Why I Can No Longer Be a Winter Patriot

Being a person who shares certain political values and views of the world, including deep skepticism of 9/11, has led me over many years to seek out others in the blogosphere who share my views, and Winter Patriot has been one of the most eloquent of those bloggers. I have especially appreciated his thorough deconstruction of what I refer to as "phony terrorism" such as the "liquid bombers" fiasco.

Being a person who is Jewish and who holds these beliefs is a much more daunting task, akin to swimming in shark-infested waters. I should be clear that my Judiasm is of a very "weak" sort: I was raised in a Jewish family, but I don't really believe in a deity, I don't have an interest in organized religion (and see it as a largely destructive force in the world), and I don't "practice" my religion in any day-to-day sense.

Nonetheless, in large part as a result of the family loyalties that most of us feel, and of the general sense that who I am is inevitably shaped by my background, I identify myself as Jewish. You could say that my Judaism is mainly a "cultural" Judaism. It consists of little more than partaking in several of the major Jewish holidays during the year (e.g. a Passover seder) and sending my kids to "religious school," so that they may be exposed to other ideas and people of a similar background -- in a community where there are very few Jewish people, and non-Jewish people are likely to have misbegotten notions about Jews. (Years ago a friend asked me in all seriousness if I had horns. That hasn't happened here, where I live, but only slightly less bizarre ideas have bubbled up every so often.)

If you were paying attention to the first paragraph, you might conclude that I hold very strong political views -- including an outspoken outrage at the horrible, ongoing human rights crime Israel perpetrates on the Palestinian people. During the horrific, criminal bombing of Lebanon in 2006, I took part in active protests. I have basically come to be an advocate of the "one-state solution" that posits a homeland for both Jews and non-Jews. I believe that American politics are far too influenced by Israel (though I do not share the belief that they are our "puppetmasters"), and I share others' suspicions that there may have been Israeli involvement in 9/11 (but I cannot, nor has anyone else, proven it).

I am aware that there is a tendency for critics of Israel to be labeled "antisemitic," and for this tactic to be used to foreclose legitimate criticism. I run the risk of being called antisemtic myself, or a "self-hating Jew" -- a rather bizarre charge, when you think of it, since I make no secret of my heritage or how I identify myself, and feel no shame about it.

The crux of the matter is this: The ranks of the far left blogosphere (I only use this for lack of a better term; Chris Floyd uses something better like "leftist-anarchist," I think) -- and especially of those who are active 9/11 skeptics -- are rife with unabashed, hate-spewing, genuine-article antisemites, and their links can be found with little difficulty on the right side of this page.

For a prime example of this, please see (if you can stand it) today's posting on "Kenny's Sideshow" (yeah, it's there, on the right): "A Zionist Jewish Lesbian Feminist Not So Free Speech Friendly Nominee for the Supreme Court." To attempt to deconstruct this hateful screed would take more time and energy than I have and, frankly, more than it deserves. Allow me to quote just a few choice morsels (not all his own, but some lifted from other writers I don't even want to know about):

"Jews as one-third of the Supreme Court seems sure to raise the eyebrows among people like me who think that Jewish identity often makes a big difference in attitudes and behavior. And if there is one area where mainstream Jewish political identity has had a huge effect (besides anything related to Israel), it’s in attitudes and behavior related to multiculturalism." OK, so the point of this is -- WTF? That Jews are trying to eliminate Protestantism from the country? And we're going to do that exactly...how? And isn't that rich, in a country where Protestant refugees from Europe eliminated and marginalized the people who lived here before?

"Viewed at its most abstract level, a fundamental agenda is thus to influence the European-derived peoples of the United States to view concern about their own demographic and cultural eclipse as irrational and as an indication of psychopathology." Yep. I guess that is our agenda. We use mind-control methods you don't even know about. (Those horns come in awfully handy.)

"Kagan seems to have lived a charmed life, with perhaps a whiff (or even a stench) of ethnic networking." "Ethnic networking is nothing if not reciprocal." Yeah, it's a Jewish thing. You wouldn't understand.

"As I noted elsewhere, Jews are represented in elite American academic institutions at levels far higher than can be explained by IQ." Contrary to popular belief, it's not just our being Jewish. It's that we're particularly good at fucking our professors/students. That's why I work at an elite institution of higher education. (Horns = Horny?)

"An all Catholic and Jewish Supreme Court? No Protestant justices on the court for the first time ever?" Well, now, we can't have that, can we? And while we're at it, an all-black presidency? WTF?

Of course, "Kenny" does not spew his hatred only on Jews. He doesn't care much for Lesbians and non-Protestants either, clearly. Hey, if you're going to be a hate-mongerer from the depths of Tennessee, you might as well go all the way and be a homophobic, antisemitic, white supremacist (for all I know) asshole.

Sorry, I don't mean to cast aspersion on all my good-hearted friends from Tennessee. Not all Tennesseeans are like the asshole "Kenny," but of course ALL Jews are out to getcha, "liberal or conservative."

The key point to keep in mind, if you decide to head over to Turdville and read the entire posting, is that nowhere does it say anything about Kagan's Zionist views, if she has them. It's just the fact of her being Jewish and having Jewish friends. Likewise, there isn't even an attempt to explain why being Lesbian or a Feminist would have any bearing on her being a Supreme.

I'm pretty sure I've asked WP to decommission these people from his blogroll before. I gave up on Mike Rivero's WRH blog long ago because it was overflowing with antisemitic invective, although it was one of the first blogs I came to after 9/11.

And please, don't give me chapter and verse about free speech. We all choose, ultimately, who/what we support. No one has to censor antisemitic blogs like "Kenny's Sideshow" or "Facts Not Fairies," but there's no reason their links can't be booted off WP.

Till then, I'm outta here. I'll stick to the vastly superior Chris Floyd and the god-damned brilliant homo (and probably Jew), Arthur Silber.


Question for Grimblebee

I've read through your post a couple of times and the way I understand it is that you will not be reading here any more because of the composition of our blogroll. Have I got that right?


I cannot understand why you would link to hate-filled sites such as Kenny's Sideshow, Facts Not Fairies, and WRH. Do you actually read them? I don't want to come to your page and see their junk. It's true that Chris Floyd links to you, but at least there's a degree of separation there.

Thanks Grimblebee

Thanks for the clarification, Grimblebee. There are actually two links on the the roll that I recommended that are written by Jews that I have since discerned to my satisfaction are gatekeepers; something which I find more insidious. I have made mention of them but they remain.
However, I don't see it as such a big deal as to warrant making an issue out of it, never mind refusing to visit here again. But maybe I'm missing something that you aren't.

However, I for one, wish you well in your future reading, Grimblebee. And I agree you will be well served in reading Chris and Arthur; two of the absolute best.

My Turn to Ask

(1) Is "James" "WP"?
(2) What is the significance of blogs "written by Jews" who are "gatekeepers"? Is your point that "Jews" are more likely to be "gatekeepers"? What is your point?
(3) And if you find links on this site "insidious," why would you continue to link to them?
(4) You seem to think I am "making an issue out of it." Yes, I am. Why shouldn't I? Maybe you are missing the point.

Obviously the reason to include links on a blog is to encourage readers to go to sites you feel are sympatico or otherwise have important things to say, else you would just link to random other blogs. You don't link to neo-Nazi blogs or Ku Klux Klan blogs, at least as far as I can tell. So why would you persist in linking to ignorant, anti-Semitic, homophobic blogs -- unless you wanted people to read them?

I think you should take responsibility for who and what you support.

Is james WP?

Grimblebee, if you had been reading at this blog, as you claim, then you would know the answer to that question.

This is a community blog, something I would have thought you would have also been aware of as you are a signed up blogger here. And as a community blog, we show consideration for others varying views. Indeed, the consideration and tolerance shown towards others (though not to rude or misleading behaviour) is the almost defining quality here and why we come here to read and post.

You came here to say your good-byes and posted it on the front page, no less. I spoke for myself and wished you well. But now you are returning and wishing to argue. Have you changed your mind or were you misleading us in the first place? It appears to me from the two points I made in the preceding paragraphs that you were more likely misleading us than having since changed your mind. I and others here do not take kindly to being mislead and are not interested in endlessly defending ourselves (or people we happen to link to).

And why would I bother to defend something to someone who has said 'good-bye'? That is a rhetorical question, by the way, in case you are thinking of getting all 'hasbarat' on me; just to make myself crystal, you understand.

Final Comment

I don't usually read this -- I read the blogspot blog -- so why would I know? Not that it matters much. I chose to post here obviously because I can't post over there.

I suppose my "departure" was a bit of hyperbole. I reckon I harbored a fantasy that you or some other lurker here might actually engage the issue, or -- heaven forbid -- decide the issue in my favor and remove the offensive links. How very naive of me. So now I really will be gone.

It's amusing to me that you "do not take kindly" to being "misled," but leading people to hateful blogs apparently does not ruffle a single feather. And it's ironic that you raise what is essentially an issue of trust. You've hit the nail on the head. I considered you a trustworthy and important voice on a range of political issues. Linking to the blogs I mentioned is a real and continuing violation of that trust.

No need to reply. I won't be lurking here again. Honestly.

Hello Grimblebee and Winter

I do have some sympathy with you Grimblebee. "A Zionist Jewish Lesbian Feminist". That part of the title was offensive to me when I first read it i.e. feminist, but when taken in context of the complete article I think it is appropriate and an attempt to look beyond the labels that make Elena Kagan look like a safe liberal choice. We are being subjected to more political propaganda than ever before. Being a feminist might make liberal women comfortable with her and might mask who she really is politically and what she will do. I think they have qualified the word Jewish in the by calling her a Zionist Jew. The heading though does say "Zionist Jewish" as though they are 2 separate entities therefore inferring that simply being Jewish is something to note on its own. I have a very basic idea of Zionism so please forgive my ignorance on the subject.

Its very good to see Winter back here.
After this comment I plan to go back to lurking which suits my own not so great health situation.

I hope you will keep lurking and commenting here Grimblebee as I do understand how you might feel attacked.
I visited "Church of Nobody" ages ago and was really put off by an ugly twisted looking picture labeled as a feminist. May have got it wrong as I was not too well when I looked at it but I wont go back to that blog as I rightly or wrongly got that impression. I was reading an article about Canadian "Kevin Annett" who has exposed Police and Church complicity in sex crimes and child trafficking recently. The artlicel was by a supporter of Annett however he was also a total antifeminist. That doesn’t mean Kevin Annett is the same but it felt pretty horrible to read it. This guy was a supporter of Annett but had another very creepy agenda.
I don't always feel entirely at one with those on this blog but on the other hand have found it invaluable in many ways.


Hullo Sally,

"I visited "Church of Nobody" ages ago and was really put off by an ugly twisted looking picture labeled as a feminist."

What are you talking about? Me scratching my head. I just searched my own blog and the word 'feminist' comes up precisely once in a single article discussing porn that has no illustrations at all. Go do it yourself.

But no need! You've decided you're not going back to my blog even if you're completely wrong and everything you're saying here is crap.

Which is a damn shame because I really admire such, um... certitude. Actually I'm bummed that we'll never have you pop in and share other such sentiments with us. But never mind! We'll all just have to get on with out lives I guess.


Hullo James, is that you mate? Twelfth Bough and all that? Very good. And Dave, too kind etc etc.

As for Grumblebum's hurt feelings, gee whiz mate, if that's all it takes to have you stomping off in high dudgeon, SEEYA! Feel free to skive off to one of those 28 million other forums run by Jewish people where any discussion of them as anything other than heroes or victims will result in a banning. And quite right too. God forbid any Ashkenazi should ever have to hear anything other than fulsome praise.

PS. Why was I mentioned in this conversation? Or alternatively why wasn't I the main cause for complaint? I'm in a bit of a creative funk at the moment and it's just the kind of stoush I'd have been up for.
PPS. Your blogroll rocks. I'm rapt to be in such a worthy line-up.

Sorry Nobody

Sooo sorry for that awful comment about your blog.
That was pretty bad. Making an acusation without any detail etc etc etc.
Now you know why I don't comment very much right now.
I'm a mad woman in possession of a laptop and can't trust myself to think before I type. Thats how slow my cognition is and why I am unlikely to comment here or visit Church of Nobody or any other blogs any time soon. You see I'm a bit slow on it but consious enough to realise I'm doing a lousy job and making an ass of myself and that I don't really fit here in many ways but I still find this blog essential reading so I'm still here.

I remember now that I didn't like the style of writing on Nobody. It bothered me.
And I wouldnt be concerned about a nobody not liking Nobody. I've only seen good comments about it. That doesnt excuse my comment though.

My reasons for not looking closer are illness like WP only following Chris Floyd. I haven't got the strenght for it and thats one of the reasons I'm best just to not comment. They should have put me down years ago.
I am very glad WP is back as I like his way of dealing with situations and his coverage of issues.

As for Grimblebee you all might be right but I imagine its hard to part of a group i.e. "the Jews" and not feel some loyalty somewhere. I know the situation is desperate and the truth needs to somehow get out.

I haven't enjoyed the discussion with Grimblebee. In my books the response was overly defensive. Winter didn't treat dissenters like that and I'm looking forward to reading his articles again.

James is usually brilliant very helpful and a friend to everyone here including myself but I think he overdid it in his article to Grimblebee. An overreation to an overreaction is how I see it.

Thats my opinion and I'm allowed to have it unless we are tending towards complete conformity. Please don't have a tizzie at me. Its just how I see it right now smiling

McJ's picture



First of all, so sorry to hear your are not well. I had wondered where you were.

You are a sincere seeker. I have never known you to post from anywhere but a good heart and with the intentions of increasing your knowledge and understandings of the world around you. And that 'stuff' don't come easy ya know! Please feel free to post, comment, make mistakes, explore possibilities and increase your understandings. Imho, it's why we are here - to discuss, debate and learn from each other, hopefully to do some good. I have just started reading at Nobody's blog (cause I follow James around like his annoying little sister - he's gonna give me a cuff one of these days wink ). I appreciate Nobody's style of writing and sense of humour but it is not for everyone I suppose and that's ok (hope Nobody doesn't cuff me for that one).

Re: Grimblebee
Grimblebee laid this down on all of us, here and not at Kenney's, and on the front page with the Winter Patriot's name prominently in the title and going out on the Winterpatriotdotcom feed. He has accused us (and James and the Winter Patriot specifically) of consorting with anti-semites and hate mongers. I'm not ok with that and I certainly don't believe it to be true. If he knows anything about the Winter Patriot and the people, like James, that blog and post here, he is aware that his actions are going to provoke a reaction. I think he knows what he is doing, I just don't understand why. As always, I'm open to other points of view.

Tranquillo Sally, we are all in this together.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

MCJ - Love and Peace


Thankyou for your kind words MCJ.

You definitly balance the ugliness of this struggle with your intellegance, humility and your peaceful fun demeanor. I love reading your comments which most often have important information in them. Your puppy sister act with James is most engaging so please keep up the great dialogue because its working like you intended it to. As mentioned though there are not many readers here at present so all our time might be better spent elsewhere putting the information in front of more people. But for this blog I wouldn't have any information to take elsewhere if not for reading some very important bits of it here first.

I have a suggestion for the blog that might be useful if the great techno magician NJT can pull it off. I don't know if you are familiar with the NZ blog Scoop but I have mentioned it I think.

On their front page they have a box of links posted by members of scoopit a branch of the same site. Members of scoopit post links to news stories from around the world to scoopit where people can vote for them. After getting 6 votes they get to the front page of scoop.

I am sugestion Winter Patriot do something similar in that we post links to stories and the most recent 10 stories appear in the links list on the front page of WP. I don't think we need or can cope with the voting thing. We just display the most recent 10 links. It might fit near the top of the left sidebar? That way we could keep important informmation circulating here even if we don't have time to post our own articles.

Peace, Joy and Boysenberry Icecream

McJ's picture

Sally and Ice Cream

Thanks Sally that was nice of you. Cat Hug I'm glad to have you back posting and hope your health allows you to stick around.

"Joy and Boysenberry Icecream" wink wink
James has been giving me the runaround on that whole ice cream thing so be careful about making deals with him! I offered him my vote for 'king of the world' for just two scoops but he came back with some BS about trusting him to make it right once he's the ruler. I'm beginning to think it's just your typical political pre election promise although I'm sure he'll tell you that his promises are anything but typical. laughing out loud

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

The Deal Re - Boysenberry Icecream

Blue Thank You Thanks for starting negotiations over the icecream McJ. I may want some of this action.

I'll vote for James as "King of the world" as well but only with a signed voucher for quite a lot Bosenberry Icecream. read this Purple Berry cream is my fav.

I think he's supposed to carry out our wishes as an elected King. Not that Ive ever heard of that scenario.

Kings usually committ mass murder to get their job or are the children of mass murderers.

Elections and Boysenberry icecream are very new concepts in world domination.

Hi Sally

Perhaps you are right about it being an over reaction, Sally. But something needed to be said in response to his narcissistic use of our goodwill here and he had misled us one way or another almost every time he commented. I was going to pick him apart sentence by sentence but in the end chose the way I did. I also actually did warn him that this was coming if he persisted. And he did. And I followed through.

I understand your view regarding Grimblebee and you know I don't personally attack people ordinarily. But it is much more than Grimblebee. His attitude is ubiquitous in our media and blogosphere now and gains legitimacy if not contested. And that legitimacy is a problem because crimes on the scale of genocide are going on and are being enabled, in part, by this "anti-semitism" campaign which is bullshit at every level.

I have no sympathy for people who behave in their own self interest with no thought as to the consequences for others and themselves and then squeal like stuck pigs when confronted with the inevitable and unavoidable consequences and reactions to their own behaviour; consequences that they had full control over. It's not like teevee where you can edit out inconvenient consequences from the story.

Maybe that's the problem; everybody is living in teeveeland. I see it as like a man who trashes your house and then starts bitching to the whole neighbourhood that you are discriminating against him in not letting him back into your home again because of his religious beliefs. Unbelievable. These people don't know they are alive, frankly. And just as in the case of toddlers, we are not doing them a favour in the long run by indulging their tantrums. Nor are we acting in our own interests in tolerating them

You have a good heart, Sally, and there are many around who won't think twice about using that against you. I know you know this because it's all part of the territory; been there myself. And the really insidious ones are those that use pity to wreak havoc in the lives of those that they manipulate into helping them; the very last ones they should be abusing.

Anyway, Sally, this is not to argue with you but rather to explain myself and you are more than worthy of an explanation. You have been in my thoughts lately and I'm pleased to see you commenting again. So that's one good thing that has come out of this. smiling.

And I wouldn't worry too much about Nobody's feelings. If I know the man at all, he has a hide thicker than mine.
Good to see you here, Nobby hello or goodbye

James, Gold, Iran, Gas and Scabs

Hi James
I do get it although I think a short simple non personal explanation like the one youv'e just given me is better and less likely to be misconstrued by the unkowing and unwitting. But thats a matter of personal preferance. As for "Nobody" I'll have another look when I'm up to it but I recall it was far too riddle ridden for someone with my sort of ailment and level of knowledge.

Thanks again for your big contribution to my understanding of the very serious shit going down as we speak (type). I read an article about the shorting of Gold by the banks the other day which as long as its profitable I don't see an end to although others believe that its near its limit. I imagine you know about that one but I'll dig it out if you don't.
Apparantly its an open secret that the price of gold is being fixed to keep the US dollar up. Banks make profits by being in the know about exactly when to short. They make a nice profit, the price of gold stays as it is and the US currency and economy looks more viable than it actually is. Other accounting tricks are in play and one wonders just how long it can all continue or how long they actually want it to continue.
Are the OWC people actually in control of the monster or are they racing against time themselves. We are seeing a great piece of theatre (propaganda) re Obama, Nukes and Iran and maybe they are getting desperate to instigate their plan. Great article on Global Reseach ( link in the sidebar) about how with new technologies for extracting natural gas from the earth there is enough to keep the planet going for 300 years. By far the biggest reserves are in Russia and Iran. It takes no great leap of the imagination to see why Iran has become such a major topic. Instead of moving as fast as they can to Solar etc, which would be the ideal way to counter any threat from the gas and oil producing countries they are sacrificing the planet in the name of complete control for the elite.

Yes your right James I am a big hearted person like everyone here but have always since very early on had a rule which I dont often break unless I have no choice or unless i see that the cause outweights my own personal interests. I might allow myself to be used to a chosen extent in the name of a greater cause. I cannot live a happy life in a New World Order even if I'm OK so that gives me little alternative but to do a little. I'm not actually up to doing anything but try to do a little.

I give a lot of praise to people I believe are worthy of it because they really deserve it and wish I could be helping them more. Most people just take the fruits of their efforts as are reflected in a better life, with little thanks or understanding that they have a much better life because people like yourself, Winter, MCJ and others of your ilk have sacrificed a great deal to give to them.
The people that fight for democracy peace and prosperity for all I will describe as the union leaders and at present the vast majority of the population are scabs, some wittingly others unwittingly.

Gold and Gas

Hi ya Sally,
The gold market is fixed or rigged as is (almost) every market. It used to be openly determined every day in the offices of N.M. Rothschild in London. They have taken their hands off it but I'm sure are manipulating it in the same fashion as they and their 'friends' throughtheir hedge funds manipulate every financial market there is. And your summary of it is spot on, imho

The One World Currency (OWC) is not going according to plan, at all. They are getting increasingly desperate, is my reading of things. And now there is almost open warfare between two of the major power centres in the world. They being the Jewish bankers and the Roman Catholic Church. The bankers, through their News Media, are trying to undermine the RCC by attacking their power base which is their congregation numbers, their 'cash stash' and their 'moral authority' (should they have any left). And significantly, the RCC is messing with the bankers' power base of central banks (see Poland). And may well have been messing with the plan for a OWC in the background for some time. Just a guess there on the last point. All this is to say the OWC is in trouble, bigtime. Joyous news, no?!

Iran and Russia hold two thirds of the worlds natural gas reserves. It is the only energy market the bankers don't control. This is extremely significant. Iran also has the largest uranium reserves in the world after Australia. Again significant to those that want to totally control all energy markets in the world. It is essential to their plans of controlling and running the entire world. Things are not going according to plan at all. Hence the desperation.

Knowing personally the concentration problems you suffer and their variability, I would recommend you to Penny at "Penny For Your Thoughts" and AP at her "Twelfthbough Blogspot" and her "Twelfthbough News" sites. Also AP's “I's Rude To Notice” for her brilliant occasional 'rants'. The first two are linked in the sidebar and AP's other two sites are linked from AP's first site.
You'll get clear, straight forward, cutting edge news there and good commentary. And there's always the fabulous Aangirfan as well.

Cheers and take care, Sally

McJ's picture

Can you elaborate?

"And significantly, the RCC is messing with the bankers' power base of central banks (see Poland)."
Care to you elaborate or point me in the right direction re how the RCC is involved with this? smiling

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Oh Happy Day

"All this is to say the OWC is in trouble, bigtime. Joyous news, no?!"

cheer Cake

Thats fab but all that Uranium in Iran, now that is something to worry about. All that Uranium in Israels hands or US hands is something to worry about. As for you Ozzies and all your Uranium well consider yourself under surveylance. Be careful who your elite hand it over to for some of that gold.

Oh happy day.
Thanks for sharing that James. It is very good news. sticking out tongue


Thats interesting and creepy and when you think a about it no real surprise about the RCC being at war with the OWC Bankers Sword Fight .

And yes we have seen it playing out in the banker owned media propaganda. I think you need a new role
as a news filter. Do you have a good source for all this or just engage your mind a little and work it out. good job

Its good these bankers have someone opposing them. It would be a whole lot better if we the people had the strenght or will to mount a rebelion on these two outdated power structures.

Can you please explain (see Poland)?

An OWC headed by Zionist Jews that could spell the end for all other faiths (Power Structures) as OWC becomes OWG ( One World Government ).

I guess it was always a given that other religious power structures would oppose a Zionist Jewish lead New World Order and World dictatorship.

Thanks for the blog suggestions. "Nobody" is very a very catchy name and I'll bet will be a major hit. I can read things completely wrong quite easily so stick to very plain language. Its cool cool you having a similar problem. I'll bet you don't agree with that.

beauty, eh

To elaborate

McJ, Sally,
the big winners from Solidarity's win over the communists were the Catholic Church and the CIA, the two backers of movement. They promptly took over and in many ways the Poles were worse off than before. Moral - choose your allies exceedingly carefully. Your enemy's enemy is not necessarily your friend.
The RCC has long harboured a desire to re-establish it's Holy Roman Empire in Eastern Europe and Poland is the Jewel in the Crown of that little plan. (I believe it was the RCC's main reason for it's involvement with Nazi Germany during WW2 and then US/CIA afterwards)

So now they have Poland and into the bargain, Poland has a government controlled central bank. So now this central bank has been instrumental in improving Poland's economy while everywhere else is going backwards in Europe by going against the other nations' (jewish owned) central banks actions, as far as I can tell.

Critically, both the deceased president and the head of the Central Bank were against adopting the Euro currency. Presumably they (and the Catholic Church) saw they would lose their sovereignty. So is the RCC going to hand control over their Jewel to the Jewish Bankers? Especially since these bankers have made it more than plain that the RCC is not included in the hoped for NWO. I don't think so. Are the Jewish Bankers going to sit back and cop this? Accept that their OWC plans are now down past the S bend? I don't think so, either.

A gridlock breaking move is needed here. Whoa . . . . did anybody see that flash over there by the airport?
Check out Penny's and Twelfthbough for a some recent articles and links. Plus this from Aangirfan

McJ's picture


"A gridlock breaking move is needed here. Whoa . . . . did anybody see that flash over there by the airport?"

Aah - scary stuff. Thanks for the explanation. Interesting, one of my Canadian (CAPP) Face Book buddies keeps posting about the recent Nuclear Summit http://thinkprogress.org/2010/04/16/right-nuke-summit/. He says the new buzz word is 'Nuclear Terrorism' which is being used repeatedly to condition us for the inevitable 'nuclear terrorist strike'.

I'm heading over to read the links you gave...

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

McJ's picture


Kazakhstan also has large uranium reserves. It has been making deals with everyone including Iran - http://www.wise-uranium.org/upkz.html

A 2008 CNN article on the self-made Kazakh uranium czar Moukhtar Dzhakishev details a lot of what has been going on there. Dzhakishevwas sent to prison in 2009.
"The recently imprisoned former head of Kazakhstan's state nuclear power agency stole the majority of the central Asian nation's uranium deposits, security officials said Monday (June 1). Former Kazatomprom head Mukhtar Dzhakishev and other company officials illegally shifted ownership of uranium mines worth tens of billions of dollars through a network of offshore companies, the KNB security service said. (AFP June 1, 2009)
Link to CNNMoney article: http://money.cnn.com/2008/03/26/news/international/uranium_kazakhstan.fo...

I believe I just read the other day that Kazakhstan was seeking to become a world supplier of enriched uranium. It had something to do with selling it to Iran so that the Iranians wouldn't enrich their own. I can't remember where I read that maybe at Aangirfan's or Penny's??

Also, does anybody remember the scandal a while back with the Israeli that was kicked out of Kazakhstan and what that was all about?

Uranium and Nuclear Power in Kazakhstan
(updated April 2010)
* Kazakhstan has 15% of the world's uranium resources and an expanding mining sector, aiming for 18,000 tU annual production in 2010 and 30,000 tonnes by 2018.
* In 2009 it became the world's leading uranium producer, with almost 28% of world production.
* A single nuclear power reactor operated from 1972 to 1999, generating electricity and for desalination.
* Kazakhstan has a major plant making nuclear fuel pellets and aims eventually to sell value-added fuel rather than just uranium. It aims to supply 30% of the world fuel fabrication market by 2015.
* The government is committed to increased uranium exports, and is considering future options for nuclear power.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Re Kazakhstan uranium

We talked about it here, McJ. It figured in this article of mine-
Step Into My Parlour", said The Spider to The Fly
Plus I thought there was something in our forum section but can't find it after a quick search.

McJ's picture


Thanks - I remember that now. smiling I was just reading about it again the other day tho - but can't remember where.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

Hurro Nobby

Yep, I'm me! Small world ain't it?

a damn good thrashing

This conversation kept going! The wonders of moderation that doesn't take 24 hours.

As for Sally declaring me 'riddle ridden', bravo! My blog is riddle ridden. It's because I'm writing for myself you see. Frankly I'm surprised that anyone else likes it at all. Sally and everyone should feel free not to.

PS My subject title was a red herring. I just liked the sound of it.

newjesustimes's picture

I can add or remove whatever

Links or blogs you all want me to. I apologize if I've been remiss in doing so. Almost all of them were suggested or recommended by readers. I'm open to further suggestions if not necessarily on the ball.

At the same time to judge our blog and the quality of the people who post here by the links on our sideroll is just wrong. You don't have to see their crap, just a link. If you don't like it, don't click it. Thanks!


Totally agree about the links, NJT. As if we are responsible for monitoring every post of every link to comply with the whims of every reader who comes by here once in a blue moon. Goodness me!

I mentioned the links to make the point to Grimble that I don't think it is a big deal. Anyway, they are Desertpeace and Atheo News now renamed Aletho News. They exposed themselves over the organ harvesting issue. Johnathan Cooke and Electronic Intifada exposed themselves to me as gatekeepers over this organ issue, as well (if anyone is interested).

I also had a 'debate' with Aletho over at Damien Lataan's blog (here) where he (Aletho) used many standard hasbara techniques. If anyone is interested, they can go take a peek at the highlighted link in the above line.

I mentioned them a while back because I was the one who recommended them to you in the first place. So I felt a responsibility to mention my revised view of them. Absolutely no offence taken by me that you didn't respond as I know you are busy with lots of other stuff and if I thought it was that important I could have raised it again or contacted you directly. So no problem.

If anyone wants to retain them, I won't object. But, speaking for myself and since it is topical, I'd rather not have them listed. And Kenny's is fine by me, btw!


Over at the Church of Nobody Nobody said it best in one of his comments:

"The people who leave no stone unturned? The people who utterly dominate the media so that there is only one songsheet and everyone sings from it? In this Jewish bloc-media songsheet, every race and religion can be questioned, badmouthed, made fun of, shown in a bad light, defamed or otherwise shat on, except for one, that of its owners the Jews."

This site and several others are probably among the most sober, hate-free and intelligent I have found while surfing
the net for knowledge about our world's woes and their causes. If you were bit by a poisonous snake and you
treated the affliction like a mosquito bite the results would be fatal. Thanks for calling us all to the reality of our
situation and not overlooking difficult truths !


Thanks, Dave

Thanks for the vote of confidence in us, Dave. Much appreciated, and nice to 'see' you again!
Nobody comes out with some gems, doesn't he?

All Jewed Up All Around


"I gave up on Mike Rivero's WRH blog long ago because it was overflowing with antisemitic invective."

Rivero is a Jew, ** [edit: you're welcome to post comments but please be advised that inflammatory terminology may be redacted without notice. -njt] **

+ + +

I guess for you there'd also be nothing remarkable about a Supreme Court that was 9/9 Jew.

newjesustimes's picture

I removed the link

to WRH from the blog roll tonight... because I found it to be overflowing with ads.
Also removed the 2 as James requested (Desert Peace and Atheo).
Keeping Kenny. Not adding Akira. (No offense dude. Some interesting material but I disagree rather strongly with some of it. I'll leave the link on the name though, if anyone wants to check it.)

Very Bizarre Censorship

It's "inflammatory" to identify Hollywood as Jewey, and JJ Abrams as a Jew, and to describe LOST as kabbalistic?

What planet do you people live on!?

Oh, sorry. I guess you'll have to delete this too. Yeah, maybe Hollywood really is run by Arabs after all...

newjesustimes's picture

you're entitled to your opinions

but the censorship happened not because you identified Jewish people as Jews but rather because in my opinion your terminology was gratuitously inflammatory. Was I right? Maybe not. But I've got to draw the line somewhere.


Re: "the censorship happened not because you identified Jewish people as Jews but rather because in my opinion your terminology was gratuitously inflammatory. Was I right?"

Inflammatory? Could be. It shouldn't be. Is it "inflannatory" to say that the Beatles were part of "The British Invasion"? Sounds inflammatory to me. (Never mind that their manager, lawyers, publisher, record label, agents, key DJ promoters, etc, were Jews.) Or perhaps people should be inflamed.

Gratuitous? No.

It's very important to NAME THE JEW.

Why not say Hollyjewed?

Why not say Jewey LOST by the Jew Abrams on a Jew network (like every other network) on Talmud-Vision?

Why not? Is it not true?

Just as one example of the Power of Naming the Jew:

Would America have gone to war with the Orthodox Christian Serbs if the American people had heard a newscaster report the following? [And the same could be said about Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.]

"Good evening. I'm X. X-stein. I'm a Jew. This is JBC News, owned by Jews. My producer is a Jew. The script is written by a Jew. On to the news. Reort here from a Jewish news-service. Our Jewish correspondent reports that the Jew-installed Clinton's Jews want war with the Serbs."

The Jew Kerry, the Jew Lantos, and the Jew Clarke, plus:

Madeleine Albright: Secretary of State
William Cohen: Secretary of Defense
Rahm Emanuel: Policy Advisor
Samuel "Sandy" Berger: Head National Security Council
Richard Holbrooke: Special Representative to NATO
Judith Feder: National Security Council
Samuel Lewis: National Security Council
Stanley Ross: National Security Council
Dennis Ross: Special Middle East Representative
Robert Rubin: Secretary of Treasury
Joel Klein: Assistant Attorney General
Dan Glickman: Secretary of Agriculture
Peter Tarnoff: Deputy Secretary of State
Alan Greenspan: Chairman of "Federal" Reserve
Alan Blinder: Vice Chairman of "Federal" Reserve
John Podesta: Deputy Chief of Staff
Ira Magaziner: National Health Care
Evelyn Lieberman: Deputy Chief of Staff
Alice Rivlin: Ecomomic Advisor
Stuart Eizenstat: Under Secretary of State
James P. Rubin: Under Secretary of State
Janet Yellen: Chairwoman, National Economic Council
Charlene Barshefsky: U.S. Trade Representative
Gene Sperling: National Economic Council
Sidney Blumenthal: Special Advisor to Hillary Clinton
Susan Thomas: Aide to Hillary Clinton
Robert Nash: Personal Chief
Jay Footlik: Special Liason to the Jewish Community
Doug Sosnik: Counsel to President
Jim Steinberg: Deputy to National Security Chief
Jane Sherburne: President's Lawyer
Mark Penn: Asia Expert to NEC
Sandy Kristoff: Health Care Chief
Robert Boorstin: Communications Aide
Keith Boykin: Communications Aide
Lanny P. Breuer: Special Counsel to The President
Jeff Eller: Special Assistant to The President
Tom Epstein: Health Care Adviser
Richard Feinberg: Assistant Secretary Veterans
Hershel Gober: Food and Drug Administration
Steve Kessler: White House Counsel
Ron Klein: Assistant Secretary Education
Madeleine Kunin: Communications Aide
David Kusnet: Dept. AIDS Program
Margaret Hamburg: Dir. Press Conferences
Many Grunwald: Liason to Jewish Leaders
Karen Adler: Policy Director State Department
Dan Schifter: Director Peace Corps
Eli Segal: Deputy Chief of Staff
Robert Weiner: Drug Policy Coordinator
Jack Lew: Deputy Director Management and Budget
David Lipton: Under Secretary of The Treasury
Kenneth Apfel: Chief of Social Security
Joel Klein: Deputy White House Counsel
David Kessler: Chief of FDA
Seth Waxman: Acting Solicitor General
Mark Penn: Presidential Pollster
Howard Shapiro: General Counsel for the FBI
Lanny Davis: White House Special Counsel
Sally Katzen: Secretary of Management and Budget
Kathleen Koch: FBI Equal Opportunity Office Head
Janet Yellen: Heads Council of Economic Advisors
Ron Klein: Chief of Staff for Al Gore

Germany: Ambassador John C. Kornblum
France: Ambassador Felix Rohatyn
Poland: Ambassador Daniel Fried
Denmark: Ambassador Edward E. Elson
Hungary: Ambassador Donald M. Blinken
Romania: Ambassador Alfred H. Moses
Belgium: Ambassador Alan J. Blinken
Belarus: Ambassador Kenneth S. Yalowitz
South Africa: Ambassador James A. Joseph
India: Ambassador Frank G. Wisner
Turkey: Ambassador Marc Grossman
New Zealand: Ambassador Josiah H. Beeman
Egypt: Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer
Sweden: Ambassador Thomas L. Siebert
Morocco: Ambassador Marc C. Ginsberg
Singapore: Ambassador Timothy A. Chorba
Zambia: Ambassador Arlene Render
Brazil: Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky
Bolivia: Ambassador Curt W. Kamman
Mexico: Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow
Canada: Ambassador Gordon Giffin
Cuba: US Interest Head, Michael G. Kozak
Norway: Ambassador David B. Hermelin
Switzerland: Ambassador Madeleine M. Kunin

newjesustimes's picture

What is Offensive?

>>> "Why not say Hollyjewed?"

Maybe "Hollyjewed" is an accepted term with your spell-checker, but my browser says it's not a word. Once you start using slang, you need to expect people to get offended. To me that term is offensive. Am I thin-skinned? Maybe, but I have to make the rules here. Why not use real words and say "Jew-dominated Hollywood" if that's what you mean? People might have a harder time disagreeing with you.

in case anyone cares

There was a time when only four bloggers in the world ever linked to me: Chris Floyd, Grimblebee, Mike Rivero, and Kenny. I linked to all of them out of common courtesy if nothing else, and even though I disagree with all of them sometimes (I disagree with some more than others, of course; and I disagree with Chris much less than any of the other three, if that matters).

Mike Rivero linked to me now and then but he stopped suddenly and without explanation, which cut my average readership by about 80%. I think it was because of my position on climate change (it's really happening and we're really contributing to it) and the fact that I don't blame everything that happens on Israel and/or world Jewry. Whatever. I can't tailor what I think to suit other people, and I am not about to start writing that way either.

Kenny stopped linking to me when I stopped being able to write. Prior to that he was linking to me regularly, and running one of the best blogs in the blogosphere, in my opinion. His daily news-and-blogs roundup rivalled anything being done by any amateur working alone (as opposed to a news agency or a funded mouthpiece).

In the past year or two, my condition has prevented me from doing much of anything, especially recently. I have tried to keep up with what Chris has been doing but I have not been able to read anybody else -- and as a result, I have not read Grimblebee in many months, or Kenny, or Mike, and I have no idea what they have been saying. I suspect that -- just as before -- I would have agreed with some of what they have said and disagreed with other things.

But I will say this: If anyone wants to jump off the good ship WP because of what somebody else wrote on some other website, he is more than welcome -- especially if he doesn't know whether or not James and I are the same person.

Which, by the way, we are not.

Yes, I can be an asshole and very crude

but to take that out on Winter and the other folks here is also crude Grimblebee. Despite differences and agreements and disagreements I think we are all on the same side which I view as being anti-criminal in all of its various forms.

FYI, I have gays in my extended family who I care very much much about and consider great friends. It's not an issue except when it moves into a radical agenda. I respect all sincere religious individuals but care little for organized religion as it now exists, Protestant, Jew, Catholic or otherwise.

Winter, hopefully one day you will be able to enter back into the fray. I think you still have a lot to contribute.

One thing I don't understand is the removal of Desert Peace from the roll. Just wondering why?


I know I said I would stay away, but I have a few things to say:

We are not on the same side, Kenny, if you think a Supreme Court candidate is objectionable merely by virtue of her being Jewish and Lesbian. What exactly is meant by "when it moves into a radical agenda," I haven't a clue, and you didn't even attempt to explain it.

As to why I would "take it out" on WP, I use a simple rule of thumb: although we are in "cyberspace," I would expect the same social rules to apply here as would apply if we lived next door to each other. By linking to you (and others), WP is saying in effect, if we encountered each other at the grocery store, "Grimblebee, here are some acquaintances of mine I'd like you to meet." Obviously, my friendship with WP would be seriously affected if those people turn out to be ... you. WP should pick his links responsibly, if not here on the community blog, then on his own blog.

And, for the same reason, I don't want to get into a discussion on your blog. Just think of it as me, Jewish guy, not wanting to go into your house.

Finally, the fact that the floodgates of hatefulness have opened up here just goes to prove my point.

proving points

The "floodgates of hatefulness" comment proves the point that you are an overdramatic overreactor. Please tell us what "floodgates" you're seeing as now being opened? One A few comments from a non-member? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but if you're here to stir up shit, I know you won't be here long because this is not what this site is about.

Who Wants To Live In Judonia?

Re: "Just think of it as me, Jewish guy, not wanting to go into your house."

How do you think most non-Jews feel in the JSA?

They don't want a Jewish culture, Jewish movies, Jewish TV, Jew ethics, Jewish "comedy", Jewish courts, Jew-worshipping politicians, or their taxes going to Jewish colonialists.

newjesustimes's picture

This applies to you too

Akira -> Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but if you're here to stir up shit, you won't be here long because this is not what this site is about.

what IS this site about?

if you don't mind my asking...

Really: what is this site about?

Is it primarily about the quest for truth?
Is it primarily about not stirring up shit?
Or is it about something else?

I may not agree with Akira's method of expressing himself, but I certainly understand where it comes from.

I may not agree with Akira's contention about "most non-Jews", nor do I see any way in which it can be tested. But I do agree with his sentiment.

I am sick and tired of having to defend against charges of anti-Semitism whenever I tell the truth about Israel.

I am sick and tired of having a president who declared that his first priority is the defense of Israel and a vice-president who declared that in his 36 years in the senate, nobody had been a better friend to Israel than he had. I want a president who thinks the defense of America is more important than the defense of any foreign country, and a vice-president who thinks it's more important to be a friend to America than to anyone else.

I'm sick and tired of the "news" media always painting Arabs and Muslims as sub-human criminals and Israel and the Jews as their innocent victims, whereas in actual fact the opposite is most often the case. I am sick and tired of seeing "Middle East analysts" who praise Israel for its "security policy" while neglecting to mention the inhuman policies of apartheid and genocide that are explicitly endorsed and brutally enfoced by the Israeli government. I am sick and tired of the fact that these brutal policies are carried out with the full support of our own government, including our tax money.

I'm almost sick and tired of the so-called "comedy" we find in so many of "our" sit-coms and movies, where the plot revolves around the inner torments of a screwed-up Jewish boy who feels emasculated by his flaky but domineering Jewish mother. I used to be completely sick of this type of "programming" until I began to entertain the possibility that such attempts at comedy are actually (and perhaps unwittingly) portals through which we non-Jews can begin to understand the monsters who make policy in the US, and in Israel as well.

If I were talking about any other country or any other religion, I wouldn't have to worry about being charged with anti-Semitism, but in this case I do, which is especially ironic since the victims of Israeli policy tend to be Semitic (in the true sense of the word), whereas the perpetrators are mostly not. And I'm sick and tired of that, too.

I am especially sick and tired of Israel identifying itself as "the Jewish state" and enlisting uncritical support from Jews all over the world on the grounds that criticism of Israel could feed dangerous currents of anti-Semitism (so-called). In effect, Israel is using the Jews of the world as a human shield, in order to protect itself from the justifiable backlash its policies would (or might) spawn, if the scale and nature of these policies were widely known. Those Jews who allow themselves to be used in this way are dangerous enemies of the truth, and it really is no wonder that so many of them pose as investigative reporters and/or news analysts. But I am sick and tired of that too.

I could go on and on, elaborating on the points Akira has raised (or hinted at), but I will spare you the further details.

Instead I will try to clarify my previous question:

Is this a site where one may *not* say things such as I have said here (in which case I will happily go elswhere)?

Or is this a site where one may say such things but only in the most diplomatic way imaginable?

Or is this a site where the anger engendered by the things I have mentioned, and other outrageous transgressions against humanity, is understood, even when it expresses itself in such puerile excercises as a bit of name-calling?

newjesustimes's picture

What it is about, to me

Is it primarily about the quest for truth?
Is it primarily about not stirring up shit?
Or is it about something else?

I'd like to think this is a site where we can exchange ideas (and barbs), while hopefully dissecting current events to lay bare underlying truths.
But if someone wants to come here to 'stir up shit' simply for the sake of stirring up shit, or trade slang terms to vent their frustration about "the Jews", I'd imagine there are plenty of forums in which to do so, but I hope this isn't becoming one of them..?

[edit] i see James said it better and more thoroughly below.

Spreading or Spraying

For the posters here, much of the 'quest for truth' goes on elsewhere but is exposed here for the purpose of being spread further, imo.
The exposure requires clear and direct language but the 'spread' requires some diplomacy in the form of not using language which is counter productive and easily dismissed; or careless statements that can be used by trolls to create useless arguments

There are any amount of sites on the web that cater for those who simply want to express their anger; and good luck to them. But you had better believe me when I say I have had all the anger I want to take from anyone. At least not the loud indiscriminate 'lets paint the walls with shit' type. Akira, I am singularly unimpressed with boy scouts like you who missed out on potty training. Fucking grow up, mate.

I am intent on being effective in bringing down the massive evil in this world by exposing it to the largest audience in the most effective way. This is not a place of therapy for me in that sense.
Akira posted a very informative list of names. But it would be far more valuable if he had left the introductory diatribe out of it and perhaps gave a reference to validate it. Self indulgent spraying is counter productive to 'spreading the word' and that's what I am interested in; not expressing my own anger simply for my own purposes and at the expense of the message. I have other ways to do that. And I am not interested in the least in reading someone elses angry free association thought processes either. I am not being twee about it. I am being very fucking calculating about it. I want to win this one and I don't like undisciplined loudmouths like Akira fucking it up here, thank you.

If anyone wants to lead anyone anywhere decent, they first have to lead themselves. And to do that they must first control their thoughts and, in turn, their mouths (or pen in this case). It's fundamental, it's basic. If you cannot control yourself, someone else will. And I do know what I am bloody well talking about when it comes to this.

McJ's picture

What he said

I was going to reply with some comment about it being the intent behind the presentation of 'exposed truth' that must be carefully examined but James said this so well I am going to go with what he said. smiling

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

I think I agree with James

but he said it better than I could have

unique blogs

I think Kennys Sideshow is brilliant, and his blogroll extremely valuable. Snippets and Snappets, 12th Bough, Pro Libertate...some of the best analysis I've read, and I never would have found them if not for Kenny. (who I found through Xymphora)

Then there's Incogman, whom I do not take seriously AT ALL, yet find amusing. Am I an anti-semite because I think some of the things Incog says are funny, or laugh at how over the top he is? I don't think so. Am I anti-semitic because I don't like dual citizens in our state department or running our government?

Anyway, my point is that a person shouldn't get all bent out of shape just because they read something they don't agree with. I've just started coming here, but know if there's something interesting posted in Kennys blogroll, I'll be back. :Cool


Kenny runs a fantastic blog. He has an impeccable eye he stays at it every day and he gives out the links to lots of people. Please. The slur on him is absolutely ridiculous.

It seems to me grumblebee lobbed a hand grenade into this community blog on his way out the door.

Think about it.

but it's ok ...

because nobody got hurt when the grenade went off, and in its wake we have been having an informative discussion.

Glad to have you here, AP.

thanks Winter

I do pop in here from time to time. And I'm thrilled to see you back in the saddle! Not a moment too soon either...

Piss me off!

I was about to make a comment about the nature of Akira's language when that swine James nailed it. I hate it when that happens. Otherwise interesting conversation here. I grooved on it. I particularly liked Winter's sick and tired effort. Spot on.

why I can no longer be a winter patriot

Well, I read through this and all the comments.

I don't read Kenney's Sideshow, it is just not one I am familiar with.
so I can't comment on what was said there.

I have to say, I find the claim of Riveros blog being anti-semitic a little odd.
But, then I also find 'anti-semetic' an overused and abused slur.
A slur used against someone who dares to criticize Israel, rightly and legitimately.

That said grimblebee made his choice and that's that.

To each their own.

newjesustimes's picture

Hi Penny, I agree

"I have to say, I find the claim of Riveros blog being anti-semitic a little odd."

I agree, I only took that link off because to me it seemed a bit overloaded with ads and sensationalism compared to everything else in the blogroll.

"That said grimblebee made his choice and that's that"

What choice did grimblebee make? grimblebee's of course free to leave the site and never return. But to criticize WP and the rest of the participants here because of something somebody wrote on one of the links on our side? That was uncalled for.

why I can no longer be a winter patriot

thanks for the response! smiling
apologies, I should have been clearer.

'What choice did grimblebee make?'
The choice to no longer participate

'But to criticize WP and the rest of the participants here because of something somebody wrote on one of the links on our side? That was uncalled for.'

Your right it was uncalled for.

His excuse for leaving, what someone said or wrote elsewhere, was nonsensical.
No one at WP is responsible for what is said elsewhere, nor should it be assumed anyone at WP is necessarily in agreement or endorsing what is being said

Why Grimblebee would even resort to this, I am unsure.
If Grimblebee cannot tolerate other opinions, perhaps the decision was the best one that could be taken?

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