Free 9-11 Videos and Documentaries

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Free 9/11 Documentaries & Videos
The definite collection of 9/11 documentaries and videos.

This link is from one of Kira's comments:
"Honestly, this is one of the best sites on the 'net. They have almost every video [relating to 9/11 & other relevant topics] here & you can watch them for free."

September 24, 2006 marked the first public event sponsored by Berkeley radio station KPFA regarding the alternative vision of the events of 9/11. The panel discussion celebrated the publication of the book edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott titled “9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out.” The video of this landmark event publicizing 9/11Truth, includes the complete presentations of each of four major contributors to the book: David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Peter Phillips and Kevin Ryan plus question and answer moderated by host Ray McGovern. The audience’s standing ovation response to this standing-room-only event was tremendous.

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