On The Trail Of The Paedophiles

Below is the 12th Aug 2016 edition of the UK Column News. This news service is essential viewing especially if you live in the UK. It is also very valuable for we that live in Australia because we have the same psychopathic culture and system running our society.

UK Column give more attention to child sex abuse cases and the political fallout from them than any other news outlet that I am aware of. Their reasoning is that child sex abuse is “the engine” of the corruption that drives UK politics. The reasoning is sound and applies equally In Australia.

I prefer, though, to describe child sex abuse as “the glue that holds the corruption together”. Currently there is a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses To Child Sexual Abuse. This 500 million dollar boondoggle for the legal community was called by the previous Labor Government here in Australia.

It was seen as a parting shot from the soon to be ex-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, against the Liberal Party Opposition that was heavily dominated by Catholics. The Catholic Church being by far the most prolific offender over the many decades (if not centuries). But the truth is that if Gillard had not called for a Royal Commission, the incoming government would have been forced to.

The reason being that it was becoming very obvious to many in the public that the Catholic Church had enjoyed protection over many years from criminal investigation into it's paedophile culture by the police, the legal establishment and successive governments particularly at the State level. Clearly, these other institutions were corrupt and indulged in paedophilia of their own. The Big Secret was that sexual abuse of children was common practice amongst the pompous and the 'high and mighty'. We are ruled by paedophiles at every turn – criminals of the most despicable kind.

This church paedophilia, of course, was just the start of the corruption in our society and this wider network had to be kept from the public consciousness at all costs. Power is perception, after all, and the notion that our authorities are mandated by God still lurks in the dark recesses of most people's minds. All the power and privilege that these psychopaths and paedophiles enjoy is completely dependent on the co-operation of the general public and their ignorance of the truth of how our societies really work.

For the purposes of this essay, you will have to accept that we are ruled by psychopaths. If you have the time and inclination to find out more why this is so, I suggest you read a series of articles on psychopathy starting here. The questions, then, that i will address are, “Why are so many of them paedophiles?” And, "What's the purpose of the paedophilia"?"

Now one of the key features of psychopaths is that they have zero loyalty to anyone but themselves and they believe in nothing but their own power. They often promote religions, philosophies, brands of politics and economics but these “isms” are only vehicles for their own power and they do not believe a word that they are saying. So how do you run a criminal enterprise as large as this network of Religion, Law, Corporate power and Governments? Inducements and Threats – Carrots and Sticks.

It turns out that sex with children is both the perfect inducement and the perfect threat for the psychopaths in charge to maintain their control over the network of psychopaths. While the psychopath is indulging himself, he is filmed and other data is collected on him and his particular predilections. Intelligence agencies are rather good at this sort of thing and it is no surprise to find them front and centre in this business.

The perpetrator/victim is now compromised beyond redemption whether we are talking spiritually, psychologically or socially. They have to do what they are told or their life of power and privilege will evapourate in a puff of sulphuric smoke. So a functioning network of psychopaths is created on the suffering of children. All very evil.

If the paedophile networks are exposed in the churches, the schools, the courts and the government child care agencies, they cease to function and the glue that holds all these psychopaths together dissolves and so does their 'loyalty' to each other. Then it is every psychopath/paedophile for themselves and they will tear their own power structure down.

We don't need a violent revolution to change this evil structure, we just need to spread the knowledge. Once 'authorities' are seen for what they are, they will not be heeded or followed. The system collapses because the psychopaths need our unwitting co-operation to make it all work.

No co-operation = no system of corruption.

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Also from UK Column is this extraordinarily revealing first hand expose of UK government facilitation of child sex abuse

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