Russia's Real Threat to 'The Powers That Be'

In my last article, I made the case for the bankers pushing for a cold war with Russia with the aim of isolating it economically so as to capture the European market for their $US and rescue the bankers' position from total collapse. But where to from there for the bankers because they have ambitions of ruling the whole world, after all, and are not about to give that dream up. There is no rest for the wicked especially when a country such as Russia threatens their existence.

The bankers will be intent first of all on consolidating their political and economic grip on the US and Europe and also the Pacific Rim nations. The goal is to secure these economic markets so as to enforce the exclusive use of $US for international transactions within this trade bloc. The bankers' power stems from the use of the $US by other countries. Once (and if) this is done and having re-consolidated their power base, they will turn their full attention back to Russia, China, the other BRICS nations and also the recalcitrant Latin American nations such as Venezuela. The reason is that the bankers have another fundamental problem and it is to do with the economies of Russia and China.

These economies have a decided advantage over Anglo/Zionist economies and so the empire of the bankers must eventually wage war on Russia and China if it is to survive let alone rule the world.

But before we examine that weakness, let's zoom out into space a little to get a wider view on the world.


You'll notice that Eurasia and Africa constitute the majority of the land mass of the world. Eurasia and Africa combined also has the vast bulk of the population of the world. Notice the size of England to the far left of the map. It's tiny (it is actually smaller than the map indicates because this is a Mercator map which exaggerates the size of Britain and diminishes the real size of Africa by quite a bit). And Japan over at the right hand fringe of the vast Eurasian continent. It's tiny, too. Yet both these countries have historically caused massive problems for the peoples of Eurasia. There is something very odd going on here.

Here's another map that better shows the relative sizes-

Where's America? It's way round the other side of the globe. Yet it and Britain have been the cause of so much misery and bloodshed for the peoples of Eurasia and Africa for the last two centuries. One can imagine Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingping, together with their advisers, looking at a map like this on the wall of the strategy room in Moscow and saying to each other, “WTF?! This is Nuts! Why are we still putting up with this shit?”

The population of the Americas is measured in hundreds of millions of people while the population of Eurasia and Africa is measured in billions. The bulk of the world's resources are in Eurasia and Africa, too. This is where the wealth is. Indeed, this is what wealth is; people and natural resources. Money is only worth what you can buy with it; what it is backed by. In other words, it is always backed by resources; people, their industriousness and natural resources. And this is what those who control the political, economic and military power of the US and the UK, the bankers, have been after all these years; control of people and resources. Money is just their tool to do this with.

There is more than just a lust for wealth and power going on here, though. Eurasia is not just a prize, it is a threat, too. There is an imperative reason for the bankers needing to control the economic life of these countries and it is the reason behind both the World Wars, the Cold War and the current aggression against Russia and soon China. These were and are all “Trade Wars”. I'll try and explain the fundamental weakness of the private banker economies, why they lead to trade wars and why Russia (and China) represents such a threat to the bankers.

The version of Capitalism we have here in the West is one that is entirely designed around and for the benefit of privately owned central banks whose owners just happen to be mostly Jewish. (The jewishness is relevant because its commonality links together the zionist control of the UK, the US and israel, the neolibs and neocons such as Victoria Nuland and those behind the Project for a New American Century, Ukrainian figures such as Yatsenyuk and Kolomoisky together with the bankers (who pay for all this) and their private central bank economies.)

This version of capitalism is not very efficient because the bankers are forever skimming the profits of the population and periodically plunder the economy by triggering recessions and occasionally massive depressions. They make their money and consolidate their power through the generation of successive bubble economies and subsequent busts. The bankers run our economies like they are using an old suction water pump. (Here is just one example of this plundering involving the stock market.)

By lifting the handle they fill the economy (after previously keeping it short of funds) with low interest money (secured against existing assets) which expands the economy, including production of goods, and then inflates asset prices if they keep expanding the money supply to speculators (including themselves). Then the bankers and their friends sell off their assets at peak prices and shut off the supply of loans which is akin to pushing down the 'water pump handle' causing a contraction of the money supply and hence a contraction of the economy causing unemployment and forced sale of assets to cover loans and as the result of bankruptcies. The wealth that has been produced during the boom period is then pumped out of the pockets of the people who made the wealth and up into the pockets of the bankers and their rich conspirators. Welcome to the mysterious 'Business Cycle'. It is really no mystery, at all.

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed)
3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

This arrangement is just fine for the bankers (as opposed to the general population, of course) but a problem arises for these bankers if there appears on the scene a properly run economy with a state owned, controlled and run central bank because in short order it will outstrip the private banker run economies. The reason is that the governments of these countries do not have to borrow money at interest from bankers and they and their people do not have put up with periodic plundering and being constantly held back because of a chronic lack of investment capital.

When sufficient capital is made available through a government owned and controlled central bank and used to harness the total natural resources and of the population, prosperous times ensue. This was the case with Hitler's Germany during the thirties and is the case with China and now Russia since Putin's arrival at the helm. Libya, Syria and Iran are other examples. Under Gaddafi, Libya rose from the poorest country in Africa to the richest. It is not hard to achieve when you know what you are doing. In fact, it takes more effort to hold an economy back than it does to let it naturally fulfil its potential. So Libya, Syria and Iran had to go. They were starting to embarrass their neighbours like Egypt with its private London banker run Bank of Egypt central bank and Saudi Arabia with its high unemployment and increasing poverty. This is the reason for the unending propaganda levelled at Iran. This is also the reason for the ongoing economic sanctions against Iran and the current sanctions being imposed on Russia. Everything possible will be done to hinder Russia's economic growth.

The constant stress of the boom (speculative bubble) and bust cycle is not natural at all nor mysterious as various economic schools would have us believe. It is entirely engineered by the bankers for their own profit and to everyone else's expense. Very few people (including economists) are fully aware of this dynamic and this is why the bankers own the economic and business media such as The Economist and the Financial Times and why they promote varying economic 'schools' of thought; all competing with each other for influence and media space but all co-operating in not revealing the truth about banking and its central role in all the economic woes we suffer. The Bankers rule and profit through deceit. Perhaps they are guided by a variation of the Mossad motto; “By deception, thou shall do business . . . . and rule”

China has pulled itself up from among the poorest countries on earth to the point of becoming the largest economy in the world in a matter of forty odd years through steady yearly growth often in the order of 10% per year. Russia has pulled itself out of desolation to being a significant world power again within 15 years in spite of factional fighting over central bank policy.

These countries have state owned and run central banks and do not have the bubble economies so prevalent in the West. Their economies do not have to suffer the constant skimming of the bankers nor the periodic plundering by them. So it becomes inevitable that they will move ahead of the western economies and will, in time, cause many in the West to question why this is so. The bankers do not want this questioning to come about, of course. When a significant proportion of the population, or even just the industrialists, understand this essential scam run by the bankers together with the costs to themselves, the bankers are sunk.

Over the last centuries, the London bankers have brought war to nations such as Germany and Russia in order to hobble them economically so they cannot move ahead of England, subject as it is to a private central bank. England and America must follow a variation of “beggar my neighbour” policy to ensure their dominance. This means economic sanctions (declared and undeclared), 'regime change' and war, if necessary. All of it is designed to restrict competitive and potentially competitive economies.

In the early part of the Twentieth Century, Germany through heavy reinvesting was eclipsing England in industry through international trade. Much of it was done via shipping. While ever this was the case, Germany was vulnerable to England's formidable navy. But Germany was looking to new overland markets in the Middle East; Turkey and beyond to Iraq. They were planning the Baghdad Railway to facilitate this trade. The English bankers knew (before anyone else) there was vast oil deposits in Iraq and knew this was the fuel of the future, especially for their navy. The overland trade would be beyond the control of the bankers and the British Navy and their window of opportunity was closing fast. So they engineered World War 1. They decimated Germany during the war and decimated it economically afterwards. The Versailles Treaty was designed to keep Germany down industrially and keep it down so it could not rival the banker run British Empire again.

The London (and later the New York) bankers had a vital interest in hindering overland trade between the countries of Eurasia and forcing them one way or another to carry out their trade via shipping and thus inserting themselves as middlemen into all international trade by owning the shipping lines, the insurance companies and the currencies used in this international trade; first British Sterling and then the US dollar. The bankers have been very successful with this simple strategy but it is all coming unglued now. China and Russia are using their own currencies and opening up overland trade routes including China's proposed New Silk Road linking China to Germany. They are integrating the Eurasian continent and freezing the bankers out because the bankers are completely parasitic and add no value to Eurasia's trade or to their economies. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Jewish bankers have a fondness for fascists (as seen today in Ukraine) which goes back into history. They financed Hitler to begin with but when Hitler came to power he ditched them and instituted state financing of infrastructure development and eliminated the then massive unemployment of six million people within two years. The bankers declared war on him in the international press and instituted trade sanctions against Germany in an attempt to hobble their economy. This did not work so the bankers engineered the Second World War by manipulating Poland into antagonizing Germany until it invaded. Germany's industrial capacity was destroyed through the Allied bombing and rebuilt but firmly under banker control this time.

It then became Russia's turn. Russia defeated Germany in the war through massive organization and commitment. This mobilization of the whole of Russia was formidable and so had to be hobbled again. The jewish Bolshevik revolution earlier in the century had put Russia back decades if not more. But Stalin had come to power and had organized Russia with its massive natural resources into the beginnings of an economic threat to the bankers once again.

So the Cold War was instituted and sold as “Containment” of the Soviet Union's ideological and military threat to the West. It was no such thing, of course. The Soviet Union had no interest in advancing beyond its borders. It helped countries such as Cuba and North Vietnam with military equipment and other trade when asked but it was not on any crusade to convert the world despite the occasional rhetoric. The Russian threat to the world's 'democracy' was a total fabrication of the bankers to win co-operation from the WASP elite and religious organizations such as the Vatican and various Protestant organizations for their 'Policy of Containment'. It was economically driven and was designed to hobble the Soviet Union so it would not advance past the Western economies and cause problems for the bankers. And it didn't. Mission Accomplished (for the time being). 'Containment'/Cold War was a Trade War and not an ideological war, in other words.

It is widely held that the Cold War was kicked off by a document written by Wall Street banker, Paul Nitze. The document was NSC-68. It was later admitted that the document hyped the Soviet military threat and the excuse given was to boost military spending and cement the US position as 'leader of the free world'; economic domination, in other words. This basic fact was hidden behind the ideology. Every conflict in the world was painted as an ideological one between the Soviet Union and the “West” led by the United States; between Communism and Capitalism; between Totalitarianism and Democracy, which equated with Tyranny verses Freedom. In actuality, it was a contest between privately owned central banks and state owned central banks and it still is. This is what millions of people have died for and may still die for!

Those lusting after power and prepared to sacrifice millions of lives in that pursuit are not interested in ideologies apart from their usefulness as smokescreens to gain necessary allies and to control the mass of people and advance the cause of privately 'printed' money. “It's nothing ideological. It's just business”, as the mafia might say.

It has always been about the bankers controlling the economies of the West and hobbling the competing economies of the communist countries which they lost control of or any other country, for that matter, that they did not control.

Exactly the same policy is being instituted against Russia today and for exactly the same reason (some pundits are calling it “Containment 2.0”). And it will remain a Cold War for exactly the same reason. It will remain a cold war because the economic goals are paramount, in any case, and because the bankers cannot risk a military defeat of their stand-over merchants, the US military. Without the military threat, the bankers lose much of their power and that is why the US military only go to war with countries that cannot hope to defend themselves.

The bankers' power originates from their ability to print $US for no cost and then exchange these dollars for real wealth in the form of goods. The banks have also printed this money and lent it to the US govt (at interest) and the US govt has used this money (which it hasn't had to exchange any goods or wealth for) to build the massive US military machine by purchasing much of the material for its growth from other countries. The bankers have then used this machine to threaten and conquer these same countries who have subsequently resisted the economic domination and exploitation of these bankers.

The $US dollar has not suffered massive inflation due to this extravagant money printing because the bankers offered the major oil producing countries of the world (OPEC) a huge price increase for their oil and military protection for their despotic regimes if they agreed to only sell their oil for $US. The huge price increase of oil greatly increased the demand for $US, of course. The bankers have accumulated much more wealth and power out of oil than the oil producing countries have!

Money is worth what you can buy with it and if what you can buy with it expands exponentially, then the money is worth exponentially much more or alternatively you can 'print' exponentially much more of it without lowering its value which is exactly what the bankers did. So they expropriated the worth of the world's oil production by 'printing' the money that the traded oil backed in value and then used that money to build the military that now threatens the world and particularly oil producing countries such as Russia, Iran and Iraq (again).

The way out of this circular and diabolical nightmare for the likes of Russia is to stop using the $US for its international trade (particularly its oil sales) which lowers the amount of goods it can buy and therefore lowers the demand for $US and therefore dollar's value and power. Russia had to be prepared to face off with the US military together with its covert brothers in the CIA and their ubiquitous NGO's and their coups and color revolutions which Russia is doing now.

So one can readily understand the vitriol being hurled at Russia and Vladimir Putin at the moment by the bankers through their owned mass media outlets and the desperation of the covert proxy wars the US is fighting at the bankers' insistence against Russia (through Ukraine) and Iraq, Syria and, below the surface, Iran (all of them oil producers and all of them with state owned central banks). So on the surface it's about money and oil but, ultimately, it is about dominance and power and the idea that these bankers have the (self-anointed) God given right to rule the world.

In 1992, three years after the fall and break up of the Soviet Union, the Wolfowitz Doctrine emerged to replace the Cold War Containment Policy against the Soviet Union. It was directed at still controlling Russia and supporting the co-religionists in Israel of Paul Wolfowitz and his banker sponsors. Its primary tenet was American supremacy. This was to appeal to the WASP elite of America as was the Project for the New American Century that followed on the heels of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. The PNAC was authored by prominent jewish Neocons including Robert Kagan, the husband of the later to be notorious Victoria Nuland.

This was a blatant document outlining American dominance of the globe. What it didn't outline was how this would benefit the jewish bankers. Nowhere is there mention of banking or US dollars and this is why this damning document was freely available. It was aimed at the US non-banking elite and its true purpose and beneficiaries were hidden from view. Eventually it cost the bankers' erstwhile allies, the WASP elite and the US military who were made to look like the real enemy. The costs to their non-jewish allies are becoming more and more evident. But the plan, decades in the making, is turning pear-shaped for the bankers as country after country abandons the $US for their trade and resisting the US military threats and in doing so diminishing the power, wealth and political leverage of the bankers.

So the task that the Zionist bankers (if they survive the present debacle) will turn all their attention to in the coming decades again is to maintain and then expand again the use and power of the $US. It is reasonable to assume Putin and many others in Russia, who are intimately aware of the history, character and behaviour of jewish bankers, will have this in mind and are taking a long view of the current crisis in Ukraine. They will want above all the eventual demise of the western bankers and their $US dominated system to eliminate the ongoing long term threat to the peace of Russia, China and, indeed, the rest of the world.

If Russia is successful in isolating and bringing down the jewish bankers by taking away the demand for the $US and defeating them in Ukraine by aligning with western industrialists against the bankers, the world will be able to look forward to many years, decades or even centuries of peace and prosperity.

If Russia is not successful in gaining the support of the major European governments and/or the major industrialists especially in Europe, then Russia together with the other BRICS countries will go their own way and we in the West will be left to the voracious appetites of the most powerful and best organized pack of bloodthirsty thieves history has ever known.

But it won't end there. The bankers have been running a scam and causing wars for hundreds of years at everyone else's expense including at times their allies in the major churches, the aristocracy and the major industrialists. At any time throughout history and up to the present day, the bankers are at risk of being exposed, overthrown and put in jail. That risk will not go away until they control every country and every central bank in the world. So they are hell bent on controlling the world and cannot give up that quest while ever they have a dollar in their pocket to buy people with and breath in their body to tell lies.

For some background on how economies really work and what bankers really do, see “Ron Paul and Economic Theories”
and the bankers' sometimes allies,
Religions, Banks and Power
Some more background on economics, oil and money
One World Currency
On some Basics of Economics

"If 'Berlin-Baghdad' were achieved, a huge block of territory producing every kind of economic wealth, and unassailable by sea-power would be united under German authority," warned R.G.D. Laffan. Laffan was at that time a senior British military adviser attached to the Serbian Army.
It's a long article but the number of parallels with what is going on today compared to pre-WW2 is astonishing.


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Pretty much sums it up. :)

Thanks for your summary.
To be shared and made known for people to wake up.

Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, Blitze. Much appreciated.


"The version of Capitalism we have here in the West is one that is entirely designed around and for the benefit of privately owned central banks whose owners just happen to be mostly Jewish." Lost me there. Why I don't point out it's called oligarchy not capitalism is telling. What's my agenda?

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I'll bite...Oligarchy vs Capitalism

Ok, I'll bite. Mr. Green What's the difference?

The US cannot continue to

The US cannot continue to enjoy the exorbitant priviledge
afforded the $ without Europe and the ability to export inflation to
3rd world countries. Oddly enough it was the 1926 Conference in Genoa which brought the $ to it's global currency status. It was Nixon's ending of the gold backed currency which set the full formation of the Euro into motion. The history of the Euro is quite interesting. All the weaknesses of the $ was addressed. With the 1999 intro of the Euro which was designed to be a borderless currency the $ was able to stay afloat because China stepped up and bought our debt. The 2007 financial crisis slowed down European plans. The battle in Ukraine is not as much against Russia as it is to guarantee Europe does not move into the Eurasian model. Since the EU has the largest economy in the world the US has no choice but to force the issue using Russia, a strongly nationalistic country, by flounderingly trying to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. Russia's economy is not much larger than 2 states in the US. Texas and California.

Hi RR,"The battle in Ukraine

Hi RR,
"The battle in Ukraine is not as much against Russia as it is to guarantee Europe does not move into the Eurasian model."
The takeover of Ukraine by the Neocons was initially to remove the Russian Fleet from Sevastopol in Crimea so the the US could go back and attack Syria. That was Plan A and you can read "what I wrote about that here

Plan B was to arm Ukraine and throw it against the people in the East of Ukraine and then Russia if necessary to cause Russia to invade Ukraine at which point the Neocons and their banker masters would claim Russia is intent on expanding its empire and to strengthen NATO and cut Europe off from trading with Russia (as you mention) so as to hobble Russia and the EU economies and to ensure that Europe remains an exclusive market for $US and so preserve some of the power that the bankers are at risk of losing.

You can read about it above and there's more here-

You make a number of statements regarding relative sizes of economies and about the Euro. Do you have any references or links to show how your statements fit together?

Sorry to disappoint you man,

Sorry to disappoint you man, but Russia has no state-owned central bank. Not yet at least. Putin tried to nationalize it a while ago but it didn't work.

State owned central banks

I'm not disappointed, Anon, and there is no need for you to be either!

The Bank of Russia (the Central Bank) is owned by the Russian Government. It is true, though, that Putin did not gain control of it initially and that is why I mentioned "factional fighting over central bank policy."

As I wrote in a previous article,
"Russia and Ukraine are two other countries that have government owned but not government controlled central banks. However, in Russia's case, Vladimir Putin was able to circumvent the restrictions place on his development plans for Russia by the Bank of Russia. When the Russian Parliament would not back him in his plan to make the Bank of Russia more responsive to governments directives for development, Putin responded by extending the powers of a small development bank, the Foreign Economic Bank (Vneshekonombank - VEB). This bank took over the management of government pension funds and also provided funds for social development projects including the $50 billion capital to build the infrastructure for the Sochi Olympics. All of this provided interest free to the Russian people and not a penny profit for the bankers.

There is a very interesting article which details this and much more here - Russia's Destiny: Banking Mafia Seeks Revenge Against Putin.
It is written by Natalia Vitrenko who is a doctor of Economic Sciences, a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament and a former candidate for President of Ukraine. "

Since writing the above, Putin has appointed his former economic adviser, Elvira Nabiullina, to the position of head of the Bank of Russia.

Nabiullina’s appointment as the Central Bank chief has drawn a mixed reaction from Russian society. Above all, she is considered to be Putin’s protégé: Before joining the Central Bank, she worked as his economic assistant and, before that, served as minister for economic development.

Thus, the Russian and international business communities have expressed concern that she might be less independent from the president’s views than Sergei Ignatyev was.

An opinion has also been expressed that, under the new management, the Central Bank might focus more on economic growth, given Nabiullina’s background.
Since Putin nominated Nabiullina for confirmation by the State Duma, the Russian professional community has been split: Some experts have emphasized the need for continuity in Russia’s monetary policy, while representatives of Russian business circles have been hoping that the Central Bank will switch to a long-term accommodative policy.

The latter is what Putin has insisted upon, and Nabiullina is expected to take steps in that direction. This is what caused a media storm about the reshuffle at the Bank of Russia, following Nabiullina’s appointment there."

It's not too hard to work out what was going on there smiling

Greetings and Salutations

Thx for your analysis with this article James as well as the input from others within the WP community (btw: hey, hey McJ).

Just wanted to offer some food for thought for everyone here. Since this comment is somewhat related to your contributions/comments at the Vineyard related to this subject especially the "religious" connections the the global cabal and their control of the MSM. It should be noted, without prejudice, that for some reason the "article" below was not allowed to be posted there. Not for a lack of trying though, but it may just be too damming or deemed offensive or far to controversial to explore. If this is the case, please use your own judgment and at least consider the information that seems well researched and relevant and may offer some insight onto the way the ptb operate. That being (over)stated, here is the title, table of contents and introduction:

11 August 2014 | Draft
Systemic Reliance of World Religions on Human Sacrifice

Covert use of fatal conflict to ensure vital resource management

- / -

Belief systems challenged by problematic otherness
Comprehending an elusive system of game-playing by religions
Cybernetic insights into religious system viability
Covert operation of religions collectively -- and unconsciously?
Collective dependence of religions on pain and suffering
Complicity of religions in weapons manufacture and use
Human sacrifice engendered by religions collectively
Personal complicity in human sacrifice
Reframing sacrifice as transcendence


This is not intended as a condemnation of religion -- of which there are many, as with that of Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion, 2006). The concern is rather to highlight a mode of operation of systems of belief in general of which awareness appears to be variously discouraged. Scientism and atheism therefore merit related consideration as forms of belief -- as "religions", understood metaphorically. The assumption is that, with respect to such religions, civilization may well be unconscious to a degree which only the future will recognize (John Ralston Saul, The Unconscious Civilization, 1995).

As argued separately, the nature of the consensus cultivated and promoted by any system of belief may prove to be as "deluded" as Dawkins claims with respect to religion (The Consensus Delusion, 2011). The argument may well extend to sport -- upheld by many as a religion -- especially given the striking manner in which international games are played for worldwide appreciation at times of bloody conflict, as with the FIFA World Cup and the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Video games and social networking may evoke analogous "religious" enthusiasm, especially amongst the young.

In a period in which crises of deliberative governance become ever more evident, notably in response to access to resources (energy, food, water, shelter, etc), the question is whether civilization has an unconscious systemic control mechanism of which it is inherently difficult to be aware. The argument here follows from the manner in which religions, individually and collectively, encourage the "pumping" of more and more people into the system -- despite the manner in which this exacerbates the problems of ungovernability (Ungovernability of Sustainable Global Democracy? 2011).

Expressed otherwise, religions encourage unrestricted increase in family size, irrespective of evident constraints in practice on provision of resources to sustain the family. Families of 5, 10 and more children are not uncommon -- especially amongst the impoverished, whose condition it is proving difficult to alleviate (as indicated by progress on Millennium Development Goals). With the disassociation from nature, reduction of human reproduction rates is no longer triggered by environmental stresses -- as it is with other mammals.

Is it then the case that religions, separately and together, function as a system of covert resource management? Through the periodic conflicts they engender, millions of deaths thereby reduce the demand on resources. Is systemic neglect at a more conscious level effectively remedied by meta-systemic processes of a less conscious form, as separately implied (Spontaneous Initiation of Armageddon: a heartfelt response to systemic negligence, 2004).

Through inability consciously to take adequate account of resource constraints and challenges to governability, are religions together to be considered as the ultimate covert operation in systemic terms -- a regulatory system of last resort? Can this be understood as systemic reliance on human sacrifice by world religions -- for the long-term benefit of human civilization? Is this the key to understanding the bloody conflicts of today -- termed "massacres" and "genocide" by some -- in which Islam, Christianity and Judaism are variously engaged, as they have done for centuries?

Curiously this suggests that a high level of concern for the future of human civilization may be quite unnecessary. More relevant is whether the systemic processes are inherently instructive as previously explored with respect to media bias (Vital Collective Learning from Biased Media Coverage: acquiring vigilance to deceptive strategies used in mugging the world, 2014). Religions are after all both a medium and a message, and -- following Marshall McLuhan -- the medium may indeed be the message to which greater attention may be fruitful (Investing Attention Essential to Viable Growth, 2014).

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Hey back

Hey, hey back at ya, WL wink

Hi CAHR. Welcome!

I, too, have had comments not published at the vineyard. They did not have a religious content, though. Saker belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church and openly holds to Orthodoxy being the one true church and the only way to "Salvation". So perhaps that had something to do with him not publishing your comment and quote there.

I find the wording of the article you quote a little hard to follow but, as I understand it, I am in sympathy with the thrust of it. You might be interested in an old article of mine called The Genesis of Genocide.

This subject is the ultimate 'can of worms'. Judaism, as a religious structure or organisation, is clearly genocidal from both it's scripture teachings and current practice. "Christianity", also as religious structures, is clearly genocidal from past genocides enacted and current cover-ups in play today. The major Christian churches in Canada, United States and Australia being obvious examples. By their fruits you shall know them!

Oh, we mustn't forget the Christian/Zionist churches chiefly in the US. Their support for genocide is current and open.

Blood sacrifice plays a central role in Judaism and Christianity (as preached) has inherited this anti-life concept. I can't comment on the other religions.

more thoughts

I've done some more reading at the link your provided, CAHR. I think the author would profit from a study of psychopathy. He presents a lot of data and links some of it together and asks lots of questions as to what is related to what. He is struggling with the question, "What does it all mean?"

To my thinking, he is having difficulty because he is trying to understand the driving force in terms of human nature but it would all make more sense to him if he saw it in terms of psychopathic nature which bears an abiding hatred of humans. Or, at the very least, an abiding desire to exploit human beings. Religions and ideologies are the vehicles for this exploitation and nothing more.

It might be like a person from a culture that has never seen a watch before trying to make sense of one now that he is holding one in his hand. He notes the synchronization of the hands and that it needs to be wound up periodically. He studies the names and inscriptions on it and ponders all sorts of things that it might have been designed for.

The one day he realizes that the watch completes its cycle exactly twice a day and sees that it was a way of dividing up the day. It was all a whole lot simpler than he thought and pretty obvious now he looked at it from that perspective.

Religions are much the same. They are what they look like; systems of mind control. They are used by the psychopaths against the rest of us because we would be an existential threat to them if we (en masse) knew the truth. It is a natural drive within us to know the truth because we have needed it for survival throughout the millennia of our tribal existence. So religions present themselves as the 'truth'. They insist on it, in fact.

World War I revisited

Hi James ...

Well, I've finally finished the old French book about the causes of World War I.

Thanks for that link: I had never understood any of the reasons for that war, until now. (I knew it couldn't have been all about the assassination of an arch-duke, but -- let's just say: the shepherds did a good job of keeping their real motives hidden from the sheep.

Nowadays the lies are more transparent but the various slaughters keep raging on.

I've been getting into some of the other links and I will probably have more to say about them later. But in the meantime, thanks again for all this good stuff.

This is really a great essay!

You nail them all!
You only miss a fundamental point.....

That is: a State owned central bank makes no difference if the Sovereign does anyway the bid of the devil. It’s the Word of God, and a Sovereign inextricably tied to Him in his actions and subtracted to every social, political and cultural dialectic (always created and controled by the enemy of human kind), Who makes the real difference.

That’s the only way to escape the main ruse of the enemy: the endless creation of false thesis and antithesis, whose synthesis is always more of the same devilish blob who rules the world.

Provided that you understand the Truth (Christ and His Word), you must put It above every dialectic.
It’s not a subject for discussion.
The Lord ceased to talk at the Pilate’s question: ‘what is the truth?”.

In political terms, if you want to avoid that all the great human efforts and conquests for freedom and justice, as for example the Novorossija victory against the satanic hordes of the West, would end up infiltrated, hijacked and bought off, that is ending up with more of the same, you have to deny any political dialectic over the Truth.
It’s not up for discussion, nor changes. It is and everything public must conform to it.
The power of the State must reside in that Truth, not in the “people”, people who for the most part are educated and programmed by the devil, deeply sick in their spirit and ignorant as donkeys (by consequence).
You may put It in the Constitution, but with the provision that the part regarding It is immutable, not subject to revision, discussion or interpretation.
Moreover, you have to provide effective mean to assure that the Constitution stand against the servants of the dark master.
First of all, I repeat, you must put the legitimacy of public power into the respect of that Truth. Authority derives from It and dies without It.
Then you need a few derivative provisions, which would implement in practice that standing.

They are easily conceivable!

Please refer also to:

You are right, Maedhros, in

You are right, Maedhros, in that it is not enough for the government to own the central bank but it must use it for the people of the nation i.e. use it with compassion as Jesus called us all to always exercise in regard to our dealings with our fellow human beings and not to use it to exploit our fellow human beings as the devil would have us do.

Accordingly, I usually use the expression of "government owned and run" or "government owned and controlled central banks". Countries such as Australia and Canada, for instance, do have government owned but not government controlled central banks.

There is an assumption within this statement that governments will act with compassion in using a government controlled central bank. This, I agree, should not be taken for granted. For this to happen, it would need a general knowledge of central banking within the community together with an awareness of the importance of extending compassion to our countrymen for our own spiritual and physical well being, just as Jesus taught.

a few observations and suggestions

Re: German banking in the 30s: I suggest you look at Tooze's "The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy." The notion that Germany's revival in the 1930s was based on state issued currency for domestic non-military infrastructure appears to be exaggerated. Germany always needed imports of raw materials and Hitler et al looked abroad for them.

Your analysis does not include any acknowledgment of the role of intelligence agencies and their ability to finance their activities with the use of stolen WW2 loot as well as their exploitation of the international narcotics trade. This cabal is heavily implicated in what Richard Dolan has referred to as a "breakway civilization." Joseph Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts have also done quite a bit of research on this. I can supply references if requested.

I shall look up the book by

I shall look up the book by Tooze that you suggest, Pogo. True, I did not mention intelligence agencies but it is a short article/essay, after all, and not an in depth treatise. Besides, I regard the intel agencies as a subset in the hierarchy of power that is headed by the bankers.

Before the government paid for intelligence agencies existed, there were banker paid for intelligence organisations. I have always assumed there was a continuity of control there if not funding. Today it is clear that the intel agencies are in sync with the bankers' aims and strategies. They are an independent force as far as governments are concerned but not as far as the bankers are concerned. Both governments and intel agencies are controlled by bankers through 'cut-out' bodies such as the CFR and Chatham House.

And "yes please" to your offer of refs for the work by Joseph Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts that you mentioned.

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a historic moment

this sounds interesting,
Britain to include China's RMB as foreign currency reserve


Historic indeed

I'm not quite sure what to make of it, though.

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Chinese reserve currency...

I'd think the use of China's currency in this way displaces and devalues dollars?

I don't know how a government

I don't know how a government in London can issue bonds denominated in Yuan exactly. Perhaps it is a promise to repay the bonds using Yuan obtained on the foreign exchange. But, as I say, I'm not sure how it works.

Raising loans is a lot about paying back old loans. When old loans are prepaid, money is extinguished. So repaying old loans denominated in $US will reduce the amount of $US in existence which will ease inflationary pressure. This is good from the perspective of the US. As the demand for $US shrinks because countries are using them far less, their value drops and inflation ensues. I don't know how the US govt (and Fed) are maintaining the value of the $US aside from selling lots of gold but sooner or later inflation must take off.

Having a bond issue in Yuan may be the London bankers trying to have a bet each way in the event the $US implodes and the US Empire with it. Israel is making token overtures to Russia as well. It is the same sort of thinking behind the Ukrainian govt in Kiev seeking negotiations with the East Ukrainians when their (Kiev's) military forces are on the point of massive defeat and possible extinction. They give no quarter until facing certain defeat and then they expect a quarter to be given them. It's psychopathic thinking, of course, and never to be trusted.

Anyway, that doesn't really answer your question, Joe, but those are my thoughts, in any case smiling

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