The 'Why' of TTIP & TPP

This post is an answer to a question posed to me by Mark Nesop at his Kremlin Stooge blog in response to a previous comment of mine.
Mark's question was,
“(I) would be very interested in a comprehensive overview of how TTIP would benefit the USA. It is a fairly reliable implication of self-interest that the USA is so enthusiastic about it while Europe’s bellwethers – France and Germany – are broadly nervous about it. That suggests it threatens a loss of sovereign decision-making somehow.”

A shorter answer has been posted on his blog and the longer version has been posted below. It outlines some further background or context to my answer at Kremlin Stooge which would, due to its length, be rather an imposition in a comment thread.

Mark, thanks for your question. It has made me line my ducks up in a row which is of benefit to me, at least. I, like everyone else, do not know the details of the agreements (incl TTP) and given that the negotiations are being carried out by people none of whom have our interests at heart, we can't take at face value anything that has been revealed. So any details that have been leaked are likely to be less than the truth and serve the interests of those who leak them and not the public. For this reason, I have not even bothered to keep abreast of what has been available. However, we can deduce a lot from the political and historical context in which these deals are being pursued.

For 250 years, at least, certain banking dynasties have wanted to rule the world uncontested. They rule nations by issuing their currencies and it is a natural progression to want to rule the world through providing one international currency. But how to do it?

Without a formal world government to enforce compliance, the bankers would need to control a commodity that is essential for everyone and make it only available in exchange for the bankers international currency. That commodity proved to be oil.

It is my opinion that the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 was meant to trigger a crisis that would provide the 'solution' of a One World Currency (OWC). The GFC had been set up years in advance through underwriting dodgy mortgages and leveraging them with derivatives of all sorts with the express purpose of it all blowing up in the future. Meanwhile, the bankers set about controlling those oil producing nations, including Russia, that did not belong to OPEC (whose sales are formally tied to the US dollar). Unfortunately for the bankers when 2008 rolled around, many oil producers were not only not in the West's pocket but were positively hostile to the prospect. Things had been gone horribly wrong for the bankers for a few years.

First and foremost, Putin had come to power in Russia in 2000 and had soon set the priority to take back the stolen oil industry and was spectacularly successful in doing so. In 2006, israel attacked Lebanon hoping to draw Syria into the war which would, in turn, pull in Iran and either place their oil fields under the control of Wall Street or, at least, destroy them and take them off the market. It didn't happen. In 2011, the attack on Syria was renewed in the form of NATO's jihadists. Chavez of Venezuela also appeared on the scene and put his own spanner in the works.

So without control of the world's oil sales, the bankers could not bring in their OWC to replace the ailing, inflating and debt-plagued US dollar. So it has all been an ad hoc scramble for the bankers from there on in. So the job at hand now was to implement measures to rescue the dollar that they had been happy to undermine in previous years because they were anticipating replacing it.

One of those measures has been to artificially hold down the price of gold as its price moves counter to the US $. The price relationship is like a 'see-saw' or 'teeter totter' as it is called in North America.

Another move has been to issue a torrent of US dollars at zero interest rates for those in the know who will pore the money into the speculation of existing assets to prop up their values while keeping the money away from the productive economy to keep it and the general population screwed down and controllable.

While this is going on, Russia and China, in particular, have been focussed on conducting their international trade in their own currencies and away from US dollars (and swapping their US Treasury certificates for physical gold - and taking advantage of gold's depressed price). This is lessening the demand for dollars and therefore lessening the value and putting inflationary pressure on the dollar and weakening it as an international currency. Who wants to hold something that is depreciating in value?

Russia and China, along with the rest of the world, has been suffering from the imposition of the US dollar as the international currency. They have to sell something of actual substance to gain dollars with which to trade with. The US only has to print dollars in exchange for other countries' goods. This has allowed the US to build up the world's largest military machine at everyone else's expense, in every meaning of that word! The US has then bullied the world with this military machine to allow it to continue this world wide plunder.

The BRICS countries are putting an end to that and European countries will join them if they can get out from under the yoke (and physical military occupation) of the US. The Wall St bankers are determined to stop that because it will render themselves irrelevant in world trade and politics and even militarily. They have to stop the rot. But what to do?

Enter the TTIP and TTP international 'free trade' agreements. Their purpose is to tie up those countries not in BRICS and prevent them from joining. This means that these European and Asian countries will have to trade using US dollars and, importantly, not Rubles or Yuan. The proposition that the EU put to Ukraine (“No, you can't trade with Russia and the EU. Join us or you won't be joining anyone”) is now being put to Europe by the US. This is splitting the world into East and West again – another Cold War brought to us by the same group of people and for exactly the same reasons.

If the bankers can't control the whole world, then they will tighten their grip on as many countries as they can, prevent trade and cultural exchanges with countries they do not control and use the time to regroup and figure out another way to conquer the BRICS and associated nations. The first order of the day is to survive, though.

We do know that TTIP and TPP will disbar countries from passing laws or upholding existing laws that prevent international corporations maximising their profits in any way. Any attempts to address the imbalance of capital and economic clout that these international (Wall St dominated) corporations have in favour of any home grown corporations will be ruled illegal and 'anti-free-trade' by supranational bodies appointed and controlled by the international bankers.

This means that the comprador class (the local elite) in all these vassal countries (that have agreed to international dominance in exchange for the right to mercilessly exploit their own domestic population) will be rendered powerless as their own domestic banks and corporations get eaten up or left to wither on the vine. They will be eaten up by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Monsanto. Not a happy prospect for this privileged comprador class . Hence the resistance and ongoing and interminable negotiations.

It also means that the Euro will disappear one way or another as a medium of exchange within and without Europe if Goldman Sachs et. al. get their way. Wall St needs to replace the Euro with the US dollar to ensure the survival of said dollar and with it the survival of those bankers that issue it. It's dog eat dog now. They need to keep demand for the dollar as high as possible to maintain its value and power in a world that is rapidly abandoning it. Without that demand, that power, the bankers' generations long dream of world dominance cannot survive.


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