The Coup That Sank The American Ship (or has it? Updated below)

Like the British Empire before it, the banking/military/industrial juggernaut that is the US Hegemon is slowly sinking beneath the waves despite its frantic efforts to stay afloat. The attempted coup in Turkey this last week is just the latest fiasco for the hegemon. But before we do any finger pointing at the US, a little history will help with our understanding of what is at stake. Context is everything.

The wars that the central bankers of the US have waged and are still waging against Iraq, Libya and Syria are due to many reasons but one common reason is that these countries were selling their oil for currencies other than US dollars. War has been threatened against Iran for the same reason. The bankers are very sensitive about this issue because the issuance and subsequent use of US$ is the foundation on which all the power that the bankers have in and over the nations of the world is based. The declining use of US$ means a declining power base for the bankers.

The bankers have long held dreams of dominion over the world and they have planned to use their dollars together with the military might of the Pentagon to achieve it. But, alas, in spite of the wars waged on unco-operative countries, the use of US$ for trade is declining. Leading the charge to other currencies is Russia and China. Russia and China are gaining strength economically and militarily while the US has been slipping behind due to decades of corruption, together with the incompetence and hubris that goes along with systemic corruption.

The bankers only hope for survival is to isolate Russia and China from the rest of the world so as to take their currencies out of the competition. One of the reasons for the decline of the EU may be to take the Euro out of contention as a world trading currency as well.

To isolate Russia from Europe, it is necessary to cut Europe's dependence on Russian gas. That means the US must move heaven and earth to frustrate any plans for new gas pipelines to Europe from Russia. Enter Turkey into this struggle.

After the US via the European Commission (EC), the actual European government, managed to stop the proposed South Stream pipeline going through Bulgaria, Turkey and Russia announced that an alternative pipeline, Turk Stream, would be built. Turkey is not a member of the European Union (EU) and therefore not subject to EC bureaucratic interference. But it is a member of NATO and subject to interference from that body. And interfere they did.

A Turkish Air Force F16 flying out of Incirlik airport (the base for NATO/US forces) shot down a Russian bomber over Syria. This would not have been possible without the help of the US air-force in the form of in-flight AWAC reconnaissance aircraft providing vectoring information and covering protection from two US F15s aloft at the same time.

Russia cut off diplomatic and trade relations with Turkey and the Turk Stream pipeline 'went south' to the joyous 'high-fiving' in Washington, no doubt.

Erdogan displayed all the indications that he was caught completely unaware by the shoot-down and it was not in his interests to do so, anyway. Clearly, there was an alternative chain of command in place within the Turkish military and one that was controllable by the US because they were the beneficiaries. The most likely candidate is the Gulen network nominally under the control of Fethullah Gulen who is an avowed enemy of Erdogan. Gulen operates out of the US and is totally dependent on the good graces of the US government and is therefore totally controlled by it and the CIA, in particular.

The Russian imposed trade sanctions on Turkey have hit their tourism and manufacturing industries very hard. The Turkish economy after years of increasing prosperity is now in severe decline and Erdogan's political support is steadily declining as well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the US is continuing to support Kurdish factions fighting in Syria and in Iraq for their own autonomy. Erdogan has trouble with the Kurds in Turkey who also want their own autonomous territory if not sovereign country. All this is aggravating Erdogan and his dream of extending his territory at the expense of the Kurds. The last thing he wants is an independent Kurdistan because it will mean a diminished Turkey and not an expanded one.

The US's inability to steer Russia away from assisting Syria in eradicating the jihadis is not lost on Erdogan. The US is increasingly being seen as impotent in steering the future of the Middle East. It is time for Erdogan to change horses. But just before he does, he signs a gas pipeline agreement with israel. The terms were very favourable to israel, apparently, which is uncharacteristic but perhaps Erdogan was in a hurry to conclude it as he had bigger fish to fry.

Within a couple of days of the agreement with israel, Erdogan announces an apology to Russia for the shooting down of its fighter bomber. There are noises about improving trade and even perhaps the Turk Stream pipeline will be under consideration again. Erdogan is clearly trying to set Turkey up as a transit hub for gas from israel, Russia and Syria (Iran) to Europe. Erdogan must have been feeling confident because he would know that Al Assad announced something similar in the year before all the terror started. He called it the Four Seas Policy.

Within a day or two, Turkey suffered the Ankara Airport bombing. This is a well used response to unhappy news from other countries by Mossad. Ankara Airport's security is handled by an israeli company headed by a former Mossad agent.

Undeterred, Erdogan arranged to meet Russian President Putin personally and at the same time it is leaked that Turkey has been negotiating with Syria using back-channels to resume friendly relations.

A few days later, Turkey suffers the bungled Friday Night Coup by middle ranking officers. While the ensuing struggle goes on, there is deafening diplomatic silence from Britain, the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Qatar indicating their complicity. Only after it is plain that the coup is a failure do these countries issue any statements deploring the coup. In contrast, Iran was very prompt in condemning the coup attempt.

Erdogan wasted no time in blaming Fethullah Gulen as the instigator of the coup and declaring that Turkey would not be ruled from Pennsylvania (Avenue?). Gulen's organisation is located in Pennsylvania (while, of course, the White House is located on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC). One has to wonder if Erdogan chose the word “Pennsylvania” to deliver a double message.

Gulen does, indeed, have a network within the Turkish military capable of enacting this botched coup attempt. And the Gulen organisation is controlled by the CIA. The CIA is totally pissed at Erdogan for cosying up to Russia again and, of all countries, Syria! This must be beyond the pale for the CIA and the bankers that control it. All their plans at fatal risk.

We can understand from this the panic of the Americans but what would drive these middle ranking officers in the Gulen network to launch their ill-prepared coup. Why the haste? Why their desperation?

I believe the answer to that riddle is in an announcement by Erdogan that the pilots responsible for the shoot-down of the Russian bomber have been arrested. Why announce it and who is Erdogan announcing it to? He was announcing it to the Russians and it is a show of good faith to them as they, no doubt, asked for the prosecution of the pilots and everyone involved behind them. The Russians tend to make things personal in these sorts of cases as the arrest, prosecution and incarceration of Nadiya Savchenko for the deaths of two Russian journalist shows.

Is it possible that, not just these pilots and those behind them in the chain of command, but all those involved in the Gulen network within the military services got advanced warning that they were destined to be arrested and prosecuted? I think it very likely. By rounding up thousands of servicemen immediately after the coup was put down shows that Erdogan already had the lists of the people he wanted arrested.

I also think it very likely that the Russian intelligence services pulled out all stops to find the identities of all the servicemen involved in the attack on their bomber and the death of their pilot. It is also likely that during this intelligence operation, the Russians came across plans for the coup by this same group. I don't think this would have been too hard for the Russians given the general level of incompetence of this group of plotters. Russia could well have handed this information to Erdogan as part of their agreement with him.

But where to now? The US were staring defeat in the face with Syria already with their various groups of head-choppers heading for the chop themselves. With a pissed off Erdogan and Russia wanting the Turkish-Syrian border closed as another precondition for any normalisation of diplomacy and trade, the jihadhis fate is sealed.

But psychopaths cannot ever give up so they will come back with something. The chances are it will be desperate and bloody and put them further behind internationally.


Alexander Dugin also talks about the importance of the arrest of the two Turkish pilots and how they fit into the scheme of things. They were backed by the same people who backed the coup attempt – the Gulen network and, by implication, the US.

Dugin talks about many Turkish politicians talking of leaving NATO and that nothing can stop Turkey from doing that now. I'm not so sure. More on that after the video of Alexander Dugin's

View on YouTube

If leaving NATO is the case for Turkey, then this alone could set the scene for a second, bigger coup. This would mean the US putting a lot of pressure on the Turkish High Command with which it has been enmeshed for decades. Leaving NATO might be a bridge too far for the generals.

Sibel Edmonds talks about this possible follow-up and much bigger coup to follow. She sees the failed coup as merely preparatory. I can imagine that the secular Kemalist and the Erdogan islamic factions in the military (mentioned by Dugin) may have been less than enthusiastic to join in with the uber islamic Gulenists in a coup. The status quo would be more preferable to that.

But perhaps the incompetent coup attempt was designed to change that status quo regardless of the outcome. If it was successful, then very good. But if it was unsuccessful, then Erdogan could be relied on to over react and start a wholesale purge and then perhaps be determined to leave NATO (or at least openly threaten to leave) out of cussedness. This would jam the generals into a position in which they would have to act to bring about a coup so as to stay in NATO.

View on YouTube

Perhaps, then, a nice little war between Russia and NATO would be very beneficial in cutting Russia off from Europe in terms of trade and diplomacy. A new Cold War would then be in place and the US dollar would be in a much safer place and so would the central bankers.

Jens Stoltenberg has been traveling non-stop to shore up the NATO alliance and to extend it to as many new countries as possible, particularly in Scandinavia (no doubt a factor in his appointment to NATO). If the US wants to start a little war with Russia they will need to use some NATO country and push it out into the traffic with Russia. Then if the confrontation quickly morphs into a new Cold War with the aim of isolating Russia, then all countries in NATO would have no option but to cut off trade with Russia. Games, set and match - maybe.

But are these psychopaths that clever? They are 'under the gun' and have a record of messing things up in recent years. The only thing they are good at of late is creating chaos but more and more people are tumbling to their game. The Turkish generals must be seeing the US and their Neocons increasingly as 'yesterday's heroes' by now especially after the surrounding of the Incirlik air base. Let us hope so.

View on YouTube

The article discussed in the interview - The Travels of NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg: An Analysis

Greencrow of Greencrow As The Crow Flies has been astutely following the coup in Turkey since Saturday 16th July. Her latest is UPDATED: Was the Military Uprising in Turkey a False Flag? Some More Thoughts

See previous articles here, - here, - here, - here - and here All good

If you are not familiar with Penny of Penny For Your Thoughts on this subject, get yourself over there and have a long read. Penny has been calling out the the dismantling of Turkey by US and israel since Nov 2014, 20 mths!


Best analysis I've seen out

Best analysis I've seen out there yet.

Thanks Rachel

Much appreciated! But the plot may be thickening more, yet. See the update which puts an added wrinkle to the failed coup.


Is it true ECB'll go belly up this week?

That's news to me. Got any

That's news to me. Got any links?

great analysis

Hi James:

This is a very good summation and analysis of the circumstances surrounding the Turkish Coup. I'm going to link it to my post of today on the same topic. All the best


Hi Greencrow

Thanks for the nice comment

For some reason my comment is

For some reason my comment is being truncated. Outrageous on my own blog post! Anyway, here is the rest of it-

I'll look forward to your new post. I'm sure it will be great reading - as usual

Great compilation and analysis

I was waiting for someone to put it all together, concisely. thank you.

These articles may provide further insight in your analysis of Erdogan and Gulen.

New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric

The Gulen Movement: Turkey’s Clear And Present Danger

Gulen Charter Schools, Terrorism and Fraud on the American People

Thanks for your comment and

Thanks for your comment and links, Anti-Neocon. Interesting articles. No surprises with Clinton's "pay-to-play" strategy!

Gulen's movement and his schools remind me of the Jesuits and Opus Dei. Dogma, control and the suppression of free will.

I have wondered how much of the research gleaned from the various MK-Ultra projects gets funnelled into these schools.

There's a good chance it plays a large part in the manufacturing of the so-called Clash of Civilisations.

Interesting coup article

This link comes from Rouge K in her comment at Penny's-

It gives details of the involvement of the Russian govt and one Alexander Dugin in the overthrow of the Turkish coup attempt.

Bear in mind that no sources are cited.

great post

And thanks for the link too
re: Dugin- I didn't realize he was in Turkey until was it wiz oz that had mentioned it?

Doesn't it make you think of that Fort Russ post from Dugin I had up at my place
"Our Goal is the Liberation of Turkey"

"Russia has simply gone beyond its borders in terms of influence. We have declared our goals. Our goal is the liberation of Turkey from American influence and Qatar-Saudi-Arabian ISIS, while we simply manifest ourselves as a pole of global politics"

Re possibility of a second coup:

At this time I don't see that as realistic considering the purges Erdogan is making- Ally suspects a colour revolution-

A coup won't work because the people are to united- It won't wash

It's going to have to be a expanded, vicious, violent destabilization, possibly under the guise of a colour revolution, possibly, but, I don't think so.

I see "ISIS" regrouping aka Kurds and others- and an unimaginable upswing in suicide bombings, car bombings etc- ISIS will simply force the hand of NATO to "rescue" Turkey- which as you know will not be a rescue of any kind.

For what it's worth- there it is

It's a fluid situation

as the pundits like to say!
A second coup looks increasingly unlikely as is a colour revolution in the near future, - to me, anyway, from my position around the other side of the world

I had a much longer comment

I had a much longer comment for you Pen but it got truncated somehow when I saved it. Perhaps I'll rewrite it in the morning!

What's next?

The first thing the US will have to achieve is to stop the closing of the Turkish/Syrian border. Not only is it the supply route for the jihadhis but the closure is almost certainly a prerequisite for resuming diplomatic and trade relations with Russia - which, of course, the US must hinder at all costs.

The terror attacks in Turkey will be escalated. The new proposed US bases in Kurdistan - oops, northern Iraq, will be the transit points for materiel flown in and distributed to the headchoppers going under whatever nom de jour.

A military coup is still a possibility but only after the Turkish population is so terror stricken from multiple terror attacks because Erdogan, as a defender of democratic govt, is receiving widespread support from the populace. Besides, Erdogan has finally started to resume relations with Russia which is a popular move and well overdue as far as the people are concerned. They don't want anything to so with the US. They loath the US far more than they dislike Erdogan.

A favour james?

" Penny has been calling out the the dismantling of Turkey by US and israel for over a year now"

If you could correct the time frame?
For almost two years now (20 mos)- since November 2014
Even I can't believe it's been that long
Thanks james

I had thought it was roughly

I had thought it was roughly 18mths but wasn't sure so I opted for "over a year"

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