My mom in a film

« L’EXIL ET LE ROYAUME » - France de Andreï Schtakleff et Jonathan Le Fourn

Il faut fuir. On franchit les montagnes. On traverse les mers. Et puis on arrive là. Une muraille de mer et de technologie. Avec angoisse, on se retourne. Tout est en train de s’effacer. Le monde disparaît. Aujourd’hui que Sangatte n’existe plus, il est possible de regarder à côté, de suivre les traces et d’être emmené par les corps de ceux qui sont là.

"THE EXILE AND THE KINGDOM" - France from Andreï Schtakleff and Jonathan Le Fourn

Gotta escape. We go through mountains. We cross the seas. And then we arrive here. A wall of sea and technology. With anguish, we turn back. Everything is fading away. The world disappears. Now that Sangatte is no more, it's possible to look to the side, follow the marks, and be carried by the bodies of those who are there.

I have known about this project for a long long time, but I didn't think it would go that far. It was actually selected by the "Mostra de Venise" film festival. It's also selected there. Granted, there's a whooole lot of films selected, and each seems just as important/good as this one. Still, I want to say good job to the directors for reaching that point.

And here is the press kit. My mom appears on page 9, with a speech on page 8 that should please all the reds and pinks out there. :Cool.

Hope this gets the attention it deserves.