Federal Court OKs Treason, Crimes Against Humanity

The traitors and war criminals who have taken over our government are dancing with joy this evening, and rightly so. Earlier today, a Federal Court of Appeals in Washington granted them legal immunity for every criminal action they have taken while in office.

The ruling, made by a panel of three judges in dismissing an appeal in the case of Valerie Plame, absolves government officials of individual accountability for any actions taken in an official capacity, regardless of whether those actions violated federal law or jeopardized national security. In effect, it legalizes treason.

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Wonderful writing,

Wonderful writing, absolutely horrid subject matter. Keep up the great work WP.

Thanks, Debbie

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by too. It's good to know you're still kickin' Wink

You too WP. Was

You too WP. Was disappointed that I haven't been able to comment on some of your great stories. So glad I can again add my faint but honest praise.

Glad you're back

I'm glad that I can read you again. This is horrible. Do we have more information on who the three judges are exactly ?

The judges in this case were ...

According to the AP, the judges in this case were: David B. Sentelle, Karen LeCraft Henderson, and Judith Rogers

The AP reported:
Chief Judge David B. Sentelle wrote the opinion and was joined by Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson. Sentelle was appointed by President Reagan and Henderson by the first President Bush.

Judge Judith Rogers, who was appointed by President Clinton, dissented from the ruling in part.

Here's an ironic thought

You know, our soldiers died for our freedom in the war of independance, and thus it is our constitutional duty, as protectors of the US population, to destroy that freedom, before it kills them again.


Maybe the worst act of treason in the history of our country! It's no surprise this happened and is the perfect example of why our democracy is probably lost and for people to think that BO will change back all that has been lost is kidding themselves.

We are in a world of shit. LTFO!

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