9/11 Protestor Arrested

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Here we go... protesting 9/11 and locked up for...?

CORPUS CHRISTI — Police detained a protester at an early morning campaign stop by former President Bill Clinton.

The unidentified man had been holding a sign saying that 9/11 was in inside job. After Clinton finished his speech and was shaking hands with the crowd, the man began yelling at the former president, who was campaigning for his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential run.

Police approached the man. When officers were nearby, a member of the crowd grabbed the sign and tore it in half. The man began screaming at officers, asking them to protect his First Amendment rights. Four police officers then yanked the man from the crowd. He was later placed in handcuffs and led away to a patrol car.

An officer at the scene said the man would be charged with disorderly conduct.

And the guy who tore the sign? No, you see, that wasn't disorderly.

hat tip to raw; http://rawstory.com/news/2008/911_protester_arrested_after_yelling_at_03...



I've become increasingly angry at BClinton and any other gov't figure who makes insane statements such as this one [Clinton made several months ago in response to a 9/11 Truther] "9/11 was not an inside job, it was an Osama Bin Laden job."
WELL, BILL -- if you have that EVIDENCE you should get on the horn to the FBI right away because they have "no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks." -- http://www.twf.org/News/Y2006/0608-BinLaden.html

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Those of us who remember OKC well

Know that BClinton is at best a tool.


VERY exciting NEWS re:9/11 - IMHO

9/11 Video -- Welcome!
Polls in the US show that up to 50% of the people interviewed heavily doubt the official version of 9/11.
Many of the filmmakers on this webpage demand a new international 9/11 investigation and an immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq.
Viewers are encouraged to do their own and independent research.
Oct. 11, 2007 Japanese opposition party questions 9/11
Must See!

At the National Diet of Japan on January 10, 2008, Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of Democratic Party of Japan questioned 9/11.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2680190129949942423&hl=de [33 mins. video - excellent]


ZERO : Europe for an Independent Inquiry into 9/11
BRUSSELS, European Parliament, 26th February 2008.

Mark Dermul (www.911belgium.be) reporting.

On Tuesday 26th February, Europarlementarian Guilietto Chiesa invited his colleagues and the press to attend the screening and debate of the Italian-produced documentary named ‘ZERO, an investigation into the events of 9/11’. Object of the screening was to create political awareness of the faulty official investigation into the events by the 9/11 Commission.

Besides Mr Chiesa, the panel consisted of Japanese parlementarian Fujita, Dr David Ray Griffin, film distributor Tim Sparke & the director and producers of the film.

After his opening statements, Mr Chiesa welcomed his guest speakers, including the producers, director and distributor of the documentary. Mr Chiesa pointed out that he was unable to find any distributor in his native country of Italy and was happy to find a company in the UK, led by Mr Tim Sparke, to handle worldwide distribution of this important film. ‘It is important to realize,’ he emphasized ‘that the movie was made thanks to contribution and donations of hundreds of citizens who feel a new investigation is more than warranted.’ No less than 450 people worked on this documentary on a voluntary basis. They never received any kind of payment. Their reward is the movie itself, which they feel is an instrument to create awareness and a means to provoke a political debate in Europe

Since the movie projector didn’t work, Mr Chiesa invited the public to ask questions until the technical problems were solved and we could start watching the movie

Question: ‘Why did you make this film?’

Chiesa: ‘It is obvious that we are now cast in an infinite war, based on lies. And as long as there is no new and independent investigation, we will never have security. There are too many lies for the official narrative to be true. Our film is an instrument to request the re-opening of the 9/11 investigation.’

Question: ‘How do you propose to reopen the investigation?’

Chiesa: ‘The film is the primary instrument to get the debate going. It is a collection of discoveries, by many respected researches from around the globe (the film features, among others, Gore Vidal, Sibel Edmonds, Dario Fo, David Ray Griffin, Dr Steven Jones, Dr Kevin Ryan, Webster Tarpley, Barbara Honegger, FAA-controllers, USAF pilots, military commanders, physicists – ed. note). But they are still questions. The movie doesn’t provide the answers. It only lays bare the questions that remain, that were left unanswered by the official investigation and need to be answered by the US government.’

Question: ‘Mr Fujita, how did you become involved?’

Fujita: ‘I work for several Japanese NGO’s and one of those people showed me some videos and books. At first I couldn’t believe it. So I saw Loose Change and read Dr Griffin’s books. And last year a good friend of mine who has a very high position at the German national bank told me about the put options that were placed on American Airlines and United Airlines. I believed him. And reading Dr Griffin’s book, looking at his reputation, I have every reason to believe him. That’s when I realised that every truth finding effort has to be continued. So I gave a presentation in the Japanese parliament (which is extensively covered on YouTube – ed. note). But I feel the truthers find their information mostly by internet. The truth should not only go by internet. It should now go political! Networking is very important. We must all work together.’

Question: ‘But what can we, regular citizens who go about their daily lives, trying to make a living for them and their families, what can we do?’

Griffin: ‘As in any movement, the 9/11 Truth Movement is a minority movement. We must continue to use our networks to make this minority into a majority. We have the upper hand to find the truth, for we have the conscience of the people. And I know that’s not an easy feat. I have now written six books on the subject, which is getting good reviews – go check it on Amazon. I had a good reputation as an author before as well and now I’ve just written my sixth book on the subject. But I have yet to get a review in any mainstream publication.’

Question: ‘Do you, in your new book, take the same stance, saying that 9/11 was an inside job?’

Griffin: ‘My new book is called 9/11 Contradictions. In this book I do not take any position, actually. Reporters have hidden in the past saying either the books were too technical and they’re not engineers, so they couldn’t comment on the book. In other cases they felt the official story was the only story they could report about, for the risk of being labelled a conspiracy theorist or even worse, getting fired. But with my new book, reporters will not be able to hide behind these excuses. These are only contradictions that they can verify and ask questions about.’

Question: ‘What kind of contradictions?’

Griffin: ‘Well, one very important one is the alleged Barbara Olsen phone call. Ted Olsen at the time claimed he had been called by his wife twice on 9/11, thus establishing the fact that American Airlines 77 was in fact hijacked by men with Middle Eastern looks. First he claimed it was a cell phone call. Later he changed his story to seatback phone. But when a German journalist got Boeing to confirm that on this type of flight there were no seatback phones, Olsen changed his story back to call phone. Now, you might think ‘oh, so he got it right the first time’, but… At the Moussaoui trial an FBI-report showed that there was never any connection between Barbara Olsen and her husband. No cell phone calls were ever made from that flight (Dr Griffin gave three more examples, contradiction with regards to the whereabouts of General Meyers, the highest ranking military officer on 9/11, the timeline of Dick Cheney’s activities and the question about why the Pentagon was not evacuated when the Doomsday plane, shown on CNN, was actually in the air over Washington – ed. note)

Question: ‘Many people, even today, are still baffled about WTC-7. When can we expect NIST to publish its final report on this collapse?’

Griffin: ‘NIST has delayed the publication time after time. In 2004 they said it would be released in 2005, in 2005 they said it would be released in 2006 and so on. Now we are expecting the report in August 2008, but I feel we may yet get another delay until at least the end of November, after the current administration has – hopefully – left office.’

At this point, people start joking about the fact that the US-government has probably sabotaged the screening of the documentary, since the projector cannot be fixed. We change rooms a few minutes later and the screening of the film begins. ~~~MORE~~~

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Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.
Mohandas Gandhi

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Hi Kira,

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"They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they put you in jail. Steal a lot and then they make you king"
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Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.
Mohandas Gandhi

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Good links on 911

I'm off to watch that video before finally getting some sleep. smiling

"They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they put you in jail. Steal a lot and then they make you king"
Bob Dylan

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