Snape's Servants Sent to Askaban

So it has ended. The “liquid bombers” have been put away for good, never to be heard from again. Case closed. The world has been saved from evil magical deeds that even Lord Voldemort could not have conjured. We can all sleep in our beds at night and fly in our airplanes by day, slightly inconvenienced by having to jettison our bottle of suntan lotion if it’s more than 4.5 ounces, while a few swarthy-looking rag-heads spend the rest of their lives rotting in hell to satisfy the entirely fictional narrative of fear and mistrust.

The “liquid bombers” fiction is one that tests the limits of even the most patient among us in what can be called, to use a popular coinage, the “reality-based world” (though the problem may come down to the fact that there are fewer and fewer reality-based people). Chemistry for Dummies is sufficient to demolish the insane notion that a few readily available potions, such as hydrogen peroxide, disguised as clear soft drinks and combined with a few double-A batteries could have blown an airliner to pieces. Anyone who has minimal knowledge of chemistry and who has bothered to inquire into the actual logistics of the matter (such as Winter Patriot) has shown conclusively, and explained in terms even a layman can understand, how the dastardly deed was physically impossible.

But a British jury? They were evidently unmoved by Muggle reality, or else their deliberations were untainted by such mundane considerations as how the three convicted A-rabs could have posed a threat to human life by pulling off a plot that was possible only in Severus Snape’s potions class. Perhaps years of living in J.K. Rowling’s homeland filled them with a palpable animus toward swarthy, dark-haired wizards bearing potions.

And 99.9% percent of the rest of us? We could care less any more than the jury did to bother ourselves with such trivial details. They looked scary! They made “martyrdom videos”! They had airline schedules on their laptop! (Fabricated computer evidence: the pre-crime gold standard of the 21st Century.)

Let’s all hyperventilate! Threat Level Orange!! (Oh, sorry Tom Ridge, didn’t mean to embarrass you into telling the truth again.)

And speaking of truth … inevitably … inescapably … the “liquid bombers” frame-up resonates with the echoes of 9/11 -- and questioning the (magical) “reality” of the tale gets one the charge of “conspiracy theorist” and a one-way ticket to Palookaville. Try pointing out that these three convicted patsies hadn’t even purchased airline tickets, or that they would have needed to perform carefully controlled chemistry experiments over a period of hours in an airplane lavatory, somehow evading detection and avoiding prematurely setting off their fizzcrackers all the while, and you can be sure of being drowned out in a frenzied chorus of “conspiracy theory!” or else ever more fevered fantasies of death and destruction: Thousands killed! Airplanes falling out of the sky and into the Atlantic! Bombs timed to go off at the exact same moment!! (Try figuring the how, let alone the why, of that one.)

It’s all about the fear. Fear is the napalm weapon used against … us … to keep us in a state of obedience and infantilized dependence on … the state. Do you wonder why I hate all politicians, “leaders,” and kindly old wizards like Dumbledore?

I'm with Snape. I'd like to pour a beaker of veritaserum down a few people's throats right about now.


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Good to see you here!! I follow your blog and even left a comment not too long ago. smiling I'm off to work in Muggle's reality now, so will comment more later. Cheers and nice piece.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Thanks Grimblebee

Enjoyed this post, glad to read it here.
And you've nailed a big issue right here
"the problem may come down to the fact that there are fewer and fewer reality-based people"!
It sure feels that way.

I agree.

Thanks to Grimblebee for this, and please don't be a stranger 'round here.

Thanks, great post. "But,

Thanks, great post.
"But, but, they wanted to do it so bad that we have to lock them away." That is the type of answer you get from those living in the other world. Fear and a lack of understanding about justice rules all, today.

Manure and The NZ Police

I am literally drowning under the latest pile of bullshit. Thanks for this article but I feel like things are stuck in thick manure. I called TVNZ today to try and tell em to listen to democracy now and cover the healthcare debate without the load of crap being spewed by the MSM and the girl finally admitted she knew about Democracy now and it was well known. I've had this egotistical ( you don't know anything more than us ) reponse often from BFM student radio and TVNZ. I told her that the NZ media should share their knowledge with the rest of NZ and at that point she just had to go.
We have had all the bullshit Obama speeches and the 911 crap right up to our necks. People here still think the 2000 and 2004 elections were not rigged.
I think the cops are harassing me? Could be in my head but was pulled over the other day (which was a nasty experience) and kept seeing cops all day. They would just appear. Im staying in the countryside and next day found them all parked on the corner of the small country road where Im staying. Then I called the Green Party and told them in detail what had been happening. All of a sudden the swarms of cops around me disapeared. Was my cellphone being tracked and listened too. Coincidence paranoia probably. Or maybe not.

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