Website Support

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Seems like we need a place for this now -

If you're having issues with the site or your account, please post them in here.

am i banned?

I plan to let you know if you are banned.
In general I think it will be a good policy to post when a user is banned and why.
so if you're not sure, you are probably not banned smiling

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Problems commenting?

I've posted quite a few comments myself and haven't had "the problem" (assuming there's only one)
If anyone is having it (ICGreen?) let me know if you're getting an error, not able to log in, or something else is happening?
If you have more than one browser installed, try a different one and see if you still have the same problem, (in case it's something to do with a cookie?)
In any case lemme know and I'll see what I can do, thanks!

It's cool!

If there was a problem other than myself it's solved now. I had asked to reset password a couple of times and it didn't get an email back. I tried just now and I'm in.

I do tend to get "banned" from almost anywhere and anyone when I bring up what I think the truth is. To get banned from the place where an honest attempt at the truth takes place would be a hit.

WP often defers to other great bloggers out there. That's good; they certainly deserve the praise. But WP is where I always start.

Thanks for putting this site together NJT.