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Flight 93 did NOT crash at Shanksville / Post by Damien

Damien Emailed this to me about a week back. Thanks Damien!

Flight 93 had a wingspan of 125 feet yet the impact zone is only 75 feet long. What's more, there's photos to prove it. Flight 93 did NOT crash at Shanksville.


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A few site updates

Construction is ongoing here and plans continue to develop.

Here are a few recent changes:

  • changed the front page to list the most recent blog posts instead of my initial welcome message.
  • enabled avatars (if you have an account, click "My account", then "edit" to upload your avatar. If you don't have an account, well what are you waiting for?)
  • enabled italics and font tags, for more customization of posts, comments, signatures, what have you
  • added the custom favicon (that little "WP" in your browser's location bar)

And future changes:

  • At some point i bet the spambots will find us; at that time we'll need to turn off unfiltered anonymous posting.
  • Rules. So far only friends have posted here. If and when that changes, we'll need to establish some rules.
  • Development of the Forums into an R&D area for specific topics and articles, so we can pitch in and help research & develop new & useful material - we'll see how this goes.

Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment!
Any suggestions for a default avatar to use with Anonymous posts?

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9/11 Protestor Arrested

Here we go... protesting 9/11 and locked up for...?

CORPUS CHRISTI — Police detained a protester at an early morning campaign stop by former President Bill Clinton.

The unidentified man had been holding a sign saying that 9/11 was in inside job. After Clinton finished his speech and was shaking hands with the crowd, the man began yelling at the former president, who was campaigning for his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential run.

Police approached the man. When officers were nearby, a member of the crowd grabbed the sign and tore it in half. The man began screaming at officers, asking them to protect his First Amendment rights. Four police officers then yanked the man from the crowd. He was later placed in handcuffs and led away to a patrol car.

An officer at the scene said the man would be charged with disorderly conduct.

And the guy who tore the sign? No, you see, that wasn't disorderly.

hat tip to raw;

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Blog Notes

I'm still learning as we go here.
I don't know about you, but that old Winter Patriot look sure makes me feel at home.
I haven't figured out how to get that deep blue background, but at least I've got the blog post colors going...
Here are some instructions for doing it so anyone who wants can join in.

Below your post is an option for 'input format' - you may need to set it to 'smilies' to get certain things to work (some of the smilies)

At the top of your post, paste the table tag as follows:

Note: You do NOT need the < br /> tag, I just can't figure out why it's showing up or how to get rid of it! If you do include it, it won't really hurt anything; just will add an extra line break.

Then to begin a green table; paste this:

Wherever you want the green table to end, paste;

and paste the same at the very bottom of your post so you don't end up with a run-on table wink

hope this is helpful.
P.S. you can now shrink your sig with font tags like this:

And I've enabled avatars, go to "My Account" and click on edit to upload an avatar image rockin out

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