Music Videos - UK Rapper eXposing Surveillance Madness & "Killer Chemtrails"

UK Rapper eXposing Surveillance Madness EMBED GRATE BRITAIN album mix feat LOKI

"Killer Chemtrails" by NufffRespect

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On "chemtrails"

I've looked into it some and concluded that although yes they are the result of greed and harmful to life, I've also concluded to my own satisfaction that they're not intentionally malicious. That they are in fact merely "persistent contrails" and the increase in frequency / density seems to be primarily a result of changes to jet engines over the past few decades.

I think there are two potentially major concerns from these persistent contrails:
1) affects on weather from gases and particulates in the atmosphere
2) affects on terrestrial life precipitation of toxic and hazardous particulates

But think of it this way, if they're for either population or weather control, apparently the desired effects of these things have yet to be seen, after a decade...?


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I like the music though

totally off-topic =) (?)

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Me Too!

Me Too! That was great. I like it. smiling
I don't know enough about chemtrails to make an intellegent comment here but would be interested in hearing more on how you came to your conclusions. wink

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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more on chemtrails

I had a casual interest in chemtrails over the years, but for whatever reason my interest really intensified last year. Maybe it was that a friend in Argentina told me he didn't see them there at all.
Anyway, I did a lot of reading on both sides of the aisle, as well as made my own observations. My observations told me that yes, these are a function of weather / humidity. The conditions on some days are more conducive to their formation and persistence. They have indeed been observed over the US for decades (as the photographic record proves), but have only become much more frequent in the past 12-15 years
Obviously if this is some kind of population control / mass poisoning, it's not working very effectively. As far as weather modification, that's the result (we now have more cloudy days and less clear sky days) but I don't believe it's the intent. I read that the increased likelihood of their formation is the result of more efficient engine designs. But considering the potential repercussions, maybe something should be done to regulate the amount of persistent contrails produced. I guess it's just one more example of capitalism consuming everyone's resources for the benefit of the wealthy few.
Just like smog you can sometimes see hugging a roadway from a distance - it stinks, bad for the environment, but they're not intentionally trying to kill anybody with it. That's my take. If you want I'll dig up some of the links I read last year (old newspaper photos of persistent contrails, change to engine designs that led to the increase, etc)


Contrail or Chemtrail


Sorry I didn't post any info with these video's but sometimes I just don't have the time or energy and they are both pretty cool. Our National Party has introduced legislation similar but probably worse than the UK's Search and Surveillance act. They are giving the power to put spy camera's etc in peoples homes not only to about 70 government agencies ( that’s beyond sanity ) but to corporate agencies like the meat board so I'm feeling like the first video i.e. "Briton’s (New Zealand's) got stuffed" and wondering what free country will take me as a refugee. Can anyone suggest the best country to emigrate to before the mad rush.

I haven't done a whole lot of research. I did head out to Auckland International Airport one day and didn't see any contrails at all. Could be conditions though like you say. A guy from Cape Reinga at the top of NZ told me they see them there all the time. Its a very deserted area. "No Smog"
And what about the eventual fallout clinging to plants etc shown in the video and the analysis of that fallout?
Any links would be appreciated if you can dig em up.

There are a lot of photos online and some of the amazing formations crisscrossing the sky in out of the way places does make me wonder. They don't look like regular plane routes.

As to their purpose well this one is way out there beyond Alex Jones as its pure speculation but what about Colony Collapse disorder. Without bees we might see mass starvation and if you are into eugenics like some of the elite seem they might be this could be a good method of achieving the depopulation they want. Killing all the bees could also kill off all GM crops if they turned out to be really really bad, or after depopulation when the remaining in-humans want some decent food grown.

OK that’s all a bad dream but then so is some of the validated stuff I have been looking at recently. I.E. Bayer knowingly dumping HIV tainted Factor VIII treatments for hemophiliacs in France, Spain etc. This after the same batch had infected people in the US with HIV and they were dying from aids. Looks to me like deliberate culling of the sick. And non-one in the US being prosecuted for it.

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contrail chemtrail same difference =)

well (to me) a contrail is a chemtrail. Contrails are theoretically just water vapor, but any engine burning fossil fuels as plane engines do, must be putting out something.

I see them all the time where I live (California) - as to why they are seen where they're seen, I'd say there's probably a reasonable explanation for planes flying over remote places. These aren't likely to be seen at airports as the planes must be at a decent altitude to leave them. The low flying approachers pretty much never leave them, it's the high flyers, whatever the hell they're up to.

>> And what about the eventual fallout clinging to plants etc shown in the video and the analysis of that fallout?

I agree, I did mention that in my post as something we may need to be concerned with; however, as far as the analysis that's been done and posted online, I just don't see how they can positively ascertain that the material they're testing is indeed originating from the planes and their trails.

It's been a while since I looked at these but this site looks pretty good

what about Colony Collapse disorder
I thought I'd read some scientific experiments on the matter that proved conclusively that colony collapse disorder was at least in part related to a biological infection of the hive (like mites or bacteria, not poison or clouds). More recently I've seen other things blamed, such as GMOs and Cell Phone towers. So is it really chemtrails killing the bees? Maybe.. but thankfully it seems as if bees will not be going extinct as a result of the disorder. I still see plenty of them. The relative decline compared to say butterflies or lightning bugs, based on my own extremely casual observations, is not much. That is to say, I see a lot less butterflies than I used to, and pretty much no lightning bugs any more (used to see them a lot), whereas I still see bees all the time.

Without bees we might see mass starvation and if you are into eugenics like some of the elite seem they might be this could be a good method of achieving the depopulation they want.
I'm as paranoid as the next guy, but there are a lot of ways to kill people. If they really wanted a whole bunch of people dead, they'd just start dropping bombs wherever they feel like it and blaming it on Russians or Al Quaeda. Or poisoning the food supply, or the vaccine supply, or the water supply. My point being there are a lot of ways to bring about depopulation, why use this long convoluted method of flying lots and lots of planes to spread whatever everywhere? Maybe there is some nefarious purpose and I'm just being naive. Very possible, but I'll have to be convinced all over again.

lightning bugs and fireflies

I know that change is inevitable, but I am sad that so many changes seem to be for the worse.

actual powder falling from the sky

Thanks for that NJT. That link you gave gives links to possible evidence for chemtrails. I followed one and got this story of thick powdery fallout which would need to be studied more of course. Youd think if it was fertiliser theyd know it.

Using a 20,000-power microscope he looked at her samples of chemtrails fallout caught in a sterile dish in her front yard - not rain, but actual powder falling from the sky.
"That's what fell outside of the house that day,” she explains. “Literally on those heavy days you can write your name on your car. The worst days, when people feel bad and there are a lot of accidents, we have a pink haze."
Sandra describes the chemtrails fallout she collected as “dirty, fibery, like crusted salt kind of stuff. You could see these fibers with you eyes.”
One colorful microscope slide photograph she sent me shows the twists of what could be a “viral capsid.” Sandra says of her microbiologist friend, “He had never seen anything like it.”

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powder from the sky

well, as I said above, I don't see how they can positively ascertain that the powder they collect is from the contrails.
It could be pollen, construction dust, even particulates from airplane exhaust; but I'm not convinced anyone could collect particles no the ground and know for certain that the trails are the source.

I see persistent contrails all the time; and there are lots of active healthy people and growing children around here. Are they going to the trouble to spray benign chemtrails simply to confuse populations as to whether persistent contrails are normal, so when they spray the big one no one will notice anything out of the ordinary?

I believe persistent contrails may be cause for concern, but at this point I don't believe this is being used for population control. IMO there are just too many easier & more cost-effective ways to control population than spreading experimental or marginally harmful chemicals high in the air for a decade.

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Although then again

cost is no object for these people if they're spending OUR money to do it!