Hillary Has Lived By The Sword

The title refers to the many people connected to the Clintons that have suddenly and conveniently died. Recently there was another spate of deaths surrounding Hillary culminating in the death of Seth Rich. There are so many deaths that coincidence or random chance cannot account for them. All that is left as an explanation is what they look like – assassinations of people who went against the financial and political interests of Bill and/or Hillary Clinton 'by persons unknown'.

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It is admittedly premature but it seems to me that Hillary may well be in line to fall to that same sword of power. Hillary is extremely unpopular with her own party's followers.

She is very obviously in poor physical health and her mental health is in question, too. That she is the Democratic candidate seems like a massive head-scratching contradiction. All this effort just to get her through another day. But then, maybe that is all these handlers need to do!

Photo published by Reuters Feb 2016

On top of these liabilities is the issue of her many past scandals and her current criminality which has led to serious national security breaches that have almost certainly lead to the deaths of US intelligence agents and assets. This is beyond ridiculous. There must be Intelligence personnel who would dearly love to see Hillary removed from the equation.

One can imagine someone as power mad as Hillary continuing on with the political race from her hospital bed (if not her prison cell). But why oh why would anyone in the Democratic Party with more than one brain cell persist in supporting her instead of Bernie Sanders who could rally support from the whole party and would be the favourite to win the presidential election? It is not as if Bernie wouldn't do what he was told, after all.

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What's wrong with this picture? Why would these political hatchet artists throw away their best chance by far of a Democratic win? There has to be another game plan in play.

The following is very speculative. it is not the only option but it is the only option that fits the facts and the political context domestically and internationally to the point that it all makes some sense. If Hillary Clinton was assassinated before the presidential election takes place, the blame could be laid at Russia's doorstep (and Trump by association) in order to bring about martial law – a military takeover.

It will be temporary, the US citizens will be told. “The country is under attack and the US cannot afford the luxury of a democratic process in the middle of this crisis and we need decisive leadership”. Or so the propaganda will flow.

If this were to take place after the election, the military takeover will not be seen as anywhere near as necessary. The VP would just step into the presidential office as has happened before.

If it is before the election and the neocons can organise a small military confrontation at the same time, the few Hillary supporters will say, “Thank God, this is better than Trump being president. Besides, he's complicit with Putin in this”.

The Trump supporters will recognise they are in a bind. If they pushed for the elections to go forward anyway, they would get decimated by the sympathy vote for the Democrats. So they will say, “Thank God for the military” and be so busy defending Trump against charges of treason. The last thing they want is a Democrat in office who will persecute Trump and the remaining Republicans.

And the majority of citizens, who don't want either party in power, will be saying, “Thank God neither Trump or Clinton are in power. Please, someone with some semblance of sense take over from these idiots”. The political process has been undermined and denigrated to the point that most people will look favourably on any alternative to it. Right now it is not seen as a contest between an elephant and a donkey but a contest between two goats.

Trump has been given front page headlines every time he has said anything approaching sensible regarding Russia and Putin. Clearly, in the minds of many, Trump favours the Russians and it would be seen as natural by many that Putin would want Trump to win (even though Russia has an unblemished record of not interfering in other nations' elections)

Clinton has been linked in the press to attacks on Russia via Ukraine and this will be 'proof positive' that Putin is behind the death as payback for Ukraine and to get his buddy Trump elected. It's obvious, isn't it? Well, to the average punter out there in teeveeland it will be.

The Neocons have evacuated the Republican Party like rats leaving a sinking ship. So they will say they are blameless and will crow, “I told you so” and re-invade and re-occupy the Republican shell afterwards. The 'Alternative Right' will be totally discredited in the process.

And most important of all, the opposition within the intelligence community, the military (represented by the Veterans Today crowd) and the industrial base (Trump's establishment base) to the domination of the increasingly loony neocons and their banker masters will be eradicated.

The bankers (Hillary's masters) are losing control of world-wide geopolitics are also losing control of the political arena at home in the US. They need to re-establish this control and bring the world into a small war which will be the excuse to totally isolate Russia and China diplomatically and economically. No more trade with them. This will shore up the $US by eliminating the competition from the Ruble and the Yuan. The other competition, the Euro, is tottering and may well fall leaving the US dollar in an unassailable position in the Western World.

The ritual of the scapegoat involves two goats. One is sacrificed and the other is cast out into the wilderness to carry off the blame.


Hillary and Trump as "sheepdipped" candidates

Hi James:

There is absolutely no doubt that the PTB are in desperation mode and there's nothing off the table insofar as how they will react as the presidential campaign progresses. They could assassinate either candidate as part of a wider plot to get their "man" into the White House and blame foreign states for the assassination in the process.

The main difficulty is they have absolutely no credibility or soft power left...as you showed with your pictures and videos above. The perps are running on empty/fumes. More concerning even than what's going on in the US is what's going on in Europe...particularly Germany. Did you see the video of the German president walking down the street with the crowd shouting "Get Out! Get Out!"? The Germans have had it with Western BS and warmongering and mass migrations. If they team up with Russia (this has Always been the West's worst nightmare from prior to WWI and was the reason for the two World Wars....to prevent a Russian/German alliance) then it's game over for the London/New York Bankster axis.

So, in summary, the perps need to watch who they assassinate...more for how it will affect the US reputation world wide than how it will affect the brainwashed, compliant sheeple at home. They will believe anything the MSM tells them. An assassination of another American leader could (ironically) be the end of NATO. So while it could happen...I don't think it will. But there are definitely some big surprises in store!

Thanks for your thoughtful

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Greencrow. Indeed, things are unravelling for the bankers and their blackmailed vassals in Europe. These Gladio attacks must be seriously pissing off many in the circles of power in Europe, blackmailed or not.

What was it said of the formation of NATO? To keep Russia out, America in and the Germans down? Nothing has changed, it seems.

There are lots of other indicators that the banksters are planning a coup in conjunction with a false flag or two - one in the US and one in Europe. There's those two clowns on NBC advocating summarily shooting Russians, Iranians and Julian Assange. Setting the US population up for another 'bait and switch'.

But all this doesn't mean they will get the results they want. Given their recent track record and their desperation, I think it will mostly backfire as everything else has lately. There will be more chaos though.

I agree it is far from certain, but if there is a false flag op leading to a military conflict, I think it is most likely to centre around Kaliningrad and involving Poland and/or Lithuania. These are NATO countries (Ukraine is not) and will oblige other NATO countries to join in one way or another.

Poland has a history of being a patsy for starting European wars.

There is surely something going on!

It me- Penny

The whole Clinton Trump thing is beyond bizarre- did you see the CFR psa I have up at the blog?- they have Hillary as President in the video. along with plenty of memes

Anyway... The way I see this going down- Trump is tossing this to Hillary-
And from there Hillary will be just another puppet president. She is so owned she will do exactly what she is told to do.

I also believe that a woman president is timely right now- pushing all these gender issues, makes her ideal: the vagina vote and all- perhaps Hillary can morph into the earth mother to promote the green meme?

One possibility I will entertain is the assassination of Obama prior to the election. This would fit right in with the black lives matter spin and Hillary can step into power, without an election

Democrat to democrat..

Then she could morph into Earth Mother

james-" I think it is most likely to centre around Kaliningrad and involving Poland and/or Lithuania."

this is a good thought james, I like it.

Creepy CFR

Hi Pen,
I saw you had the CFR piece on your blog. I had listened to it yesterday at Jay's. Just the audio was creepy enough. I like to think I'm inured to listening to lies but this was a shock. Such blatant reversal of the truth and with such sincerity!

The speakers were pushing the 'beyond political parties' thing and selling expertise - technocracy, so much more capable! I thought it fitted exactly with the coup plan. Perhaps the 'Hillary already as president' meme is a deliberate distraction from main thrust of the message - CFR expertise (to govern)

For sure, if Hillary got selected or elected, she could do a Queen Victoria and disappear from public view. Yes, she would do exactly what CFR/Wall St wants and could get away with more because she is a woman. Whatever they have planned, we shall see soon enough.

There's a high chance, though, that they will mess it up. Here's hoping for that, at least.


Re Kaliningrad: it must be a constant irritation to NATO and I'm sure Kaliningrad is looking like Danzig/Gdansk all over again to the Poles. Or, at least, it is being presented to them as such.

And there is no reason it won't have the same outcome with the Poles being suckered into starting a war . . . again.

One thing we know about psychopaths is that they are great ones for repeating strategies that have worked before. Perhaps that's due to their general lack of creativity.

Kaliningrad is so much closer to Moscow and Putin's beloved St Petersburg. So the alarm value of an attack there will be far greater than anywhere in Ukraine. In the eyes of the usual suspects, the chances of a rash Russian response will be much higher.

But all this is highly speculative on my part.

Where is James? This doesn't

Where is James? This doesn't sound like him at all. Who am I? Where am I?


Sprung bad. Damn! You got me. James has been abducted by aliens and is currently being held by Archon Command at a secure location off planet for his own safety.
When you suss out who you are and where you are, drop us a line here and we'll take you to safety, too.

This is a public service initiative sponsored by DARPA. Your taxes at work for you.

McJ's picture


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

WOW! You are the subject of your very own conspiracy.

You sounded exactly like James to me. I guess our anonymous doubter doesn't know the story of the two goats - a bit of a giveaway.

Hi dense

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The real question, though, is why is the Democratic machine persisting in propping up (literally) Hillary Clinton when she brings with her so many liabilities - medical issues (physical and mental), financial scandals, international disasters (Libya/Benghazi) and a trail of dead bodies with no end in sight, it seems?

Why would the 'machine' do that when they had a popular candidate in Bernie Sanders (who could actually fill an auditorium) and would probably cream Trump?

Cynical minds want to know smiling

and another

Dr Drew Fired

Hillary Clinton: All powerful. Gets Dr. Drew fired for his remarks on Hillary’s health

After weighing in on Hillary Clinton health debate, Dr. Drew Pinsky’s TV show has been abruptly canceled.

there you go

if you want to know who runs the place, pay attention to what you're not allowed to say



One more

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