never question nine eleven

never question nine eleven
paris, nice or seven seven
boston bombing? sandy hook?
crisis actors! please don't look

never question nine eleven
liquid bombs or seven seven
red alerts excite your fears
seven countries in five years!

never question nine eleven
holocaust or seven seven
zip your lip; live long and prosper
said the psychopathic monsters


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I love it, very good. I

I love it, very good. I especially like the hotlinks in the midst (even though I heartily disagree with you about much).

As a poem. I think it's good. Good job, Winter. I mean it.

The thing I like about poetry

is that you can say a lot with a few words. You can convey meaning way beyond the words themselves. If it is done well, the sum is greater than the parts, as it were.
Anyway, WP, you have managed to say to say a lot with a little.

thanks very much

It must be good if both my readers liked it! Wink