Minnesota bridge collapse

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I thought this was interesting!
According to this post over at WTCdemo,

Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to hold a seat in the House of Representatives was appearing on Wolf Blitzer's show on CNN to explain that his earlier statement noting that 9/11 was similar to the Reichstag Fire was a "rookie mistake" that he "certainly wouldn't make again"
Watch in the lower video as Wolf nails this point home.
Well you know what's interesting?

On the very day that show aired (Aug 1 2007), a bridge collapsed in Minnesota in his district.
"Edit: Holy shit... this was on CNN less than 2 hours before the collapse."

do you believe in coincidences?!?
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Holy Pidgeon Shit Batman

That is interesting! You really can't put this kind of thing past the PTB's.
After watching the first video it was sad to hear Ellison backtracking.

And btw who better than Wolf to nail him for the Reichstag comment.

An oldie but a goodie.
Wolf sure looks PO'd at the end of this clip.

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