These Soulless Rulers (now with added bonus!)

Gallier2 left a comment at Penny's drawing attention to some recent weird behaviour of Hillary Clinton.

Here's the short clip-

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Towards the end of the clip, the scene is repeated but from a different angle. From this second camera, it is very clear that Hillary is startled by a journalist to her right and this triggers the weird bobble headed response. It is as if the Hillary that was there a moment ago is gone and something else is trying to gain control of the steering wheel of her body and once in the driver's seat makes that inane and distracting comment about the Chai tea. This new character looks like she has no idea of what had been asked and has to beat a hasty retreat.

Either that, or Hillary is so used to this sort of disorientation happening that she is adept at covering for it. Not good either way.

This reminded me of a flip out of Obama's recently. Check it out-

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Various commenters have remarked that the stammering was caused by a teleprompter malfunction which is a reasonable enough answer. But if you watch carefully you will see that Obama responds to a voice in the audience by freezing for half a second and then we are looking at a very different Obama to the one we are used to watching. Then he switches back to his old self (whoever or whatever that is). In both of the cases with Hillary and Obama, it is an unexpected voice that triggers the odd behaviour.

But I don't think that either of these hollow people can hold a candle to Oz's very own 'budgie smuggling' Tony Abbott-

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At a minimum, the guy needs medical attention. Either that or an exorcism is in order. Perhaps he should call his friend and mentor Cardinal George Pell for assistance with that. On second thoughts, that might not be such a good idea - out of the frying pan and into the 'fire', sort of thing.

I guess this is what is left after you sell your soul for power. What's the point if you no longer have control of your own body and mind anymore? Sounds like a devil's bargain to me.

How does that saying go? For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?

What is even more worrying, though, is that these politicians are the products of a system. They are a reflection of that system and regardless of who you might vote for and regardless of who might 'win' the elections, we continue to be ruled by a system that pukes up these people.


The 'eyes' have it!

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Mind control?

American Everyman just wrote about Killary's odd reaction to balloons released at her convention last night. I didn't watch it myself but I will say those pictures are disconcerting!

Pump up the emotion

Thanks for the link, Jody. There is definitely something amiss in Killary's head. There's more than bad acting going on. Obviously the whole show is about trying to generate a fake emotion like she is the scone coming to get that elation attached to Hillary in the minds of the punters watching on teevee.
So the show is about mind control for the masses but Hillary has to have undergone "training" for political "leadership" which we might call mind control.

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Set to music

Here it is in slo-mo and set to music. It's even weirder. Check out her eyes especially towards the end of the bobble heading. I think this would be right before she makes the cold Chai comment. ohhh sure

out to lunch

Thanks McJ. So weird. This reminds me if another video. Be back shortly

The End is nigh

Empty party, empty seats.
How the visuals didn't show all the empty seats at the DNC Convention. This could account for Hillary's ridiculous (and shameless) over acting

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The veils are lifting

I saw that one! The Bernie supporters were reporting that the DNC were busing in seat fillers at $50 a pop.

Apparently, there have also been several incidents of Clinton having uncontrollable coughing fits during her speeches. And there has been talk about some of the baggy clothing she wears possibly covering up medical devices.

As if she wasn't wrong enough already, now this! The veils are lifting...

I can't help but think, as you note, when she has that spazz attack that her personality is shifting. I showed the clip to my daughter, who has a degree in Psychology and asked if she thought this may be an alter coming out. She thought it was a very plausible explanation for what we were seeing.

I also noticed that the people in her entourage don't seem to react, as if they are used to her behaviour while the reporters reflexively recoil with wtf looks of incredulity. I read in some other report of this incident that she was whisked away by her handlers immediately after this incident.

And btw, the clip from the 'shirt-fronting" Tony Abbott .... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing What a fuckin weirdo!

Coming apart at the seams

Yes, it seems (pun) to be unraveling at high speed.

I've heard Abbott's performance described by a psychiatrist as a display of barely contained rage. I would add to that some personality splitting going on.

Military coup?

A military coup has been postulated for the US for a long time now but I'm starting to think it is a real possibility and soon.

Perhaps the political scene is being degraded deliberately to the point of obvious farce that a large percentage of the population would welcome a coup as the lesser of three evils.

Everything, including the legislation, is in place. Fortress America.

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A military coup wouldn't be

A military coup wouldn't be that surprising to those of us paying attention. The black vs white (police) / black lives matter protests are playing out a lot like familiar color revolutions especially the police shootings in Dallas.

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Nice job, America

I can't figure out how to make this a little smaller and still keep the animation. Anyways, this gave me a smile.  photo image.gif

I don't know whether to laugh

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, McJ!
This is the best the American 'democratic' system can throw up? One can only conclude that American political process is as healthy as these two products of it.

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Throw up

"Throw up..." about covers it, I'd say. sick!

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