I Don't Believe In If Anymore - Roger Whitiker (Sally's Post)

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There you go Sally

Welcome to the music Forum,
Good idea smiling

Sally, those are great!

I forgot about Roger Whitaker! And who knew Cat Stevens was so FUNNY?

Love Ya NJT

Thanx NJT

You are sort of like Alladins Genie. Do I have another wish? And you are looking very very cool today. Blues Brothers Now thats a mix of praise and flattery. wink

Now Sally,

don't get me started.


I was actually having an indirect dig at WP not you dear girl. You certainly have good writing skills and often post lovely links. I'm certain Winter can cope with a little digg as he's not too keen on praise smiling He may prefer it.


I was just playing around with you. Your comment was pretty funny. Sometimes my playing doesn't seem to make it through.

Roger Was Draughted


Here's some info about Roger's bio I should have added to the post.

I managed to work hard enough to get top grades in all my school exams and I had great hopes later of studying to become a teacher or a doctor," he says. However, within three weeks of leaving school, Roger was drafted into national service, and he spent the next two years in uniform in the Kenya Regiment. In 1956

Pretty disgusting Draughting kids within 3 weeks of leaving school.


Roger Whittaker became a sweetheart through it all. He doesn't seem bitter. Anyone that has a whistling ability, like Steve Martin playing the banjo, can NOT be angry or bitter. I must remember this.


The "draft" is a bullshit operation, so I agree. Pretty disgusting.