop that has 10,000 bitcoins on it you won on Bitcoin Poker, you’re SOL. Lost your USB drive with 500 bitcoins on it after a night out on the town? You’re SOL."

So they are talking up demand, scarcity, collectiblity and there's a time limit to 'cash in' on this windfall. All the classic sales/scam pitches. But there's no convertible backing such as oil or gold and/or no forced compliance such as a govt with police, courts and jails demanding them for payment of taxes.

The incentive is that they will allow (criminal) untraceable transations. Well, good luck with that. All cons rely on the mark's greed or venality.
Bitcoins are like counterfeit notes; they're fine until one day someone refuses to take them and trust in them evaporates. Are they really relying on trust between coke dealers???

I think i'll start my own currency. Hmmm . . . . how about "Shitcoins"? It's got a ring to it (that's a little oz humour, there) laughing out loud

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LOL thanks James

so i think it's best i hold onto what little money i've got, and not invest in bitcoins at this point in time. Although when those shitcoins come out, let me know!!!

NJT, believe me

you'll be the first to know smiling

thanks, James

Nice to see you around again! and once again you've given us plenty to think about.

cheers, Winter

Not at all sure i've got an 'lbw' with this swing ball but it's well worth a shout. It looks good from the Southern Stand, anyway laughing out loud

The Rothschilds own

The Rothschilds own Rockerfeller.

Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen) has resigned effective immediately from the IMF.

This was a take down sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself. DSK was his lackey in charge of his IMF.

This was a set up honey-trap, an inside (b-) job

Why? Somehow Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies are planning to try to implement a private fractional-reserve-usury global currency (SDRs).

How they will try and how DSK's take down factors into it is presently unclear.

Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, Mouser smiling

The Rothschilds own Rockerfeller.

Yes that is the received wisdom. The Rockefellers together with JP Morgan and this perception has been from the days they were set up and it was presumed with Rothschilds capital and blessing. This perception has been reinforced over the years by the Chase's (Rockefellers) merger with Manhattan (Warburgs - read Rothschilds). But times change and something looks very wrong with this assumed alliance now. To me at least.

Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen) has resigned effective immediately from the IMF.

This was a take down sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself. DSK was his lackey in charge of his IMF.

So why do it this way? And why in New York? Why wouldn't uncle Jacob have a gentle word in his dainty shell-like ear instead?

This was a set up honey-trap, an inside (b-) job

Honey trap, yes. But if it's an inside job, why not just fire him or 'see above'. He would not have been advocating his positions for three years without top level support. Who would that be if not the Rothschilds?

Why? Somehow Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies are planning to try to implement a private fractional-reserve-usury global currency (SDRs).

Yes. Who do you think is opposing them?

How they will try and how DSK's take down factors into it is presently unclear.

Agreed! smiling Thanks for your comment. I put this up to air my puzzled thoughts and and to get some feedback

IMF pukes like Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen)

To Winter Patriot;

Here's a bit more observation.

Tim Geithner three weeks ago axed a plan by the IMF to bail out the Irish banks through the European Central Bank that also included a multimillion dollar haircut for the private billionaire (mostly US?) shareholders of Irelands debt default.

Tim Geithner is married to jewess Carol Sonnenfeld, their children are jewish. His ultimate boss, of the Federal Reserve - Rothschild, is a Khazarian 'jew'.

He's a player, meaning his job is to wreck the American economy enough that the average American will cry out for a private fractional-reserve-usury global currency (SDR's) and thereby defacto ACCEPT a one world government.

Timmy Geithner will keep on raising the debt ceiling until ALL ECONOMIC HELL breaks loose in America.

That is his job - economic armageddon in the USA.

Good site Sir.

Regards, Mouser

Hey Mouser!

I just noticed something you wrote and need to explain.
I am not "Winter Patriot". This is a community site with multiple contributors that grew up around Winter Patriot's blog. He posts and comments here using the monikers of "Winter" and sometimes "WP"

For a fuller explanation see here as explained by McJ, another contributor here.

Clearly it is Banker vs

Clearly it is Banker vs Banker as Penny has written about

The US Federal Reserve is in the process of turning the US into one gigantic military machine and the population is being forced into being fodder for it.
The only jobs left soon will be in industries supporting this machine or directly in the services themselves. Hence the impoverishment of the population, on the one hand, and also the necessity of whoever is ultimately running the show in the US controlling whatever unit becomes (or remains) the world reserve currency, de facto or otherwise.

Quote of the Day

"There was a pretty amazing moment Tuesday during the JPMorgan Chase shareholders meeting. A woman from the group Illinois People's Action, Dawn Dannenbring, who as a shareholder had the right to speak at the meeting, said to CEO Jamie Dimon: “As a person of faith, my God believes you shouldn’t take advantage of people when they are down. Do you believe in the same God I believe in?” Dimon was apparently a little taken aback, answering, "That's a hard one to answer.”


As one commenter answered the question accurately and succinctly with - "Mammon"

More here from Crooks and Liars.

what the?

Don't you think it might just be possible that he did assault the maid? Powerful people get away with this sort of stuff all the time, right. So, maybe, tptb, can use the situation to their advantage, but please don't dismiss the allegations as just another twist in the financial machinations of those same powers.

Fair comment, Debbieanne

It has been noted here, and many other places, repeatedly that this sort of behaviour (and worse) is standard practice amongst the otherwise untouchable elite.

I don't think anyone around these parts is saying that Strauss-Kahn didn't deserve what he got. He has quite a reputation for this sort of thing it seems.

But why it stands out as a 'honey trap' in this instance is
- that the police were so quick to act: or even that they acted at all;
- that it is all over the msn;
- that the maid has a high-priced hot-shot lawyer to speak for her;
- that the judge refused DSK bail and
- that DSK predicted this very event.
To this i can now add that is seems obvious now that he had to resign from the IMF to receive bail.


Thanks James. All of that makes sense. So he could get away with it while he 'toed the party line' but not when he seemed to be going 'off the reservation'.


yes, that's how they keep control!


Hey james!
very good addendum, very good.

I want to add this, the scenario I see with DSK and the maid.

DSK came out of the bathroom. Naked.
And there was the maid.

IMO- here is what went down.
DSK pops his viagra.
Freshens up and waits for his high priced hooker.
He has his viagra erection on and wants to wield his "weapon"
(Lest he have a heart attack or go blind or whatever other side effect he may be subjecting himself too.)
He then gets down to the "business" he has paid for.
Instead he unknowingly gets an unsuspecting maid.

Regarding his sudden release on bail?
That was quite obvious, he resigns and he gets his bail.
I still think the maid will go away. Someone will pay her off and the whole thing will disappear. Now that the mission is accomplished. Mission being DSK is gone.


Thanks Pen.
And thanks for the picture of DSK naked with his viagra in hand!
I think we visual thinkers are quite cursed at times smiling

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Ya thanks Pen. That visual is going to give me nightmares. laughing out loud

And speaking of visuals...I love the picture you picked for this post James. smiling

that picture

I love the picture you picked for this post James.

Sorry, i missed this, McJ.

Ashalee, the whole point of the post was to give me an opportunity to use that picture!

James and McJ

If a picture can speak a thousand words
Why not words creating a picture?

sorry about that, hopefully no bad dreams resulted.
Sadly, I can still see the little chubby frenchman "wielding" his viagra sword!! hehehe

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High flying machinations

These high flying financial machinations just confuse the hell out of me. smiling

Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn Trying to Torpedo the Dollar? by Mike Whitney
"So, Strauss-Kahn stuck up for Irish taxpayers over the banks, the bondholders, the ECB, and the US Treasury. Naturally, that made him persona non grata among the ruling throng.
And, there's more, too, because Strauss-Kahn's vision was not limited to currency alone, but involved broad structural changes to the IMF itself that would have reversed decades of neoliberal policies. DSK had settled on a new approach to policymaking; one that would abandon the worst elements of globalization and put greater emphasis on social cohesion, cooperation and multilateralism. Here's an excerpt from the speech titled "Human Development and Wealth Distribution" he gave in November 2010:
"....Adam Smith—one of the founders of modern economics—recognized clearly that a poor distribution of wealth could undermine the free market system, noting that: “The disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and the powerful and…neglect persons of poor and mean condition…is the great and most universal cause of the corruption of our moral sentiments.”
This was over 250 years ago. In today’s world, these problems are magnified under the lens of globalization....globalization also had a dark side. Lurking behind it was a large and growing chasm between rich and poor—especially within countries. An inequitable distribution of wealth can wear down the social fabric. More unequal countries have worse social indicators, a poorer human development record, and higher degrees of economic insecurity and anxiety. In too many countries, inequality increased and real wages stagnated—failing to keep up with productivity—over the past few decades. Ominously, inequality in the United States was back at its pre-Great Depression levels on the eve of the crisis....
An immediate task is to end the scourge of unemployment....Progressive taxation can also promote equity through redistribution, and this should be encouraged....“Inequality is corrosive” ....“it rots societies from within…it illustrates and exacerbates the loss of social cohesion…the pathology of the age and the greatest threat to the health of any democracy.” ("Human Development and Wealth Distribution", Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF)
Can you believe it? DSK is lecturing bankers about redistribution?"

I am having trouble believing in the 'kinder, gentler' DSK. We are to believe this rapist of nation states had gone rogue and was suddenly growing a conscience?
Who was he working for and who was behind him in promoting this 'gentler' direction?
The Europeans?
I thought he was a Rothschild's man. Puzzled
Is this about saving Europe?
I thought he was a Zionist. Puzzled
I also don't understand why they did this now, especially since he was about to announce he was stepping down in July so he could run in the French elections. What was the urgency?

Trouble in River City

hi McJ, you wrote-

I am having trouble believing in the 'kinder, gentler' DSK. We are to believe this rapist of nation states had gone rogue and was suddenly growing a conscience?

Exactly! It doesn't fit.

Who was he working for and who was behind him in promoting this 'gentler' direction?

The $64 question!

The Europeans?

I'll expand on this a little later

I thought he was a Rothschild's man. Puzzled

Me too. But something is not right here

Is this about saving Europe?

Yes, but it is primarily about saving the hides of one or more of the power factions in Europe. The factions being the Vatican, the aristocracy, the industrialists and the bankers. There are overlaps especially when you consider that many within the factions are masons. And there are two major factions within the masons, the Grand Orient of Europe and the Royal Arch of the Anglo-Americans. I'll try and flesh this out a bit more later.

I thought he was a Zionist. Puzzled

Me, too. At least I assumed he was

I also don't understand why they did this now, especially since he was about to announce he was stepping down in July so he could run in the French elections. What was the urgency?

Maybe that's the urgency. France is a catholic country run by a jew totally in the pocket of the bankers. Also the fact that he was arrested in New York appears to be central to this coup d'etat working. That would also provide urgency as he isn't in NY every day.

Lots of possibilities and lots of missing information. I'm still churning this around in my head. What I think is certain though is that this is a major confrontation of factions within the elite.

I'll follow this comment with some background info that may help.

On the subject of Masons

Came accross this recently, an interesting exposition on jewish freemasonary in the early 20th century: THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE OF OSIRIS (Moses) The notes accompanying the videos are equally interesting.

Masons, B'nai Brith and Communism

thanks for the link, Freethinker smiling

I've only watched the first 10 min episode but it looks very promising. I'm aware of the basic plot from reading years ago but this looks to have far more detail than i have previously come across. I also downloaded the book it is based on from your earlier link (thanks again) but haven't had time to go through it yet. Cheers

That book is 'Under the Sign

That book is 'Under the Sign of the Scorpion' by Juri Lina. I don't recall giving any links but its available here and there as a pdf - haven't found time to read it myself, so many books so little time. The film is quite an eye opener although Lina, I guess, is unable to talk of the jewish connection to Freemasonary due to Sweden's hate-speech laws and PC indoctrination. Not all the Bolshevics could have been Freemasons so their connection with jewery is an important element missing from the film, although there are hints. Hitler was a choir-boy compared to Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin.

The other masonic book I mentioned at Penny's recently (Scarlet and the Beast) can be found along with lots of other interesting works at Lucic-tekstovi.htm

Hitler Vs Stalin et al

I agree with you regarding Stalin, Lenin & Co. vs Hitler, Freethinker. It is telling that he and his mates are never seen in the same light as Hitler in the 'free press' we have here in the west.

I must have got the link from somewhere else and from someone else. One of those strange coincidences!

Thanks for your thoughts and the further link. So many books and so little time, indeed! smiling

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