Je Suis (Un) Turkey

Welcome to our Thanksgiving Day dinner, Erdogan. You're the guest of honour!
You've made a lot of people in Washington very happy – the Neocons, their banker paymasters at the CFR and the Pentagon brass (also happily ensconced at the CFR).

You see, although Erdogan was helping the bankers by providing the logistics for ISIS (and making a fancy profit from it), he was hindering their plans for an independent Kurdistan. It was getting messy and the ever-fickle Kurds were in danger of going over wholesale to the Russians.

So, Erdogan had to go. But how? Simple: play to his overblown sense of entitlement and his psychopathic outrage at the Russian's bombing his family's lucrative terror business. His son ran the oil tanker fleet (that is no more) that shipped stolen Syrian oil from ISIS into and through Turkey. No doubt, there are many other highly profitable family businesses.

Turkey claims that they shot the Russian jet down using an air-to-air missile fired from an F16 fighter jet. There were early claims that it was a surface-to-air missile. I don't know that that possibility has been definitely ruled out. Another possibility is that it was an American jet or even an American pilot flying a Turkish Air Force F16. It's not like there are a shortage of American F16 pilots at Incirlik airbase where the attack allegedly was initiated from. There was another early report that claimed that US F15 combat aircraft were in the air at the time of the attack on the Russian Su24. Whatever, it is clear to many pundits around the world that the attack was, at least, co-ordinated with the US.

From Pepe Escobar-
"Let's cut to the chase. The notion that Turkey's downing of a Russian Su-24 by a made in USA F-16 was carried out without either a green light or at least pre-arranged "support" from Washington invites suspension of disbelief."

There is no way it couldn't be co-ordinated with the US. Turkey's air defence is enmeshed with NATO's air defences and so they would have had to warn NATO beforehand to have any chance of protecting themselves from a Russian retaliation. (Israel's air defences are also enmeshed with NATO's which is worth bearing in mind every time they attack Syria or threaten to attack Iran).

Therefore we can say with confidence that the US government knew of the attack beforehand and we know they could have easily have stopped it because they supply 75% of Turkey's military budget (and the corrupt personnel it buys). They own the Turkish military forces. So they approved of it at the least. Can we go further and say they planned it? I think we can.

We had the curious statement from Obama after news of the Turkish attack broke that he had not spoken to Erdogan but would do so in the coming days. He was signalling distance from Erdogan as if he didn't approve. Then we had Reuters quoting an 'anonymous US government spokesman' saying that the Russian jet was definitely in Syrian air space.
And now we get this from a US State Dept Advisor-
"Turkey has blatantly provided material support to the Islamic State because they share an ideological connection along with a common foe in Syrian President Bashar Assad, former US Department of State senior advisor David Phillips told Sputnik"

So Turkey's ally, who had obviously approved the attack, was now dropping Turkey, or more accurately, Erdogan, deep into the proverbial.

In no way was the US stepping in to prevent a retaliation from Russia. They, in fact, seemed to be encouraging Russia to respond militarily. What we are looking at here is a classic set-up to start a war. The bankers are past masters at this game and they need another war desperately now to stop Russia from ending the war in Syria, which the Russians and the Syrians are rapidly achieving. (There are also much larger geopolitical reasons for the bankers needing a war, any war, but that is for another article.)

So how did the US sucker Erdogan into the attack? He was extremely vulnerable because his ego has had two massive boosts lately. Firstly, from his apparently huge election victory. And secondly, from his outrageously successful extortion of $3b from the EU and Germany in particular over the refugee problem that he was instrumental (at the behest of the bankers) in initiating. If the guy ever did think straight, he certainly wasn't now after those heady hits.

Of course, he would have thought (or asked), 'what if Russia responds with an attack of their own?' “No worries, Erdo baby. You just close the Bosphorus and Russia will be in the palm of your greedy, grasping little hand”.

The trouble with that idea, although it would suit the US very well because it would make it extremely difficult for Russia to re-supply its forces in Syria, is that the Turks can only close the Bosphorus Straits if it is at war. So it would need to declare war on Russia in which case Russia would simply turn its gas off. 80% of Turkey's gas comes from Russia. If this were to happen there would be revolt within Turkey and Erdogan would find himself housed in a very small room and perhaps without a window. Mission accomplished for the US.

But closing the straits is an highly unlikely outcome. No doubt, Erdogan thought that the Russians will back down as the only other possibility open to them. But Russia has proved very adept in finding third solutions to double binds and false dichotomies presented to them by the West over the years.

Russia has, indeed, not backed off but instead increased the attacks on Turkey's terrorists in Syria while increasing its missile defence around the Latakia air base and declared any approach by another country's aircraft to be hostile. Everybody has been warned . . . and publicly.

I think we can expect Russia to publish all the incriminating evidence it has on the individuals in Turkey sponsoring terrorism in Syria and elsewhere. It will also serve as a warning to the other 39 countries that it has evidence of doing the same.

Russia has stopped the lucrative tourist trade and will engage selective pressure on some Turkish businesses who have connections to terror. But they will not actively try to dislodge Erdogan because he is so difficult for the US to deal with. And, after all, it is the US that is driving the show and the US is the ultimate problem.

I'm not expecting Russia to launch any obviously retaliatory attack for the shooting down of their jet as they have the moral high ground here and the Turkish attack was so obviously stupid. As for the murder of their pilot by the terrorists, that has already been settled. They're dead already (graphic pictures).

The big winner, in the short term at least, is the US. They've successfully attacked Russia and have avoided responsibility. They've massively weakened Erdogan whose 'use-by date' is fast approaching.

In the longer term, they have weakened their position with their erstwhile allies because their duplicity will soon be obvious to many in power, if it isn't already. It is clear to the Russians already because Putin made mention of the signed agreement with the US (which included all the NATO powers) covering the procedures to avoid shoot-downs such as this. These procedures were ignored and brushed aside and the Russians know that the US would have been aware of everything before the attack was started. Putin said they "have been stabbed in the back by the accomplices of terror" - that's plural, meaning Erdogan and Obama. So there is now zero trust of the US which is going to make it all the harder for the US in the future.

So they lose, as they thoroughly deserve to. After failing to start a war between Russian and France, they have failed to start a war between Russia and Turkey. They also won't get, in my judgement, any help from Russia in unseating Erdogan and end up losing even more support in Europe. The minute Europe dump the US, it's all over.

Ultimately, aside from the loss of a pilot and a marine, all this is a good thing for Russia because the US has never kept an agreement whether it is in writing or not, anyway. Russia's stature as a reasonable and responsible nation is increasing with every provocation while the stature of Turkey and the US is plumetting.

In the future, I expect the Russians will want the US to fulfil their side of any deal before the Russians reciprocate. There will be no more deals like Minsk 1&11. It really is the only way to deal with psychopaths.

Further reading-


Russia Having Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving?

My take on it is that the USA, Israel and England have been whispering in Erdogan's ear, slyly telling him that Turkey can be a world power, playing with the Big Boys, all you have to do is to irritate the Bear and when it responds, we'll come to your rescue.

Just like what France and England told Poland about Germany before WWII.

After all, a Turkish president that just built a 1,000 room mansion must have some trophies to hang on the wall.

Whatever happened to the old days in Turkey, when the military would step in and remove a Turk president for sanity's sake and hold on to power until elections were held?
Guess someone has delivered briefcases filled with FED C-notes to the Turk high command.

The Russian pilot says they had no warning. Don't Russian planes have that 'friend or foe' warning system that alerts them when a jet like the F-16 is too close?
If they did and it didn't sound the alarm, Russia needs to find out which 'ally' sold that technology to the West.

Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, Greg. I think we can be absolutely certain that the usual suspects have been blowing in Erdogan's ear for years. How else do you start wars - creating strife where there is none?

(Here's some speculation from 4 years ago regarding the Caliphate - )

Every psychopath thinks he is smarter than all the other psychopaths. Why else would they do deals with each other when they know everyone lies?

As you say, it is very strange that the Russian pilots got no warning at all. I have read many times about how a jet fighter or bomber knows immediately when another jets locks their radar on them preparatory to firing at them. So why no radar lock warning? Were the Americans flying that F16 and demonstrating some new technology?

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Joe Quinn's article

Seems like Joe Quinn has been thinking along the same lines as you James. Or else he has been reading your stuff. If only everyone would consult you first. Ya know, if only you ruled the world.... smiling

"Really? Ok, I'll cut to the chase; there's a good possibility that the Turkish F-16 that shot down the Russian jet was not under any official Turkish government orders. It may not have been under any official Turkish military orders either. In fact, its pilot may not even have been Turkish, or if he was, he may have been temporarily acting on behalf of another party with an interest in souring the Russian/Turkish relationship."

Always the last to know: Did the Turkish Government find out about shoot-down of Russian jet after the fact?

Rule the world? Too much competition, methinks!

Still . . . you know . . . maybe I could just . . . . just for a day, maybe smiling

I like Joe Quinn's article. He fleshes it out a lot more than I do. I differ with him about Turkish PM Davutoglu's apparent mea culpa, though. It's too neat and yet it doesn't quite fit. When I first saw it at Sputnik a couple of days ago and followed it to a Canadian site, ThinkPol (Thought Police?) there wasn't a source. Increasingly I'm considering it disinfo planted by the usual suspects.

The whole thing is still unfolding. I'm very encouraged, though, by the increasing speed these international false flag ops and intrigues are being unravelled by the multiple bloggers. Even established pundits are getting in on the initial surge of exposure instead of sitting back and pronouncing their bits of wisdom after most of it has been sorted. There's a 'sea-change' in process.

I hasten to add that I'm not referring to Joe Quinn in the above. He has been consistently in front of the crowd. He is also very familiar with psychopathy so I guess we will tend to see the same things the same way.

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I agree about Joe Quinn

I agree about Joe Quinn. No site has done more than SOTT in bringing attention to psychopathy and it's relevance to our understanding of the world around us. Anyways...great minds think alike, eh?...or something like that...

Great Blog and Post

James, you don't post very much but when you do it is well worth the read. Anyways, lots of news on this event but not many people have connected the dots like this. Good job! Looking forward to the Saker's take on this as well, whenever he gets back.

I don't have much knowledge of military matters but have read that, since the flight plan was known to the US, the F-16 could have been told of the Russian flight plan and could have intercepted without the use of radar. I believe that the missile itself uses infrared guidance system, which does not require radar if I am not mistaken. Bottom line, this could probably be done with existing technologies, especially to an aircraft that was not expecting this from a supposed friendly state and was not looking for a foe in the sky.

The US is really showing its true face now for everyone to see.

Hornet, thank you

I get quite a bit of help, though, from our own McJ here at WPC and Penny from Penny For Your Thoughts. Greencrow is well worth following, too.

I like to read Andrew Koryko and the almost indispensable William Engdahl.

I like your thoughts on how the shoot down could well have happened. I makes a lot of sense, . . a lot of sense. Occam's Razor in action!

I hope to do an update on the post tomorrow.

Putin accuses US of complicity in Su24 kill

Right on schedule -

'They knew the exact time and the exact place': Putin accuses America of LEAKING flight path of doomed jet to Turkey...'

Read more:

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Thanks James. And thanks for all your great analysis, giving us the bigger picture.

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Sounds more than likely

Sounds more than likely to me.
Ambush of Russian Bomber Was Guided by US Reconnaissance

"So it turns out that the Turkish fighters knew with absolutely certainty where to wait in ambush for our plane?
Of course. A pair of F-16CJ's flew to the [missile] launch zone and, at a distance of 4-6 kilometers, practically point blank!, launched an AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missile into the rear hemisphere of our Russian bomber. Besides which, the AN/APG-68 onboard radar of the fighter which launched the missile, was working in “target illumination” mode. That is, it turned on at the moment of launch, and turned off as soon as the missile definitively locked on to its target.
Did our pilots have a chance to save their plane?
No. The Su-24M2 crew's probability of escaping destruction was equal to zero…
…Turkey does not have its own capabilities for such a detailed and very precise operation. And don't forget about the second E-3, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The whole scenario was very fast-moving, lasting just seconds.
Did it really happen that smoothly?
The Turks nonetheless committed one mistake, which led to their provocation not quite working out. The F-16CJ went out on its interception two minutes late, when the Su-24M2 had already left the disputed 68-kilometer zone in the north of Syria [this may be referring to the Turk's self-styled no-fly-zone against Assad]; to leave it required at most 1.5 minutes. But the “kill” command to the F-16CJ had not been revoked; thus the missile launch was carried out a bit further than the intended point. This is confirmed by the fact that the [Turkish TV] footage of the Su-24M2's fall was planned to be filmed from both Syrian territory and Turkish territory; however, the “Syrian footage” is more detailed. It appears that this saved our navigator. He was able to go into the woods and wait for a rescue team."

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