Not Necessarily the News: Russia to 'neutralise' US missile defence

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For some reason the 'ahem' mainstream sites aren't talking about this much,
Russia's military is ready to "neutralise" any threat to its nuclear deterrent from US missile defence sites in Europe, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak said Monday, according to Interfax news agency.

"If we see the development of systems that could reduce our deterrent potential, our military will have to take steps to neutralise the threat," Kislyak was quoted as saying at a briefing in Moscow.

He did not specify the steps that would be taken, saying "this will be decided by military specialists."

"We would prefer not to have to do this," he added.

Kislyak said US proposals to ease Russian concerns about the missile shield, which Washington claims is aimed at countering possible threats from states such as Iran, remained in doubt.

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My take on missile defense was always that it could be relatively easily defeated by launching a wave or two of decoys, then launch your real missiles amidst another batch of decoys.

Here's the problem with missile defense (assuming it even works as intended) - it costs far, far more for this defense than it does for the offense. The United States spends more than the rest of the world combined on "defense" yet Americans are still less safe now than they've been in the past. Wouldn't it be a lot less expensive to just be nice to people?



If most of the places that need security were to act nice, they wouldn't need security at all because they just wouldn't be at all. They know they're pricks and they know that's why they need so much security.

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