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Today I'd like to feature another blogger; something I don't do enough of. The blogger in question is Suraci. He has a enduring ability to continually cut through the fog of the media and to succinctly state the bleeding obvious which many of us miss. Here are two recent examples regarding the killings in Norway -

Appeal to the controlled media

BERLIN (JTA) -- "The confessed perpetrator in the attack in Norway that killed at least 76 people espoused a right-wing philosophy against Islam that also purports to be pro-Zionist."

This is the very first paragraph in an Israeli publication about the Norway atrocity. As you can see, they do not shy away from linking this man to Zionism, because that is what he was.

The British press (so called), will not use this term. They hide behind such phraseology as extreme right wing and anti Muslim.

No, let's get it right: he was a Zionist. He supported Israel to the hilt, and even the Israeli press do not try to hide this.

That clarifies things a bit, doesn't it? The rest of that short post can be read here. Just click on "I Understand and I Wish to Continue" smiling

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Another post Suraci did on the killing in Norway again gives a clear overview and ended with a similar observation to that of my last post on the wrecking of the US economy. You'll have to read the post in full to see what i mean! In the meantime here's the lead in -

Don't Mess With The Zion

The observant will notice that Muslims outraged at attacks on them by Christian coalitions, keep blowing up markets full of Muslims, and that Christians outraged at the creation of a one world government ruled by Muslims, slaughter fellow Christians.

The trend seems to be for Muslims to kill other Muslims, and Christians to kill other Christians, and occasionally, just to keep their hands in, for Christians to kill Muslims, and Muslims to kill Christians.

No mention is made in much of the media about Israel, and so it has no place in this post. It was more than covered in a manifesto, mentioned time after time after time, by way of total support for Zion and its people, but in regard to what this subject is about, I shall be as quiet about that link as the controlled media are.

I wrongly damned Norwegian police for not finding a boat fast enough. Sorry about that. They did find a boat but it started to sink, so they got off again. Likewise the helicopter problems: they didn't have one so they drove to the island by road, stopping on the way for a quick bite to eat, no more than twenty minutes they assure us.

Blondie, the Nordik-viking-child-slaughterer, professed surprise that he was permitted to wander around for an hour or so gunning people down in a land with armed police. This is similar to 911, when a few people were surprised that the American air defense didn't show up for work that day.

It doesn't matter what the ins and out of this particular attack are though. While we are endlessly discussing the colour of his underpants (explosive filled or not), and whether or not he had breakfast that morning, and how that might supply a clue as to something or other, they will be planning the next one.

The idea is to keep us in a constant state of confusion, endlessly discussing the minutiae until the next one comes along to trump the last. The main player in this one will either be killed in some way, or others will be to keep it all bolted down. Things will emerge to cast some faint light, and then they'll sink away again.


We don't need to play the game they create for us, we just need to state categorically that this was the same people who have been doing this for a century or more, and they are going to continue to do it for as long as people remain in the coma in which they've been placed, by their education, media, governments, society and everything else, from the minute they were born as slaves.

The rest as i said can be read at Suraci - truth in a time of deceit


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