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An Answer To My Critics

When America fought a war against Japan, every Japanese-American citizen in this country was shipped off to an "internment" (aka concentration) camp. Were they all enemies of the state? Of course not. We now realize (well, sort of, not really) that it was a terrible injustice, though we've never made reparations.

Today in the name of "9/11" we round up innocent Muslims from around the world, throw them into prison indefinitely, torture them, and murder them. Are all these Muslims "terrorists"? In the eyes of the powerful in our country -- and I emphasize again that they are not all of one religion -- yes, they are all potential terrorists, and they have less rights as human beings. But you and I recognize that that is racism and a grave injustice and abuse of human rights -- not to mention the outright slaughter of millions of innocents.

Let's say I accepted your premise that the world is controlled by a secret cabal -- which I don't. So what if it turned out that many, even most, of these "world bankers" were Jewish. (We know it can't possibly be all of them; you are quite correct that the Rockefellers are not Jewish, for example.) Would all the Jews in American then be rounded up when the great revolution comes and put into concentration camps, being enemies of the state?

I believe 100% that this is the logical conclusion of people like Kenny -- and you, who obsess over whether the "people in control" are Jewish or not. I'm not in the mood for being hurled into a concentration camp, thank you very much -- whether literally, or rhetorically when I show my face (so to speak) on someone's blog. For that reason, I can't continue this conversation with you, or with the jerks on WP.

Grow up. If you want to change the system, then fight the system. Stop looking for a category of people to scapegoat. Stop fighting invisible actors and fight the visible ones. God knows there's enough death and destruction being meted out by our government, right before our eyes, to mobilize against. Life is not the X-Files, and the Cigarette Smoking Man is not pulling the strings.

I have nothing to do with your "secret cabal." If there is a shitload of Jews doing evil stuff, it's because they're evil. But as long as people like you are hunting for Jews behind every door, you can be damn sure that I will not be spared when Judgment Day comes.

Which brings me to my conclusion, to put it as delicately as possible: Fuck Off.

Why I Can No Longer Be a Winter Patriot

Being a person who shares certain political values and views of the world, including deep skepticism of 9/11, has led me over many years to seek out others in the blogosphere who share my views, and Winter Patriot has been one of the most eloquent of those bloggers. I have especially appreciated his thorough deconstruction of what I refer to as "phony terrorism" such as the "liquid bombers" fiasco.

Being a person who is Jewish and who holds these beliefs is a much more daunting task, akin to swimming in shark-infested waters. I should be clear that my Judiasm is of a very "weak" sort: I was raised in a Jewish family, but I don't really believe in a deity, I don't have an interest in organized religion (and see it as a largely destructive force in the world), and I don't "practice" my religion in any day-to-day sense.

Nonetheless, in large part as a result of the family loyalties that most of us feel, and of the general sense that who I am is inevitably shaped by my background, I identify myself as Jewish. You could say that my Judaism is mainly a "cultural" Judaism. It consists of little more than partaking in several of the major Jewish holidays during the year (e.g. a Passover seder) and sending my kids to "religious school," so that they may be exposed to other ideas and people of a similar background -- in a community where there are very few Jewish people, and non-Jewish people are likely to have misbegotten notions about Jews. (Years ago a friend asked me in all seriousness if I had horns. That hasn't happened here, where I live, but only slightly less bizarre ideas have bubbled up every so often.)

If you were paying attention to the first paragraph, you might conclude that I hold very strong political views -- including an outspoken outrage at the horrible, ongoing human rights crime Israel perpetrates on the Palestinian people. During the horrific, criminal bombing of Lebanon in 2006, I took part in active protests. I have basically come to be an advocate of the "one-state solution" that posits a homeland for both Jews and non-Jews. I believe that American politics are far too influenced by Israel (though I do not share the belief that they are our "puppetmasters"), and I share others' suspicions that there may have been Israeli involvement in 9/11 (but I cannot, nor has anyone else, proven it).

I am aware that there is a tendency for critics of Israel to be labeled "antisemitic," and for this tactic to be used to foreclose legitimate criticism. I run the risk of being called antisemtic myself, or a "self-hating Jew" -- a rather bizarre charge, when you think of it, since I make no secret of my heritage or how I identify myself, and feel no shame about it.

The crux of the matter is this: The ranks of the far left blogosphere (I only use this for lack of a better term; Chris Floyd uses something better like "leftist-anarchist," I think) -- and especially of those who are active 9/11 skeptics -- are rife with unabashed, hate-spewing, genuine-article antisemites, and their links can be found with little difficulty on the right side of this page.

For a prime example of this, please see (if you can stand it) today's posting on "Kenny's Sideshow" (yeah, it's there, on the right): "A Zionist Jewish Lesbian Feminist Not So Free Speech Friendly Nominee for the Supreme Court." To attempt to deconstruct this hateful screed would take more time and energy than I have and, frankly, more than it deserves. Allow me to quote just a few choice morsels (not all his own, but some lifted from other writers I don't even want to know about):

"Jews as one-third of the Supreme Court seems sure to raise the eyebrows among people like me who think that Jewish identity often makes a big difference in attitudes and behavior. And if there is one area where mainstream Jewish political identity has had a huge effect (besides anything related to Israel), it’s in attitudes and behavior related to multiculturalism." OK, so the point of this is -- WTF? That Jews are trying to eliminate Protestantism from the country? And we're going to do that And isn't that rich, in a country where Protestant refugees from Europe eliminated and marginalized the people who lived here before?

"Viewed at its most abstract level, a fundamental agenda is thus to influence the European-derived peoples of the United States to view concern about their own demographic and cultural eclipse as irrational and as an indication of psychopathology." Yep. I guess that is our agenda. We use mind-control methods you don't even know about. (Those horns come in awfully handy.)

"Kagan seems to have lived a charmed life, with perhaps a whiff (or even a stench) of ethnic networking." "Ethnic networking is nothing if not reciprocal." Yeah, it's a Jewish thing. You wouldn't understand.

"As I noted elsewhere, Jews are represented in elite American academic institutions at levels far higher than can be explained by IQ." Contrary to popular belief, it's not just our being Jewish. It's that we're particularly good at fucking our professors/students. That's why I work at an elite institution of higher education. (Horns = Horny?)

"An all Catholic and Jewish Supreme Court? No Protestant justices on the court for the first time ever?" Well, now, we can't have that, can we? And while we're at it, an all-black presidency? WTF?

Of course, "Kenny" does not spew his hatred only on Jews. He doesn't care much for Lesbians and non-Protestants either, clearly. Hey, if you're going to be a hate-mongerer from the depths of Tennessee, you might as well go all the way and be a homophobic, antisemitic, white supremacist (for all I know) asshole.

Sorry, I don't mean to cast aspersion on all my good-hearted friends from Tennessee. Not all Tennesseeans are like the asshole "Kenny," but of course ALL Jews are out to getcha, "liberal or conservative."

The key point to keep in mind, if you decide to head over to Turdville and read the entire posting, is that nowhere does it say anything about Kagan's Zionist views, if she has them. It's just the fact of her being Jewish and having Jewish friends. Likewise, there isn't even an attempt to explain why being Lesbian or a Feminist would have any bearing on her being a Supreme.

I'm pretty sure I've asked WP to decommission these people from his blogroll before. I gave up on Mike Rivero's WRH blog long ago because it was overflowing with antisemitic invective, although it was one of the first blogs I came to after 9/11.

And please, don't give me chapter and verse about free speech. We all choose, ultimately, who/what we support. No one has to censor antisemitic blogs like "Kenny's Sideshow" or "Facts Not Fairies," but there's no reason their links can't be booted off WP.

Till then, I'm outta here. I'll stick to the vastly superior Chris Floyd and the god-damned brilliant homo (and probably Jew), Arthur Silber.

Snape's Servants Sent to Askaban

So it has ended. The “liquid bombers” have been put away for good, never to be heard from again. Case closed. The world has been saved from evil magical deeds that even Lord Voldemort could not have conjured. We can all sleep in our beds at night and fly in our airplanes by day, slightly inconvenienced by having to jettison our bottle of suntan lotion if it’s more than 4.5 ounces, while a few swarthy-looking rag-heads spend the rest of their lives rotting in hell to satisfy the entirely fictional narrative of fear and mistrust.

The “liquid bombers” fiction is one that tests the limits of even the most patient among us in what can be called, to use a popular coinage, the “reality-based world” (though the problem may come down to the fact that there are fewer and fewer reality-based people). Chemistry for Dummies is sufficient to demolish the insane notion that a few readily available potions, such as hydrogen peroxide, disguised as clear soft drinks and combined with a few double-A batteries could have blown an airliner to pieces. Anyone who has minimal knowledge of chemistry and who has bothered to inquire into the actual logistics of the matter (such as Winter Patriot) has shown conclusively, and explained in terms even a layman can understand, how the dastardly deed was physically impossible.

But a British jury? They were evidently unmoved by Muggle reality, or else their deliberations were untainted by such mundane considerations as how the three convicted A-rabs could have posed a threat to human life by pulling off a plot that was possible only in Severus Snape’s potions class. Perhaps years of living in J.K. Rowling’s homeland filled them with a palpable animus toward swarthy, dark-haired wizards bearing potions.

And 99.9% percent of the rest of us? We could care less any more than the jury did to bother ourselves with such trivial details. They looked scary! They made “martyrdom videos”! They had airline schedules on their laptop! (Fabricated computer evidence: the pre-crime gold standard of the 21st Century.)

Let’s all hyperventilate! Threat Level Orange!! (Oh, sorry Tom Ridge, didn’t mean to embarrass you into telling the truth again.)

And speaking of truth … inevitably … inescapably … the “liquid bombers” frame-up resonates with the echoes of 9/11 -- and questioning the (magical) “reality” of the tale gets one the charge of “conspiracy theorist” and a one-way ticket to Palookaville. Try pointing out that these three convicted patsies hadn’t even purchased airline tickets, or that they would have needed to perform carefully controlled chemistry experiments over a period of hours in an airplane lavatory, somehow evading detection and avoiding prematurely setting off their fizzcrackers all the while, and you can be sure of being drowned out in a frenzied chorus of “conspiracy theory!” or else ever more fevered fantasies of death and destruction: Thousands killed! Airplanes falling out of the sky and into the Atlantic! Bombs timed to go off at the exact same moment!! (Try figuring the how, let alone the why, of that one.)

It’s all about the fear. Fear is the napalm weapon used against … us … to keep us in a state of obedience and infantilized dependence on … the state. Do you wonder why I hate all politicians, “leaders,” and kindly old wizards like Dumbledore?

I'm with Snape. I'd like to pour a beaker of veritaserum down a few people's throats right about now.

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