Why Don't We Have Eyes To See?

Below is a short article found on Club Orlov. The link was sent to me by a reader, Michael.

It deals with a view of the Ukrainian crisis that we have discussed here before. So I largely agree with the writer although I differ somewhat on the implication that Putin is rather coldly calculating in setting a trap for the bankers in his approach to dealing with them and their neocons who are running the US and the EU.

Vladimir Putin has tried to head off the violence in Ukraine at every opportunity to the extent that he is being criticised for doing so too much. The way I see it is that he is allowing the bankers to walk into a trap of their own making (against his advice) rather than deliberately laying the trap for them. There is a difference between manipulating someone into a vulnerable position, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, taking advantage of a vulnerability that your self appointed opponents insist on placing themselves in thinking they are trapping you.

It is the bankers from New York, London and Brussells that turned Ukraine into a Tar Baby. Putin can hardly be blamed for not picking it up and, instead, leaving it for the bankers. Br'er Fox is not as smart as he thinks he is. That's nothing new for the psychopaths.

The author's position is quite simple and easy to comprehend, so why do so few commentators and pundits not automatically see this as a real possibility or a very valid way to see the situation in the Ukraine regarding the US and Russian administrations?

I think it is because growing up in our western civilisation and being indoctrinated with its culture blinds us to many things. Our culture functions on the basis of state imposed coercion and violence. We have been trained through the example of our authorities throughout our lives to think in terms of "might is right" or perhaps more accurately, "might is righteous" which accords with the oxymoronic religious notion of the 'Just War'.

I'll expand on the 'Just War' and the apparent trap being laid for the bankers after the article from Club Orlov -

What if Putin, being a strategic thinker that he is in addition to being a master in judo, has an intention to make not just eastern Ukraine but the whole Ukraine a failed-state-showcase of what happens when the US, Nato, EU, and the IMF causes havoc in eastern Europe. Maybe he is giving a lesson to Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. and especially his fellow Russians what happens when the US supports the rabid fascists in their region.

He realizes that the neo-cons and the Atlanticists, being the mindless psychopathic and sociopathic killers that they are, are incapable of grasping the lessons and consequences of their actions and will press ahead uninterruptedly and fail to see the trap that is being laid in front of them. Remember that psychopaths always think that they’ll never get caught, that they’re invincible and they, until the very last moment, will always deny their doom (just ask Napoleon and Hitler). So what if Putin’s strategic advisors egged on the Kiev regime to bomb unimportant civilian locations making them think that there was concentrated partisan militia and now scattering the militia in various areas where they can take down invididual KJ troops. Could it be Putin’s motive to get the KJ bogged down in eastern Ukraine and at the same time causing increasing revulsion of the people in Russia proper.

It’s one thing for the patriotic Russian media to educate on how the US caused mayhem and failed states in Libya and Iraq. It’s quite another to show that the US is causing this same mayhem and failed state right on their border and in the process killing innocent Russians. Indeed by demonstrating the barbarity of the US and its KJ puppets, Putin may in fact be delivering a blow to the fifth columnist pro American forces in Russia. “See what your American friends are doing to our people”. To the sixth columnists that Joaquin mentioned, Putin can call their bluff and tell them “If you’re so upset at what’s happening in Donetsk, don’t get angry at me. Why don’t you start mobilizing and organizing your own people and the public to volunteer to help out the resistance. Either put up or shut up.”

The US and Nato have nothing positive and constructive to offer. All they can do is create mayhem, death and failed states. That’s all they know how to do. All they can do is blackmail, sanction and threaten states like Bulgaria into not letting a gas pipeline through their territory. Now I’m absolutely certain that the whole of eastern Europe and Germany will eventually come on the side of Russia. I have no doubt now. The truth is so obvious. If Putin had intervened right away in eastern Ukraine then this process of Europe and Russia learning about the US and Nato would have been pre-empted. Putin wants this process to continue to its conclusion. Unfortunately innocent people will die but sometimes a few have to be sacrificed so the world can learn the truth. I’m sorry but that’s how the world and politics work.

The 'Just War' is psychopathic thinking, of course, as is the thinking outlined so well in the article above. And there should be little surpise with that given that our culture has been shaped by centuries of being led, controlled and indoctrinated by our governments and our religions who adhere to this principle.

From divinely appointed popes and kings, we have been taught that when these authorities use violence that it is God ordained. It is ironic, to say the least, that our so-called Christian civilisation has not the faintest idea what Christ meant when he advised, "turn the other cheek".

From an article I wrote three years ago-

“Turning the other cheek” has been falsely portrayed as a passive and even submissive practice or strategy but nothing could be further from the truth.
Jesus said in Matthew 5:38-39 (NIV)
“You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

An “eye for an eye” means countering violence with violence; as if this will resolve an issue. Why wouldn't the returned violence be returned again in turn? And so on ad infinitum? Yet this is the recipe preached by Judaism. How has it worked so far? It has worked extremely well for those with a vested interest in ever more violence (the psychopaths) but not for the rest of us. So let's look at the proposed alternative.

It is curious is it not that Jesus would specify the right cheek? It must have had significance for him to mention it. Most people then, as now, are right-handed and unless you are trained in the gentle art of boxing it is usual to strike someone with your right hand. So to strike someone on their right cheek with your right hand, you need to give them a 'backhander'. This is the strike of choice for superiors when dealing with people they consider to be inferior to them and insubordinate to boot. So this is the situation Jesus was teaching on; how to deal with evil people in power. When you turn the other cheek they cannot repeat the backhander, they have to punch you if they want to continue. The trouble for them then is that they lose their superior position, their perceived legitimacy, in the eyes of the audience and are reduced to brawling like common thugs. Which is what they are; thugs in fine clothes.
(You can read the rest here)

We all have an inate sense of justice and we intuitively know the difference between force used as self defence and force used as violence against others. We all react with an emotional 'yes!' when we see someone respond finally with force to end violence being prepetrated against them. Similarly, we automatically respond with an emotional 'no!' when the self defence becomes violence itself; for instance, if someone subdues an attacker but them proceeds to strangle the attacker when it is entirely unneccessary for their protection.

Our psychopathic rulers over the centuries have managed to confuse us in the application of one for the other. We are naturally wired to use force to defend ourselves but not to attack others. This is the purpose of false flag operations and why they work so well and so often. We go off to war thinking we are defending ourselves when in fact we are nakedly aggressing against others. The clue here is that to defend your country, you need to be in your own country. Likewise, if you are in someone else's country, you are attacking them.

Similarly, our 'authorities' use confusion of the issues to get us to accept violence from the state (and our religions) through imposing a false premise on our minds. That false premise is that our authorities rule through God's favour and indulgence and when they use force as violence against us, they are able to convince us that it is in fact self defence; it is defence of our rights and freedoms when, in fact, it is defence of their system of illegitimately imposed dominance and exploitation of us. When psychopaths talk of "our national interests" they are talking about the psychopaths national interests. It hinges on the use and meaning of "our".

Through appealing to 'authority' either from God or from ourselves through the notional construct called "Democracy", our ruling psychopaths convince us that they are different and therefore are legitimately empowered to use violence when we are not. Violence is different when they use it, in other words. Hence the expression, "righteous violence". This so-called legitimacy is all based on a perception; power is perception and controlling perception is power.

When an authority is forced or lured into using violence in a blatant and obviously unjustified situation, the perception of God's authority disappears in a wisp of smoke leaving the violent and exploitative reality on show for everyone to see. And given that our authorities' (the psychopaths) power over us rests entirely on their ability to convince us that their violence is self defence (that black is white) when they use it, when that illusion disappears so too does their power over us disappear. The Truth shall set us free!

So how does all this relate back to Putin and Ukraine? Putin is not fighting back against the backhanded slap that has been Victoria Nuland's takeover of the Ukrainian government. Nor has Putin responded to the shelling of Slayansk or the shelling of Russia's border posts. Yet he is not cowering either. What he is doing is exposing the bankers' (Vicky's bosses) blatant violence and oppression against the Novorossians for all the world to see by turning the other cheek. It is taking a while because of the brainwashing that has saturated our culture and our thinking. But it is starting to make headway and the outcome is inevitable.

Once the bankers in the US, London and the EU are seen for the violent psychopaths they are by people the world over seeing the reality that has always been before their eyes, it will be 'Game Over'.

I am not saying that Russia will continue to "turn the other cheek" forever. It will not. Russia will use force against the psychopaths and their idiot followers when it becomes plain to enough people that Russia's use of force can only be seen as and is defensive of otherwise defenceless people and not seen as violence as the psychopaths have been relying on. So it is all going to backfire bigtime on the perps because we will have eyes to see.


I hope you're right

Thanks for this, James, and for much else too. I have been struggling again with health issues but I'm trying to catch up with you here.


Regarding 'Just War', this anecdote comes to mind.

I was absent from church one recent Sunday when the sermon was about war, and I was sorry to miss it because (unfortunately) the sermon topics are not usually quite so "relevant" ... in any case: when my wife returned from church that morning, she said she would have been happier had I been there, and she would be very interested in my response to the sermon. I asked her what it had entailed, and she said it had been mostly about the concept of 'Just War'. So I asked her what she thought about that, and as far as I'm concerned, her response could be the last word on the subject.

"The trouble with the 'Just War' theory," she said, "is that we've never actually had one."


As for your analysis, I find it difficult to disagree. I think you've probably hit it all square on the head. As for the future, I certainly hope you're right, and that the psychopaths' days are indeed numbered.

Thanks again and best wishes

Thanks WP

I'm sorry to hear your troubles continue, WP. You are missed around here. But no pressure smiling

I think your wife's comment is indeed the last word in the argument. The implicit challenge is to name one Just War. WW11 is presented that way but we know better. There's never been one and there can never be one because it is a contradiction in terms. And contradictions can only exist in our minds. Nature, reality, will not suffer them.

We never stop steeping on our own D*&k

There is an old Russian maxim that goes, "When your enemy is doing something stupid, do not interfere with him."


Amen to that, Dave. Putin probably thinks it is only right that he respects their free will. You know, he being into sovereignty and all that smiling

Good to 'see' you again.

an abc news headline

"Why There Are So Many Conflicts Happening Right Now"
I can't wait to hear their explanation

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