A few site updates

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Construction is ongoing here and plans continue to develop.

Here are a few recent changes:

  • changed the front page to list the most recent blog posts instead of my initial welcome message.
  • enabled avatars (if you have an account, click "My account", then "edit" to upload your avatar. If you don't have an account, well what are you waiting for?)
  • enabled italics and font tags, for more customization of posts, comments, signatures, what have you
  • added the custom favicon (that little "WP" in your browser's location bar)

And future changes:

  • At some point i bet the spambots will find us; at that time we'll need to turn off unfiltered anonymous posting.
  • Rules. So far only friends have posted here. If and when that changes, we'll need to establish some rules.
  • Development of the Forums into an R&D area for specific topics and articles, so we can pitch in and help research & develop new & useful material - we'll see how this goes.

Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment!
Any suggestions for a default avatar to use with Anonymous posts?


good stuff

thanks for all your work here, NJT. It keeps getting better and better.

please don't read my blog

The Mission

This is absolutely brilliant stuff, NJT - you are doing WP proud, even if he does keep blogging - and it's a great step-up for his readers.

My suggestion is that you might want to think about something like a Mission statement, defining the online space you intend to inhabit, where you fit on the political spectrum, if there is some niche targetted, etc. You might just want to reject all such thinking too, which is fine!

But it seems to me there definitely is a niche that desperately needs "exploiting", a void yearning to be filled - and that is neither Left nor Right, but pretty much the pro-people, anti-government-corruption-and-sleaze space where WP is coming from. A diaries-style website for people like that might do very well indeed (particularly if Hillary wins the White House, in which case you might find a lot of disenfrachised wingnuts in synch with a lot of disenfranchised leftists...)

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Thanks Gandhi

I appreciate the advice. I was hoping to garner some participation and see where the users wanted to take things. Now that WP is back as if he never saw a checkered flag, it's almost like I / we don't need this site?

But at the same time I think you're right. I don't like or trust the democrats but a modicum more than the republicans. Sure they say some of the right things, but ultimately they seem to be co-opted by the same forces for evil that have a hand in all federal elections and American media.

I like the statement "it's not about right and left, it's about right and wrong!"
I think I picked that up from BradBlog.

Anyway, as I have time I'll keep doing things here and see if we can grow organically for the next few weeks & months. There is a lot more that can be done from both a site design and functionality standpoint as well as a writing and research standpoint. I wish I got paid $40,000 to give a speech so I could spend the rest of the year doing this smiling

NJT said:

I wish I got paid $40,000 to give a speech so I could spend the rest of the year doing this

-- Yeah, but you wouldn't want to sell your soul to the devil ala
kkk-Karl .

Sometimes I wonder if that old adage is really true -- money is the root of all evil.

Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear. ~~ Mohandas Gandhi~~

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