The Facts Of 9/11 Must Be Suppressed

For the first time in over two years, there's a new post at my main blog.

Here's an excerpt:

(1) The official story of 9/11 has been used to justify drastic military actions by the United States and its allies, actions which have brought death, destruction, and chaos to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, and many other countries.

(2) The same story has also been used to justify drastic changes in domestic policy, in the United States and in much of the world. These changes have resulted in the persecution, incarceration, torture, and death of many innocent people, not to mention the erosion of civil rights and the perversion of the democratic process in every nation that once enjoyed such things.

(3) If it were widely and clearly understood that the official story of 9/11 is not only obviously false but a carefully crafted fiction, the military actions described above would be seen as unjustified acts of mass murder, war crimes and crimes against humanity; the policy changes would be seen as acts of treason; the people responsible for these actions might be in danger of accountability; and the new policies themselves might even be in danger of reversal, in which case the people who benefit from these policies might need to find a new way to feed at the public trough.

(4) If the official story were true, the facts of 9/11 would support it, and independent research would confirm it. Therefore the facts would be widely publicized and independent researchers would be encouraged. But none of this is happening, and that's because the facts of 9/11 undermine the official story, and the independent researchers destroy it.

(5) Therefore the facts and the independent researchers must both be suppressed. Otherwise the new policies would be in danger, the people who implemented them would be in danger, the people who profit from them would be slightly inconvenienced, and the perpetrators of 9/11 might actually be brought to justice.

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9/11 Perspective from a Retired Firefighter

I'm a retired career firefighter, having served over 20 years on a FD in a medium size Midwest city. During those years, I was on many a fire scene, and yes, even a few high-rise fires.
Also saw some 'pancake' collapse structure fires and NONE of those looked like the WTC collapses.

A pancake collapse has the floors falling down on top of each other, looking like a pile of pancakes on a plate, hence the term. A pancake collapse building will fall down in a random, haphazard manner, not free-fall and doesn't emit a large cloud of pulverized contents hundreds of feet high and blocks long, making it look like a volcano exploded. Neither does a pancake collapse generate enough energy to eject a 20 ton steel beam nearly 400 feet and still have enough energy left over to impale the beam into another building.

Nor does a pancake collapse turn humans into tiny bits of nothing, leaving only bone fragments no bigger than a fingernail. Nor does a pancake collapse evaporate thousands of tons of steel and concrete.

I've read some of the NYFD radio transcripts from that day, from a crew working the fires in one of the towers. They radioed Command that the main body of fire was out, leaving only 'mop-up' duty. Mop-up is putting our small fires that aren't really dangerous, but could reignite the structure, so best to extinguish them. They also said they were going to start providing medical care to the victims, which means they inspected the fire floor and determined it was safe enough to provide medical care in place, if the floor had been deemed unsafe, they would of begun moving the victims to a lower level. Then, their world blew up, killing 343 NYFD firefighters.

Slowly, the real news behind what happened on 9/11 is coming out, I just pray that the truth is exposed soon, before all these ME wars that are based on the 9/11 lies, turn into WW III.

Thanks, Greg

I couldn't agree more.

I also agree, Greg.

I did not know about the NYFD communications and the deductions that flow from them that you ably argued.

I must admit that the moment I knew that the buildings came down at free fall speed, I also knew it was a false flag op. Rightly or wrongly I have kept pretty much out of the issue from then on. When it comes up in conversation (not often for me) then I simply put the impossibility of the story that it was a case of 'pancaking' and therefore we are being told bullshit.
Stunned silence and the end of the conversation is the usual result.

I image that the Bush's et al are planning a celebration tonight as they probably do each year. What a feeling of power, what a thrill, they must have at being able to get away with this. They must think that we are incredibly stupid and deserve our fate of annihilation and making way for the next evolutionary step; themselves, the psychopaths.

Another firefighter's perspective

My father was a firefighter, too. And after he retired, he worked as a fire inspector.

One day, in 2003 or so, we got talking about 9/11. He had never previously allowed me to raise the subject.

I said, "Dad, you know a lot about fire. Have you ever seen a steel-framed building collapse like the towers did -- because of fire?"

He said, "No."

Then I said, "Have you ever even heard of something like that happening?"

Again he said, "No."

And I said, "You know that jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. If it did, we wouldn't have cars, we wouldn't have lawn mowers, we wouldn't even have kerosene lamps!"

Then he gave me a look I had seen many times since I was a child. The look meant, "Shut up!" So I did. This was not a line anyone would dare to cross.

From that day until he died nearly ten years later, we never spoke about 9/11 again, nor about American politics for that matter.

It was one of the greatest disappointments of my life to see that my father, who once thought nothing of walking into a burning house to save somebody's dog, was more afraid of the truth than I was.

Excellent summary, WP

Your article, as always, is well put together, different and instructive.

That is a sad and poignant story about your interaction with your father.

I have had similar, though milder, experiences and have wondered at the fear exhibited. Denial is so dangerous in the long run though it promises comfort in the short term. As the saying goes, "You deal with reality or reality will deal with you". For hundreds of thousands of years, this was the guiding wisdom of our species and was crucial to our survival. It led to all of us being here today.

Our civilisation, by design, cuts us off from reality though in so many ways. So, if we seek truth now, which is essential for our survival, we run up against our own culture which for most people is the foundation of their world, their psychological well-being. The culture has provided all the dogma that we use as the foundation for our thinking and therefore our world view. At least, that is how it seems to me.

Thanks, James

It's such a huge story that what appears to be "an excellent summary" is barely a scratch on the surface. But I appreciate your kind words in any event.

Very sad all around, yes.

Reality, yes. Culture, yes. Sometimes I feel as though the culture is burying the truth and all who care about it, with a shovel full or two of manure every day, plus an annual layer of concrete just to make sure. This year being 15, we got more concrete than we've had since 10. Round numbers and all. So it's heavy at the moment. And very sad indeed.

I don't see any way to mend the disconnect between reality and culture, and for that reason, if no others, I am far more pessimistic about our common future than you are. Oh well. Takes all kinds.

The plane that "hit" the Pentagon

here's an iceberg!

Thanks, James.

This is one of those tip-of-the-iceberg things I was talking about in the post.

The deeper you look into the official story -- from any angle -- the more preposterous it gets.

According to the story, the plane that "hit" the Pentagon also "hit" 5 lamp posts before it reached the building.

You might wonder: How many lamp posts can a jumbo jet hit at 500 miles per hour without tearing the wings off the plane? Without spinning wildly out of control? Without rupturing its fuel tanks and bursting into flame?

And the answer is: We don't know yet, but it's more than 5.