The Psychology of Control

Mark Passio is interviewed by Richard Grove from Tragedy and Hope on The Psychology of Control. It is an outstanding interview. One topic builds upon another but given that it is an interview and not a presentation, the topics aren't always in the most easily absorbable order to take it in as a whole. Below is my summary of the interview which places the topics in an order that best suits me and hopefully will be of benefit to you, the reader, and allow you to get the most out of this excellent interview.

Mark Passio says some things at times that I don't agree with but it is hard to find anything in this particular interview to quibble with. To the interview-

This world is set up to mirror back to us our behaviour so that we might learn as we go. The 'set up' is described as Natural Law. “Law”, in this sense, is something that is universally binding on all and is immutable; that is, it is unchanging. So the “Law” applies to all people and circumstances throughout all time and there are no exceptions – gravity is a common everyday example of this.

We have free will to follow the dictates of Natural Law or not. Either way, consequences will follow over which we have no control but we do know they are constant and unchanging. In that, the consequences, Natural Law, gives us feedback and allows us to learn.

The Law of Consequences covers the deterministic portion of existence and the Law of 'Do no harm' covers the free will aspect. If we act so as to do no harm to others, we can expect a life of order and peace. If we transgress this injunction, we can expect to have a world of chaos just as we can experience around us every day. The state of the world leads us to the inescapable conclusion is that we, as a species, are transgressing Natural Law in some major ways.

And, indeed, we are. Leading us in this journey into chaos are the psychopaths amongst us who are intent on exploitation and destruction.

The world today is the result of our behaviour.
Our behaviour is the result of our decision making processes.
Our decision making processes are dependent on our thought processes and the quality and quantity or information available to us.

So if the psychopaths can influence our thinking and the information that is available to us, they can control our behaviour and therefore the state of the world. And they do. They do this through religion, through schooling and through the media. The psychopaths' power comes from withholding information and corrupting what information that we do get.

We are taught a “stimulus/response” model. This model completely leaves out the logical thinking that should be in between stimulus and response. This omission takes away our personal control and we become a nation of 'order followers'.

Following orders seems to remove personal responsibility but it never does. We are treated as children in a dysfunctional family and we never grow up. Just as children in a dysfunctional family, we accept that we are powerless and learn to make the best of it. Children are indeed powerless but as adults we are not. Learning to question what we are taught and to think for ourselves together with taking full responsibility for our behaviour is the way to adulthood, order and a measure of peace. To the extent that we endeavour to do no harm to others, we experience freedom.

We become order followers because we accept the notion of authority over us by others (usually the psychopaths). This authority over others does not exist in reality, in Natural Law. And to believe in something that does not exist is a sign of mental illness or delusion. Harm to all will result. So it can be seen that those that would rule us are mentally ill and the last people that should be 'driving the bus'!

Violence is used to enforce this delusional authority and this results in more harm as violence is also against Natural Law. Natural Law embodies the law of self defence whereby one is entitled to ward off violence by using force of one's own. Force is self defence so long as it is needed to protect oneself. If more force than this is used, then it becomes violence itself. To subdue an attacker is self defence. To then proceed to maim or kill the attacker becomes violence as it is not necessary to protect oneself.

The Law of Self Defence is the Masculine Principle. The Law of Non-aggression is the Feminine Principle and they work together to make up the whole of the Law as it applies to human relationships. Natural Law is objective, that is, it can be observed in objective reality and is not determined by opinions which are subjective. Natural Law can be seen as a science.

Society's laws (governments and legal societies) are very subjective and arbitrary and serve one section of the society (the psychopathic rulers) at the expense of everyone else. Being out of sympathy with Natural Law (which ensures order) this man-made law will inevitably bring chaos. And it does. This chaos can be further exploited by the psychopaths so long as they can keep its origin hidden from us. This is best done through fear. Chaos engenders confusion and therefore fear for us. Further increasing fear for us through terror attacks and stress through tough economic conditions makes sure we stay disoriented.

Promoting Solipsism also leads to fear because its reasoning inevitably leads to the conclusion that we know nothing and there is no order to the world. Solipsism teaches that we are the centre of our universe and that all we can know is our own perceptions but not what our perceptions are based on. It is an egoic madness.

The madness, the chaos, the harm that is all around us is the result of transgressing Natural Law. The answer is to learn Natural Law and apply it in our daily lives. We can learn it for ourselves by learning critical thinking i.e. The Trivium and by responding with compassion towards our fellow man. Our 'fellow man' does not include the psychopaths and we would do well to learn to identify them, as well.

So there we are! I hope this proves to be a useful, albeit skeletal, framework to follow and absorb the wisdom from both Mark Passio and Richard Grove.

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I very much enjoy your

I very much enjoy your articles on this topic James.

Non-thinking society is unfortunately the trend and has been for some time. What to do for your children to get them out of societies traps and truly educate them - home school? How many of us have that option? The future looks difficult, especially for the younger generation, it is very sad to see.

Home school?

Thanks for your comment, Hornet, and for your excellent question. A paragraph or two from me in answer to it is not going to be sufficient because it is such an important and far-reaching topic.

But, never-the-less, for what it is worth -
I think teaching the next generation what is truth and, more importantly, how to uncover truth for themselves is the single most effective thing we can do to change our society for the better. Our current psychopathic culture is based entirely on deceit, one way or another. Hence, its vulnerability to the truth.

Certainly, home schooling is an option on that path but is not without its own pitfalls. The content is of supreme importance; for instance, the Trivium Method as opposed to the Classical Trivium and never mind Distance Education.

Home schooling is not always an option for many, as you mention. Though, I think it may be possible for more people than they themselves might think. It often means completely rearranging everyone's life which might initially feel like a burden but may often turn into an unexpected boon. Passing on our knowledge is an imperative within us and is deeply satisfying, especially as you get older. It is part of our design and we are robbed of this through formal state schooling.

But there is nothing to stop a parent (or grandparent) from teaching their children Natural Law, formal and informal logic and deductive and inductive reasoning regardless of the schooling arrangements. Encouraging questioning and teaching simple maxims such as, 'there are no contradictions in reality', can have a huge impact on a child's learning and throughout their life. The parent has to learn these things first, of course, but this can also be a hidden boon. Teaching things that are newly learned brings with it an engaging enthusiasm that otherwise fades in time.

Time constrictions are often raised as arguments against home schooling or supplemental schooling, but if there is a teevee in the house, I suspect that excuse is nonsense.


Thanks for replying - lots of substance there.

I agree that learning to uncover the truth and to think independently is the highest priority, it just seems that modern "schooling" is designed to do exactly the opposite. I see that education has to be a continuous process and parents need to be involved every step of the way from the very beginning, otherwise it seems children can easily be lost to the disposable society. At the very least, supplemental schooling in multiple fields is a must...


You're very welcome,

You're very welcome, Hornet.

"I agree that learning to uncover the truth and to think independently is the highest priority, it just seems that modern "schooling" is designed to do exactly the opposite."

Modern schooling is exactly designed to do the opposite. An article that gives an overview of compulsory schooling over the centuries. A Brief History of Education

Here is a 5 minute video featuring John Taylor Gatto, an award winning school teacher, succinctly describing the purpose of schooling-
How To Train Fleas

View on YouTube

The above clip comes from 5 hours of interviews detailing the sordid history of compulsory state education with John Taylor Gatto. Gatto identifies the despicable philosophers and industrialists involved in bringing the Prussian education system to America and why. The latest iteration of this system is called "Outcomes Education" (currently being promoted in Australia) which is a "stimulus-response" model leaving out the thinking/logic which should be between stimulus and response. In short, it is animal training. Purpose? As always, servitude and more war!

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