Thoughts on Brexit, Bankers and The Russian Connection

The Brexit vote has taken up many columns of print and lots of space on online news services and on YouTube. Most pundits and commenters (including this writer) were caught off guard by the declared result of the vote to “Leave” the EU. In hindsight though, maybe we shouldn't have been when we consider the broader context in which the referendum was staged.

To start with, it is well to remember that it was none other than David Cameron that called the referendum. That is odd. Why would he (meaning his handlers) call for a vote on something that he apparently has nothing to gain from but something significant to lose? Psychopaths are not known for their commitment to democracy or the public welfare. They are instead known widely for their commitment to furthering their own power and that of their handlers. So, immediately, we can say there is something wrong with this Brexit picture.

Many commenters have pointed out that the vote is only 'advisory' as far as the parliament is concerned. In other words, the government is not obliged to do anything regarding the result of the referendum. It can simply ignore the result. So some say “call-me-Dave” Cameron was not risking anything at all. True. Or almost true, anyway. British voters who want to leave have no doubts now that they are in the majority and this will, by itself, make things difficult for the government, their handlers and other beneficiaries of the present bureaucratic and fascist nightmare that is the EU.

On the topic of majorities, we had yet another close vote, 52-48%, which had the benefit of turning the vote into a media drama like all the other “close fought” voting events around the world in recent years. Many point to the technology that is available now to rig the voting to produce these sporting-like media sensations as the reason. I agree because I am convinced that if this technology is available to the psychopaths in charge that they will use it. They cannot act contrary to their natures and psychopathic nature compels these people to steal anything and everything they can. So the vote was almost certainly rigged.

But if it was rigged, why was the vote tipped in favour of the “Leave” side? Perhaps “tipped” isn't the right word. For starters, perhaps the majority was minimised from something far higher than 52%. A large majority of people in London voted to “Remain” but this is not surprising given that the majority of Londoners now are from foreign backgrounds and a large proportion of the remaining ethnic Britons are from the 'chardonnay class' or otherwise less kindly known as the 'chattering class'. So that particular result in London is quite understandable.

But I have read many people making the comment that outside of London they personally do not know anyone who supports the “Remain” side. These people are either involved in the productive economy or have been excluded from the productive economy, such that it is, after the EU bureaucracy has had its devastating way with it and winning absolutely no friends in the process. It should have been more of a rout outside of London. But if the vote was knocked down from say 72-62% to 52%, why not 49%?

Well, if the Powers That Be have tight control over the result (and that is almost a given), then it follows that they wanted a narrow win for the “Leave” side. But why? Let's first look at the wider context of world politics and where the Russian connection comes in.

We know that the Western bankers need to institute a new Cold War with Russia to stop trade between the EU countries and Russia and preferably China, too. With China and Russia dropping the use of the US dollar in international trade, the bankers are at severe risk that much of the rest of the world following suit. The bankers' power is dependent on them issuing US dollars and the rest of the world using them to trade with. The only way to preserve a 'market' for the US$ is to 'capture' Europe and isolate Russia and China. To ensure this, the bankers need to absolutely control Europe through the EU.

The bankers also need to stop the gas flow from Russia to the EU countries and to do this they need the EU in place and stopping countries such as Bulgaria and Greece from allowing gas pipelines (which would be very beneficial to their domestic economies) from traversing their territory. The problem for the bankers, though, is the fast rising opposition to the EU from most of the populations of its member countries. As the EU tightens its control over these countries, the people have suffered shrinking economies and growing immigration and the troubles that attend both of these outcomes. People are increasingly, and rightly, seeing their economic and social problems as a direct result of EU membership. The pressure to leave is growing and the bankers dream of complete world domination is fading accordingly. What to do?

The following is speculation but I think it is a reasonable projection given the past behaviour of the psychopathic PTB, the bankers. I believe what our rapacious bankers wish to do to Britain is, in the words of Henry Kissinger to Pakistan's Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, to “make a horrible example of you”.

The British economy will be crashed. It has already started with the sinking of the British Pound as per George Soros' threat. And if you think the Forex markets are really markets, then I have a bridge to sell you. The bankers can collectively crash the market anytime they choose by way of a quaint practice called 'short selling'. 'Short selling' means selling currency or stocks you don't have. In any market other than a financial one, this is called fraud.

The EU will make as much mischief for Britain as it can. Cameron, who has announced his forthcoming resignation, while still maintaining control, will assist the process in any way he can. All the while, he will maintain that he is not to blame because he warned the British public about leaving the EU. "It's your fault", in other words. A new Prime Minister would face pressure to improve matters so Cameron will stay on and be rewarded appropriately after eventually leaving office and devastating the country.

A new conservative party leader will be elected and appointed PM and will announce a general election and will effectively turn it into a new referendum on EU membership. The Conservative govt will be returned and the pressure on the economy will be eased by the bankers. This will be paraded as proof positive that remaining in the EU is the only possibility if a country wishes to have any sort of economy at all.

The other countries in the EU who wish to “leave” will have this “lesson” beaten over their populations' heads day and night to the tune of TINA (There Is No Alternative) until all resistance to the EU and their banker masters has been rendered impotent.

If this is the bankers' plan then it has to be seen as high risk if the general public realises that they are being deliberately economically punished for the "Leave" vote. But the bankers are in dire straits and desperate times call for desperate measures.

The following Crosstalk show addresses some good points regarding Brexit and is notable for three things : the insightful comments from Patrick Henningsen, no neocohn jerks and Peter Lavelle doesn't talk and interrupt quite as much as usual.

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