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The Worst Corruption For All To See - Updated

Updated with a better video at foot of the article

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The video above is an episode of UK Column News 19-8-16. This news service is highly recommended. This particular episode gives prominence to the case of Janice and Brian Docherty (beginning at the 36min mark) whose children have been taken by state authorities because the Docherty's reported the approach of a man wishing to buy access to their autistic son for the sum of 25,000 Pounds. They and their children have been the recipients of extraordinary abuses of power from various government agencies in three jurisdictions. It's a compelling story which demonstrates the existence of a very corrupt network of public employees.

The corrupt personnel include -
the police in Scotland,
the police in Ireland
the police in Northern Ireland
a police ombudsman
Social Services in Scotland and Ireland
lawyers (including their own)
Family Court
a municipal councilor
Irish PM's media staff
social workers
mental health nurse
mental health hospital administration staff
Irish and English computer hackers (most likely intel agencies - ed)
an aristocrat
the Catholic Church hierarchy
and political thugs such as the IRA

Quite a list of characters, I'm sure you'll agree. These people are from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. They were all connected and co-ordinated. What sort of organisation could band them together? One that exists below the radar, at least, but one that wields a very destructive power. The fact that this network can act with impunity implies that the whole civil administrative structure of these countries is corrupt to the point of enabling the worst kind of child exploitation.

To understand if any state is involved in a criminal act or acts, ask the question, "What should have happened and didn't?"

Below is a link to the pdf which features in the video above. It documents every statement made in the video -

Here is a link to 5hrs of interviews with Janice and Brian Docherty-

The ten interviews can be listened to individually here-

UK Column Homepage

UKC 19-8-16 News Edition
(The Docherty case begins at the 36min mark)

London Metropolitan policeman describing the epidemic of child sexual abuse and exploitation by the powerful in political circles. Again, the generally hidden network of corrupt officials is evident

And for those not living in the United Kingdom, do not think it is any different in your country.


The good folks at UK Column have edited their 19th Aug news show to just feature the Dockerty case. It is 19mins long and can be seen here together with other information

Or watch below-

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Hillary Has Lived By The Sword

The title refers to the many people connected to the Clintons that have suddenly and conveniently died. Recently there was another spate of deaths surrounding Hillary culminating in the death of Seth Rich. There are so many deaths that coincidence or random chance cannot account for them. All that is left as an explanation is what they look like – assassinations of people who went against the financial and political interests of Bill and/or Hillary Clinton 'by persons unknown'.

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It is admittedly premature but it seems to me that Hillary may well be in line to fall to that same sword of power. Hillary is extremely unpopular with her own party's followers.

She is very obviously in poor physical health and her mental health is in question, too. That she is the Democratic candidate seems like a massive head-scratching contradiction. All this effort just to get her through another day. But then, maybe that is all these handlers need to do!

Photo published by Reuters Feb 2016

Hillary prop

Hillary prop

On The Trail Of The Paedophiles

Below is the 12th Aug 2016 edition of the UK Column News. This news service is essential viewing especially if you live in the UK. It is also very valuable for we that live in Australia because we have the same psychopathic culture and system running our society.

UK Column give more attention to child sex abuse cases and the political fallout from them than any other news outlet that I am aware of. Their reasoning is that child sex abuse is “the engine” of the corruption that drives UK politics. The reasoning is sound and applies equally In Australia.

I prefer, though, to describe child sex abuse as “the glue that holds the corruption together”. Currently there is a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses To Child Sexual Abuse. This 500 million dollar boondoggle for the legal community was called by the previous Labor Government here in Australia.

It was seen as a parting shot from the soon to be ex-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, against the Liberal Party Opposition that was heavily dominated by Catholics. The Catholic Church being by far the most prolific offender over the many decades (if not centuries). But the truth is that if Gillard had not called for a Royal Commission, the incoming government would have been forced to.

The reason being that it was becoming very obvious to many in the public that the Catholic Church had enjoyed protection over many years from criminal investigation into it's paedophile culture by the police, the legal establishment and successive governments particularly at the State level. Clearly, these other institutions were corrupt and indulged in paedophilia of their own. The Big Secret was that sexual abuse of children was common practice amongst the pompous and the 'high and mighty'. We are ruled by paedophiles at every turn – criminals of the most despicable kind.

This church paedophilia, of course, was just the start of the corruption in our society and this wider network had to be kept from the public consciousness at all costs. Power is perception, after all, and the notion that our authorities are mandated by God still lurks in the dark recesses of most people's minds. All the power and privilege that these psychopaths and paedophiles enjoy is completely dependent on the co-operation of the general public and their ignorance of the truth of how our societies really work.